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  • Schadenfreude – (Or, What comes around goes around)

    I don’t often indulge in schadenfreude, but when I do, I enjoy it. I mean I really enjoy it. I laugh and laugh.

    Back in 2008, when John McCain chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate, I was thrilled. I identify strongly with Palin for many reasons, one of which is her love and compassion for children with disabilities like Down Syndrome. The abuse the Palin family has endured from the “tolerant” crowd began immediately after the announcement of her candidacy, and continues to this day. However, that is not the subject of this post.

    As many people know, Sarah Palin went by the nickname “Barracuda” back in the day. Being a Classic Rock addict, as soon as I heard about the nickname I connected it to the band Heart, founded by sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson. Barracuda is one of Heart’s greatest hits.

    Palin, Conservative Governor of Alaska, married mom, mother of an unborn child with Down Syndrome, and former high school basketball star who went by the nickname Barracuda, had somehow appeared where the tolerant crowd believed she didn’t belong. To them, she was an upstart who needed to be put in her place. That’s when the slurs began. It’s six years later and they haven’t stopped, but again, that’s not my point.

    images copy 4

    As soon as I heard the music, I knew it wouldn’t end well. The McCain/Palin campaign had committed an unpardonable offense. They had played “Barracuda” at the Republican National Convention without permission. Oh, the horror! The Republicans played a rock and roll song by the name of Barracuda at their convention. The Wilson sisters were horrified of course, and were forced to take drastic action. They, like so many others before them, demanded that the Republicans (oh, the horror!) cease and desist from using their song, pronto. The Republicans did. Life, as they say, went on.

    But… there’s a little thing called Karma. Karma is no respecter of persons, even Liberal persons. In fact, Karma can be a real b***h. What goes around does indeed come around, and this time it’s a Democrat being asked to cease and desist. Michelle Nunn, the Democratic Senate candidate from Georgia, was in the news recently when she refused to disclose whether or not she had voted for President Obama. Apparently, admitting to voting for Obama would be a minus for many Democrats, since the President continues to insist that his policies are on the ballot, even if he is not. After spending some time hemming and hawing, Nunn finally admitted that she did, in fact, vote for Obama. It only took a week or so.

    That brings me to the point of this post. Not only did Nunn try to distance herself from Obama (the guy so many Liberal Rock Stars seem to worship), she has repeatedly linked herself to former Republican President George Herbert Walker Bush, who has asked her to cease and desist. George H.W. Bush has been forced to ask a Democratic Senate candidate to stop using his name in campaign ads. It seems he doesn’t want to be connected to her.

    Oh, the irony! After all, George H.W. Bush is a respected former President of the United States, not a Liberal Rock star. Imagine Nunn’s embarrassment at the request to stop using her connection to President Bush in her campaign.

    images copy 5

    The schadenfreude is too good not to savor. It has taken me over. It cannot and will not be stopped until the next Democrat outrage occurs.

    I have one more thing to say. Because he made me laugh today, I consider President Bush a Magic Man. Michelle Nunn, the Wilson sisters and other assorted Palin haters can put that in their collective pipe and smoke it.



  • I may be old, but I got to see all the cool bands

    My husband and I are Classic Rock addicts. That’s the plain truth. When it comes to music, we never grew up. Our home is filled with music, each and every day. Every morning before work, my husband goes to his guitar room to listen to vinyl or an eight track tape. Each evening he spends at least thirty minutes on guitar practice, before playing more music from the past. He’s a bit nostalgic.


    The guitar room is organized to the last detail. Some guitars hang on the walls and others are stored in their cases. Albums and eight track tapes are arranged alphabetically. Speakers, amplifiers, pedals, charts, and sheet music all have their place.


    The walls are covered with posters of our favorite artists. Some of the posters have been in our home for over thirty years. When it comes to music, my husband saves everything. Thirty-five year old ticket stubs have been placed in albums. The ticket prices are mind boggling. Imagine paying only $8.50 to see two or three bands.



    The first rock concert I ever attended (The Alice Cooper Show) was at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, during the summer of 1978. I was sixteen years old. The thought of allowing a sixteen year old to attend such an event these days makes me shiver. However, I somehow convinced my parents to let me go. Most likely they allowed it because my future husband was driving, and they trusted him to take care of me. Their trust was not misplaced, by the way.


    Over the years, we’ve seen many shows, most of them in Philly. We’ve attended performances by The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, John Mellencamp, Deep Purple, Boston, Bad Company, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Aerosmith, The Doobie Brothers, and too many others to list here. We count ourselves very lucky. The rule over the years was one concert per artist.

    It’s my fault that the rule was broken. In addition to being addicted to Classic Rock, I’m also a Springsteen Junkie. I became a fan of Springsteen in my twenties, and have never lost my love for Bruce and the E Streeters. I listen to Springsteen almost daily, and know many of his lyrics by heart. His music speaks to me.



    My husband, though he enjoys Springsteen’s music, is not a hard core fan. However, he humors me, and broke his own rule by giving in to my pleas to see Bruce ‘just one more time.” We’ve got three Springsteen shows under our belts as of this writing. Not that that’s a lot by any means; many hard core Boss fans have attended one hundred plus shows. For me it’s extraordinary though, due to the “one show rule.”

    Last summer we were finally able to see The Eagles, a dream of many years, and on Wednesday, we’re going back to Philly for another dream show. We’re seeing a longtime favorite, Fleetwood Mac. I can hardly wait.


    I feel regret that there are bands I missed seeing live, including Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, but it wasn’t in the cards. Still, we have many memories, and count ourselves blessed to have collected works from a variety of artists. I haven’t even mentioned my husband’s CD collection. There isn’t room for it in the upstairs guitar room. It occupies half a wall in our family room, and contains everything from Aerosmith to Zappa.


    He went back upstairs a few minutes ago. Bluesy strains of guitar and piano from The Allman Brothers Band are drifting down the stairs. It truly soothes my soul.

  • Repackaged, But Still A Hard Sell

    Many people–including at least one writer at the New York Times, agree–CBS’s new drama, Madam Secretary, may be based, at least in part, on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    Hillary Clinton Awarded The 2013 Lantos Human Rights Prize

    I haven’t tuned in as of this writing, though I probably will, if only to see for myself what this show is all about. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be an attempt to sell Clinton as our next Commander In Chief. The possibility of Mrs. Clinton becoming the next leader of the free world is the mother of all nightmares.

    Fair minded and well informed Americans are well aware of the attack on the American Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, on September  11, 2012, and the subsequent cover-up. Click here for information on an in depth interview with men on the ground during the attack. The interview was conducted by Bret Baier, chief political anchor at FNC and host of Special Report, the number one news program on cable.

    Unless you’re a twenty-first century equivalent of Rip Van Winkle, you’ve seen Clinton’s now infamous  “What Difference Does It Make?”  statement.

    The facts speak for themselves. If CBS tries to whitewash Hillary Clinton’s record, with the memory of four dead Americans still fresh in the minds of an informed public, they’ll be making a colossal mistake.


    Thinking Americans won’t be fooled by a flimsy attempt to rewrite history.