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  • March For Life 2017 ~ A Labor of Love

    Today I watched the March for Life in a livestream from EWTN

    The coverage, including the rally on the National Mall, with speakers Kellyanne Conway, VP Mike Pence, Eric Metaxas (author of Bonhoeffer), Mia Love and Cardinal Timothy Dolan can be accessed here.

    The rally was mind blowing. It was full of inspiration, love, respect, prayer and hope. If you want to be uplifted I would encourage you to watch, even if you are not prolife.

    This post will consist of screenshots from my computer and links to tweets from people who attended the march.

    Unlike the Pink Kitty Ladies protest against President Trump last weekend, which featured hateful screaming speeches, women who wore vaginas on their heads, and signs which desecrated the Catholic religion, today’s event was classy, kind, prayerful, inspiring and full of love and respect for all human beings around the world.

    But before I share the beauty I saw today, I must mention some ugliness. On both Facebook and Twitter, the ugliness of last weekend is intruding on today’s march. That is to be expected of course; the “tolerant” crowd are simply doing what they do.

    However, they are crafting a narrative about crowd size, saying that the Pink Kitty protest was much bigger than today’s March for Life.

    That may or may not be true; from what I saw today, there were probably 150,000 or more people marching for life, but time will tell.

    However, the Pink Kitties are not taking two important facts into account.

    1) The March for Life has taken place every January for the past 44 years, even if the news media refuses to report it. If the Pink Kitties were placed next to all the marchers from this year and years past, it would be like comparing the number of men that many pro lifers have slept with (probably between 10 and zero) to the amount Madonna has slept with (no one will ever know for sure but most likely below a thousand).

    Sorry for the picture I just painted, but I thought it was a good way to make my point. Last week’s March was a drop in the ocean.

    2) The March for Life is not funded by George Soros, and the Pink Kitty-Trump protest almost certainly was.

    Please read this Chicks on the Right article, Women’s March Organizers Funded By Notorious Leftist Billionaire George Soros.


    New York Times columnist Asra Q. Nomani explains how she followed the money trail and how it all came back to Soros –

    By my draft research, which I’m opening up for crowd-sourcing on GoogleDocs, Soros has funded, or has close relationships with, at least 56 of the march’s “partners,” including “key partners” Planned Parenthood, which opposes Trump’s anti-abortion policy, and the National Resource Defense Council, which opposes Trump’s environmental policies. The other Soros ties with “Women’s March” organizations include the partisan MoveOn.org (which was fiercely pro-Clinton), the National Action Network (which has a former executive director lauded by Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett as “a leader of tomorrow” as a march co-chair and another official as “the head of logistics”). Other Soros grantees who are “partners” in the march are the American Civil Liberties Union, Center for Constitutional Rights, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. March organizers and the organizations identified here haven’t yet returned queries for comment.

    DUDE. That’s not just one or two Soros-linked organizations that oddly showed up in the behind-the-scenes financials for these protests. That’s a TON of left-leaning organizations getting cash from the living, breathing example of a Bond villain.

    First terrorism, then Goldfinger. These progressive feminist marchers sure know how to pick their friends.


    So, the Women’s March was kind of easy for those who participated.

    It was held on a Saturday–March for Life is always held on a weekday when Congress is in session–and they didn’t have to raise a ton of money because George Soros funded them.

    Their job consisted of knitting pussy hats, passing them out, donning vagina costumes and making those nasty signs showcased in Megan Fox’s PJ Media article (linked above). Then they went out and had fun listening to a woman who needs a mental health intervention.

    Of course, they may have had to put out funds for transportation, but other than that, there was no grassroots activism. It was all planned by the Far Left.

    Now for the images of today 🙂


    Above is the March route. As you can see, the Mall, beginning at the Washington Monument (far left) stretches for blocks. When I attended the 2009 March for life, we were way back near the monument, not nearly close enough to hear the speeches or see the big screens (if they even had them back then).

    The route is highlighted in red. It’s a long march up Constitution Avenue past the Capitol building and around the corner to the Supreme Court, where the march ends.


    The above map was included in this article by International Business Times.


     Above: Marchers gathered in front of the Supreme Court ahead of the actual March.


    Below are more photos.


    I took screenshots with my timestamp in the upper right corner. As you’ll see, this march was HUGE.

     Above, the front of the March at 2:15 pm, on Constitution ave.

    The following photos are in order of timestamp.

    Above, the front of the March has reached the Supreme Court building at 2:38 pm. But there are still tens of thousands of marchers to come.

    You can see the Washington Monument in the distance. There are still thousands marching.

    In front of SCOTUS at 2:58 pm. President Trump’s tweet is featured.

    Following are screenshots without timestamps that show the huge crowds.

    Hooray! There’s Our Lady of Guadalupe as she really is, unlike the creepy and blasphemous effigies carried by Crazy Cat Ladies last week.

    Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

    Below are a few tweets from March attendees and others. 



    What a difference a week makes!


    On a personal note, I have been involved on & off with the respect life movement since 2008.

    Today’s March made history because, for the first time, the VP of the United States addressed the crowds.

    I truly believe that we are making great strides toward changing hearts and minds in America.

    And it is being done because of God, who is Love.



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    Free preview of my ProLife labor of love. ❤

  • Voting My Catholic Conscience

    Many freedom minded people have been arguing about the election for many months.

    So, I see no reason not to weigh in during the last stretch. A month from now we will know who will be the president, so why not?

    With the exception of once or twice in moments of despair, I have kept my mouth shut on my Facebook page. I believe every person has the right to vote the way they choose, and I would expect them to give me the same option.

    Nevertheless, I have made the decision, using my well formed Catholic conscience, to vote for Donald Trump in November, and against Hillary Clinton. Following is an article in the National Catholic Register that supports my position and that of many other pro life Catholics: Vote as a Catholic with a Catholic Moral Vision

    MSGR. Charles Pope says:

    On the eve of an election and as a priest I frequently am baited to comment more directly on politics by naming names, and parties. I will not do so. The temporal order belongs to the laity, not the clergy. But as a priest I must convey the moral teachings and insist that Catholics connect the dots when it comes to voting. And my advice is simple: Vote as a Catholic, not as a Republican, Democrat, conservative, or liberal. Vote as a Catholic with a Catholic moral vision.

    It is a simple fact, beyond the control of the Church, or of any individual and faithful Catholic, that most politicians of a certain party support the right of others to kill pre-born children. (Emphasis mine).

    This is a heinous crime and cannot be papered over by jargonistic terminology or overlooked by moral equivocations such as “Well, he is right on the other issues.”  Would the excuse that “he is right on the other issues” hold if the word abortion were replaced by genocide or slavery? Abortion is not an abstraction. It is a horrifying reality whose death toll has reached over 50 million in this country alone.

    Proverbs 24 says,Rescue those who are being led off to death; hold back those who are being carried to slaughter. And if you say, “Behold, we did not know this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive you? Does not he who keeps watch over your soul know it, and will he not repay man according to his work? (Prov 24:11-14) If we do not oppose this moral evil, we are part of the problem and God will judge us.

    The same holds for euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, and same-sex “marriage.” We cannot remain silent, let alone honor and promote those who hold these views. Do not neglect the other moral issues — but these non-negotiables, for the reasons stated and due to their deadly quality and/or the severe moral harm they cause, must be our first concern.


    So, here we all are. The above are non negotiable in the Catholic Church. I have loved my faith and the truths taught by the Church for so many years…I have to vote my conscience.

    Most of my concern is for Life. All human life. That of unborn children, the elderly, the mentally and physically disabled, and others who are under attack by the Democrats.

    I myself have given up worrying about same sex marriage. It’s the law of the land, and I couldn’t care less what people do in their private lives.

    However, I do have many concerns about the militant LGBT activists and their Liberal fellow travelers’ push to force churches to kowtow to THEIR moral vision.

    I’m not going to bother posting any links re the Gay lobby. The information is available online by typing in a few keywords. The same goes for the abortion push by Hilary Clinton, Planned Parenthood and others.

    So, my decision is made. Trump, even though he was not my first choice, is the only candidate that might beat Clinton. And Trump has surrounded himself with people who believe what I believe re the above moral issues and others. Therefore, I will vote for Trump, and pray that he wins. Despite his problems, he is the better candidate in my opinion.

    I’ve always believed that if our country continues toward MORE abortion, ill treatment of the elderly, and other death cult practices, that we will fade away.

    There is no way we will remain free if we allow the party who fosters a death cult to remain in power, when we can at least throw a wrench in their operation for a few years, if not longer.


    So again… I have to vote against the Democrats. But, if the Democrats and Hillary win in November, I personally believe that America will never recover. It will be impossible for this country to ever regain any semblance of freedom in my lifetime.

    Clinton has vowed to continue and expand on the policies already in place, those that take away the rights of people like me. She will not fix economy, since she vows to keep high taxes.

    She will not increase jobs, since she plans to continue Obama’s policies without change, and has threatened to put coal miners out of business, among other energy/environmental policies.

    She has vowed to see that the Hyde Amendment is overturned, which in reality would make me a slave, because it will remove any protection whatsoever to keep my hard earned money from paying for abortions. I do not want to pay for this barbaric practice. To force me to do so via taxes is a violation of my rights as a free American.

    She is pushing for more gun control, and will appoint Supreme Court justices to see that Americans lose their 2nd amendment rights, and she has promised to allow open borders and import un-vetted refugees to America.

    There is no way to vet the refugees. They are from war torn Syria and other Muslim controlled countries, and it would take too much time to vet each one. Also, many of these people do not wish to assimilate and become Americans. They want Americans to become like them instead.

    I could go on, but the gist of it is that in four years, anyone who runs against her has no chance of winning. Democrats have recently been caught registering dead people to vote in Virginia. There are numerous other examples of voter fraud, yet they insist there is none, and will not allow voter ID laws in many states.

    So, with the above in mind, I do not believe anyone can beat Hillary in 2020. She is a criminal, and she is not above stealing votes. By the time 2020 comes around, there will be way too many immigrants who’ve come over the open Southern border on the voting rolls. They will be registered Democrats, and even if they don’t actually go into a voting booth, they WILL “vote.” And they’ll vote for Hillary.

    It will not matter who runs against her in 2020. She will win again, and by 2024, 16 years of far Left policy will have completely transformed America. We will not recognize our country, all of our traditions will have gone the way of the dinosaur, and we will be, in truth, dhimmis.

    I know some folks believe Congress will hold Hillary in check, and not approve her SCOTUS picks, but I don’t believe it. They haven’t held Obama back, and they won’t mess with Hillary either, so IMO, America will be over if she’s elected.


    Take a look at this video of Hillary Clinton standing for the right to dissent:



    Now please understand the truth. The above may have been true when the Democrats were protesting GWB’s presidency, but no such allowances will be made for anyone who speaks out against Hillary Clinton if she wins.

    Political Correctness has eroded the country. Federal bureaucracies have already been used against conservatives under Obama.

    If Hillary is elected, she will double down on us–those she deems irredeemable deplorables. Also, please note this fact: Just because someone does not vote for Trump doesn’t mean they won’t be counted among the deplorables.

    The Democrat flunkies who will be carrying out the Clinton agenda will not care if any given American was against Trump. If a far Leftist sees an American’s name on some list, they will not be given a free pass just because they voted Libertarian, or wrote in someone else.

    Anyone who does not vote for Hillary will also be considered a deplorable, irredeemable, un-American peon who can be targeted for anything these government workers dream up.

    Take a look at the following. I know it’s ten minutes long, and you don’t have to watch the whole thing, but it illustrates exactly the type of person who will be lording it over all of us if Hillary wins:



    The above is not an isolated incident. It is a common practice now. If Hillary wins, people like the woman above will grow braver and stronger, and will make the lives of more and more Americans a living hell.

    I can’t help but wish that such a person could be put on notice. Such behavior is abusive and bigoted, yet she’s proud of herself. But if Hillary wins, more of this type of behavior will become the norm.

    There will be more violence, more division, more denigration, and more abuse. There will be less inclusiveness, and more distrust. The country will divide yet further, and Conservatives and Libertarians will be considered non-persons, to the press, the government, and Leftists like the woman above.

    So, here’s my dilemma. I am rather ill with depression/anxiety, as diagnosed by a physician. I consider myself blessed that I found a great doctor who listens to me, and who will work tirelessly to help me manage my condition.

    Still, I must admit that battling the Leftists for the past 8 years has left me exhausted. And the constant worry about what has happened and will happen if Clinton is elected has exacerbated my condition to the point of physical illness at times.

    Sometimes I lose hours or even days when I’m overcome with depression. I’m not ashamed of my illness. It’s real, it’s chronic, it’s debilitating and it’s hellacious.

    But as I’ve said before, it’s what I was given, and it’s my responsibility to manage it, and to keep myself in the best health I can.

    So I have to plan what I will do if Clinton wins the election. And unfortunately, I’ve decided that I will not engage in politics in the future if she wins.

    I can’t deal with another election, knowing it’s Kabuki Theater. If we can’t win now, we certainly won’t win in 4 or 8 years, no matter who the Republicans run, for the reasons I listed above.

    So, I’ve already decided that I will stay off of social media in the days after the election, no matter who wins. I’m sure it will be a contentious place, and I can’t allow myself to lose a week of my life over something beyond my control.

    And if Clinton wins, I will not be involved in any way, shape or form in protesting or trying to change things. This includes voting.

    I am simply going to drop out and live my life as best I can. It hurts way too much to see news stories about Planned Parenthood clinics and the amount of death, destruction and waste of women and children’s lives as it is. I cannot bear to see these things anymore, knowing they are here to stay.

    The same goes for all the other issues.

    So… if Hillary wins, this November will be the last time I ever vote.

    I don’t say this lightly. I’ve voted in every election except one since I was 18 years old. Not to vote is a foreign idea to me.

    But at this point, it won’t do any good, and my health has suffered way too much already.

    I hope people won’t hold it against me in 2020, but I absolutely will not get involved in any attempt to “beat” Hillary. I refuse to go through this again, and I will not bother to drive to the polling place. I am staying home.

    In closing, I’m going to embed a tweet with a video re Donald Trump. I have watched it quite a few times, because it made me happy to see the little girl’s face when she realized someone cared enough to help her.

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  • U.S. House Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood ~ An Answered Prayer

    The U.S. House of Representatives voted to defund Planned Parenthood on Friday. I’m rejoicing, since this is an answer to my prayers.


    All pertinent information on the reason Planned Parenthood must be defunded, the legislation, and the vote itself, including a breakdown of votes along party lines can be found here.


    I understand that some Americans disagree, and believe Planned Parenthood should continue getting taxpayer funding. They will eventually lose the fight though, because a majority of Americans simply can’t stomach what goes on in the abortion business. People know that Planned Parenthood has committed crimes against humanity on par with those committed during the III Reich. Since we are, for the most part, decent human beings who abhor the death and destruction of innocent unborn babies and the sale of their body parts to labs for use in questionable experiments such as humanizing mice, Planned Parenthood will be defunded at some point. It may take awhile, but it will happen.  I hope the people who fight FOR Planned Parenthood’s continued funding  will heal after their ultimate loss. I will continue to pray for all involved in this darkness.

    Of course, Friday’s vote must pass the Senate, and then be signed into law by President Obama. This is unlikely occurrence; Obama will probably veto any such legislation that lands on his desk, even if the bill passes the Senate. Obama’s support of the Planned Parenthood death machine is common knowledge for people who keep up with such things, so I don’t expect that PP will be defunded during his Presidency. Still, this is a first step.

    And again, it’s an answer to my prayer.

    I’ve been praying for the unborn and respect for all human life every day for many years. I understand that God works in His own time, not ours, and so, we must continue to pray. However, I have a deep faith that my prayers will eventually be answered.

    Christ and His Mother

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ~ Philippians 4: 13.

    prolife photo

    Please continue to pray for a deeper respect for all human life, from conception to natural death.

    Until recently, America always protected life. It was simply unthinkable for Americans to condone such brutality and disrespect of humanity, as evidenced by our role in defeating Hitler and liberating his death camps. We must go back to being a country known for compassion, a country that respects all human life.  Some American citizens and many elected to positions of supposed “leadership” have lost this. They are a shrinking minority. As news of the atrocities continues to trickle out, more and more Americans are turning away from Planned Parenthood and the culture of death. We will eventually overcome this loss and return to our former role as people of decency, generosity, bravery compassion, empathy, and love.

    Jesus Christ

    Thanks be to God, for answered prayers.

  • #ShoutYourAbortion. (And Make sure your Kids never read Dr.Seuss)

    Shout Your Abortion on Twitter.

    A recent hash tag on twitter encouraged women to be proud of the fact that they had had abortions, and to share their pride with the public.

    Following is an example.



    Click here for the Twitter feed of an OB/GYN who’s been tweeting on this tag, praising women who’ve had abortions.  Read more tweets here.

    There is zero common ground to be found between people who respect human life and people who don’t.


    The hashtag above, plus the Democrats who just blocked a bill that would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks, (when infants can feel pain, and in some cases survive outside the womb) is the last bit of proof needed for me. You can make up your own mind on whether or not they share any value for human life. My mind is made up.

    Nor are the Republicans, aka the ball-less wonders, any different. They write legislation which Americans welcome, but turn tail and run from a fight which would illustrate why such legislation never passes. They are just as bad as the Democrats, because they refuse to stand up for innocent babies by defunding Planned Parenthood, since they’re afraid of bad press in the event that Obama and the Democrats shut down the Government.

    Um- shut it down. Please. We will live another day if there’s a shutdown. Show the Democrats for what they are and stop acting like a bunch of wusses. If there’s a shutdown it will be the fault of Obama and the Democrats, not the Republicans. Explain this to Americans and stop whining. (If Republicans decide to actually pass a budget which defunds Planned Parenthood, I will retract my statement that they lack balls. If they allow the Democrats to get a budget which still includes funding for Planned Parenthood because they’re afraid of the almighty Shutdown, then they are spineless, ball-less, and worthless).

    GOP ~ Grow a pair. Quit worrying about appearances and start doing your job. Obama is nothing more than a huge boil on the butt of humanity. Get out in the road and play chicken with him. Show yourselves to be honorable men and women for a change. Stand up. Freaking do something.

    “A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

    Dr. Seuss, Horton Hears A Who


    Please read this opinion piece by Matt Walsh, which appeared in The Blaze. I tend to agree, except for the fact that I include the Republicans, too.  Again, people can make up their own minds about this issue. If everything is reduced to a small matter of what’s morally relevant, then maybe you agree with the Abortion Shouters. Your choice, of course. Everyone has free will.

    IMO, if our elected “representatives” don’t take a stand, America is done for. That’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it. I’m not going to preach about morality here. Either you believe in respecting yourself or you don’t. This includes both men and women.

    If respect is relevant, and you think respecting yourself means doing it whenever and damn the consequences, because abortion is an option you’re proud of, so be it.

    I’m just going to share a few words from John Adams, one of the founders of the Nation and the 2nd President of the United States, taken from his autobiography and dated June 2. Tuesday. 1778.

    From all that I had read of History and Government, of human Life and manners, I had drawn this Conclusion, that the manners of Women were the most infallible Barometer, to ascertain the degree of Morality and Virtue in a Nation. All that I have since read and all the observations I have made in different Nations, have confirmed me in this opinion. The Manners of Women, are the surest Criterion by which to determine whether a Republican Government is practicable, in a Nation or not. The Jews, the Greeks, the Romans, the Swiss, the Dutch, all lost their public Spirit, their Republican Principles and habits, and their Republican Forms of Government, when they lost the Modesty and Domestic Virtues of their Women.
    What havock said I to myself, would these manners make in America? Our Governors, our judges, our Senators, or Representatives and even our Ministers would be appointed by Harlots for Money, and their judgments, Decrees and decisions be sold to repay themselves, or perhaps to procure  [illegible  the smiles and Embraces of profligate Females.

    The foundations of national Morality must be laid in private Families. In vain are Schools, Accademies and universities instituted, if loose Principles and licentious habits are impressed upon Children in their earliest years. The Mothers are the earliest and most important Instructors of youth…. The Vices and Examples of the Parents cannot be concealed from the Children. How is it possible that Children can have any just Sense of the sacred Obligations of Morality or Religion if, from their earliest Infancy, they learn that their Mothers live in

    habitual Infidelity to their fathers, and their fathers in as constant Infidelity to their Mothers. Besides the Catholic Doctrine is, that the Contract of marriage is not only a civil and moral Engagement, but a Sacrament, one of the most solemn Vows andOaths of Religious devotion. Can they then believe Religion and Morality too any thing more than a Veil, a Cloak, an hypocritical Pretext, for political purposes of decency and Conveniency?

    There you are. Take Adams’ words to heart and realize what’s happening in America, or blow this post off as the rantings of a foolish and backward woman, someone on the fringe. It’s your choice.

    Perhaps the American Experiment will fizzle away into a once proud Nation that ended up as slaves to themselves and their wants and feelings, their overreaching and tyrannical government, and, perhaps invaders.  Or perhaps that Tree of Liberty might need some refreshment. Everyone should know where they stand, because it’s getting down to the wire.


    Now I’m going to go live my life. Prayers for the innocents.


  • No One Can Drive You Crazy, Unless You Give Them The Keys

    I read a quote this evening: “No one can drive you crazy, unless you give them the keys.” Okay. Fair enough. We can’t change the behavior of others, we can only change the way we react to it. This is the way I’m choosing to live my life from now on.

    That’s why I didn’t mention Trig Palin and his dog to my mother. As many people are aware, Sarah Palin’s son Trig was photographed while standing on his dog.


    Because of media programming, many Americans hate Palin and her family. Some of the people who hate this family probably have no idea why they hate her. They’re simply following the herd. What began seven years ago has become a hard habit to break. Since Americans have been conditioned to believe Palin and other Conservatives do not merit the same respect or compassion as those of other ideologies, the hate is permitted to flourish. I’ve come to the conclusion that it will probably stick around for awhile, so with the exception of retweeting the most insane hatred in order to expose it, I give up. Palin has become the punching bag for any Democrat with a cell phone who happens to be having a bad day. Since the rules of “leave children out of it” do not apply to traditional Americans, Christians, and Conservatives, Palin’s children are also targeted on a regular basis. Since the hate began seven years ago and hasn’t lessened in intensity, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s okay in the eyes of many Americans. Here is an example of the latest in Palin hate.


    IMG_6776 IMG_2466


    You may be wondering what this has to do with my mother. My mother and father lost a little girl in 1970. The little girl was my sister, Lori Ann. She was three years old when she died. She had Down Syndrome, like Trig Palin. When Sarah Palin came onto the political scene in 2008, our family was thrilled. My parents admired Sarah for obvious reasons. Then the hate began, including hate for Trig. Of course it hurt our family; I’d be lying if I said it didn’t, but everyone has their crosses. Maybe this is ours. I’m not writing this post to garner sympathy. I’ve already come to terms with this unfortunate situation.

    Still, I didn’t mention the latest hate-fest to my mother. It’s January, a bad month for her. My father passed away in January of 2012, and the Holidays are hard for us. I was hoping mom missed the Trig comments. Unfortunately, she didn’t. She mentioned it on the phone this morning. That’s why I’m blogging about it. It bothered me all day, and this is what I chose to write about. I included the screenshots of hate-tweets on the off chance that some random person reading this might find empathy for Trig and his family. They are human beings, the same as the rest of us, even though the media dehumanizes them.

    It’s a shame, but many Americans have bought into this premise, the same way they’ve bought into the premise that a human child in a womb is only a clump of cells. Despite advances in science and technology, such as ultrasounds which plainly show the children, some Americans insist they are not children, and have no right to their own lives. This is an unfortunate fact.

    I’ve been part of the respect life group in my parish church for five years. In those five years, we have made little to no headway in bringing awareness to the plight of the unborn. In fact, certain parishioners seem to be clutching pro-abortion ideology in a death grip, up to and including promoting it in schools.

    Perhaps we made mistakes in our approach. The four of us organized trips to the annual March for Life, tried a pro life movie night, handed out pro life prayer cards, and sat at a table at the church bazaar and tried to interest parishioners in learning about unborn children. We raffled off handmade baby quilts, blankets and sweaters, and held a “baby shower” every spring. The baby items were then donated to a crisis pregnancy center. Somehow, though, we find that we have the support of less than half the parish. Maybe even less than a quarter. Again, perhaps it was our approach. Maybe we tried too hard. Maybe we didn’t understand that people didn’t want prayer cards containing prayers for the unborn. Perhaps we came across as being pushy. Our reasoning was that we were doing our work in a Catholic Church, the rules of which are that abortion is not allowed, so we figured most people would be on board. Why go to a Church when you disagree with a non-negotiable in the Catechism? It was sort of common sense for us to believe that Catholics would see the truth with all the technological advances of the past ten years, but science and technology seem to have overtaken our church and left it in the dust of 1973. Our group seems to have made enemies, not friends, and we’ve even been actively shunned and snubbed at times. So be it. Again, I’m not asking for sympathy. I’m certainly not a victim here.

    However, after five years, I admit I’ve burned out. Since I’ve decided to live my life differently, I’m cutting my losses. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity, so as of this week, I’m quitting the respect life ministry. I know we have done some good for actual babies and expectant moms, but I cannot bang my head against a brick wall in my own parish any longer. Perhaps the group will keep going in some capacity, but I won’t be participating in anything but prayer.

    The same people who trashed Trig Palin this week over a dog are probably the ones who wanted his mom to abort him. Many people said such things before Trig was born. Seven years hasn’t made much difference. There’s no reasoning with such people. Pro abortion ideology brings out the ugly in people. Perhaps they themselves are suffering and don’t know what they’re doing when they treat a child such as Trig the way they do. I can’t wonder why anymore. I’m making a decision to just pray.

    My mother feels some pain inside, every time Trig or his mom are disparaged. I do, too. So do numerous other families with special needs children. But whatever–we’re strong. We’ll handle it. We really have no other choice, do we?



  • The importance of voting your conscience

    Today is the Feast of All Souls in the Catholic Church, and this morning’s Mass readings contained some of the most beautiful and comforting words in all of scripture, including Christ’s words to Martha just before he raised her brother Lazurus from the grave: “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies, and everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die.” (John 11:25-26)

    images copy 7

    “I am the resurrection and the life…” What momentous words. What a comforting promise. We can rest in the knowledge that our loved ones will have eternal life. We can pray for the dead, and hope we will see them in Paradise.

    However, as comforting as the scripture readings were, I couldn’t help feeling some sorrow, not for the dead, (including my own father), but for some of us still living here in this wilderness we call life.

    Christ’s comforting words to Martha about her beloved brother might have been a great  opening for a few words about the great privilege and responsibility entrusted to we Americans–the right to vote.

    Think about it. Christ spoke of the promise of resurrection from the dead. He wants us to

    images copy 8live. He wants us all to live. This includes all of humanity without exception. Christ wants everyone to live. “Everyone” includes unborn babies, the handicapped, and others who might be deemed “inconvenient” in the eyes of some Americans.

    A recent story out of the United Kingdom has haunted me for days. A mom won the “right” to allow her twelve year old handicapped daughter to die by dehydration. The mom is being hailed as a hero by some, and the act of dehydrating her child is thought, by certain people, to be an act of mercy. You can read about the case here, and come to your own conclusion.

    We are taught to do our best to see everyone through the eyes of Christ, and also to look for Christ in all of our fellow human beings. We are also supposed to ask ourselves “What would Jesus do?”

    Somehow, I get the feeling that Jesus isn’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of a twelve year old child being dehydrated to death over a period of two weeks, or His knowledge of millions of children being ripped out of their safe havens limb by limb and then tossed into the trash.

    Since Americans  are being asked to make some hard choices on Tuesday, it might have been a good idea for our pastor to say a few words during the homily about the importance of voting your conscience. However, with the exception of general intercessory prayers, nothing was said by the pastor himself except a quick statement urging parishioners to exercise their right to vote. No mention was made from the pastor himself, to investigate the issues and then choose the candidates with values similar to those of Church teaching.



    To be fair, our parish displays signs pertaining to human life at certain times of year, and the bulletin does contain references to the sanctity of human life. This week a statement about voting for candidates with Christian values was included, but still, many folks don’t even read the bulletin. Folks in the pews who normally vote for candidates who will do the exact opposite of what is written above could easily toss the bulletin in the trash, the same way human beings are tossed into the trash each and every day in America. It’s pretty easy to hide the words in a parish bulletin if you’re determined to be willfully blind to the plight of helpless human beings.

    This isn’t any ordinary election. More and more human lives hang in the balance with each passing year. It’s very unfortunate that some folks aren’t taught about the sanctity of human life while sitting in the pews at Mass. How sad it is, that some pastors seem a bit indifferent to the well being of their own flocks. These priests and ministers certainly aren’t doing those in their care any favors by keeping quiet.

    However, we can’t force people to listen to their conscience, and we cannot force our clergy to speak for those with no voice. We can only pray for the best outcome on Tuesday, and that all of our family, friends and fellow Americans will eventually be able to heal our divisions.

    Unknown copy 3

    We can also pray for our loved ones who’ve gone before us. May they and all the faithful departed rest in the Peace of Christ.

    images copy 10

  • October is Respect Life Month

    October is Respect Life Month. Today’s post concerns the youngest among us, unborn children. These children cannot speak for themselves, yet they are still important. They are real people, and deserve respect, compassion, and their right to life. There have been over fifty-five million abortions in America since 1973,  when the Supreme Court made their infamous ruling in Roe v Wade, legalizing abortion in America. The ruling has never been popular with the majority of Americans, those of us who understand that under the US Constitution, each citizen is endowed with certain  unalienable rights, given us by our Creator.  The very first right on the list is the right to life.


    Above is a picture of a child who happens to be living in his or her mother’s womb. This child is innocent, and deserves respect, regardless of whether or not he or she happens to be “convenient”.

    Please, no matter your ideology or political party, think, just for a moment, of the child’s rights. They are no less than yours in the eyes of a Higher Power.

    IMG_8902Many say that some children shouldn’t come into this world because they may suffer. Such thinking is skating on the edge. Who are we to make such decisions? Many of history’s greatest figures were born into less than perfect circumstances. Examples abound of people who made a difference, even though they were born poor, or blind, or deaf, or challenged physically or mentally.

    Abraham Lincoln, the great President responsible for ending slavery in the United States, was born poor, in a log cabin in Kentucky. He was a self educated man. He may have been poor, but where would we be without him?

    Some awesome pro life quotes by famous people can be found here. Included are quotes from Mother Teresa, Ronald Reagan, and Dr. Seuss. The pro-choice arguments are falling on their face these days. Science and technology shine light on the  “clump of cells” talking point. Just look at the 3D ultrasound photos. How can there be any doubt that this is a human child? It was a human child at conception, with unique DNA.


    I will close with this poem, “Unborn Lament” by Sr. M. Aloysius Peach, O.S.U. Sister Aloysius was Poet Laureate of Delaware from 1963-1964. She composed the following poem soon after the Roe v Wade decision, just before she passed away. I learned about Sister Aloysius from a Franciscan priest who preached at our Parish on Sunday. He read the poem as part of his homily. It was a very moving homily, and there were tears in the eyes of some parishioners, including mine.

    I was refused a glimpse of the sky
    To greet the rising sun
    For me—a poor unwanted child
    Life had just begun.
    I might have been a priest or a nun,
    And worked for God and man
    But Seven men condemned
    Just as my life began.

    I might have been a President,
    (or maybe the mother of one)
    I might have been a scientist,
    (What good I might have done!)
    A child denied a place on earth,
    A child refused a name:
    A child begrudged by those his owe
    A place in the Hall of Fame.
    But seven men condemned me
    Before I saw the light
    As lords of life and death, they chose
    The wrong instead of the right.
    I know that He who took a child
    And placed it on His knee
    Has not forgotten who I am;
    And He will shelter me.
    And He will have a place for me
    That none can take away;
    Although my own refused, before
    I saw the light of day.

    The time will come when every man
    will face the judgment seat;
    I will not have a single fear
    But only mercy sweet.
    Though my own flesh and blood conspired
    To give no place to me,
    I shall not be refused a place
    For all eternity.
    For He who is the God of love
    Will come to my surprise
    He’ll look on me, and I shall gaze
    With love into his eyes.