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  • Coping through the Election

    With all the worries laid on many of us due to upheavals in politics, government overreach, and other matters that shouldn’t be happening in a free country, we may find ourselves feeling overwhelmed.

    When the above are added to our everyday stresses of work and family, if we’re not careful we might become ill. Depression, anxiety, and stress can lead to physical symptoms like headaches and sciatica. (I should know).

    So I’m going to simply trust in God that everything will work out as He planned. After all, with the exception of casting our own vote, we have no control. We can’t control what other folks choose to do, nor should we wish to. Everyone is an individual, and has their own reasons for their own positions. We should simply love our friends, period.


    So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

    Matthew 7:12


    The above is a pretty good way to live. If everyone did it, the world would be a better place right now.

    A friend recently told me the following, which she had heard from someone else. I don’t know the author of this quote, but whoever it is seems a genius.


    Love others, trust God, the end.


    This is all we can do. Remember God’s words to His children:


    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

    Jeremiah 29:11


    We should enjoy our lives. It’s going to be a long, hot summer. I’m gonna keep my cool, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.



  • Book Review ~ Chasing Freedom by Marina Fontaine

    This is the headline to my review of Chasing Freedom by Marina Fontaine:

    “Compelling story of the human spirit and the deeply ingrained desire to be free.”


    How very true this is. I was dying to read Chasing Freedom in full, because I had read bits and pieces of it in order to give Marina feedback. Knowing her dystopia was set in the near future, about ten years after my own dystopian series ends was one of the reasons, but not the only one.

    I have come to regard Marina as a friend. We indies need to support each other, be encouraging and stick together, especially we who are deemed less than optimum by those who have hijacked fiction to push an agenda. This is not news to many people, but for those who aren’t aware of it, Conservative and Libertarian artists often get the shaft, be they authors, actors, musicians or other creative types.

    In music, Rock & Roll icon Ted Nugent, one of the best guitarists to come out of Classic Rock, is despised by way too many people because he champions the second amendment to the US Constitution, while other Classic Rock artists are beloved by Americans across the broad political spectrum even though they themselves are to the Left of Bernie Sanders in ideology, all while living as part of the 1% whom they insist Americans should hate. Yet no one seems to see anything out of the ordinary.

    There are probably other examples of the double standard in the arts; I’m just listing what I know off the top of my head.

    The shaft comes from all the usual suspects: Traditional publishing houses and agents that promote a single ideology and only that ideology, therefore dismissing talented authors who believe differently, Hollywood blacklisting of Conservatives, which ultimately led to the formation of the group Friends of Abe (who have incurred shafting just for daring to join together for support), and, of course, the old stand-by: When successful authors of a certain ideology dare to question the status quo, they are smacked down as angry white men, racists, sexists and homophobes.  This despite the facts:  They themselves are men and women of Portuguese descent and not caucasians, one is married to a black woman, and the aforementioned woman, a Portuguese immigrant/American citizen by choice, is a bestselling author who writes books and stories featuring gay characters.

    For anyone who is reading this and perhaps not quite believing it, I can’t help you. All I know is what I see, which I have described above with supporting links.  And this is what is so darn frustrating.

    Despite story after story describing the lead-up to Marina’s dystopia, and also mine, some people still dismiss us as cranks. This despite the fact that American citizens who escaped from totalitarian societies (including Marina) warn us over and over that we are on the path to a place we do not want to go. They should know; they lived it. Yet few will listen, because the alternative is to be “uncool.”

    We aren’t the cool kids; we don’t agree that certain symbols representing American History, even though they offend some, should be purged. And we have our reasons. If battle flags and statues of Confederate Generals are purged from the public eye, it might be easy to purge them from the history books at some point. And, if the bad parts of American history disappear from the history books, how will future generations learn not to allow a different version of slavery to be foisted upon them?

    This is the point that people who base their ideology on “feelings” miss, time and time again. And I bring up this particular attempt to purge history because of an incident last summer, where my husband, who doesn’t have a racist bone in his body, in order to show his support of free expression and his hatred of purging, placed a small Confederate flag on his truck bumper.

    A week or so later, a crazy man was waiting for him as he came out of the bank. This man proceeded to begin the name calling of “racist, racist,” screaming at my husband that he should drive into the wrong of side of town in Wilmington, DE, so the residents there could see the bumper sticker and “f–k you up.”

    This could have ended badly. My husband does not take any shit, but that day he was forced to counter this idiot with only the words “f–k off.” He couldn’t risk any kind of altercation because he was on blood thinners, and might have incurred a brain bleed if the crazy man, who was younger then he by at least 10 years, knocked his head against the truck.

    I’m writing all of the above because situations like these, if not stopped soon, may lead us to real dystopias like Marina’s fictional one.

    This should give one pause. Take a moment to reflect on the above points, and remember the old saying: “You may not be interested in politics, but politics are interested in you.” Please, if you’re on the fence, get off. Choose Freedom, so your children and grandchildren won’t be forced to chase it.

    Below is my review ~ 5 Stars.

    Dystopian Novel, Chasing FreedomBeing quite familiar with dystopian literature, having read plenty over the years, it’s always a pleasure to find something completely different. Marina Fontaine’s Chasing Freedom is just that–completely different.

    To begin, the setting (near future America from 2040 – 2058) distinguishes this novel from others set further in the future. This is quite a change from the majority popular dystopias, such as The Hunger Games, set far away in time. The Hunger Games and similar stories, though they are compelling, don’t have the same impact as Fontaine’s debut novel. When a book takes you, the reader, to places you already know in the back of your mind are quite possibly in your future, the ride can be scary. But while certain situations portrayed are grim, the author does a superb job of conveying just enough to allow readers to know what has happened to a given character without being gruesome.

    When the novel begins, the majority of the characters are living in dark and oppressive “Cities.” The Cities are planned high-rise slums, where human beings who once lived quiet suburban lives, with jobs and families, have been forced to move by the government. The Cities, and the system, are soul crushing, hateful, and in some cases, deadly. Ordinary freedoms like music, books, religion and even creative outlets such as art are strictly prohibited. Health care is doled out by bureaucratic fiat according to “need” or “quality of life”, and children may or may not be approved for college educations, depending on their embrace of the system.

    Out of this darkness come rays of hope in the characters who begin a rebellion. Main characters Randy and Julie begin the resistance movement as teens, yearning for freedom and willing to fight for themselves and others. These characters and the other freedom fighters endure great pain–emotional, mental and physical–as their movement grows, slowly but surely.

    Loss of Freedom in America is certainly not out of the question. Anyone who is paying attention knows this. Perhaps that’s why the dystopian genre has exploded over the past five years or so. But while the subject matter portrayed in Chasing Freedom gives one pause, it also gives hope. As stated above, the course of the novel covers 18 years, the time from the beginning of the rebellion till the beginning of something better. In those 18 years we see Randy, Julie, Chris, Daniel and other freedom minded kids grow into mature leaders, parents, husbands and creative types. Fontaine’s use of mountains in New York, quiet Lancaster County Pennsylvania, and suburban New Jersey as settings enhances the story, making it relatable in additional ways, since people live and work and go on vacations in these places now, today in 2016.

    This debut novel is a great reading experience. I cared about the characters, cried with them in their sorrow and rejoiced with them in their victories. To end, I will simply say that even though America seems to be headed for exactly the scenarios depicted, I was left with a feeling of hope. Freedom is not free. It was (and is) hard won. And though it can be thrown away with both hands by some people, there will always be others who will fight to get it back.

    BOOK 3

    Above is my criteria for book reviews. Chasing Freedom earned five stars from me, and I hope others will purchase the book and read it. It really is something special.


    Marina Fontaine is a Russian by birth, an American by choice, and an unrepentant book addict.
    Because of her background, Marina has always appreciated an opportunity to discover, share and support pro-freedom literature. She runs Small Government Book Fan Club on Goodreads, Marina Fontaine of Conservative Libertarian Fiction AllianceConservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance group on Facebook, and a personal commentary/review blog, Marina’s Musings.
    In addition, she is a part of the Creators’ Team at Liberty Island website, where she contributes book reviews and occasional creative work. In December of 2013, she entered a Liberty Island flash fiction contest with a story that became an inspiration for Chasing Freedom, her first novel.
    Marina lives in New Jersey with her very supportive husband, three children and four guinea pigs, working as an accountant by day and a writer by night. Her other interests include hard rock music, action movies and travel.

  • Chris Matthews ~ I’m sorry… So sorry.

    Chris Matthews is sorry. He said so. And that should be enough, right?

    The story that prompted this post can be found here. Mr. Matthews, while in the process of disparaging Republican Presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, decided to refer to them as “Cubans.” I knew Matthews was ignorant on many things, but I had no idea he didn’t understand that people with different heritages can, in fact be Americans.

    After all, there are so many hyphenated Americans that I thought such a thing was common knowledge. (African-Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic-Americans, etc.). I know Mr. Matthews hasn’t been asleep for the past twenty years because I’ve seen his face and heard other remarks as recently as 2014, when the election results came in, and he realized that the majority of American legs didn’t tingle the way his did.

    So why did he say this?


    “Who’s going to watch a debate between the two Cuban guys?” he asked on his show Tuesday night. “Who’s going to watch a debate between Rubio, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz? Who cares?”


    I guess we’ll never know, because he said he was sorry. Chris Matthews is of the protected class. He and other SJW Media figures can disparage anyone they want, as long as the person is hated by the Left. The only reason Matthews apologized was because the mayor of Miami-Dade County, Florida, called him out in a letter.


    Carlos Gimenez, the Cuban-born Republican mayor of Miami-Dade County, wrote the MSNBC anchor Thursday to object to Matthews’ comment earlier this week that Thursday night’s GOP primary debate would be boring without Donald Trump.

    “Who’s going to watch a debate between the two Cuban guys?” Matthews said on his Hardball show Tuesday night.

    He was referring to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Neither is Gimenez’s candidate — he’s backing Jeb Bush — but the mayor nevertheless told Matthews he was “deeply offended.”


    Below is the letter.

    After receiving this message from Mayor Giminez, Chris Matthews said he was sorry. 

    Even though the mayor didn’t ask for an apology. How very thoughtful of him. Now he can move on to his next target, since again, he is protected from any ramifications.

    Others are not so lucky, and remarks such as the one made by Matthews can cause great sorrow and distress in their lives. Sometimes the wrong word, remark or political position can even cost someone their livelihood. (See here, and here).

    What would happen (hypothetically, since no real journalist, pundit or any human being with integrity or compassion would ever do it) if someone with their own nationally televised cable TV show made a similar remark about the Democratic presidential candidates? Something like: Why would anyone tune in to the debate just to see two old white socialists?

    We all know exactly what would happen, don’t we? The person who made such a remark would be vilified, they would receive hate mail, their children would be mocked and their families trashed, they’d be suspended the next day, and most likely would be forced to resign. That’s the way Leftists roll when they decide on a target.

    But Chris Matthews? Nah. He said he was sorry. That will suffice, because he disparages all the right people. To the Leftist media, the fact that countless Americans of Cuban descent were hurt by his callousness is simply collateral damage, something to be expected during the transformation of America.

    I agree that Matthews is sorry. He’s a sorry excuse for a journalist.

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    13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (Not a Review)

  • 13 Hours : The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi ~ (Not a Review)

    Last night my husband and I saw 13 Hours : The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. Please watch the trailer, below.



    In my opinion, this movie was very well done. My husband agrees with me, and it seemed as though the people in the theater with us also agreed. The theater was only 1/4 full, but everyone was paying rapt attention.

    Reviews are mixed. Some reviewers state their disgust with the director, Michael Bay. As this is the first movie I have seen by this director, I have no way to make a comparison. All I know is that IMO, the movie was well made, the acting was great, and it told the true story from the POV of the survivors. It was based on the book 13 Hours: The Inside Account of  what really happened in Benghazi, by Mitchell Zuckoff, with the Annex Security Team.

    Click this post by Rotten Tomatoes to see the opinions of critics and theater audiences.


    Please note that the audience score is 88% favorable, and the critics’ scores were 60% favorable as of this writing.


    The following two reviews can be found on the above link.  The first, by Peter Travers of Rolling Stone, is what I would expect from a partisan publication. Mr. Travers seemed to have watched a different film than the one I saw last night. He failed to mention the families of the men who fought, and their love of their children, etc. Reviews that strive to dehumanize American heroes are typical, and to be expected, however this one got a response from Kris “Tanto” Paronto, who was part of the annex security team that responded to the terrorist attacks. Mr. Paronto addressed Slate magazine as well, however I refuse to even click on Slate’s review. It’s probably worse than Rolling Stone’s review.



    I certainly don’t blame Mr. Paronto for calling these hacks out on their lying hatchet jobs.

    Click here for a fair, balanced review by Tony Medly.


    But what you probably don’t know, I certainly didn’t, was how vicious the fighting was.

    This is an apolitical film that never mentions Hillary or Obama, and devotes itself exclusively to the brutality of the fighting. Director Michael Bay, who was in constant contact with the men who lived what he was filming, told Bill O’Reilly, “The politics got in the way of this great human story that happened. This is to honor these types of men who do this every day, who put themselves in harm’s way. That’s what this movie is about. It was a rough, rough hell night. A lot of stuff that you see in the movie, like a guy losing a contact on the way to a gunfight, the little things we put in the movie, the jokes they said that night, the emotions they were talking about that night; we tried to be very accurate and keep it within a two hour movie.”


    Mr. Medly wasn’t kidding about the viciousness of the fighting.

    I can only encourage readers to see the movie themselves. Then you’ll understand. I was shocked while viewing the film, even though I knew it was, in fact, a planned attack, rather than a spontaneous bout of violence caused by Benghazi residents. Supposedly an undetermined number of Muslims were angered by a you tube video that no one had ever heard of, and lashed out at the nearest American outpost. This is what Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration assured Americans was the case.

    The families of the four Americans killed in the attack were also told this bold faced lie by Hillary Clinton. This woman can’t possibly possess a conscience. There simply can’t be any shred of a conscience left, if she ever had one to begin with.  None. Zero, zilch, nada. No conscience. These poor families were kept in the dark for years. And all because the current administration wanted Americans to believe that the world had been ridden of terrorism, thus ensuring the reelection of Barack Obama.

    The Democrats seem to have lost their souls. Now they plan to run this woman (who is embroiled in countless other scandals) for president, and make her Commander in Chief of the U.S. Military. It’s rather unnerving. I may start watching Zombie movies & TV shows, since so many people in America–those who blindly follow the Democrats, never thinking for themselves– seem to have taken on the role of zombies. These people remind me of those pod people in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Something is missing upstairs.

    (And no, I’m not forgetting Bernie Sanders. I just have my own opinion, which is simply this: The fix was in as soon as Obama was reelected. Hillary will be the Democrat nominee, and the Bernie Sanders sideshow is nothing but Kabuki Theater. Once he’s out of the running, the pod people will simply turn to Hillary by default. I hope I’m wrong, and pray that I am wrong. I can only keep praying that more and more Democrats wake up to the real world).

    Here’s the infamous video of Hillary, testifying about the “video” story. Again, the Democrats want her to be our next president.


    Would you trust this woman to do right by you and yours? If so, why? What possible reason would any American have to inflict this woman on the rest of us? She’s cold, heartless and cruel. Not exactly presidential material.

    Following is the video that best describes (to me) Hillary, and the Democrats’ embrace of her, against all reason.


    Even if they want her, I fail to see why the rest of us have to suffer.


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  • Cruzing toward Birtherville

    Right after Senator Ted Cruz announced that he was running for President, I wrote a post, Cruzing to Schadenfreude, in which I predicted that certain people would call into question Cruz’s eligibility to hold office because he happened to be born in Canada.


    This post will be something I can look to for ready answers in a variety of situations. Let’s just say that (hypothetically, of course) certain people begin trying to… well… maybe pull the rug out from under Cruz. Perhaps some Liberal Americans will begin parroting a talking point saying “Ted Cruz was born in Canada. Therefore, he is ineligible to run for President.” If such a hypothetical situation occurs, I can tell those poor misguided souls where to go to find out how things actually work. (Click here).

    If that doesn’t convince them, I plan to pull the “birther” card, and redirect to the previous link. If, hypothetically, Liberals begin stating that Ted Cruz actually was born in Canada, I will continue to redirect them to the previous link, unless and until the Supreme Court of the United States takes the matter up.

    There will, of course, be the die hards. They will attack on twitter with vicious fury. They will scream in upper case, name call and tell Conservatives our kids look like idiots. Tough crap. Nothing they can say will stop me (and other Conservatives) from not only pulling the birther card, but also throwing it in their faces.

    Any Liberal who jumps on the “born in Canada” bandwagon is a believer in conspiracy theories. Such people do not live in reality, and no one should pay any attention to them whatsoever.



    crazy dude


    My post was full of snark and laughter, of course. Nevertheless, Cruz’s eligibility is now in the news, and so, I feel the need to clarify with some additional information. There is no question that Senator Cruz is eligible to be president, despite having been born in Canada. The following article from Cornell University leaves no doubt. (8 U.S. Code § 1401 – Nationals and citizens of United States at birth).


    If you are considering jumping on the train to Birtherville, please, don’t do it! From the link above:


    (e) a person born in an outlying possession of the United States of parents one of whom is a citizen of the United States who has been physically present in the United States or one of its outlying possessions for a continuous period of one year at any time prior to the birth of such person;


    (g) a person born outside the geographical limits of the United States and its outlying possessions of parents one of whom is an alien, and the other a citizen of the United States who, prior to the birth of such person, was physically present in the United States or its outlying possessions for a period or periods totaling not less than five years, at least two of which were after attaining the age of fourteen years:


    Either of the above can be applied to Senator Cruz, since it is an undisputed fact that Cruz’s mother was born in Wilmington, Delaware, lived in America, and attended school in Texas.

    Additional information can be found here, here, and here.

    Despite questions raised by Donald Trump, Cruz is a natural born citizen, unless, for some strange reason, the Supreme Court hears a case which would render the examples cited in U.S. Code § 1401 to be null and void. Then, and only then will Cruz or Americans in similar circumstances be ineligible to hold the office of President.

    So maybe folks should think before placing the tin foil hats on their heads.


    Conspiracy Theorist
    photo credit: Wikipedia


    Just relax. Listen to some good music, or read a good book. Take a walk. Play with your children. Why bother becoming a Birther? It won’t do any good at all. If Senator Cruz ends up as the Republican nominee, he can and will run.

    Millions of Americans (including me), knew the conspiracy theories about President Obama’s birthplace were just that: Conspiracy theories. We didn’t run out and buy cases of tinfoil for our heads. Neither should anyone do that in the case of Cruz.

    However, some people will probably be unable to stop themselves from jumping on this train. If any of them are reading this, please see the above information and the linked Schadenfreude post, and know that informed Americans have the ability to debate and win.


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  • Review ~ The Ties That Bind: The River Collection (CD/Blu-ray) by Bruce Springsteen

    I rarely review anything other than books. However, I wanted to review The Ties That Bind: The River Collection (CD/Blu-ray) (Audio CD) for the simple reason that Bruce Springsteen is my favorite artist, despite being my polar opposite in ideology.

    I simply adore the man’s music. And, at times, the man himself. I don’t want to get into the particulars. Part of it is explained below, and the rest? Well, let’s just say that I don’t feel comfortable among his “biggest” fans after being run off of a comments thread by some of them in 2012, because I disagreed with their interpretation of the events of 9/11/12, in Benghazi, Libya.

    There’s very little common ground between me (a person who will look at facts no matter where they point me) and certain people very far Left of center, who won’t. Unless, perhaps, some of the people who called me a liar, a right wing nut job, and then insinuated that I (and by association, my family) are unworthy to take a ride on the train to the Land of Hope and Dreams have seen the proof. No point in rehashing this. Hillary Clinton lied and covered up the events of the attack. It’s proven beyond a doubt now. Perhaps some folks will take the evidence into account, but others simply won’t. It doesn’t matter to me anymore. Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat Party nominee for President of the United States. People can vote for her or not, as they choose.

    None of this affects my love of Springsteen’s music. There’s just something I’m drawn to. Perhaps it’s the similarity of the characters in the title track of The River to myself and my husband. Maybe it’s the deep down feeling in my gut when I listen to lyrics that describe hard work, prayer, love, heartbreak and fighting to hang on to what you’ve earned. This is what I hear when listening to The Boss.

    So, despite online abuse from Leftists, and my tendency to stay away from Springsteen forums, I still love the artist and his music. Think of it this way. What’s your choice in reading material? Let’s say you’re a lover of Science Fiction, Fantasy and, perhaps Thrillers. You love these genres. What happens when you pick up a Harlequin Romance?

    This is what happens to me when I become disgusted at a foolish remark or a downright insulting one from the Boss, and vow that I will listen to more Country music, because the artists don’t usually insult my sensibilities like Bruce does sometimes. Example: Springsteen made a statement endorsing Barack Obama in 2012, stating a woman’s reproductive rights, etc. In other words, he endorsed abortion on demand. This statement was on Springsteen’s official FB page accompanied by a photo. In the photo, Bruce was wearing a Miraculous Medal. (You know… that medal depicting Mary, Mother of Jesus? A mainstay of Catholics? You know, those Catholics… the ones whose catechism states that abortion is murder? That medal.)

    So… I just compartmentalize this seemingly mind bending hypocrisy, and pray that the medal is something that will help Mr. Springsteen at some point. Then I pop in another Springsteen CD, and get lost in the music. I do listen to other genres, and even some Country Music, but… it’s just not my favorite. My favorite is Classic Rock, mainly Springsteen. However, when reviewing a product, I must be honest. See below.

    The Ties That Bind Boxed Set

    Following is my review. (4 stars on Amazon). The boxed set is pictured above.

    My husband gave me The River boxed set for Christmas. I’m really enjoying it, for the most part. I love the music, and The River is my 3rd favorite Springsteen album, after DOTEOT and BTR. I really am not much of a collector, and certainly don’t own every song Springsteen ever released, so I’m positive I will love all the songs included. I love Bruce’s voice, his enthusiasm, his obvious love for the E Streeters, and the energy of each performance. His music has gotten me through numerous hard times. He’s easily my favorite artist, and this comes from someone who has listened to all the Classic Rock greats since the mid 1970s.

    I enjoyed looking through the pictures, and the notebook. I like looking at Bruce’s beautiful, artistic handwriting. Handwriting tells so much about a person. I really enjoy seeing the creative process of this artist.

    The Tempe concert is terrific. I’ve only been to 3 shows, all in Philly, 2 of which were during the Wrecking Ball Tour. I seriously doubt any more shows are in my future, so I will watch this Tempe DVD often. My only issue, and folks can agree or disagree as they so choose, is that I was blindsided while watching the concert. Mr. Springsteen has always felt the need to share his political views with his paying audience. I understand that, and accept it. But I must admit that to me, it’s a turn off. I’ve never understood the need for any artist to alienate parts of their audience. The fact that I heard him say to the students in Arizona that he considered the election results of the previous evening “frightening” wasn’t a great moment. More than half the country felt otherwise, and some of them were probably in the audience. I have always found this behavior rude, and I’m entitled to my opinion.

    I had to shut off the TV. I made a note of exactly where in the show this statement occurred, so I can FF through next time. This is the only reason I’m not giving this collection 5 stars. For me, a 5 star review is reserved for material that doesn’t broadside me with insults. Other than this I love the collection, and I would recommend it to people like me, who haven’t seen shows in double digits and don’t own a lot of rare songs.


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  • U.S. House Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood ~ An Answered Prayer

    The U.S. House of Representatives voted to defund Planned Parenthood on Friday. I’m rejoicing, since this is an answer to my prayers.


    All pertinent information on the reason Planned Parenthood must be defunded, the legislation, and the vote itself, including a breakdown of votes along party lines can be found here.


    I understand that some Americans disagree, and believe Planned Parenthood should continue getting taxpayer funding. They will eventually lose the fight though, because a majority of Americans simply can’t stomach what goes on in the abortion business. People know that Planned Parenthood has committed crimes against humanity on par with those committed during the III Reich. Since we are, for the most part, decent human beings who abhor the death and destruction of innocent unborn babies and the sale of their body parts to labs for use in questionable experiments such as humanizing mice, Planned Parenthood will be defunded at some point. It may take awhile, but it will happen.  I hope the people who fight FOR Planned Parenthood’s continued funding  will heal after their ultimate loss. I will continue to pray for all involved in this darkness.

    Of course, Friday’s vote must pass the Senate, and then be signed into law by President Obama. This is unlikely occurrence; Obama will probably veto any such legislation that lands on his desk, even if the bill passes the Senate. Obama’s support of the Planned Parenthood death machine is common knowledge for people who keep up with such things, so I don’t expect that PP will be defunded during his Presidency. Still, this is a first step.

    And again, it’s an answer to my prayer.

    I’ve been praying for the unborn and respect for all human life every day for many years. I understand that God works in His own time, not ours, and so, we must continue to pray. However, I have a deep faith that my prayers will eventually be answered.

    Christ and His Mother

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ~ Philippians 4: 13.

    prolife photo

    Please continue to pray for a deeper respect for all human life, from conception to natural death.

    Until recently, America always protected life. It was simply unthinkable for Americans to condone such brutality and disrespect of humanity, as evidenced by our role in defeating Hitler and liberating his death camps. We must go back to being a country known for compassion, a country that respects all human life.  Some American citizens and many elected to positions of supposed “leadership” have lost this. They are a shrinking minority. As news of the atrocities continues to trickle out, more and more Americans are turning away from Planned Parenthood and the culture of death. We will eventually overcome this loss and return to our former role as people of decency, generosity, bravery compassion, empathy, and love.

    Jesus Christ

    Thanks be to God, for answered prayers.

  • Remembering 9 11 2001

    I was an uninformed, complacent American housewife when I got up on the morning of 9 11. By the time I went to bed that evening and had spent a sleepless night, tossing and turning and trying to forget the scenes of explosions, firefighters going to their deaths and Americans jumping out of the twin towers, I was a different person. For a grim look at the events of this day see National Geographic’s article, Remembering 9/11 in pictures.

    The events of 9/11 changed me. On 9/12 I was the polar opposite of the person I had been just two days earlier, which, in turn,  led to the eventual publication of my books. I’ve written this part of my story on the “About” page of my website.

    For the next 3 months I was glued to the Cable news tickers, and in the subsequent lead up to the Iraq war I began to discern the media bias that I hadn’t been able to see on 9/10. It was the same with politicians, talking heads, and professors in academia. This lead to cynicism and lack of trust, which continues to this day.

    I’m pretty ashamed of my complacency, and my arrogance in thinking that America was safe, and that we would never be attacked. What a fool I was in those days. At least I admit it, though.

    If you’re reading this right now, don’t make the same mistakes I did. Get informed about current events. Don’t depend on only network news, or only one cable channel or a special news site that you love. Go outside the box. If you tend to the Left, try listening to Mark Levin or Rush Limbaugh for a week or two. If you tend to the right try Alan Colmes or NPR. Do the same in your viewing of news and your website choices. Try to spend one day a week looking at the opposite side. Swap The Drudge Report for The Huffington Post, and vice versa. Check out The Blaze or the UK Daily Mail.

    This serves several purposes:

    1. Everyone’s beliefs should be challenged at times, including mine and yours.
    2. You may change your views on some issues, if you were misinformed before.
    3. You can feel confident in your own convictions.
    4. You will be able to discern the lies or lack thereof.
    5. You will recognize truth.

    Please, don’t form an opinion on anything based on extreme positions on either side. Don’t dismiss stories out of hand, especially when videos exist to back up the claims, such as the Center For Medical Progress’ exposés of Planned Parenthood. Watch the videos before claiming they are lies. The same goes for claims made by far Right bloggers or others. Check for further sources to make sure you aren’t being played for a fool.

    The Truth is what’s important, not an ideology. The TRUTH. Things end badly for any society that ignores the truth. It’s been this way since time immemorial and things certainly aren’t any different today.

    Remember 9/11/2001. Don’t believe the truthers who say it was an inside job. They’re either lying for some reason or they are mentally confused. Don’t believe your professors when they tell you America deserved this attack. We didn’t. Don’t believe the people who hate America. They are free to leave if they so choose, yet they stay here, collect salaries and indoctrinate people in lies. Don’t believe them.

    Pay no attention to aging Rock & Roll stars who complain about their music being played by Republicans, and then insult the candidates. This happens every single election cycle. These artists march in lock-step with an ideology that teaches lies and wants to remove YOUR freedoms, all the while collecting your money for shows, music and merchandise. They are playing you for fools.

    Please click here to see my side of  a twitter exchange with Mike Mills of R.E.M. (Make sure you click on tweets & replies. And yes, I do think this band is whining). Then click on Mike Mills’ replies. I can’t read his replies anymore because I blocked him as soon as he played the race card, but others should be able to view them.

    Yes, he insinuated that I’m a racist. It’s patently ridiculous, but this is how elites treat the little people, even those who’ve just complimented them on their music.  Don’t pay them any mind whatsoever-they cannot be reasoned with.  Please understand that this is SOP for people who think the rules should only apply to you, not them. They believe they have more rights than you and I. Such people are not worth my time.

    Just understand that they include YOU in their statements on politics, no matter how much they dissemble & insist they hate only the candidates whose views you support. For these ideological people, living lives in a parallel universe that doesn’t include the struggles you and I face, any Republican candidate would receive the same treatment. Don’t believe everything these people say, and if you feel offended by them, do not support them monetarily. The same goes for Hollywood stars or other media figures. They aren’t living your life–You are living your life. Don’t let people who insult you behind your back influence you. You are an American citizen, and they are no better than you, no matter how much money or fame they may have.


    Don’t believe everything out of any given politicians mouth, either, whether they belong to your party or not. Life is much more than political parties. Check, check and re-check everything.


    Please remember 9 11 2001.



    Never Forget.



    God Bless America.


    Pray for America and the World.


  • Up In Smoke

    In order to understand this post, it will be necessary to watch the following. You may laugh, or maybe not. You may feel a bit of nostalgia. Or you may be revolted. Watch.


    Okay. So depending on your state of mind, you may be laughing, you may be crying, you may be gagging, or you may be shaking your head, wondering why the hell Daniella is wasting your time and her own on Cheech and Chong.

    And the answer is… I don’t know. However, it makes as much sense to watch these two stoners waste themselves as it does to watch America waste away,  so why not?

    Today I heard that Bill DeBlasio is beginning a push to criminalize smoking cigarettes inside homes in NYC. At the same time, there was a recent call to decriminalize marijuana use in NYC.

    How can two such opposite positions exist in the exact same city? If cigarette smoking is frowned on, possibly illegal in public, and soon to be illegal in one’s home, why the call for legalization of weed? Will people be allowed to smoke it? If not, how will weed be used? Can it be eaten? I suppose…. but who the hell wants to eat weed? New Yorkers can’t bake it into brownies under DeBlasio’s watch; he frowns on sugar and fat, too. So, what to do?

    If cigarettes are so horrible, why launch a campaign to legalize weed? Could it be to medicate the unwashed masses into compliant, stupid idiots like those shown in the above clip?  Maybe.

    This explanation makes as much sense as anything else.

    Too many strange things have happened over the past week or so. Walmart is allowed to refuse to bake a cake, as long as it’s the “right” cake.

    Priests are spat upon by “tolerant” people, and then slandered online for having the temerity to tweet about it. Other tolerant people, though they may feel the abuse was wrong, nevertheless keep quiet. To talk of such things just isn’t done, and while they may sit in pews and go to the altar to receive the Holy Eucharist each week, they don’t want to appear intolerant. So, they keep quiet and tweet about Love, and how it has finally won out over hate.

    It’s enough to make me want to buy a pack of cigarettes and smoke em till I’m sick. Actually, I’ve promised myself that if I live to be eighty, I’m going to take up smoking again. I only smoked sporadically and for a very short time, but I enjoyed it.

    Since I’m currently much younger than eighty, I can’t smoke cigarettes. I have a family who needs me, and no extra money to buy cigarettes anyway, so I guess I’ll just try to get over my shock at the events of the past two weeks by drinking a couple of glasses of wine.

    I actually wish I could jump down a rabbit hole. Maybe I’d find some incense and peppermints down there, to help me cope with all the change. Maybe I’d become comfortably numb. It would be a relief, because up here in America 2015, I don’t see much sanity.

    things_to_take_on_an_acid_trip_by_grubbswriting-d7lrdxxOf course, I could always visit the Big Apple. I bet I could find something to smoke, as long as it isn’t tobacco.

  • Baltimore

    I was glued to the TV last night, watching another American city self destruct. I don’t know the answers, and I’m waiting for the results of the investigation of Freddy Gray’s death. To judge anyone except the people who are supposed to be leading Maryland at this point would be wrong, and unfair. IMO, the mayor and Governor were and are derelict in their duty, but it’s much too late to change the results.

    Larger issues are in play, anyway. Has anyone noticed a pattern? How many more American cities will be destroyed before things change?


    The above quote is profound. America, at this point in time, has retreated from anything remotely resembling the word “war.” We have retreated from even admitting we have enemies. So… the war is over!

    Where the hell is the peace? Where? Is there peace in the Middle East? In Western Europe? In Eastern Europe? In South America? In Mexico? In the United States of America? Where is the peaceful state of mind? Where is the benevolent attitude, and the confidence that justice is being pursued? I look around, but I don’t see it. All I see is a number of ugly incidents which seem to be battles in some sort of war masquerading as “Peace.”

    Last night another American city was looted and burned. People’s homes, jobs and businesses were trashed. I think I may have written a blogpost on this same scenario during the Ferguson Riots. It seems to be getting closer to my neck of the woods. Right now I’m wondering which city will be next.

    The following song from Barry McGuire has been on my mind a lot lately. Click here to listen.

    “Eve Of Destruction”

    The eastern world it is exploding
    Violence flarin’, bullets loadin’
    You’re old enough to kill but not for votin’
    You don’t believe in war but whats that gun you’re totin’?
    And even the Jordan River has bodies floatin’

    But you tell me
    Over and over and over again my friend
    Ah, you don’t believe
    We’re on the eve of destruction

    Don’t you understand what I’m tryin’ to say
    Can’t you feel the fears I’m feelin’ today?
    If the button is pushed, there’s no runnin’ away
    There’ll be no one to save with the world in a grave
    Take a look around you boy, it’s bound to scare you boy

    And you tell me
    Over and over and over again my friend
    Ah, you don’t believe
    We’re on the eve of destruction

    Yeah my blood’s so mad feels like coagulating
    I’m sitting here just contemplatin’
    I can’t twist the truth it knows no regulation
    Handful of senators don’t pass legislation
    And marches alone can’t bring integration
    When human respect is disintegratin’
    This whole crazy world is just too frustratin’

    And you tell me
    Over and over and over again my friend
    Ah, you don’t believe
    We’re on the eve of destruction

    Think of all the hate there is in Red China
    Then take a look around to Selma, Alabama
    You may leave here for four days in space
    But when you return it’s the same old place
    The pounding of the drums, the pride and disgrace
    You can bury your dead but don’t leave a trace
    Hate your next door neighbor but don’t forget to say grace

    And tell me
    Over and over and over and over again my friend
    You don’t believe
    We’re on the eve of destruction
    Mmm, no, no, you don’t believe
    We’re on the eve of destruction

    This was written in the 1960s. It’s one of those anti-Vietnam hippie songs that blame “the man” for everything going wrong in the world. The people who protested the Vietnam conflict said they were going to change the world.

    Well, who’s in charge now? Them. The same people who dissed American values back then are the ones running America now. So why all the conflict? Why all the riots? What the hell happened?

    IMO, they happened. The peace is always just out of reach, like one of those merry-go-round rings I could never reach as a child. Talking heads speak of justice and peace, but a few hours later we see destruction and flames. It’s no wonder ordinary people feel that we’re on the Eve Of Destruction.

    However, there is a wild card. Click here to see what one mom did to combat the absence of peace America is caught up in. She’s mother of the year as far as I’m concerned.

    As for Baltimore, at this point in time, we who have no power can only pray for the innocent victims, and pray that such a thing doesn’t erupt in another American city before the time comes to walk into the voting booth again.

    I’ve only visited Baltimore once or twice. I thought the Inner Harbor was a lovely place. It’s awful that the people who live in Baltimore are afraid and mourning their town. It’s another tragedy in this “peaceful” world.

    In honor of Baltimore, click here for  another piece of poetry in music.

    My City Of Ruins

    There’s a blood red circle
    on the cold dark ground
    and the rain is falling down
    The church doors blown open
    I can hear the organ’s song
    But the congregation’s gone

    My city of ruins
    My city of ruins

    Now the sweet veils of mercy
    drift through the evening trees
    Young men on the corner
    like scattered leaves
    The boarded up windows
    The hustlers and thieves
    While my brother’s down on his knees

    My city of ruins
    My city of ruins

    Come on rise up!
    Come on rise up!

    Now there’s tears on the pillow
    darling where we slept
    and you took my heart when you left
    without your sweet kiss
    my soul is lost, my friend
    Now tell me how do I begin again?

    My city’s in ruins
    My city’s in ruins

    Now with these hands
    I pray Lord
    with these hands
    for the strength Lord
    with these hands
    for the faith Lord
    with these hands
    I pray Lord
    with these hands
    for the strength Lord
    with these hands
    for the faith Lord
    with these hands

    Come on rise up!
    Come on rise up!

    Come on rise up….
    Bruce Springsteen
    Prayers for Baltimore, America and Peace in the World.