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  • Tell us, Tim Kaine… What is a “Pope Francis Catholic”?

    Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s VP choice, has recently declared that he is courting the votes of Americans whom he terms “Pope Francis Catholics”, according to this article by Breitbart. 

    Apparently, Kaine believes Jesuits, or perhaps Catholics who attended Jesuit schools, (especially in Philadelphia) may be “Pope Francis Catholics.”

    “Well, Jesuits aren’t that big an applause line in every city, but I’m glad to know in Philadelphia,” Kaine said. “I bet there were a lot of Pope Francis Catholics here before there was a Pope Francis.”


    Pope Francis


    Further on in the article we find a possible definition of a Pope Francis Catholic:


    To bolster his Catholic credentials, Kaine reminded the Democratic audience on a Saturday that he would be in his home parish at St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church in Richmond the following morning.

    “Hey, St. E.’s folks, I hope you’re watching,” he said. “We will be there at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.”

    They were, and so was the media, who dutifully reported Kaine’s participation in the Mass and and “sang and clapped along to the choir.”

    “During communion, Kaine joined the choir and took the lead singing a solo. He sang the solo parts of a song called ‘Taste and See,’” ABC News reported.

    Parishioners stood and applauded Kaine after he entered the Church after accepting the nomination for Vice President on the Clinton ticket.

    By citing his more liberal Jesuit education, Kaine sends a signal that he will not stand for the lives of unborn children as victims of abortion.

    “I’m a strong supporter of Roe v. Wade and women being able to make these decisions,” he said when asked a question about abortion during a CNN interview in July. 

    His voting record to defend abortion rights has earned him the support of abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.

    “He has been a champion for Planned Parenthood,” Planned Parenthood Action Fund President Cecile Richards said after he was nominated.


    So. That must be it. According to Kaine, a “Pope Francis Catholic” is a Catholic Democrat who supports abortion.



    Please. Spare us.


    This tendency to pretend that politicians who are pro-abortion can remain in good standing in the Catholic Church has gotten on my last nerve.

    We already went through this the last time. 


    Although Vice President Joe Biden says he is “a practicing Catholic” and believes that life begins at conception — but he would not “say that” to people who “have a different view” — his former bishop forbade Biden from speaking at Catholic schools,  and the bishop for Colorado Springs has said Biden should not present himself for Communion at Mass.

    Also, in a document cited by the Wilmington, Del., office of Biden’s former bishop – Bishop Michael A. Saltarelli, who died in 2009 – it states that “Catholic politicians who take pro-abortion legislative positions … should never be put forward as a model of a Catholic in public life,” and “their acting consistently to support abortion on demand risks making them cooperators in evil in a public manner.”


    Why, oh why, are Catholics who follow Church teaching required to put up with this nonsense again?

    It gets tiresome. It’s annoying and frustrating to read the kind of stupid contained in the Breitbart article.

    And not only is Kaine as prochoice as you can get, he’s running with Hillary Clinton, the MOST pro-abortion candidate ever to run for president.



    During an interview on The View recently Hillary Clinton said an unborn child just hours before delivery should have no Constitutional rights. Her comments came just days after Clinton said unborn children simply do not have any Constitutional rights, which would include the right to life.

    In February, Clinton defended partial-birth abortions: “My husband vetoed a very restrictive legislation on late-term abortions, and he vetoed it at an event in the White House where we invited a lot of women who had faced this very difficult decision, that ought to be made based on their own conscience, their family, their faith, in consultation with doctors. Those stories left a searing impression on me,” she continued.

    Clinton has said more taxpayer money needs to go to the Planned Parenthood abortion business and Clinton demonstrated her unyielding commitment to abortion and the Planned Parenthood abortion business, accepting their endorsement during a pro-abortion rally — saying she would be the abortion business’ president.

    “I will always defend Planned Parenthood and I will say consistently and proudly, Planned Parenthood should be funded, supported and protected, not undermined, misrepresented and demonized,” Clinton said. “As your president, I will always have your back.”


    So, why in the name of anything good and decent did Hillary Clinton pick a Catholic to run with her?

    She must think Catholics are complete idiots, since abortion is simply not allowed for Catholics. It is in the Catechism. In fact, abortion is non-negotiable. That’s it. It is considered an intrinsic evil, which means American Catholics should not vote for the Clinton-Kaine ticket if they want to remain in good standing in the the Church. Period. End of story.

    From The Voters Guide for Serious Catholics, by Priests for Life:


    1. Abortion

    The Church teaches that, regarding a law permitting abortions, it is “never licit to obey it, or to take part in a propaganda campaign in favor of such a law, or to vote for it” (EV 73). Abortion is the intentional and direct killing of an innocent human being, and therefore it is a form of homicide.

    The unborn child is always an innocent party, and no law may permit the taking of his life. Even when a child is conceived through rape or incest, the fault is not the child’s, who should not suffer death for others’ sins.

    Is the above clear??? What is so hard to understand?


    So, where did the “Pope Francis Catholic” line come from? It obviously didn’t come from Pope Francis, since he recently made it known to all the world, including Tim Kaine, that the position of the Church remains unchanged. 

    This is what the papal document had to say about abortion, according to the report:

    On the subject of abortion, the document states the church’s commitment to its anti-abortion stance, adding that no woman’s “right to choose” over what happens to their own body can “justify terminating a life”.

    It also states that healthcare workers in [facilities that perform abortions] should exercise their right to conscientiously object to abortion.


    Did Tim Kaine miss the above? He must have, since he is using Pope Francis to uphold his pro-abortion position. The nerve.

    I’m sure Francis will be really thrilled to hear that Catholics who support abortion are being referred to as Pope Francis Catholics. Likewise Jesuits who follow Church teaching.

    Biden’s oxymoronic pro-abortion Catholicism has already caused enough problems. We don’t need another VP exactly like him. Having a pro-abortion VP who claims to follow the Catholic faith has already stretched the patience of Catholics who DO follow the faith, not to mention causing confusion in their families.

    Damage control must be done regularly, when children learn in religion class that “the Vice President is a Catholic! Yay!”

    Now the end is in sight, and a pro-life VP is on the horizon. My friends and I are dreaming of the day when a pro-abortion Catholic will no longer be the Vice President of our country.

    And now we must contemplate another one???

    Please watch the video below.


    This is the way I feel right now. I cannot stand another eight years, or even another four years of this stupidity. Not again.

    This is the most annoying thing I have heard all week. I really hope American Catholics (I mean Catholics who practice the faith, not Liberal Catholics who will pull the lever for Hillary no matter what she has done, or what she intends to do in the future) are not dumb enough to fall for this again.

    Don’t be STUPID. Your eternal life depends upon your choices. 


  • Depression, Anxiety and Loss of Light

    It’s fall again. A beautiful season no doubt, but with it comes a loss of light. Shorter days and longer nights affect me in ways that others might not understand. This is because I suffer from Clinical Depression and Anxiety.

    My online friend Matthew Bowman, of Novel Ninja and The Catholic Geeks, wrote the absolute best description of depression I’ve ever read. I’ve felt much the same throughout my life, for as long as I can remember. Even when I was a very small child.

    Depression is more than just sadness. It’s not something that can be cured with enforced cheerfulness. It’s not just feeling down in the dumps. It’s not even that “feelings of sadness for no apparent reason” definition you’ll see pop up every so often.

    That’s something that I find we Catholics can’t get, even though we should. Not because we’re somehow better than others; no, most people don’t get more than the slightest idea without experiencing it, and Catholics are no exception. What I mean is that our faith is built around the idea of redemptive suffering, and yet it’s so very hard for us to understand that depression really is suffering. It is a pain of the soul no less real, no less crippling, than a broken and shattered body.

    And yet, when I picked up a book that promised to be a Catholic manual on dealing with depression, I found it was the same as most of the armchair Christian-psychology stuff I would normally get. “Give your suffering to God.” “Offer it up.” “Let Christ into your life.”

    I know they mean well, but depression isn’t mere sadness. It is isolation. It is the pervasive feeling that you are alone, even though you see others around you. That you are screaming in pain, but no one can see anything wrong with you.


    The Scream, by Edvard Munch
    The Scream

    I’ve felt that smothering darkness, seemingly a murkiness that weighs down heavily. It’s like an invisible yet opaque ceiling. You can’t get through it, or find your way out from under it because it just hovers, seemingly without boundaries. The sunshine, though you see it, and perhaps even feel it, makes no impression on your mind, which feels nothing.

    Even in a room full of people, I sometimes feel completely alone, unless they are my family who somewhat understand, since some of them suffer from depression, too.

    See this poem by Edvard Munch, written about his painting, “The Scream.”

    I was walking along the road with two friends – the sun was setting – suddenly the sky turned blood red – I paused, feeling exhausted, and leaned on the fence – there was blood and tongues of fire above the blue-black fjord and the city – my friends walked on, and I stood there trembling with anxiety – and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature.[9]

    You may be screaming in pain, but like Matthew wrote, no one can see anything wrong with you. It’s almost the same with Anxiety. Here’s an article that describes the way friends see people with anxiety.

    You’ve probably noticed my nervous behaviors: Bailing on plans last minute. Making excuses to stay at home. Chewed nails and sudden crying. Shortness of breath, restlessness, fearing new situations, the inability to go to places alone and panic attacks.

    Though my depression/anxiety is under control for the most part, due to a doctor who listens and works with me, I still have periodic episodes, one of which is happening now, as I write this.

    Too many things have happened this past week. Some are small things that should upset no one, such as a darling and perfectly adorable grandson going through the terrible twos, who snaps and shrieks when looked at. Such a thing is funny, and I laugh accordingly, but my senses weren’t made for such overload. After two days, the shrieks seemed as loud as a fire siren to me.

    Another was watching my beloved granddaughter be shunned at a playground. Such a thing happens to every child, and she forgot about it within a few minutes. Why then, does it stay with me? Why do I look at the future and see other such scenarios in store for this child, whom I love with all my heart? Why must I borrow trouble?

    Still other contributors were news stories. These I have no control over, and I sometimes pay zero attention because the news is terribly depressing in and of itself, on many fronts and for many reasons. However, it’s not in my nature to be an ostrich. I have to keep up with current events.

    When depression and anxiety hit at the same time, the results are, in a word, crippling. Last night I couldn’t sleep, and today I’ve done nothing but sleep and worry. This should be a happy day, because my husband has a week’s vacation, and we plan to go to the beach for one last visit this year. But instead I feel down in the dumps, so much so that I can’t seem to do anything I need to do in order to get ready to go. The house must be cleaned and the clothes must be packed, yet here I sit with a tension headache and a nervous stomach, blogging about my paralysis. I am missing a going away party for friends because of this episode.

    I didn’t even go to Mass this morning. That’s truly upsetting, because my illness isn’t physical. Even though my head was painful and cloudy and I was fatigued and worried, I could have dragged my butt into the car and driven to Mass. I hate missing Mass. I feel bad about it because I slept my anxious morning away instead of going to visit God. But it’s too late now. I’m watching Pope Francis celebrate Mass on TV instead. I will go to confession soon, and be absolved of the sin of missing Mass.

    Catholic Church

    My depression and anxiety comes through in my books at times. In the following passage from page 147 of The Notice, protagonist Jason descends into the depths of a crippling depression. The scene takes place in a chapel, where Jason goes to pray in adoration.

    One more time, from the depths of the dark pit I’d fallen into, I reached up toward the Light. My hands reached up and I tried to grip it, but there was no way. The deception was so slick, so dark, so devoid of anything other than despair, that everything but a tiny pinpoint seemed to slip away as I cried out in my heart: God? I know you’re there.

    I could write such a scene because I’m intimately familiar with it. I’ve slipped into such depths more than once. The worst such episode occurred in 1998. It took me six months to come out of it completely.

    Again, it’s a feeling of being alone in a roomful of people, who say words and speak of things you can’t understand, even though they are common knowledge. You just smile on the outside and nod, while feeling empty. It’s hard to put on an act sometimes. It takes amazing effort, so when I’m in the grip of such an episode I stay home if possible.

    Of course this isn’t  always my life. My life has gotten easier over the summer, since a med switch, and these episodes are fewer now. Today’s was just particularly painful.

    Please, if you ever feel depressed, DON’T hide it! Get to a doctor. Help is available. It’s a real illness, not just “all in your head.”

    Music can also help. Listening, even if you can’t actually feel anything does help. I’m going to end with a song, one which fits the mood of this post. While it should be happy and hopeful, to me it sometimes seems exclusive, one to be enjoyed only by certain people, cliques who call themselves tramps.

    Again, this is part of my illness. And also again, it’s not. Just because I suffer from depression, doesn’t mean what I feel is wrong. It’s not. It has to do with people and the way they treat others, those who are different. The song speaks of all kinds of people who are welcome on a train to a Land of Hope and Dreams.

    Well, big wheels roll through fields where sunlight streams
    Oh, meet me in a land of hope and dreams

    Well, this train carries saints and sinners
    This train carries losers and winners
    This train carries whores and gamblers
    This train carries lost souls

    I said, this train, dreams will not be thwarted
    This train, faith will be rewarded
    This train, hear the steel wheels singing
    This train, bells of freedom ringing.

    Sounds pretty cool, right? Everyone’s welcome. Get on board.

    But again… not. Maybe Springsteen really means it when he sings those words, but his followers, the ones who make pilgrimages to his shows, sometimes over 100 or more in a lifetime? Not so much. They’re sort of exclusive, a bit like the two nasty little girls who ran away from my granddaughter on the playground, and whispered behind their hands as they watched her look for them.

    I used to frequent Springsteen Fan pages on Facebook before the 2012 election, because I found in Facebook a way to connect with people who enjoyed the same things I did.  But I never felt like I belonged, because most of the people who call themselves his biggest fans do not have any use for people with a different political ideology.

    This isn’t a symptom of depression, it’s merely a clique in action. They just assumed you agreed when people of my ideology were disparaged and slandered. If your opinion differed, you were smacked down immediately and with precision. That’s just the way it was, so I stopped following such forums for good after a particularly nasty exchange, in which Leftists informed me in a roundabout way that people like me weren’t welcome on the train to the Land of Hope and Dreams.

    I was called a liar because I differed on their interpretation of Benghazi. Then I was informed that nobody but Liberals should even be commenting, because Springsteen himself is a Liberal. So who the hell was I to intrude? Get the hell out of here, you don’t belong here.

    Then I read comments suggesting that anyone who doesn’t believe exactly as these paragons of love believe is nothing but selfish, unwilling to give to the poor, a racist who wants to take away the rights of others, etc. So I ventured one last comment, asking whether there was room for anyone who might be a Conservative on the train.

    The answer was silence.


    Pope Francis‘ Mass is over now. He has brought a message of hope and light and love and inclusion to America.

    The Pope is speaking to another group now, with words about the love of God. I listen and try to let the words about caring for others and being joyful in Christ wash over me. I listen to words about Mary, to whom I am devoted. I listen to him asking God to bless America, and I know I will be able to listen or read his words tomorrow, when no doubt they will make me feel something. I shed some tears as Pope Francis exits this gathering, stooping to bless and smile at people and children in wheelchairs, and hoping that others are watching and listening and taking his words to heart.

    I’m going to eat something now, since all I’ve managed to swallow today were goldfish crackers and a couple of graham crackers. Then I’m going to clean my house.

    I will feel better tomorrow.

  • Catholics Shaming Catholics. (Yeah, It’s a Thing Now)

    As a Roman Catholic, I’m very happy that Pope Francis will be visiting the United States for The World Meeting Of Families.

    This much anticipated event will take place in Philadelphia, PA. I am especially excited, because my parish church is part of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

    For those who may not be aware of the latest news re Pope Francis’ visit, here’s an update. President Obama has invited several people to the Whitehouse for the express purpose of welcoming the Holy Father to America. These include a religious sister who seems to condone abortion, a transgender woman, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop and Catholic gay activists, all of whom openly flout Catholic teaching. Please click here. For more analysis, see this article by Declan Finn, of The Catholic Geeks.

    Invitee #1? The retired Episcopal bishop Gene Robinson, famous for leaving his wife for his boyfriend, and being the first openly gay episcopal bishop in 2003. Robinson would divorce said partner in 2014. The cross-dresser in this group is a “Mateo” Williamson, former co-chairman of the Transgender Caucus for Dignity USA, born a woman, now thinks of herself as a man, and yet is still attracted to men.

    No, this is not part of a joke. This is an actual quote:

    “Today I identify as a gay man and before that was difficult to understand because I thought that in order to be transgender, in order to be a transgender male that I had to be attracted to females but I never have throughout my entire life.”

    Pardon me while I bang my head against a wall. After a while, I may even come to enjoy it.

    For people who may not know, all of the behaviors these guests are proud of are against Catholic Church teaching.

    That’s not to say that Catholics do not ever fall; all of us do. No human being is perfect. All of us sin. If we sin, whether by missing Mass, committing murder, having sexual relations outside of marriage, cheating on our spouse, telling lies about others and bearing false witness, looking down on our neighbors, and numerous other sins, we are taught that Jesus always forgives. Jesus forgives a repentant soul, always. Always. No matter what. However, the sinner must repent of the sin, and try not to sin again. Some of the more serious sins, such as murder and theft, must be paid for by being brought to justice. In most civilized nations this includes a jail sentence. Being forgiven does not mean we don’t pay the consequences.

    Of course, we all know that we fail many, many times. We commit the same sins over and over again, go to confession, are absolved, and leave church with the intention to never do it again. Some of the sins are venial, such as using foul language. (This is one that I struggle with daily). You get the picture, right? We, as Catholics, are supposed to follow Christ’s Church every day, and if we fall, we should admit it, repent, and know that we are forgiven. It does not mean that we should openly flout our behavior and lead others to follow us, which is what the people Obama invited to meet Francis are doing. Nobody would admit openly to the taking of a human life and expect not to be punished, even if Christ forgives the person, right?

    Oh, wait. I forgot. Some people do take human lives and do not pay any consequences other than being hailed as doing “God’s work” by our President, Barack Obama. And at least one person whom Obama has invited to greet Pope Francis condones the taking of innocent human life by abortion, through her promotion of Obamacare, since taxpayer money is given to Planned Parenthood, enabling them to continue performing abortions. How many people were influenced by this person are not known, however, her behavior might possibly have led others off the narrow way Jesus asked all of us to stay on. It seems odd that this religious sister would be someone chosen to represent Catholics here in America, but I’m sure Obama had his reasons.

    Now, of course, this all comes after Pope Francis has declared that, while on the one hand, he doesn’t believe in judging people, on the other hand he’s also stated that Catholics reject transgenderism, and even said that gay marriage is the devil’s “attempt to destroy God’s plan.”

    The Vatican just recently made official that the transgendered cannot be baptismal godparents, especially when acting as the opposite sex they were born into — because acting as a transsexual is blatantly contrary to the Church’s moral imperatives. Or, in Vatican-speak, “transsexual behavior publicly reveals an attitude contrary to the moral imperative of resolving the problem of one’s sexual identity according to the truth of one’s sexuality.”

    (Why President Obama decided to invite these guests is anyone’s guess. Please click here to see what might possibly have been going through Obama’s head after issuing the invites).

    Remember those bad old days, before we evolved, when all Catholics used to worry about was the following?


    But such times are in the past now. There are other issues which must be addressed. On June 26th of this year an event occurred, one which changed everything. No matter that the Catholic Church was begun by Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago, and has held the same beliefs on marriage for the duration. On June 26th Gay Marriage was legalized in America, and according to many, especially some Catholics, the Church needs to get with the times. I mean, come on. It’s been almost 3 months. That’s more than enough time for the Church to get the hint: Gay Marriage should become part of Church doctrine. Get it over with already.

    Please see the following pew research analysis on countries of the world that have legalized Gay Marriage.

    Gay Marriage World

    As you can see, less than half of the world’s countries have legalized Gay Marriage. This is an important point. You see, the Catholic Church is also known as the Universal Church. This means that the Church’s doctrine applies to all Catholics, whether they reside in the Northeast Region of the United States, or China. Catholics in France follow the same rules as Catholics in  Syria.

    For folks who didn’t hear this bit of news, ISIS executed four gay men by throwing them off of rooftops in response to the SCOTUS decision on June 26th.

    Four gay men were executed by members of the Islamic State following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide Friday.

    As was reported by a Syrian Twitter user on a tweet posted on the #LoveWins hashtag and picked up by Gateway Pundit, the men were thrown off the roof of a highrise building in the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor as a crowd gathered to watch below.

    Several Islamists also reportedly sent out anti-gay messages on the social networking site using the hashtag #LoveWins. That hashtag was used by many worldwide to celebrate the ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges.

    While everyone in America was tweeting about Love winning (complete with a rainbow heart supplied by twitter) and disparaging people who might possibly disagree for more reasons than one, gay men were executed by the Islamic State.

    Please see the following Pew research map of Catholics around the world. Note that only countries with one million plus Catholics are represented. For more info on Catholics in the Middle East, please click here. For a taste of what happens to Christians and Catholics in certain regions of the Middle East, click here.

    As you can see, the two maps differ significantly.

    Map Catholics

    Please think about this for a moment while we look at Catholic Doctrine regarding marriage, straight from the Catechism of the Catholic Church. (Universal). See 2396.

    Catechism Marriage

    Also see The Catholic Church and Homosexuality from dummies.com.

    The Catholic Church respects and loves the homosexual person the same as it does the heterosexual. Catholicism teaches that homosexual people must be treated with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every act or thought of hatred, violence, or persecution toward the homosexual is condemned.

    Possible unintended consequences of Pope Francis being photographed with the guests mentioned above.

     The consequences are self explanatory, however, we can go over them briefly. Again, the map showing countries where gay marriage is legal is much different than the map showing Catholics around the world, yet Francis is the head of all Catholics. As demonstrated above, Islamic Militants kill gays in their own countries. This is not news. Now, as I write this, there are Christians fleeing ISIS, seeking refugee status in Europe and other countries. Click here for a story detailing the uprooting and displacement of Christians in Iraq. Other atrocities committed by ISIS on Christians include crucifixion, and rape and sale of women and girls as sex slaves.

    As seen above, ISIS is not unfamiliar with social media. They used it to tweet their response to the SCOTUS decision. Imagine what might happen if Francis is photographed with the guests Obama has invited to greet him. Just imagine it. The photos will be in news stories and tweeted and shared on Facebook. Since not all Catholics live in the first world, might not such a thing cause distress? Is it possible that ISIS militants could seize these photos and use them as an excuse to grab any Catholic they see, and perhaps crucify or kill them?

    We all know such a thing is not impossible, and we shouldn’t pretend it might not happen. So, Pope Francis is being put in a terrible position by our President and American Progressives. America and the west are not the only members of the flock. Francis is Il Papa to all Catholics. He has a responsibility to look out for everyone, not just Americans or the West.

    For any progressives who might read this, can you understand that something greater than yourselves and your feelings might be in play? Does any of this matter?

    For a way to help persecuted Christians and Catholics in the Middle East, please click here.

    So, you may be asking yourself what the above information has to do with Catholics shaming other Catholics. This is where my own personal reflections come in. When folks see the words “Catholic shaming” they might be tempted to think of holier than thou Catholics scolding others for what they wear to church, or perhaps for failing to pray a certain way, or other such things. But that’s not what I’m talking about. 

    I have blogged repeatedly over the past year or so about my community at large, and some fellow parishioners who seem to not be on board with Catholicism. For background please see my posts, Saving Nineteen Minutes, parts one, two and three, and No one can Drive you Crazy unless you give them the Keys.

    In addition to what was described in the above posts, other things have happened. They have happened more to my friend than to me, since my kids are grown and hers are still in school. Being termed a Nazi in public by the people who are supposed to be your brothers and sisters in Catholicism does take its toll. So does snootiness in church and other nonsense. The point is, things are about the same as they were last year. It may be that a stalemate is in progress. We can only pray that tension will diminish in time.

    Now I’m going to write my personal account of the latest in Catholic shaming. It all started with a Facebook post, which I made the mistake of commenting on a week ago. Since I cannot seem to get this event out of my mind, I thought I should write about it, hoping some hearts and minds might see that there are larger issues in play.

    Please read this article, which was posted by a friend, and on which I commented. I commented because my granddaughter is in an ArchPhilly school, and I could see the point of asking people to sign this statement.

    Loyalty Oath

    I still fail to see an issue with this statement. Students other than Catholics attend Catholic schools, because of the superior education Catholic schools provide. To make sure everyone understands that Catholic teaching will be a part of the school day seems prudent, especially now that the Court ruled that gay marriage is legal. (Hold on for elaboration on this point.) Also, students of differing faiths attend Catholic schools. It’s a good idea to let parents know that the schools will be teaching their children about Catholicism. Gone are the days when such simple points could be taken for granted. These days some people fail to understand such issues. In order to head off a possible case of a parent taking issue with parts of the curriculum, this statement is a pretty good move. No one will be forced to sign it. In fact, people were quoted in the above article saying they ignored this paper.

    Such a statement, whether it’s signed or not, simply lets parents know that the school is in charge of the curriculum. This could head off parents who feel that certain books or texts which are not included should be, and vice versa. This protects the parents who are happy with the curriculum from having their child’s school year disrupted with a dispute among families. It also protects ALL the kids in the school, because sometimes such disputes become national news. Imagine a 2nd grader being a part of such a thing. News stories about their school, twitter flame wars, Facebook posts, and families taking sides against each other might be possible.

    Children don’t need this kind of BS. It’s upsetting, and they don’t understand why parents are fighting. Maybe their friends stop speaking to them, and they have no control. And older kids get sucked into these messes by their own parents and even teachers sometimes. See my posts on Nineteen Minutes for just such a scenario. Such things are unnecessary and hurtful to all involved.

    How does all of this apply to Gay Marriage and the other information above?

    Simply because, in a roundabout way,  the post in question had to do with Gay marriage. A lot of this stems from the firing of a popular teacher, Margie Winters, from a Catholic school in Merion PA. Ms.Winters had been employed for many years, and the firing took place a short time after the SCOTUS decision. My personal opinion is that Margie Winters should not have been fired because of the simple fact that the school knew she was in a same sex marriage when she was hired. I assume the admins of the school know Catholic doctrine, yet they hired Ms. Winters anyway. Why on earth should she have been fired simply because of an overreach by SCOTUS? I have to assume the court decision put the nail in Ms. Winters’ coffin. Why else would her firing have taken place just a few weeks after the decision? Couldn’t this teacher, who was beloved by students and parents alike, have been grandfathered in?

    But all that aside, it happened. Ms. Winters was, unfortunately, collateral damage in this transforming America in which we find ourselves. She’s no different than pharmacists who have been forced to choose between their profession and their conscience when asked to sell Plan B abortion pills over the counter to minors. It sucks, but this is the America we live in now.

    Each time such a moral conflict arises I’m reminded of the following scene from the Godfather II:

    “This is the business we’ve chosen.”

    It may seem a little strange to include a clip from a movie about mobsters in a post about Catholics, however, for me it speaks volumes. What has happened in America over the past ten years or so is what we have chosen. All of us made our choices. We shouldn’t be surprised when ugly consequences to those choices come to pass.

    It’s terrible that people with lives and families and dreams are used as pawns by the elites of our nation, however, we let it happen. Perhaps, if we’re blessed, we might get some semblance of normalcy back someday. The people who fought for gay marriage to become the law of the land got what they wanted. But such a rapid and complete turn around of what was previously considered marriage will not leave victims in its wake. I’m sorry for Ms. Winters, but at least she’s alive, unlike others who were unlucky enough to have their lives taken while Americans were covering their Facebook profiles with rainbow filters.

    And now we come down to the nitty-gritty of Catholics who shame other Catholics, and why I feel it was a mistake for me to have given an opinion on the Archphilly school statement. It certainly won’t be happening again. I made my own choice in venturing a comment, and was promptly put in my place by other Catholics, people I have never met, and who know zero about me.

    I will begin with a screenshot of my first comment. The poster had stated that she would never sign such a statement. Here’s what I said:

    IMG_4381As you can see, I received one “like.”

    This is the following comment by a poster who disagreed with the request for parents to sign the statement. (All names and profile photos have been erased).

    As you can see, this person stated that ALL Catholics should be forced to sign such a pledge. This would be to insure that each Catholic who opposes certain positions that other Catholics subscribe to could be “actively monitored, evaluated and judged on their adherence” (that they themselves are without sin of any kind).

    Here was my answer on the comments thread:

    Here’s what I think after a week of reflection. (Please excuse me for committing the sin of using foul language).

    To this commenter: FUCK YOU and your SJW high horse.

    This is America. Americans don’t force each other to sign papers, and then monitor, evaluate and judge them on their adherence. I don’t know many Catholics who would suggest such a thing, but as you can see, this comment got 3 “likes” so obviously they’re out there, living among us and sitting in the pews with us.

    Again, please take into account all that was described above concerning the effect gay marriage has had on people throughout the world.

    Is the above actual shaming? I think it is, since the commenter ended with the warning that Francis is taking the Church in a different “more inclusive” direction.

    But wait. It gets better.


    Remember right after the SCOTUS decision was handed down, and there was a simplistic article seemingly written for rudimentary readers going around? “A 30 second guide to how the Gay Marriage ruling will affect you.” According to this article (which disparages people who worried about the possible consequences of the ruling by hiding behind snark) NONE of what I’m writing about today should even be happening. Why, if this gay marriage ruling was nothing but a well needed blip on the radar of evolution, are people being shamed and subtly degraded for having different opinion?

    (I took great pleasure in fisking the article above. It was my first fisk, and I’m pretty proud of it. It certainly doesn’t rise to the level of master fiskers like Lori Bird of The Catholic Geeks, or other masters, but for a first try, it isn’t bad.)

    And now, finally, we have the shaming on full display, in this comment on the same thread as the other one.


    There it is. Witch trials. Love thy neighbor! Acceptance of all who marry for love!

    Shame, shame, shame on you! Maybe you should wear a scarlet letter!

    One more thing, before I share my response to this person, who again, knows absolutely NOTHING about me. I have never met this person. I have never seen this person on social media, or even heard their name, unless I’ve forgotten it. But note the way this person dressed down a fellow Catholic, using talking points and methods of shaming right out of Alinsky 101.

    RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

     SJWs have no problem making comments such as the one above. That’s what they do, fellow Catholic or not.

    Before I end this post, I want to give my opinion on the “acceptance of all marriage that is based on love” part. I don’t know what this person is getting at, but if they or anyone else thinks that marriages in the future will be limited to only two individuals, I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn I can sell them.

    Yes, I know there was some such language in the court decision, stating “two people” but that’s not going to be upheld if some threesome, foursome, fivesome, etc. decides they’re victims of discrimination. The idea that such people wouldn’t win a decision in court now that the longstanding definition of marriage has been changed is patently ridiculous, as I’m sure we’ll all know before long.

    My position is simply this: I don’t care. I don’t care who marries who, what sex they are or how many there are, as long as everyone in the “marriage” is over 18. I just don’t want it pushed on my family or myself. We are Roman Catholics who try our best to follow Church teaching and our conscience, despite our failings. I have zero interest in this marriage debate beyond how it is affecting my Faith. Until Church teaching says different, I’m following the catechism to the best of my ability. I am guaranteed the right to practice my religion without interference from government or highfaluting SJWs in the 1st amendment to the U.S. Constitution. If people want freedom of religion to go away, they should begin a movement to amend the first amendment. (Good luck with that).

    BTW, if the church ever does change the doctrine concerning marriage, I doubt it will be in my lifetime. Such a major change would require a third Vatican Council, or at the very least, a Synod. It won’t, nor should it happen overnight, for reasons already explained above. The only way it could happen without major paperwork and councils is if Francis makes a statement in Ex Cathedra, which he probably will not do anytime soon. Remember, Francis is the leader of the ENTIRE Universal Catholic Church, and he must take into account what such a statement would mean for Catholics in remote areas of the world, including Catholics trapped in ISIS controlled territory.

    Here’s my response to the comment insinuating I might be Cotton Mather inhabiting  a 21st century woman’s body:

    What loving and caring Catholics these commenters showed themselves to be when debating another Catholic. It’s really sort of a shame. But this is the business we’ve chosen.