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  • Today’s Counterculture and the New Civil War ~ Progressives will and must Lose

    Being a part of today’s Counterculture is different. Unlike the countercultural movement of the 1960s, today’s movement is part of the cold civil war going on in America.

    Have no doubts: We are in the the throes of war. The American Left has declared war on those of us who do not subscribe to their progressive ideology, and those of us who elected Donald Trump as president are going to fight back at all costs. Part of the fight lies with the new counterculture.


    So far, this war is cold. Whether or not it goes hot is the choice of the progressives.

    For some clarity on the new counterculture and the cold civil war, please read the following post, “We can’t spare this man; he fights“, by CLFA admin.



    War is barely recognizable these days. Soldiers are killed without a drop of blood. Entire invasions occur without a single shot fired. Colonization is established with governmental assistance by the targeted nation, and we haven’t executed a traitor since 1953.

    But make no mistake; this is a war. If we lose this one, our way of life will be lost forever and our children enslaved.


    Which brings us back to what the war looks like today: It is bloodless. We can bear all the arms we want, but there will be no way to shoot a regulation, or a curriculum, or a boycott, or a social media lynching, or a helpless 5-year-old child colonist.

    We should be grateful that this war is bloodless; our own children have food and healthy parents at home. Most of us will keep our jobs. Daily life is not disrupted. It is the most comfortable war in history. But it is still a war.

    Has there ever been a war where good people didn’t resort to doing things that would be considered despicable under any other circumstances? Who bayonets a loudmouthed entertainer in day-to-day life? Who guns down someone who posted a political comment? Who launches missiles on “sanctuary cities”?

    Thank God, we don’t have to do those things. But we must not forget that this is still a war and if we don’t fight it as such, it will already be too late before we have the opportunity to do those other things.


    The above has to do with the political assassination of Milo Yiannopoulos. Full disclosure: I agree with CLFA’s entire post. They told the truth, and most people who are politically aware and not of the Left agree that we are now in a struggle for our way of life.

    And there will be no surrender. We who write books and stories that counter the freedom-sucking culture the Left has foisted upon us will never stop fighting.



    The only thing not mentioned in the CLFA piece is the dread we feel when our countercultural writer’s minds are overcome with thoughts of this war turning hot.


    So, we are in an ideological struggle with people who hate us and everything we stand for. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to win.

    Though progressives have managed to divide this country, they are no longer able to fool anyone except themselves.

    With the advent of the internet, social media, alternative media and other 21st Century technology, people have caught onto their scam.

    After years of scandals by the Obama administration were covered up by the mainstream media, we watched as CNN tried to rig a presidential debate by giving the questions to Hillary Clinton.

    We saw the Wikileaks Podesta emails and then found other sources than the mainstream media for facts, because they showed themselves to be nothing more than an army of bloodletting mercenaries masquerading as journalists. And they work for the Democrats.

    Still, it was rough going as we endured fake polls put out by all the usual suspects in an attempt to gaslight us into believing that Clinton had the election in the bag.

    And even though we were assured by all the “best” people that we didn’t have a chance in hell of winning, we marched our deplorable butts to the polls and voted for Donald Trump.


    Our votes were against Progressivism. We voted NO to creeping socialism. We rejected the Left and their religion.

    And our prayers were answered on November 8 with Trump’s election as President.

    After the election It became even more apparent that the Left was under the impression that America and everyone in it should kowtow to them “just because.”

    But in their zealous attempt to grab back the power they had lost, they really jumped the shark.

    Their hateful, violent and nasty protests and riots, their calls for recounts, their attempts to intimidate electors, their screams of “popular vote!” and every other trick they tried to overthrow the Democratic process were on display for the entire world.

    And no one but their most cult-like followers likes what they see. Especially younger Americans who don’t want to be told how to think. They saw all of the above, too.

    These are young Americans we’re talking about. Eighteen to twenty-five years old. 


    The Leftists have forgotten something. Something rather important. And that is the fact that kids have a tendency to rebel.

    Everyone who has ever been a child or raised a child is aware of this. Some kids rebel in small ways and others in big ways, but I don’t believe any teen on earth hasn’t committed acts of rebellion in defiance of their parents, school or in some cases, the system.

    During the counterculture movement of the 1960s, teens and college kids protested the Vietnam war, experimented with everything from weed to hallucinogenic drugs, and immersed themselves in music that reflected the counterculture.

    Boys grew their hair. Girls dressed like hippies. Students went to Woodstock to hear legends like Jimi Hendrix and other up and coming stars of Rock & Roll. They did all of this in defiance of their parents and the system.

    Some of them grew out of their rebellion and went on to become productive members of society. Some became drug addicts that never came out of their rebellion.  And the worst became the fabled “Man.”

    The Man. The man that all those Classic Rock greats wrote protest songs about, and which they themselves have now become.

    And though some of today’s kids no doubt will stay in line and imitate the hatred and intolerance exhibited by their elders, many others will rebel against the puritanical strictures of their own Progressive parents.


    There is no way that this won’t happen. No way.

    Because the kids of today are observing the hypocrisy of their parents, the media, Hollywood and the system at large.

    If they have not been brainwashed to the point of no return, they cannot help but notice the many hypocrisies and what seems to be a mass psychosis that has overtaken the American Progressive Left.

    Many kids are fans of Milo, whose recent removal from what the system says is holy is a study in hypocrisy, intolerance, lies and bullying of a victim of childhood rape. Yes… Milo was raped as a young boy. By a priest. He’s also a homosexual. And an immigrant.

    Milo embodies everything the Progressive Left says they protect. Yet they attempted to destroy him for one reason: He differs from them politically.

    It’s the same with all the other people these Leftists have put in their bullying crosshairs. The treatment of Ivanka Trump is another example of their war. Because of the bullying tactics of the Progressive group #grabyourwallet, her clothing line has been removed from a growing list of retailers that caved to the Left.


    And while Progressives are too blind to see that they have become the new “Man”, the kids are not. And they are part of the new counterculture.


    They see the hypocrisy in every part of the rotten system, and they don’t like it. Some of them are old enough to vote, and they went to the polls and voted against the system.

    Others are pre-teens or high school kids who will rebel against their own parents during the coming years. They have their own minds, you see.

    They can think. They will question what they see happening. They will hear the hatred dripping off the tongues of their teachers, and since thought is not a crime, they can and they will ruminate over what they witness every day while listening to alternative music in their bedrooms.

    They will visit new You Tube personalities. They will hang out on Reddit. They will engage with other rebellious teens in the new counterculture.

    They will hang posters of Pepe in their bedrooms. They will hide Ivanka Trump shoes under their beds the way their parents used to hide joints under the mattress.

    In two years, or fours years or six, they will vote. And they will win the Cold Civil War.


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    Shameless Self Promotion




    Above is a book that shows what could happen if the Progressives win. Take a look.

    It’s only $2.99. 🙂

  • My Semi-Breakup with Classic Rock

    What a sad situation I find myself in as I write this. I’m listening to Bachman Turner Overdrive’s Greatest hits, many of which remind me of the days when my husband and I first met.

    As far as I know, no one from BTO has weighed in on American bathrooms or the Republican Party, of which I am a member. And this is not necessarily because I agree with the party on many things. It’s strictly a matter of necessity, since I cannot vote in primaries in my home state of Pennsylvania if I’m registered as an Independent, the way my husband used to be.

    This post will consist of many photos. Here are a few.

    Part of our music room. As you can see, we are Classic Rock addicts.
    1970s stereo system. Springsteen and Clarence Clemons hang in the background. On right, Frank Zappa.
    A few of my husband’s guitars. Led Zeppelin poster in background.
    Pierre Robert, beloved Philadelphia Icon DJ at WMMR, poses with my husband at The Eagles concert at Wells Fargo Center in 2013
    Pierre Robert, beloved Philadelphia Icon & DJ at WMMR, poses with my husband at The Eagles concert at Wells Fargo Center in 2013


    So, you see, we are immersed in Classic Rock. This is not strictly for weekends, but a way of life. For my husband, the music begins at 6 am, continues through the workday while listening to WMGK, Philadelphia’s other Classic Rock station, and ends at bedtime, unless we are with our family, working outside, or watching TV or a movie.

    My husband’s interest in Rock began in his teen years.

    He was born in 1959, and always said that if he were born three years earlier, he would have found a way to get to Woodstock. And I have no doubt in my mind that he would have. He was 10 during the summer of ’69 (Thank you, Brian Adams, for ruining that song for me), but if he had been 13 or 14, he would have been in New York state, wandering around with the hippies who are running our government today.

    My love affair with the genre began at approximately age 13. (I would never have dreamed of going to Woodstock. My father would never have allowed it, and I was too afraid of defying him to even begin to think of such a thing). Before that, I liked pop hits and top 40. I believe the first vinyl I ever owned was Aerosmith’s Rocks. My sister and cousins and I liked their sound.

    This continued. We liked the artists of the 1970s, many songs of which play in my mind when remembering fun times at the beach with my family. This includes the band Boston, who just disrespected their fans in the state of North Carolina by canceling a show without sufficient notice for ideological reasons regarding bathrooms.


    Our history with the Classic Rock band, Boston. Extensive vinyl collection, including Springsteen's Born In The USA, bottom left.
    Our history with the Classic Rock band, Boston. Extensive vinyl collection, including Springsteen’s Born In The USA, bottom left.


    They also dissed every citizen in America who dissents from their pronouncement that men should be able to walk into a ladies room for whatever reason, thereby turning convention, tradition and reasonable safety applications for women and girls upside down, without regard for the feelings of older ladies or anyone else not ready for such a change.

    My mother, an 80 year old widow, does not want to see a man in a ladies room when she has gone inside for the usual reasons. Neither do I, or my sister, cousins or nieces. We don’t have to give any explanation as to why.

    We just don’t want it. And we do not want our grandkids to have to deal with such a thing, either. That’s for safety reasons.


    FLY 4


    The above, IMO, is true. Others may be of a different opinion, but this is my blog, and I have a voice. And, BTW, having spoken to many people who differ politically and ideologically on many different issues, more people agree with me than not.

    Since there is no way, at this point in time, to measure the number of Americans who want men to pee next to their daughters, wives, sisters and mothers, I’m just going to throw out a number which seems, to me, to err on the side of the proponents for shared bathrooms.

    I think their number is probably less than 17% of Americans in total. I came to my conclusion based on a few facts.

    1) Transgendered Americans make up less than 1% of America as a whole.

    2) Homosexual Americans make up roughly 3% of America as a whole. (Yes, I know this is hard to believe, given the fact that almost every television program or movie contains a gay character, but rest assured my info is correct. I’m not going to bother to look up stats to link to here. Google is available to everyone, and Gallop or Pew has done the counting for us.

    3) I know for a fact that some in the LGBT community do not agree with shared bathrooms, and resent being used as pawns by American Progressives.

    4) The very, very far Left in America is a minority. We only have to hear about them every day because they have all of entertainment and mainstream news bleating their talking points for them. And also one filthy rich rockstar, Bruce Springsteen, who began this entire cluster of unbelievable overreach and bullshit when he started this misguided crusade to fiddle with the lives of those whom he believes are inferior to him.

    In case you aren’t aware, Springsteen’s name is now mud in America to all but his hard core fans, progressive activist Leftists, and himself. His little stunt backfired on him, but good. He has lost fans without number, including me. I saw comment threads all over Facebook where former fans voiced their disgust and vowed to never support him again.

    I cannot list or picture the extent of my Springsteen collection here. There is too much stuff to photograph or list. Suffice to say that including shows, my husband has probably forked out at least 4 thousand bucks over the years, simply on Springsteen. That’s a lot of money. And for what? To be insulted by him, his band, his Tramp fans and anyone else who disagrees on bathrooms?

    Even his guitarist, Stevie Van Zandt, seems to have caught on that this latest stunt might not be working out the way the E Streeters theorized, since one of his latest tweets asked people to “forget about politics (the fun’s over anyway)” (paraphrase). The fun is over. Stirring up a crazy hornets nest with regard to the lives of the little people is, to Miami Steve, “fun”. For the rest of us, not so much.

    So, though I can’t be positive, my estimated number of less than 17% of Americans wanting shared bathrooms is probably reasonably accurate.

    Now, back to Rock & Roll.

    I now find myself in the unfortunate position of having to research every artist whom I might like to see play a show live, just to make sure they won’t insult me from the stage after I have forked over hard earned money to buy a ticket to hear them play music.

    I must do this because we, my husband and I, are fighting back now. We are boycotting all proponents of shared bathrooms, and all who slander us unfairly, for the foreseeable future. This includes the retail chain, Target. And we are not the only Americans boycotting. Many people are doing what we’re doing.

    As for the Rockers, what the hell happened here? How in God’s name did musicians who were supposed to be all about free expression get such big heads? How can they not know (or care) that at least half — if not more — of their audience does not agree with them, and have actually swallowed more insults over the years than anyone would if we were dealing with any other business?

    I’ve heard people say that these musicians are simply too stupid to know what they are doing, but that, I’m afraid, is not true. People who can play music naturally the way these bands and their members do are far from stupid. In fact, they most likely are highly intelligent. Their IQs are probably higher than average.

    This is because it is a gift to be able to play guitar the way they do, or piano, or to vocalize while doing both. Most people can’t do such things. You cannot be stupid and still have the ability to play music by ear, without reading it, the way I suspect Springsteen may. As far as I know, Springsteen was not trained classically, though his wife, Patti Scialfa was.

    My son has the gift of playing guitar without reading music. He doesn’t know how to read music–he plays by ear. This is not the mark of a stupid human being.

    So upon reflection, I suspect that in the case of Springsteen and others, the issue is not stupidity, but arrogance.

    For more in this vein, please read the article, The smug style in American Liberalism, by  Emmett Rensin  of Vox.com, a Liberal website. The article is a rare moment of self awareness by a Liberal, regarding Liberals as a group, by one of their own. It is also a stinging indictment of American Liberals, their arrogance, their refusal to tolerate any dissent from their ideology, their hateful name calling tactics, and other unpleasant facts.


    There is a smug style in American liberalism. It has been growing these past decades. It is a way of conducting politics, predicated on the belief that American life is not divided by moral difference or policy divergence — not really — but by the failure of half the country to know what’s good for them.

    In 2016, the smug style has found expression in media and in policy, in the attitudes of liberals both visible and private, providing a foundational set of assumptions above which a great number of liberals comport their understanding of the world.

    It has led an American ideology hitherto responsible for a great share of the good accomplished over the past century of our political life to a posture of reaction and disrespect: a condescending, defensive sneer toward any person or movement outside of its consensus, dressed up as a monopoly on reason.


    The above speaks volumes to me, as does much of the rest of this article. Below is another example from the above article of the smug style of the American Liberal:


    In November of last year, during the week when it became temporarily fashionable for American governors to declare that Syrian refugees would not be welcome in their state, Hamilton Nolan wrote an essay for Gawker called “Dumb Hicks Are America’s Greatest Threat.

    If there has ever been a tirade so dedicated to the smug style, to the proposition that it is neither malice, nor capital, nor ideological difference, but rather the backward stupidity of poor people that has ruined the state of American policy, then it is hidden beyond our view, in some uncool place, far from the front page of Gawker.

    “Many of America’s political leaders are warning of the dangers posed by Syrian refugees. They are underestimating, though, the much greater danger: dumbass hicks, in charge of things,” Nolan wrote. “…You, our elected officials, are embarrassing us. All of us, except your fellow dumb hicks, who voted for you in large numbers. You — our racist, xenophobic, knuckle-dragging ignorant leaders — are making us look bad in front of the guests (the whole world). You are the bad cousin in the family who always ruins Thanksgiving. Go in the back room and drink a can of beer alone please.”


    Dumbass hicks. Stupid fools, clinging to God & guns. Ignorant. Stupid Republicans. All the same shit I’ve been reading and hearing and listening to for 15 years.

    The latest outrage, that of insisting that my daughter or granddaughter should welcome strange men into the bathroom just backfired, though.

    The talking points aren’t working anymore. I’ve seen them over the past week. In this particular instance there approximately 12 variations on the 3 main Leftist talking points which must have been issued from the top echelons of this bathroom scheme, which I keep seeing over and over and over on different forums: If you feel that a person who still possesses a penis should not be permitted to enter a bathroom where your wife, mother, sister or child has retreated to pee in relative privacy, you are:

    1. a bigot
    2. a stupid bigot
    3. a right wing Republican bigot
    4. A hick who has sex with your daughter
    5. a KKK member
    6. You are worried about the wrong people; you should worry about men in your own family, since Republican men are much more likely to abuse women or molest children than any other group.
    7. you are discriminating
    8. you are against human rights
    9. you are backward
    10. you are a knuckle dragger
    11. you are dumb
    12. you are stupid.

    Though there may be others, those were the ones that were repeated, over and over and over again, on twitter and Facebook. So, I assume that is the argument and basis for the case for shared bathrooms.

    Compare the above talking points to the quote from the Vox article above. Does anything stand out? Do you see any similarities? Any differences?

    Think about it.

    The same scenario plays out each time there is any incident which might help Leftists advance their various causes, like gun control, or abortion on demand, or whatever.

    Let’s say there is a shooting somewhere in America. The talking points begin before the bodies are cold, before anyone knows who the perpetrators were, or any other information on the case. The Leftist talking points re a shooting are usually a bit different, yet still the same. They usually begin by throwing out a point that “It was probably a tea bagger” or some such insult. And then it goes on from there, with the addition of the words “stupid” “hick” “uncaring”, etc.  I’ve seen it all, over and over again.

    What terrible times we find ourselves living through. But we must struggle on, and continue to fight for our way of life. And we will.




    As the quote above illustrates, we have no choice. And whether we prevail depends solely on God, in whom I trust. I pray daily for a resolution, and I refuse to despair, but I can’t un-see what I have already seen.

    Knowing we are in an ideological war with smug Liberals doesn’t mitigate the hurt. I have come to a  very sad and hurtful conclusion. Though I have known this for awhile, I was hoping we could heal in some way, and perhaps coexist, as those Liberal bumper stickers are always saying we should.

    But, I no longer believe we will be able to come together, unless, by a miracle of God, Liberals become self aware, and decide to respect the views and beliefs of other Americans.

    I hope it happens, and pray that it will.  But at this point, the ball is in their court. Only they can change things. And as long as Liberals believe themselves to know what is best for everyone, I’m not sure things will get better.

    Liberals do not believe that my Republican husband knows what is best for himself and his family. They believe my husband is more dangerous than a terrorist. A decent, hardworking family man, who has never done anything wrong except to believe that he, himself, has the right to his own views and opinions.

    But to the smug Liberal, he has no value, unless as that of a conscript who works to pay taxes for the smug Liberals to spend on social programs, like shared bathrooms in public schools.  Outside of his contribution as a “worker”, he has no value, and must be silenced, marginalized and driven out of any and all public discourse.

    After all… he’s a Republican. And so was my father.

    Leftists, as a group, consider any American who disagrees with them on any issue whatsoever  a second class citizen, one who may and should be used as punching bag via cell phone and chased off of all public forums, shut down and shoved into a closet.

    This has come home to me over the past two weeks as it never has in the past.

    We don’t have rights. We are not permitted to run our own lives anymore, all because a very small segment of Americans, including beloved Rock icons, believe they know best.

    So, here we are.

    Back to my dilemma. WMGK is sponsoring a summer concert in July, featuring Bad Company and Joe Walsh. My husband wanted to attend the show, but now that we know for sure that a Rock star’s politics and ideology come before playing music and entertaining the people who pay to see them, we needed to check out the latest news on these bands.


    Portable Network Graphics image-D8692484A455-1
    The Eagles. Glenn Frey, whose death was a blow, is center. Joe Walsh is on the far left.


    This task falls to me, since my husband is a very busy working man, and has no time to do the research. And it didn’t take long for me to have the answer to the question.

    No, we can’t go. We cannot pay hard earned money to see Joe Walsh, one of our favorites over the years, because he has stated that the Republican candidates, and, by default, their supporters, are spiteful, vitriolic, fear mongering bullies. Which, as I can attest, is simply projection, pure and simple.

    Please click here.



    “I am very concerned about the rampant vitriol, fear-mongering and bullying coming from the current Republican campaigns,” the 68-year-old rocker said. “It is both isolationist and spiteful. I cannot in good conscience endorse the Republican party in any way.”

    Walsh is also co-headlining the One Hell of a Night Tour with Bad Company, beginning May 12. There’s currently a tour date on June 30 in Charlotte, North Carolina, a state that has seen several entertainers cancel concerts and other performances in protest of the state’s newly passed Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act. It’s unclear, at least for now, if Walsh will also nix his upcoming performance in North Carolina.


    So you see, we cannot go to this summer show, which we would have loved.

    It doesn’t bother me that Walsh pulled out of the concert. He did it with plenty of notice, and if he didn’t know it was related to the Republicans, he has every right to decline to play.


    My issue is with the following statements:

    “I am very concerned about the rampant vitriol, fear-mongering and bullying coming from the current Republican campaigns.”

    “It is both isolationist and spiteful.”


    The above are the reason we are boycotting Joe Walsh. My husband and I are Republicans. We support Senator Ted Cruz, whose campaign is in no way hateful, or fear mongering, or bullying, or in any way whatsoever vitriolic.

    The idea of Joe Walsh passing judgment on Ted Cruz, a man of integrity, whose record is stellar and in no way hateful, is completely unacceptable to me, as a fellow Conservative and supporter. It is also unacceptable to my husband.

    In fact, I have already tweeted Senator Cruz himself, and also his campaign, asking respectfully that they please refrain from playing any music from any Leftist Rocker or other Leftist musician if Cruz is the nominee.

    These bands love it when Republican politicians play their music. They enjoy asking the Republican second class citizens to cease and desist. They like the publicity, and as an added bonus, they get to watch the feeding frenzy on social media, as these candidates and their supporters are trashed, slapped down and degraded by their smug liberal minions and foot soldiers.

    But… if I were Joe Walsh and Bad Company, I’d think long and hard about the upcoming scheduled show in North Carolina.

    Joe, if you happen to see this post (which I know is impossible) you may want to be sort of careful.

    Look at what happened to Springsteen. If you’re gonna cancel, do it soon. Don’t wait until 2 days prior, as others in this movement seem to be doing, in order to hurt more fans by hitting them with travel and lodging costs that can’t be recouped. And maybe you should give another reason for the cancellation. Just say you overbooked or something.

    I’m sure that as smart and savvy as you are, you’ll think of some reason that will allow you to cancel without shitting on your fans. If you want to keep what fans you have that aren’t to the left of Mao, you better not pull a stunt like those of Springsteen, Boston or Pearl Jam.

    Just a word of advice from a second class citizen and lover of your music.




    As of now, I cannot bear to listen to Bruce. And up until two weeks ago, I listened almost daily. When I begin to miss listening to my favorite album, and perhaps reach to play it, my hand won’t move. I can’t listen.

    I’m looking forward to time when I can listen again, and not be hurt. I hope it happens, and I’m sure it will at some point. I’m just not sure when.

    And again, I must understand that Bruce does not want me to listen. I am not worthy, in his narrow mind, of the slightest bit of consideration. Knowing this for sure is rather difficult, but I will get used to it.

    No Republican is worthy. The honest Liberal at Vox.com admitted this himself.

    And if you are a Liberal who is reading this and snickering, and saying, “Oh, such drama. She’s overreacting. She was never a real fan. No real fan of Bruce disagrees with his politics. The very idea is idiotic,” listen up.

    You, yourself, are a smug Liberal. The description of you is contained in the linked article by Vox. You may not believe it, but it describes you to a T. If you don’t like it, I can’t help you. If you are saying the above about me, all I have to say to you is this:

    The Eagles. Glen Frey, center, Joe Walsh, far left.

    And around midnight on November 8th, when you are sitting on your sofa in shock, wondering what the hell just happened, and how in the hell those stupid hicks won in a landslide, I hope you will remember every cheap shot, nasty remark, eye-roll, and insult you hurled at us.

    As for me, I will go on as I have been. I’ll listen to the music of the artists who haven’t slapped me yet, and turn off the radio when those who have slapped me are played, as a protest of my own. So will my Republican husband.

    And I will look for new music as well. There are plenty of bands out there who appreciate their fans.

    Maybe someday, we can get back together, but as I already stated, the ball is the court of the Liberals. It’s up to them, now. They can choose to bring about healing, or they can choose to keep the hate going.

    We other Americans are just trying to get by.

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  • The Bathroom Dilemma ~ (Part 2, Cans in the USA)

    Part 1 of my post on the bathroom controversy is a detailing of the facts re HB2, and other relevant information. To read, click here.



    And now for part 2, starring every American’s “Boss”, Bruce Springsteen. Click here to read Springsteen’s announcement (which I suspect will eventually get him Dixie Chicked) that he had decided to cancel a show in Greensboro, North Carolina because of HB2, which, in his opinion, places an unbearable burden on a small percentage of North Carolinians.

    Said group and their advocates, who object to the new law, were referred to as “freedom fighters.” Yeah. Freedom fighters. Because of a law that states that a person possessing a penis may not enter a communal ladies room in any school, community college, state park or government building, Bruce, whom author and blogger Sarah Hoyt termed a “brain dead lefticle” has deemed them “freedom fighters.”


    As if!

    Below is a photo of American soldiers on a recon mission during the Iraq war.

    U.S. Army Soldiers from Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment conduct an area reconnaissance mission in Baghdad, Iraq, Aug. 11, 2006. (U.S. Navy photo by Gunner's Mate 1st Class Martin Anton Edgil) (Released)
    U.S. Army Soldiers from Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment conduct an area reconnaissance mission in Baghdad, Iraq, Aug. 11, 2006. (U.S. Navy photo by Gunner’s Mate 1st Class Martin Anton Edgil) (Released) Photo credit, Wikipedia.


    Following is a photo of the “freedom fighter” who managed to get a bill passed which the brain dead lefticle™ crowd most likely would have been satisfied with:


    Seaverence, Chad
    Convicted sex offender and Charlotte City Council member Chad Seaverence, who pushed for the bathroom sharing ordinance which HB2 prevented from going into effect.


    Notice the difference? If you were visiting America from another planet, (assuming you understood the definitions of the words “freedom” and “fighter”) which photo would you choose to denote such a group?

    Never mind that HB2 explicitly states that once the transition from male to female or vice versa is complete, the transgendered person may use the bathroom which corresponds to the gender to which they have transitioned. That fact does not matter a damn to Bruce and his fellow travelers.

    In fact, as you will see shortly, the brain dead lefticles™ (trademark added by me, because Sarah’s description is so right on that it deserves distinction) are either completely unaware of the bill’s contents or are lying about it.

    As I’m sure many of my friends know, Springsteen is my favorite artist. I don’t know why, nor can I explain it. All I know is that I was sort of indifferent to his music as a teen, but grew to love it in my twenties.

    Listening has gotten me through numerous hard times, and I have no other answer or excuse. If this sounds like a confession one would make to a priest, in anticipation of absolution, know that it’s because today, after the North Carolina stunt, I’m ashamed of myself for being taken in by this scam band.

    In fact, last night, as I was working on something or other, a Springsteen song began playing upstairs in my husband’s music room. Immediately I screamed: “Turn that shit off!” But the song, “She’s the One” (who can’t spare a square) continued to assault my ears. (My husband plays his music LOUD). So I decided to call him on his cell phone. He didn’t answer. And unfortunately, since I was loathe to stop what I was doing and run up the stairs, I listened till the end.

    Fifteen minutes later, my husband came downstairs and told me he heard my screams and shouts, but could not turn the shit off because he himself was stuck on the can in the unisex upstairs bathroom, doing whatever men do when they have a call of nature.

    Meh. It wasn’t his fault. Everybody has a hungry fart once in awhile. It’s hard to be a saint in the shitty.

    As you can see, I’m trying to be lighthearted about my loss of respect for Bruce and the E Streeters. The music really does mean a lot to me.

    But now, after this stunt by the brain dead lefticle™ I feel like the soundtrack of my life just got flushed down the shitter, along with any inclination I might have had to go see Springsteen “one more time.”

    How lucky and blessed I am to be married to a man who gifted me with tickets to 3 different Springsteen shows, boxed sets, CDs, vinyl, music and books. This is in addition to all the other rock shows he has taken me to. At least I can, if at some point I get past this unbelievable slap in the face to me, my family, friends and all the other Americans who support HB2, listen to the music I already own.

    But that will take time. I have no inclination to pop any Springsteen CD into my car stereo right now. That reminds me–I need to change out my CD travel holder. It’s full of Springsteen CDs, and I don’t want to chance an accidental assault on my own ears. Such a thing might cause me to end up in a wreck on the highway, or lost in the flood. I may find myself behind a 7-11 store, or under an ancient relic of an Exxon sign somewhere in the Twilight Zone. What if I run off the road and enter some sort of window in time? I could end up anywhere! I might find myself in a filthy men’s room in daddy’s garage, staring at a pin up calendar from 1978. Who knows? I might get so scared I’d end up stuck in a swamp in the state of New Jersey. Or, God forbid, face to face with Rosie’s mom! Scary stuff.

    Sigh…Now it’s time for the real shit. Gloves off, Tramps.

    Folks who disparage whole sections of America, all the while demonstrating their ignorance on the matter in question, and referring to concerned Americans as “idiots”, are not what I believed Bruce and the E Street Band to be.

    But I received a rude awakening over the past few days.

    I was aware of the fact that many of Springsteen’s hard core fans were nasty, ignorant and brutal people, because I made the mistake of giving my opinion re Benghazi on his Facebook page in 2012. What followed was an exercise in cruelty, ignorance and stupidity that left me feeling as if I needed a shower.

    After the comments, I hurried to unfollow all the Facebook Springsteen Fan pages I frequented. It had become apparent to me that “my kind” (not a Liberal Democrat SJW) weren’t welcome on these forums, so, I left.

    I found Instagram, where nobody knew what pages I followed. I did not comment on photos, and most of the time I didn’t click the “like” button. Every once in awhile, I would “like” one of Patti Scialfa’s (Springsteen’s wife) photos, but my social media interaction with the Tramps was curtailed by me as a preemptive measure.

    You see, I had felt their disdain, arrogance and cruelty when I ventured that comment. No one really likes being called a liar, or told to get the hell out; you don’t belong here if you don’t support Bruce’s political views. And those were the kindest comments thrown my way.

    All that aside… I never knew until a few days ago that the band members also held “my kind” in disdain. But unfortunately, they themselves demonstrated this truth. The don’t want me, or my husband, or any other non Democrat/Progressive SJW to be their fans. That’s the bottom line. They hold themselves above us. They may tolerate us as long as we continue to fork over our hard earned dough for shows, merchandise and music, but that tolerance comes to a quick and complete end at the first sign of dissent from the religion of progressivism.

    This fact became apparent when I visited the twitter account of Steve Van Zant, E Street guitarist. Click here to see the feed of this upstanding American Rock icon.

    So, here we are.


    Bruce in Drag


    For another perspective on this particular cluster f**k, in addition to other culture war commentary, please read this piece by David Dubrow, a fellow author and blogger, whose photo-shopping skills can be seen above.

    And here’s another wonderful piece on the bathroom boondoggle. This writer asks Bruce how he would feel if a potential granddaughter of his were surprised in a bathroom by the sight of a strange man, among other pertinent questions.

    But like I said… now it’s time for me to say my piece. So buckle up bitches. If you don’t want to read the truth about this bunch of CHORFs who will, for the remainder of this post be termed the brain dead lefticle™ bathroom police, leave now. You’ve been warned.

    To begin, please read the following: Springsteen deliberately hurt fans, workers by cancelling NC show in stand against law banning men from women’s bathrooms.


    Rolling Stone reported Springsteen guitarist Steve Van Zandt said backstage Friday night at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn that Springsteen and his band, The E Street Band, chose to hurt the people of North Carolina to punish them for the state’s new law protecting women and girls from ‘transgender’ men using women’s bathrooms.

    “We just felt the issue was just too important,” Van Zandt said. “This really vile and evil discrimination is starting to spread state to state and we thought, ‘We better take a stand right now and catch it early.’”

    …“It’s unfortunately the only way people understand. You have to hurt them economically in order to have them do the right thing morally, unfortunately,” the guitarist said, adding that he hoped Springsteen’s efforts in the state would “set some kind of example for others.”


    Morally? You have to “hurt them economically in order to have them do the right thing morally”??? What the hell kind of SJW bullshit is this? Whose morality? Steve Van Zant’s? Screw that.

    And according to the above quote, the entire band of brain dead lefticle™ bathroom police were in agreement with the action taken to teach those ignorant redneck Southern rubes a lesson in “morality.” I assume this includes Patti Scialfa, someone who seemed, to me, to be kind and decent. But that’s neither here nor there.

    The operative point is: These SJWs and their buddies in Hollywood and the Democrat party have become the new inquisition. Their religion of progressivism is being shoved down the throats of Americans on multiple fronts.

    Well, here’s what I have to say to the E Street Band: F*ck off. Get away from us. Get off your SJW high horse and attempt to look at matters from our point of view, or go back to your estate/fake farm in Colt’s Neck and stay there in your echo chamber.

    You Bruce, and Patti, and Steve, and Nils, do not get to legislate your particular version of morality and force it on the rest of us.

    Nobody living in the real world cares what you think. The idea of some band who 3/4 of Americans have never even heard of “hurting them economically in order to get them to do the right thing morally” is an exercise in egotism I haven’t seen since the Dixie Chicks decided to diss country music and America overseas. (Or maybe never).

    Your pathetic attempt to blackmail the state of North Carolina was a miserable failure, because the law is staying. And believe me, many, many American fans are completely disillusioned now.

    Not every American is a gooney eyed Springsteen follower, despite your abilty to fill stadiums on either coast. You look down on the people who follow you from town to town and show to show, waiting for GA tickets and perhaps prime positioning in the pit so they can “touch the hem of your garment” and you believe that you’re some kind of god.

    Well, you’re not. Nobody cares except your overseas fans, (some of whom were shafted by this NC stunt) and the hard core Tramps. Can you understand that?

    Well, we’ll see what we see. But I have a feeling that this particular band of brain dead lefticles™ might be in for a shock sometime soon. This stunt was the last straw for many of us. You jumped the shark.

    Now, a few examples of the aforementioned “morality” and the superior education and intelligence of these special beings.

    Again, go to Steve Van Zant’s twitter swamp, and read the tweets and replies.

    1) Example of ignorance of the law HB2 when confronted with a reasonable concern of we who are not as “educated” as the brain dead lefticle™ bathroom police and their fellow Tramp travelers:

    Wrong. See my post, part one, for the facts.


    2) Example of ignorance on the rights of Americans under the 1st amendment of the US Constitution:

    Wrong. See amendment I of the Constitution of The United States Of America.


    3) Example of abuse of a concerned mom who tried to enlighten the above brain dead lefticle™ on the convicted sex offender who began this load of shit:

    Wrong. She was presenting facts, which the brain dead lefticle™ did not want to face, or chose to ignore. Who’s the idiot?


    4) Example of abuse and arrogant stupidity and belief in superstition by a brain dead lefticle™ fellow traveler Tramp:

    Wrong. I believe the woman in question is a Republican. Republicans were the party begun before the US Civil War and the party behind the North. The North fought the South to end the abomination that was slavery in America.

    The KKK was formed by Southern Democrats after the war, and continued to be populated with Democrats through the Civil Rights struggles of the 1960s. Democrats OPPOSED Civil Rights for African Americans, and Republicans fought alongside MLK and other Civil Rights leaders until the Civil Rights act finally passed.

    Democrats were the authors of the infamous Jim Crow statutes. A KKK member was even elected a US Senator. Democrat Senator Robert Byrd, (deceased) of West Virginia, created a new chapter of the KKK in Sophia, West Virginia. He was a leader and recruiter who was eventually elected as Exalted Cyclops (top officer) of the Sophia KKK chapter.

    Does anyone else notice something off about the above tweets? How can this be? How can these arbiters of morality and superior knowledge be wrong on the very issue they have chosen as a hill to die on?

    I suppose we may never know.

    Sigh…. despite my anger and disgust, I really am sick and saddened over this.

    I love the music. I doubt I’ll ever stop.

    But as Bruce said in his statement: “Some things are more important than a rock show.”

    And now that I have written what was on my mind and in my heart, I’ll be able to forget about this huge, steaming pile of unnecessary bullshit that has further divided America.

    I’ll go back to writing the 3rd installment of my near future dystopia. Unfortunately, it already contains a horrific scenario detailing the natural consequences of what the E Street bathroom police would like to foist upon the rest of us.

  • The “Win” of the Pro-Choice Catholics ~ A Pro-Life Perspective

    October is Respect Life Month, and today the Catholic Church Celebrates Respect Life Sunday a day for the Pro-Life Catholic community to celebrate life, and bring awareness about the dangers facing the unborn, elderly, handicapped and marginalized.

    I hardly know where to begin. As someone who worked for over 5 years to bring awareness to the plight of the unborn, I’m definitely happy, because I know that my efforts and the efforts of my dear pro-life friends and parishioners did actually do some good, probably more than we realize. We sponsored a women’s shelter for a year or so, and tried our best to truly help women and babies. For more on how hard we worked and the ultimate end of our ministry, please click here for details.

    The four of us organized trips to the annual March for Life, tried a pro life movie night, handed out pro life prayer cards, and sat at a table at the church bazaar and tried to interest parishioners in learning about unborn children. We raffled off handmade baby quilts, blankets and sweaters, and held a “baby shower” every spring. The baby items were then donated to a crisis pregnancy center.

    The previous post has additional relevance, since October is also Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

    I am truly trying my best not to be too upset today. I don’t want this post to be a litany of bitter grievances. That’s not my intent. However, I find that blogging about events and expressing my feelings in writing helps me to put things behind me. That’s what I’m doing now. Please understand that I am simply writing a true account. If my words make you cry, imagine how upset my friends and I feel. If my words make you snicker and laugh and pooh-pooh my feelings about today, thinking I’m just a sore loser and a backward American who needs to get with the times, then you’re probably a Liberal, or a Leftist, or a Progressive, or Pro-Choice, or just a cold person.  All of the previous may or may not be hyphenated with the word “Catholic.” Whatever.

    I just spoke to my husband on the phone, and described this morning’s Respect Life Sunday Mass at our parish church, and he and I both agree: The pro-choice Catholics have won, at least for now.

    Today’s Mass was a very beautiful Mass. The choir sang lovely songs in harmony, the readings were interesting, our priest’s homily was comforting and references were made to respecting all human life from conception to natural death. The gifts were presented by children. Two had Down Syndrome, and another little girl, a sweet, beautiful girl whom I have seen on numerous occasions also presented gifts. She does not have Down Syndrome. Still, she is very special. All in all it was a nice Mass.

    Until the end. That’s when I walked into the Narthex/gathering space where parishioners were socializing with donuts and coffee. It’s a monthly event after 9:30 Mass in our Parish. Our priest mentioned the hosts of today’s social, but I didn’t hear what he said, because this was the first Respect Life Sunday Social in 6 years that was not held for the purpose of bringing awareness to the pro-life cause, and I was actually trying not cry. Our priest did his best, and announced that pamphlets on the plight of the unborn and other respect life information would be available at a table in the Narthex.

    Educational fetal models at correct size for each moth of gestationIn previous years, we four friends tried to make the socials nice occasions. We bought juice and donuts and stood behind the table and passed them out. One of us, usually my friend, Angie, who was the unofficial head of our group, stood next to the table of information.

    Sometimes Angie borrowed a display of life-like human baby models from the state Pro-Life Federation, so people could see what unborn children looked like. The models Angie drove miles to pick up and then miles to return were similar to these, except all 9 months of gestation were represented. I have a fond memory of a fellow parishioner who showed her little granddaughters the baby models, while explaining to them about babies before they are born, and how they are real human beings.

    The interest of some parishioners made up a little for the parents who sent their children to our table to get donuts and juice, and then called them back so they could eat them in peace, undisturbed by references or images of children less fortunate, those whose moms lived in minority neighborhoods where Planned Parenthood clinics were located. I once, in a  moment of ingenuity, (or insanity depending on your viewpoint) suggested that one of us mingle with the crowd who had gotten their refreshments and then retreated to the other side of the room, as far away from us as they could get.

    Some people, perhaps understanding that stuffing their faces with Respect Life Sunday donuts without at least sauntering past the info table and pretending to give it a look was just plain rude, simply walked out without donuts, coffee, juice, prayer cards, or leaflets. (And who knows? Perhaps this was customary with some families. I remember when my kids were young and I didn’t want to stay for donuts. I didn’t want to be rude, allow my children to take donuts and then just run for the car, so I dragged my kids out while they griped that they wanted a donut, and why couldn’t we have just stayed?)

    Hooded, cabled baby sweaterThe Sunday I’m referring to was (I think) Respect Life Sunday 2012, right before President Obama was reelected. I had knitted a cute sweater to be be raffled off that weekend, similar to this one, which I knitted for a friend’s child.

    The sweater I knitted for that year’s Respect Life raffle was cream colored, with different cabling and buttons, not frogs. Still, it was warm and cute and hooded, suitable for either a boy or a girl. There were lots of people mingling after Mass, eating and talking, so Angie, being braver than I, took the sweater and went among the wolves trying to sell a few raffle tickets. I can’t remember how many she sold or who won the sweater. Our usual donations for events such as these ran anywhere between $25-$75, depending on the event. (I’m erring on the side of overestimating). I stood back and watched Angie speak to people. She must have gotten some interest, since we did get a few donations. However, you could see other people who didn’t want to be bothered. That was the atmosphere at the time, and it’s no better now.

    When I say “among the wolves” I am not exaggerating. There were, and are, wolves there. I’m hoping some of them have changed their hearts a bit, however, I will never know, because I keep away from them for the most part. I don’t know how many readers have ever felt uncomfortable among groups, but I can assure you I’m not exaggerating. This was not “all in my head” nor my friends’ heads. We all felt it at one time or another. I won’t mention which of us suffered the following bullshit from parishioners, but it’s all true. One of my friends stood handing out pro-life prayer cards with her children after a different Mass, and was approached by a pro-choice Catholic who should have had the decency to just walk out the door. Instead, she walked up to my friend who held out a card. Instead of accepting the card, and then perhaps tossing it in the trash at home, the woman laughed in my friend’s face, turned up her nose, and strutted out the front door. Same shit, different day.

    The most blatant wolf-like behavior occurred a year ago, when my dear friend Angie was backstabbed by parishioners at a school board meeting. These wolves allowed Angie to be likened to a Nazi in public, because Angie had the temerity to stand up for concerned parents and ask that a book– which basically gave blueprints for do it yourself abortions (including using knitting needles) and how to steal drugs from your parents medicine cabinet, hide them in your room, and save them up just in case you decide to commit suicide, among other questionable things–be put in the guidance office of the High School so kids 13-16 could be counseled about what they would read.

    Yes, you read that correctly. Three parishioners from our church hold positions on a school board. These three voted to keep a piece of trash masquerading as literature available without any age restrictions whatsoever, by crying “Book Banning!” These people go to church on Sunday and then go out on Monday and do the opposite of what Christ teaches. So be it. Everyone has free will. For more on the nonsense and SJW tactics of the Banned Books crowd, please see this PJ Media post by Megan Fox. (PS. The Banned books crowd actually bans certain books, those they decide should be “kicked to the curb.” There is a screenshot proving this in Megan’s article if you’re interested.)

    People like these populate my community. And, BTW, the town library near the High School which accused my friend of being a Nazi and a book banner operates under the same rules as the ALS mentioned in Megan’s article. This library was one of the places where a rumor was being spread about “some woman who is trying to ban books.”  It was easy to find out they are ALS sycophants by typing the name of the Library into a twitter search, and then finding the twitter account of one of the librarians, who is an ALS member. This library has been at odds with the community over the past year for one thing after another, including a failure to be transparent, and changing the name of the library against the wishes of residents. But this was to be expected.  That’s what you get when you start palling around with far Leftists who are pushing an anti-family anti-parent agenda in your school. You lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. And I, for one, have zero sympathy, unless it’s for people who truly were in the dark about this mess. For the people who sucked up to these types and used their lying dirty tactics on my friend, and who are now upset about the library being ripped out from under them, well… they got exactly what they deserved.

    The biggest backstabber is also a fellow parishioner who ran for SB as a CONSERVATIVE. She assured people that she would be a voice for a little sanity, since the school is overrun with texts full of errors in history, and other Common-Core style nonsense. But, when things got tough, this woman folded like a cheap suit, went along with the board and their “Nazi” insinuations and hung my friend out to dry. (A few months later, this cool and hip gal was made VP of the school board. Go figure.)

    And no, I am not sorry for using words such as wolves and backstabber. If the shoe fits, freaking wear it and deal with it.


    If somehow, you are reading this and recognize yourself, and you are no longer a pro-choice Catholic, and regret acting the way you did, I hope you know I hold nothing against you. And even if you are still a Pro-choice Catholic now, today, with all of the horrid news and videos coming out about Planned Parenthood, and you think I’m a liar, and that everyone except Planned Parenthood’s champions are liars, I still hold nothing against you. Everyone makes choices, and everyone has free will.




    But as I said, I feel sad and hurt about things that happened. I found it hard to be at Mass this morning, knowing we gave up. I find it difficult to know that our battle in our own neighborhood was lost, when we were doing what we were supposed to be doing, according to the catechism and Catholic teaching. I find it terribly hard to attend Mass at our church at times, though I used to feel as comfortable there as I did in my own home. I’ve been a member there since I was a child.  Not that I hold a grudge, but to know that other Catholics do such things makes me skittish, and now I’m happier when I can go to Mass at churches where no one knows me.

    Writing about this is helping me to get through this day, so I’m doing it, and that is that. And I seriously doubt that anyone I’m referring to would ever read my blog, since I don’t publicize my books in my own parish or neighborhood. This is because I can’t. I cannot contact the local newspapers to ask for a press release because of the subject matter of my books. These media outlets are SJW in nature. They do not do their job while reporting, they do not report fairly, they take sides, and are simply not to be trusted.

    (And if you are a friend of mine, and perhaps you are bored at my retelling of all of this because you have heard it before, I apologize. Writing this is keeping me from descending into my bed, weeping, so thanks for your patience.)

    I might as well add couple of additional episodes, things that seemed a bit strange when they happened but which I forgot about quickly. They may have had something to do with hostility to the idea of a pro-life group getting too uppity in the parish or they may not have, but here they are: We also tried to have a presence at our parish holiday bazaar for a few years. We had a table where we sold Christmas cards and offered handmade bead rosaries for a small donation. My friend’s kids made the rosaries. We also had a sign-up sheet for the annual DC March For Life, and for a couple of years we raffled off hand made baby quilts. One year we were assigned a nice table, right at the entrance. But two women representing the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation took issue with our prominent table.

    To make a long story short, they wanted it. They were bringing awareness to breast cancer, they said, and the position of their table wasn’t suitable, tucked among crafters in a long line of other tables. They wanted our table, and they told the event organizers to get us to trade tables. When the organizer approached Angie, she simply said: “No. There is no reason for us to move, and we are staying.”

    A different year, I’m not sure if it was before or after the pink ladies incident, I arrived at the bazaar to find Angie in a state of confusion and bewilderment. I was shocked to learn the reason.  Angie always got to events early, and upon her arrival she found that we had been moved into the front entryway, a place where we would freeze, since it opened directly into the November chill. My friend Gwen was pregnant with her sixth child, and Angie was freaking out, since she didn’t think a pregnant woman should sit for hours right next to the outer door, excluded from the rest of the bazaar. So, this time Angie complained. She told whoever organized the event that under no circumstances should human beings be stuck in a freezing entryway, when the table we occupied previously was now being used for…wait for it…mushrooms. Yes, that’s right. Mushrooms. A table of mushrooms for sale was inside in the warmth, and we had been stuck out in the cold.

    By the time I arrived, the mushrooms were in the cold entryway, and Angie was setting up our stuff inside, but still… what is your opinion? Which should be out in the cold? Mushrooms, or people? Unless mushroom theft was a worry. The mushrooms were unattended, and paid for inside, so perhaps that might have been what drove the decision. However, if so, why us? Or why couldn’t things have been shifted just a bit, to allow for both mushrooms and people to be inside? Meh. We’ll never know now. (After a few years, we stopped renting table space at the bazaar). We had some nice people who attend church with us who always donated and bought tickets, and gave us support, and then we had people who didn’t know us, strangers, who would also buy chances on the quilts, so at the bazaars, we usually made about $100 which we promptly donated to Birthright.

    So, while we did do good, and I am very thankful to God for the opportunity to have done such work, and also thankful even for the nonsense and hurt I felt personally, because no servant is better than his master, and if God himself suffered mocking and such while on earth, then I should not expect not to, I still admit we lost. We lost a battle in our church.


    f52d600f472b7a72714088d3324dc9fbI hope and pray that other churches are more successful, and that Respect Life Sunday is making people aware today, when it’s needed the most, since Planned Parenthood and the big business of abortion have been caught on video committing crimes against humanity.

    And I did notice one man at the table in back, who took some information, so perhaps there was some awareness brought today in my home Parish. I must look on the bright side whenever I can.



    But today I became aware of a new development.


    Christ and His MotherThe ACLU is suing a Catholic Hospital System for refusing to perform abortions. Why in God’s name won’t these people stop? Catholic hospitals have nothing to do with abortions. It’s always been that way. But here we go. Here is an article from the Huffington Post, instructing women to threaten to sue Catholic hospitals into performing elective surgery against Catholic principles. What is this? Catholic Hospitals care for 1 in 6 patients in the united States. 1 in 6. Catholic Hospitals provide excellent care and services. But now it begins: An effort to force these hospitals to comply with demands from people with no other agenda than to force Catholics to violate their consciences.

    I really wish these people would just freaking stop. Just stop. Catholics will never perform abortions against their will. The hospitals will have to shut down if they lose these suits. Maybe not right away, of course, but eventually. Having spoken to other Catholics and freedom minded people about this, we sort of agree that that hospitals, even if ordered to perform abortions or tubal ligations lose the lawsuits, they will most likely simply continue to operate while defying the order. They have probably had plans in place for years, knowing this was coming. What needs to happen if the courts rule in favor of the abortion lobby, is simply to defy the court order and wait until men with guns arrive to enforce it. Put it out on youtube and other alternate media, since Leftist Democrat party media drones will not report such happenings.

    And then, if push comes to shove, Catholics will have go to jail and shut down the hospitals. This is the only option, and I have no doubt the leaders of our church WILL go to jail if push comes to shove. This idea of these progressives forcing everyone to bend to their will must be fought at some point. If ordinary Americans feel that abortion is of such importance that others must go to jail for their refusal to provide them, then so be it. If the Catholic Hospitals, which treat 1 out of every 6 people in America must close, thereby removing good care for Americans and causing a shortage, then perhaps that is what is needed to bring people out of their apathy. We have rights, too. This isn’t a game. This is the livelihood, rights and conscience of free Americans against a bunch of out of control SJWs on steroids.

    I knew this would happen. I knew it 2009, when I began writing my first book. With the advent of Obamacare and an ever growing government I knew it would happen, and here it is. I seriously doubt these people will back off of it, either. They will keep on and on and on with their lawsuits. The courts are iffy. Many judges lick their fingers an hold them up to the wind. What will be the fate of Catholic hospitals depends on ideology, not the law and the 1st amendment to the Constitution.

    Here’s an excerpt from Tears Of Paradox, published in May of 2014, written beginning in July, 2009:

    I couldn’t take her to the Catholic hospital in the next state either, not anymore. By law we were required to go to the ER assigned no matter what, but the Catholic hospital had closed eight months earlier anyway. I remembered the situation in agony. Why? Why did it happen? I could have her there in twenty minutes… Damn the HCA!

    There’d been a fight between the Bishop and the board of directors of the Catholic hospital over abortion, and the Bishop had stood his ground. The board fought him—along with the HCA of course—and the whole hospital shut down over it. Court cases were supposedly pending, but who knew? Everyone had already forgotten the reason for the fight. The drones had started their jamming immediately, and most people were now of the mind that the Bishop was nothing but a wicked old rich guy who wanted the hospital to close just to keep people from being treated. All he was good for now was a few jokes on late night TV. There was no help there.

    I know I shouldn’t be surprised, given the apathy and/or ignorance of Americans regarding the Planned Parenthood scandals, but it seems we do have a war on Christianity, no matter how much the tolerant crowd insists otherwise. I refuse not to believe my own eyes and ears, despite media blackouts or downright media lies.

    A few days ago, nine innocent people were murdered because they refused to deny Christ. That is a war.

    Before the bodies were cold, our President instructed his media minions to politicize the shooting, in hopes to push through gun control legislation. He did not mention that the victims were killed for their faith. As far as I know, he did not call the man who helped save people. He was concerned strictly with gun control. And my personal belief is that this is a plan to eventually deny Americans their 2nd amendment rights, something we will never give up, because history shows us what happens when citizens are disarmed by their socialist style governments and the governments have all the guns. Our current government is tending toward socialism. That is an undeniable fact. And socialism is the step between Freedom and small c communism, which can then become the stuff of nightmares: Communism. It never ends without mass murder. It never has and it never will. We already have a legal genocide of the unborn in America. Who is kidding who, here?

    I don’t care how many times Progressives insist that this is not their ultimate goal. I know what I know, the same as I knew that hospitals would be sued for not performing abortions. When America is being attacked from within what is the proper terminology to describe the event? Is this a cold civil war?

    We are losing battles in our communities, churches and courts. I don’t know how else to describe the events. This is turning into something bigger than what happened to my friends and me personally. Everyone has a story, everyone is affected in some way or other by these progressive bottom feeders. I don’t have much hope that they will stop on their own. I have a feeling Catholics are going to have to go to jail before it’s all over. And I hope worse things than that don’t happen.

    Jesus Christ
    We need to pray.