Spring Cleaning

My husband took a week off from work so we can get our house into shape.  Well, not only the house, but cars, motorcycle and other things. For the past few months we’ve been working on renovati... Read More

I Love Dogs

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While viewing some recently taken photos, I realized that I needed to get back into running asap. Because I’ve been spending every spare minute writing blogs & stories, working on my novel a... Read More

Happy New Year

I try not to make tons of New Year’s resolutions, since I inevitably let them go by the wayside. Instead I’d like to reflect on the year past. 2014 had its high points 🙂 Here’s a ... Read More

Bring on Spring

I know this sounds ridiculous since winter is barely two weeks old, but bring on spring. The days are already getting longer. I love this fact. Here are a few pictures of sights I’m longing to s... Read More


Now that I’m no longer in denial about the fact that summer’s over, I find myself enjoying the beautiful days of fall. Though I dislike the short days, and chilly early mornings, fall has ... Read More