The Unhinged Left: Immigration Riots

*This post has been updated due to the removal of the original video from youtube. Below is another video of the same incident. Though not as long, you can still see the unhinged violence.*

I don’t plan to spend too much time on the unhinged Left and their attempts to subvert the Democratic process in America because they lost an election, so any and all posts on this subject will be short and to the point.


This post concerns the recent protests/riots at airports. Traffic was blocked and average Americans missed their flights because of protests like the one in the video below, which turned violent. It’s 15 minutes long, but in its entirety provides context.



So, if you watched, you saw thugs who claimed to be peaceful protesters screaming at Americans who disagreed with them. The protesters screamed the word “Nazi” over and over before attacking the dissenters and injuring one man.

The rioters, who themselves exhibited behavior reminiscent of brownshirts, were then dealt with by riot police.

1) These protests, along with the Women’s March last week, and most likely others that will crop up in the future were financed by George Soros.

2) George Soros is a Nazi. I will provide two links for people who are not aware of Soros’ past. Please click here and here.

Note: I do not care one iota how old or young George Soros was when he helped the Nazis. His character was either intact at that time or formed shortly after these incidents, and has remained to this day. He is evil personified.

On to the most disgusting Leftist talking point that appeared over the weekend. It was spread far and wide by Leftists who don’t have a shred of decency , respect or self awareness in their tiny minds.

I saw it spread in many forms, such as articles, memes and screenshots, but the easiest way to illustrate it for me is a link to the following tweet:



Leftist bottom feeders decided to tweet and share pictures of Anne Frank, a Holocaust victim, in an Alinsky 101 tactic to guilt Americans who back a 90 day travel ban from 7 countries that are failed states and which may harbor terrorists.

In no way do these two compare.

Anne Frank was a victim of the Nazis. The people President Trump is determined to protect Americans from would have been more than happy to rape and behead Anne Frank. They would do the same today to any Jewish girl if they could get away with it. The Nazis had allies from the Middle East during WWII.

So, as seen on Facebook:


From a friend’s wall:

Ah. Yes.

“America turned away Jews fleeing Nazis in WWII – we can’t turn away Muslims now…”

Motherfucker, you saw any Jews in Europe shouting “Death to America” before getting on a boat for a trip?
Plenty of arguments for and against immigration, bans on admission and who should be permitted into America on humanitarian grounds.
The Jews of WWII (whose descendants you are proud to fuck in the UN–that’s right, I’m talking to you liberal bitches who support the Obama Administration’s knife in the back) are an argument you don’t get to use.


I agree wholeheartedly with whoever wrote that post.


Leftists have also been posting mournfully about the Statue of Liberty as a way to explain their pretzel twisted logic about protesting the 90 day travel ban, using the poem by Emma Lazarus.

Note to the unhinged: When Lazarus wrote that poem, she was, most likely, not envisioning welcoming people from failed states that have, in the past, vowed to kill Americans or force them to convert to Islam under Sharia law.

As a Jewish American not living in today’s Liberal parallel universe, she might have agreed with Trump’s EO.

After all, there are folks from certain regions of the world that have vowed that Israel and Jews are Satan, and must die accordingly.

Lazarus may not have been all that thrilled about welcoming them without vetting. Just a thought.

So take your fake and newly found love of Lady Liberty and shove it.

If you want to look at Liberty being torn apart, I invite you to gaze upon the following creative commons photos by 9/11 Photos:



Well, enough for today. I’m sure there will be more unhinged activity coming soon.



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14 thoughts on “The Unhinged Left: Immigration Riots

  1. I hope you won’t mind my posting this comment, but after reading your post I wanted to point out a few things.
    It’s unfortunate that there was some violence at the protests. From what I could glean from reporting though, the protests were essentially peaceful. Your hyperbolic heading notwithstanding, I can’t find any incidents of actual “rioting”. The presence of police ‘riot’ gear doesn’t make it a riot. Anyway, I think your own characterization of the protests as riots and as ‘brownshirt behavior’ risks opening you up to your own charge of ‘unhinged-ness’. I don’t doubt that emotions were running hot at some airports and that some sparks flew. Maybe the video to which you tried to link shows something more than loud shouting, but your post only mentions “screaming” and, while I suppose screaming can be violent, it hardly rises to what I think the word “riots” conjures up in most non-unhinged minds. Btw, I don’t know whether I need to log in somehow but the video to which your post tries to link does not play. I get the message that “this video is private.”
    Anyway to Soros. Your link to support your claim that the airport ‘riots’ “were financed by George Soros” doesn’t really provide anything like evidence for that claim. Heine opens by claiming that the “flurry” of protests “appears to be part of a coordinated PR effort financed by… Soros.” Btw, she calls the restrictions “being applied even to green-card holders” “an unfortunate misapplication of the law that will likely soon be corrected.” Maybe one could similarly call the inconvenience posed to “average Americans” whose flights were delayed an ‘unfortunate implication’ of that “misapplication of the law.” Anyway, the only evidence presented that the protests were being funded by Soros is a twitter pic from a suspended account and that I’m guessing was supposed to show a sign that reads “Who will make the road?” and then Heine adds: “Make the Road is a NY-based far-left non-profit funded *in part* by George Soros.” That’s it. That’s all the evidence presented in this link for any Soros funding of the airport protests. And there’s nothing at all there about his supposed funding of the Women’s March. Do you have similar concerns about the Koch brothers providing this kind of funding to groups like Americans for Prosperity that helped to organize and lent support to the Tea Party movement? Anyway, the rest of the post you link to goes on to state that there were immigration lawyers – not protestors – who were “from groups” to which Soros had contributed funds. One of those groups cited by Heine is the Yale Law School!!! I guess you can’t get any more sinister than that!!! After all, Sonia Sotomayor graduated from that school… Oh, but wait, so did Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. The conspiracy must be even deeper than we suspected… Sorry, about that last bit; I get a little unhinged myself sometimes. Okay, so now Sorros is a Nazi. Wow, Nazis everywhere these days, I guess. I watched the 60 mins interview to which you link and what he said was that, as a 14-year old Hungarian Jew, his father saved him from the Holocaust by placing him in a home with a Christian bureaucrat who later was tasked with confiscating the property of other Jews. He admitted in the interview that he “watch[ed] these people go” but he also added that he “was only a spectator… [who] had no role in taking away that property.” Okay, so, arguably he could have tried to do something to stop the Nazis, but as a 14-year old Jewish boy in hiding under the Nazi regime, it’s a bit tough to see what one might really have expected him to have done differently. You write that you “do not care one iota how old or young [he] was when he helped the Nazis. His character was either intact at that time or formed shortly after these incidents, and has remained to this day.” Hmmm, an interesting claim, especially given that in one of your other blog posts (“Saint Augustine and The Donald”) you suggest that your readers should give “The Donald” their vote despite his long record of less-than-saintly behavior because, like Saint-Augustine (and Soros, perhaps?), he “is not the boogeyman” some folks believe him to be. Hey, if a Saint Augustine and a Donald Trump could be regenerated, couldn’t a Soros?

    1. TL/DR but after a brief perusal of this keyboard vomit one can only conclude you have a mental illness. You should get that checked

  2. My apologies, I just reread your post and I must have missed on my first reading that you mentioned that someone did get injured by some protestors. While that still isn’t a ‘riot’, it’s absolutely inexcusable and not at all what I witnessed where I was. Again, my apologies for some sloppy reading on my part and I would revise some of what I wrote if I could.

    1. I had a hard time getting past this: “From what I could glean from reporting though, the protests were essentially peaceful.” This is ridiculous. If this person cannot admit that these ‘protests’ were nothing more than violent riots, designed to intimidate people who have a different opinion, then there is no sense in reading on.

  3. Oh so NOW you found evidence of rioting? The women pepper sprayed in the face…beaten with metal poles…the punch a Nazi movement…leftists holding beat a Nazi workshops where Republicans are not allowed (because they are the target…go sell your peaceful protests somewhere else you hag. We know violent thugs when we see them. You can’t cover that seditious twat behavior anymore. Go look in the mirror and ask yourself (if you can stop laughing at that ridiculous vagina hat you’re wearing, why you are willing to accept violence just because they are your thugs. Shut your face you traitorous bag from hell. You’re about to start a civil war. You won’t be smiling then

    1. I apologized within a few minutes of my 1st post for missing something important. I admitted that it was my own sloppy reading and that I would have made revisions. It didn’t help that the video of the violence isn’t available. I didn’t “accept violence;” I called it “absolutely inexcusable.” Also, I can admit my 1st response was too long and I should have restricted it to the ‘evidence’ for the claims about Soros’s ‘Nazism’. I didn’t accuse someone with whom I disagree of having a “mental illness”, of being a “hag”, “twat” (!), and a “traitorous bag from hell.” How am I starting a “civil war”? I think your replies – not to call them ‘keyboard vomit’ – show that you don’t really understand what the word ‘civil’ means.

      1. A civil war is inevitable if the Left does not stop the violence. It has been going on for a year now. Go to youtube & type Trump supporters attacked at Trump rallies. Look at the Berkeley riots. All of this is being done by your side. It’s very unfortunate that it’s come down to this, but it has.

        When someone is killed at a “protest” there is going to be some backlash if arrests are not made. At Berkeley, no one was arrested. Why do you think that is?

        Please look at the evidence. The Democrat/Left has taken over your party. And yes, Soros is funding the violence.

        One day during one of these riots, someone will be killed. Then you’ll see the backlash. It won’t be pretty.

        As for the person posting as TrollBuster, perhaps he or she has been personally hurt by all of this. I can’t blame people of lashing out with words when there are people bing beaten and pepper sprayed for wearing the wrong hat.

  4. Wow Banielle, are you willfully ignorant, or just stupid? They had the riots on TV, they showed fires being started, people being beat, buildings being vandalized.

    In Seattle on man was SHOT, and the police didn’t even arrest the shooter because he claimed the man he shot was a ‘fascist’! Even though, in fact, the man shot was another protester. But it’s okay in Seattle to try and kill someone if you think they’re fascist now apparently.

    Then there were the people who were beat bloody, assaulted, and robbed, in Seattle, solely because they were there to see Milo.

    And again, at Berkley (or as we here in the area call it ‘Berzerkley’) we had a man beat into a coma, several women pepper-sprayed and beat, one of who was simply wearing a hat that was a parody of Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’, many young and old men bloodied, along with over a hundred thousand dollars worth of property damage. All done by violent leftist thugs who are paid by Soros directly.

    And you want to claim that there were no riots?

    Sorry, but your side is evil, and you are evil for your blind support of these violent, thuggist, murdering people. Because when they do start killing people (and they will) the blood will be on the hands of idiots like yourself.

    In short: Go get stuffed you self-righteous asshat.

  5. Look, clearly there has been violence and the Seattle and Berkeley episodes were riots. Once again, I think it’s inexcusable and, within 10 minutes, I apologized for missing something in the post about violence at the Sunday airport protests. The “Immigration Riots” post to which I responded wasn’t about the violence in Seattle during the inauguration or at Berkeley. In fact, I think it *is* definitely fair to call those riots. Ultimately, I was more interested in the lack of evidence for the claims made in the post about Soros’s funding of the airport and Women’s March protests and about his ‘Nazism’. I should have more carefully restricted my comments to that.

      1. Thanks Daniella. I’ll (try to more carefully) read the article. On Soros as a ‘Nazi’, in the 60 mins interview he doesn’t claim to have done anything other than to have accompanied and to have thus witnessed – as a 14-year old Jew in hiding – the man who was protecting him confiscating the property of other Jews. It seems from this interview at least that to conclude that he’s a Nazi would be a little like accusing those prisoners in the camps, who had to dig the pits into which other victims’ corpses were dumped, of being Nazis or collaborators for not refusing to do the digging. Do you know of something more persuasive as evidence of Soros’s guilt as a ‘Nazi’ or collaborator? BTW, I appreciate your willingness to agree to disagree.

        1. My main point of the post was the Liberal tactic of using Anne Frank, a Holocaust victim, to demonize people who back the 90 day travel ban. (Which, BTW, is completely constitutional and which the same has been done by every president since Jimmy Carter). I just don’t get it. I have seen comments from Liberals saying that those who would follow Trump’s directive are “following orders” ( a clear insinuation that we/they are Nazis).

          And then to use Anne Frank? I find it quite quite distasteful and lacking in class.

          Because some of us disagree that Hillary should be president, we are called Nazis. This is flat out wrong, inflammatory and will lead no place positive.

          I would prefer to COEXIST. I’ve been doing it myself for at least 10 years, all the while being abused on online forums by Leftists.

          If America is going to survive, Liberals will need to do some deep self reflection on their words and actions. We are not at peace. We are terribly divided, and statements were made by an organized resistance group and also Democrats in government that they intend to obstruct any attempts by our democratically elected president to govern.

          When President Obama was elected, people may have been angry, but his Cabinet & judges were passed with no problem. Republicans did not mount a direct campaign to obstruct him, nor should they have. What’s happening now is unprecedented.

          I do hope it settles down soon. If not I don’t know how we will ever get past our differences.

          Comment here whenever you want.. but also, please attempt to see things from a different perspective. There has to be give and take in this new America.

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