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  • Memorial Day Story

    Last spring I wrote a short story with a Memorial Day theme, and decided to publish it on Amazon. But in the spirit of thankfulness to our Military and my readers, I have unpublished it and decided to make it free for the foreseeable future.


    An All American Short Story with a twist, The Protest is the perfect read for stormy summer nights or those snowy winter afternoons when you’re dreaming of summer.

    After Jordan parties his way through his Freshman year of college, he’s not exactly thrilled to go home. Jordan’s small town is an annoying place to spend summer vacation. His father and stepmother don’t understand what makes Jordan tick, and vice versa. Jordan’s mother works long hours, leaving him with plenty of time to implement a plan to bring up his grade point average.

    Enter The Protest, where small town Vietnam veterans, university professors, anti-war activists, and a college boy who thinks he knows all the answers intersect on Memorial Day, 2016.

    Cover design by Matt Margolis, Logotecture.

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    God Bless America

  • Tears Of Paradox & The Notice are on Sale!

    As a thank you to readers and friends, Tears Of Paradox and The Notice are on sale for a limited time. Get them on Kindle for just $2.99 each.

    I’m getting excited about the Holiday season. This is a time for joy, happiness and giving. I’m extremely grateful to everyone for their support, and wanted to show my appreciation. 


    Tears Of Paradox by Daniella Bova
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    I’m very happy with my progress on book three, Cadáin’s Watch. The story is unfolding almost exactly as I planned, with a few unexpected twists here and there. Writing is extremely rewarding. I’m very thankful to God for making it possible for me to write. With Thanksgiving coming soon, the perfect way to give thanks is to offer my books at a lower price.


    The Notice
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    And remember, my short story The Protest is absolutely free for readers who subscribe to my email newsletter. Visit my website and click the link to subscribe! And please forward this blogpost to a friend!



    It’s always a great feeling when readers like your work. I wrote The Protest in May, when the idea exploded in my mind. Seems people really like it. A friend even made the cover out of the kindness of his heart, before urging me to publish the story.


    The price is very reasonable, only .99 cents. I hope readers will check it out. And remember, just because you don’t own a kindle, it doesn’t mean you can’t read kindle books. Download Amazon’s Free Kindle App. Then you can simply download the books you like, open them on your PC, phone, laptop or tablet, and read away!

    If you’d like to purchase The Protest, please click here. And if you’re in need of a book cover, logo, or other design for your business, please visit Matt Margolis at Logotecture. He is a very talented artist, and he’s sure to create the perfect cover or logo for you.