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  • Cadáin’s Watch is Available for Preorder!

    What a great bit of news to report! Cadáin’s Watch, the third and final book of the Storms Of Transformation Series is available on Amazon for kindle preorder!




    Above is the cover, designed by author and graphic artist Kia Heavey.  I am thrilled with the book cover. It really stands out, and allows readers to know what is contained between the pages.

    And, I designed the warrior-angel Cadáin myself. This was no small feat, as I was almost a beginner in photoshop. However, the angel finally turned out the way I envisioned him.

    On another note, according to feedback from an early reader, Cadáin’s Watch can be described as a “stand alone” book. Readers need not have read the first two books in the series to enjoy the third.

    And fans of Tears Of Paradox and The Notice will not be disappointed in Cadáin’s Watch, so please order your copy today!

    To preorder Cadain’s Watch (release date March 14), please click here.

    And to my friends and readers, thank you for your support of my work!


    Thank You


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  • Internet Debate ~ A Spectator Sport

    This post is my response to the friends whom I know do believe what I wrote in a previous post regarding the ascent of Donald Trump.

    It’s also a rebuttal to those who tossed around different words and phrases which all meant the same thing to me.

    My friend, Linda, liked the post, and asked if she could share it on her Facebook page.  However, my post was the subject of a terrible comments thread. For my part, I regret losing my temper, and using foul language, however, I must chalk it up to my temper. I do work on controlling my temper, but it escapes me at times, especially when people accuse me without cause.

    I would like to apologize to my friends, and forgive those who hurt me. I pray sincerely for each person who commented, and wish the best for all, even those whom I felt best to block from seeing me on Facebook. This was a decision I made long ago; I cannot have the worry of folks who for all intents and purposes say I’m a liar having access to my family photos or other information. It makes me nervous to contemplate that people who believe I engage in fabricating tales might possibly be looking at my family.

    I feel like I need to write all of this. I was unfairly attacked, to the point of being told I hate Catholics. (I’m a cradle Catholic, and very devoted to Jesus and His Mother). But as another friend once said: Jesus never told us to be doormats. Sigh.

    I only recently decided to place a small biography on my own page, consisting of my website and blog information. This was because I never really felt comfortable with announcing the fact that I have written two novels. Other writers say the same; it may be that we are introverts, or nervous about our work being rejected, or any number of other reasons.

    However, after almost two years, I decided to be proud of my accomplishments, and to put the information on my page. Friends knew I was a writer, of course; such things cannot be a secret, but I kept my writing life separate from my personal Facebook page for whatever reason.

    As I said to the commenters at large, I am respected in my field. I have many friends, some of whom commented at the end of the post that upset some of the people I went to school with.  One of my dearest friends, Daria DiGiovanni, is an author, ghostwriter, blogger, internet radio host and co-owner of a new publishing venture. Daria in particular, has been my mainstay. I could not ask for a better friend. Another friend, Kia Heavey, has recently been awarded a contract for her third novel, Domino. Domino was published by Kindle Press, Amazon’s new publishing venture.

    I remember how proud I was when I was asked to appear on Daria’s radio show, Writestream Tuesday, Shatter the Narrative, with other members of the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance. All are well respected authors.

    These people are my acquaintances, and, in some cases, dear, dear friends. Marina, an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, recently published her debut novel, Chasing Freedom.

    So, I decided that I wouldn’t hide from my community anymore.

    Even though I have been termed worse than a liar many times on comments threads in the past, I didn’t expect to be maligned on Linda’s page. I don’t know why I thought I would be respected by folks who, for whatever reason, do not understand the concept of such a thing, but for some reason I still didn’t expect it. Perhaps because with all that has happened in America, I believed more people would see the truth.  Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. It happened, and it can’t be undone.

    Within ten minutes of the initial post, the first comments came in. The word used by the nastiest commenter was “liar.” Other  terms thrown around are paraphrased here.

    My post was: “All over the place” — “Started off interesting, but she quickly lost credibility” — the stories do not seem as if they could really have happened”… and on and on.

    Again, the above are paraphrases. I couldn’t screenshot them, since Linda deleted the post from her page the next day. I certainly don’t blame her, and I’m happy she did delete it. It had descended into something that did not in any way resemble a debate.

    In addition the phrases above, the following words, or in some cases memes containing them, were used while describing Linda and me:  Racist, Hater, Angry, and even Hitler. Hitler was being compared to Donald Trump, who, as I said in my post, I do not support.

    However, Donald Trump is the Republican frontrunner, and most likely to be our next President. Part of this is due to riots over the weekend by people who hate Trump. Again… when people, (especially people who claim to be kind and tolerant) disrupt a rally and cause violence, it drives Americans who are watching the proceedings directly toward the person or people against whom the violence was perpetrated. It’s what I said in the post which caused all of this upset, and it’s the truth.

    Just for the record: I’m a registered Republican, but I have, in the past, split my ticket or voted for candidates not of the party. The party is part of the problem. Same with the other party.

    Following is an excerpt from page 255 of my first novel, a dystopia. I began writing Tears Of Paradox in 2009, and published it in May, 2014. Protagonist Jason is remembering his youth, from the vantage point of having survived the beginning of America’s descent into totalitarianism. The “drones” are the media. The “sharks” are members of a government bureaucracy that has assumed control  of each American’s life.

    Some seemed not to care what their choices did to others, though. The politicians and the media are the hardest to forgive, even though they were deceived and betrayed themselves. It’s not easy to forgive the drones, but I take no comfort in the fact that most of them have received their comeuppance. I’m not talking about those who did report the truth; they were shut down long ago. It was probably a blessing, since it enabled some of them to get out; to begin spreading truth from far-away places. The ones I refer to as drones are those who wouldn’t recognize Truth if it touched them on the shoulder, (which I have no doubt in my mind He did). Or the ones who knew what the facts were, but spun them or hid them or scrubbed them outright, just to further their own ends. After all, they had all resources available to them, all of history to learn from, and back then they also had the protection of the First Amendment.

    They should have known better. They shouldn’t have let themselves be blinded by false party allegiance. They should have realized that donkeys and elephants didn’t matter; that what mattered was truth and humanity, and that Washington was disintegrating into two stinking, rotting rat carcasses. They were only half-alive, but they still had snapping mouths full of sharks teeth, which did a great deal of damage as they slowly mutated into one.

    The drones should have stuck to reporting facts. That’s what they were supposed to do. If they had they might have realized that even though most of them favored one party, neither party favored them—and that behind closed doors they were referred to with mirth as perfect examples of the term “useful idiots”. Most of them had no idea though. They didn’t understand what they’d been given, and they didn’t see the sharks circling until it was way too late. They held a sacred trust, protected by the First Amendment, and they should have followed the truth instead of spinning a huge ugly web of poisonous lies.

    They were too busy for facts, though. If they’d studied history they might have been able to read the writing on the wall. The blinders might have come off, and they would have seen what had happened over and over throughout the ages—the fact that after people such as the sharks finally chewed their way into complete control, the journalists were always the first to go. It’s a shame they were blind. Now it’s too late for them.


    If you read the above with an open mind, you cannot help but come to the conclusion that I don’t favor either party at this point. I just want my children and grandchildren to be free. I choose to focus on my writing, since politics is downstream from culture.

    Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.



    The above, I have come to understand, is the truth. That is why I do what I do, even though it can be difficult at times.

    And now we come to the point: Internet debate is  a spectator sport.

    In the comments thread on Linda’s post, I did defend myself against some of the claims. One commenter insinuated that if such a thing had happened, perhaps it was in some way merited. After I spoke back, the commenter backpedaled. And then again, it was communicated to me that people like me ought to know their place. “A place for everything.”  To me those are fighting words.

    I’m an American. We do not have “places.” We are not required to sit down and be quiet and keep to our place. As long as we are not breaking the law, we are free to say what we please. We cannot yell fire in a crowded theater, but we can stand up for ourselves and our beliefs. It doesn’t matter how unpopular our positions are; we have the right to think and believe what we want, as long as we do not break the law or cause harm to our neighbors. (Unlike the protesters at the Chicago Trump rally).

    So… here goes. Please click this link if you would like some backstory, but the headline should be enough to scare any thinking person: SJWs are purging politically incorrect Sci-Fi Authors from Bookstores. Linked within is the following post: The Hugo Wars: How Sci-fi’s Most Prestigious Awards Became a Political Battleground.

    As you can see, what happened with regard to my puny post is nothing compared to what others are enduring at the hands of Leftists and Social Justice Warriors like the worst guy on Linda’s comment thread.

    Again: We are Americans. We do not suppress the speech of another, or attempt to threaten their livelihoods. That is what they do in Communist countries, or Socialist countries, or countries run by fascists. This is not what Americans do.

    But, unfortunately, it seems to be becoming the norm. Again, this is what is driving people to Trump. They can’t fight the whole media, all of the PC politicians and the spineless GOP who have promised to help them for the past six years because they are continually maligned and shouted down with terms such as racist, sexist, homophobe, liar, stupid, redneck, tea bagger, and others. They have become the punching bag for any Liberal with a cell phone who happens to be having a bad day, and so, they are flocking to Trump, who stands up to the media and the haters.

    Anyway… The comments thread was for the spectators. If I had known for a fact that no one was watching, I would not have spoken back, or bothered, because for people like the man who called me an angry racist hater, no words, however reasoned, will suffice. It would have been pointless.

    But… I know for a fact that other people were watching that thread, and I know some of them sympathize with me. Others may have been indifferent, and may have been swayed by watching the venom of the nasty guy. Perhaps they do not wish to be like him, and so, they may give me the benefit of the doubt, or begin to believe that his way is not the way of Free Americans.

    I’m going to link here to a “fisk” by Larry Correia, founder of the Sad Puppies, who was featured in the previous link.  The applicable quote follows:


    Arguing is a spectator sport. You don’t waste your time on the already decided, you convince the undecided, and give ammo to your side. If there isn’t an audience, don’t waste your time.

    And again:

    This is the reason Linda and  I continued to speak. It was for our friends who may have been watching, and for any others who might have been convinced that the abuser was wrong.

    Though going through such an ordeal was difficult, I still feel it was worth it. I even have a new Facebook contact. Someone was watching, and the person sent me friend request. This alone made the whole ordeal worthwhile. It let me know that I’m not alone, and that I am worthy of someone’s respect. (Even though I know I am only living for God, and He knows my heart).

    Also, in my attempt to find the above quote/story for use in this post, I posed a question in my writer’s group, asking who it was that said internet debating is for the spectators.



    I was answered by other members in the comments thread right away. Mr. Correia is a famous author, well respected and someone to emulate. Imagine my surprise when he took time away from his busy schedule to answer my question personally.

    This is what it’s like to be part of something real. We do not attempt to tear each other down. We only fight back when we are attacked, and we will never stop.

    *This post has been updated.*


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  • Update on Book 3, Cadáin’s Watch

    I want to give readers an update on my writing progress. Since December’s free promotion of book 2 in my series, The Notice, I have become aware of many new readers. I am so thankful for each and every person who invested time to read my work! You have no idea how encouraging it is when I see the “pages read” report on my Kindle account. 

    Thank you, thank you, each and every one of you!

    As some of you know, book 3 in the Storms Of Transformation Series is entitled “Cadáin’s Watch. (Please click here to read some history, and how I came up with the title).

    Here’s an update on progress. I am 3/4 finished writing the first draft, and my plan, as of now, is to write the words “The End” sometime during the month of June.

    John Lennon, quote.

    You will note that I said “my plan.” But as John Lennon said, Life happens. And I must admit that Life threw me some curve balls in 2015.

    When I began work on Cadáin’s Watch one year ago, I expected to be finished and ready to publish by March of 2016. But again… Life.

    Most independent authors have day jobs. If you follow this blog, you may have read my reviews of books by other independent authors. And all of the authors have day jobs. Finding time to write, and then revise and revise again, while working or perhaps being a stay at home mom can be very challenging.

    In my case the circumstances are different. I don’t work outside the home, however, i still have a day job 🙂 My job consists of being a good wife to my wonderful husband of 36 years, who is the breadwinner for our family, helping my daughter and son-in-law with child care for their two children while they work, and just generally being here for my family when I’m needed.

    So, I must work writing into my schedule. And I do. During the month of January, I was able to stick to a writing schedule, and made quite a lot of progress, but life always throws us curveballs.

    During 2015, I lost a whole month of writing time because my daughter had to have surgery. While she recovered, in addition to being ill and exhausted, she was unable to lift her toddlers. And so, I spent 3-5 days a week at her house. To read about my grandkids and their shenanigans, click here.

    I love my family more than anything in this world, and I was happy to help my daughter. My grandchildren are a constant source of joy and laughter. Speaking of grandkids, my son and his wife are expecting a child in the spring. My husband and I are delighted, and so looking forward to meeting our new grandson… who also threw us a curveball.

    My daughter-in-law recently spent a week in the hospital after her blood pressure spiked to dangerous levels. The tentative diagnosis was preeclampsia. Thanks to God, and also the prayers of so many family and friends, it turned out not to be preeclampsia, and my daughter-in-law and the baby are doing well. It was only high blood pressure, and still, we pray that it can be kept under control with medication until the little guy is ready to enter the world healthy.

    Last summer my poor husband, while trying to ease pain in his knee, purchased a knee brace in the drug store. (Do NOT do this!!! Go to your doctor! Never use anything that your doctor doesn’t ok). Anyhow, Tom, who suffers from arthritic pain in his legs caused by a previous injury, wore this brace in the evenings while working in the garden. After a week he noticed red marks and swelling above the brace, and decided to call the doctor.

    Turns out the over the counter knee brace was too tight. It cut off circulation, and caused blood clots. Most of the clots were easily treated, but one was deep inside, and was diagnosed as a deep vein thrombosis.

    Luckily, it was caught in time, and we learned a good lesson. But all of the above caused worry and stress which cut into my writing time. And then there’s the matter of my own health issues. My condition, though it doesn’t show if someone happens to just run into me, or see me out somewhere, is still a real condition. I’m not complaining one bit. I accept my life, and thank God for everything, even the cross of depression/anxiety.

    Still, it does prevent me from writing at times. And so, the plan flew by the wayside, because, Life. That’s why book 3 hasn’t been published.

    The good news is that it WILL be published, and my hope is that readers will have it in their hands by September. If all goes as planned, that will be the case.

    After the first draft is finished, I will put the book aside for two weeks. This is necessary, so that when I go back to it, I can see it with fresh eyes, thus enabling me to make the necessary revisions to the manuscript. After I tweak the manuscript, my dear friend and feedback reader Kia Heavey gets first dibs on it. She will read a printed copy and give me advice on plotting and other problems that may need additional revision.

    If you have read both Tears of Paradox and The Notice, you may have “noticed” that book 2 moves faster than book one. This is because Kia, a wonderful friend and very talented author, (her latest novel, Domino, was published by Kindle Press, Amazon’s new publishing venture) tells me the truth.

    If a scene was too long, or added nothing to the overall story, she advised cutting. And I took her advice. That’s why readers should, if they like Tears and the characters but find it slow going, persevere, or just move on to book two, though many, many readers, including Kia herself, loved book one just the way it is now.

    And please! Read Domino! You will not understand how great it is unless you give it a try. It’s good! Way good!

    After Kia is finished with the Cadáin’s Watch manuscript she will give additional feedback, and point out discrepancies I may have missed. (There’s nothing more annoying than reading that a character “put out his cigarette” and then three paragraphs later “took a drag on his cigarette.” Such things are jarring to readers and mortifying to me as an author. However, while writing a first draft they ALWAYS happen. That’s why all of these steps must be taken to ensure a quality book, even if it takes longer than planned.

    And sometime during this process, the cover must be designed. My covers are also the work of Kia. She’s a woman of many talents. I’m very excited about the cover itself, the main building blocks of which have already been planned and chosen. I will reveal the new cover a month or so before publication. It’s going to be stunning, as are all of Kia’s book covers. She designed her own covers for her first two novels, Night Machines and Underlake, and did the layout for the cover of Domino. More of Kia’s covers, as well as those of another talented friend, Matt Margolis of Logotecture, currently grace many books from Writestream Publishing. My dear friend Daria DiGiovanni and her friend Lisa Tarves created Writestream Publishing, a quality service for independent authors. If you have a book inside of you, do visit their website.

    I hope you enjoyed this update, and that if you were wondering why it’s taking so long for book three, you’ll understand. I also am mulling over a few other changes. I haven’t sent out an email newsletter since December… it has fallen by the wayside for many reasons. If readers miss the newsletter, or new readers would like to sign up, please comment below. If there’s enough interest, I will begin sending newsletters again.

    And… if there are scenes in Cadáin’s Watch that must be cut, perhaps because the book would be too long, I plan to work them into short stories, I already have one in mind. I will probably make at least one available for free on this blog after book 3 is published, so stay tuned!

    I would love to connect with readers, and this is the best place to connect with me! If you enjoy a blogpost, please leave a comment. I will answer you.

    Again, I am so very grateful to readers. Without you, I would be nowhere.

    Many blessings to you and yours during this solemn Lenten Season.

  • Book Review ~ Domino, by Kia Heavey

    Kia’s Heavey’s  new book, Domino, published by Kindle Scout, is truly a wonderful piece of art.


    Dystopian Fantasy


    I feel quite emotional after reading it. I will not give anything away, because not all readers are the same, and each person will find something different to inspire them while reading this book.

    I will only say that I was completely immersed in the story, which took on a dreamlike quality. It’s been quite awhile since I read Watership Down, by Richard Adams, but I seem to remember the same sort of feeling from that book.

    It’s hard to explain. Readers should hurry to get this book, and find some quiet hours to enjoy it. Then you’ll come back to reality, and wish that the book wasn’t finished.

    Following is my review. (5 Stars on Amazon).


    A timeless tale of courage, love, sorrow and loyalty, Domino is a book that you’ll read again and again.

    Kia Heavey’s Domino is, in a word, timeless. It’s one of those books that make you stay up all night reading, while at the same time wishing it would never end. Few books affect me, as a reader, in this way. Heavey’s prose draws in the reader, and her descriptions of various farm scenarios, such as tool sheds and rock walls, make you feel like you are there in the story.

    Domino the barn cat, though seemingly living the average cat life, becomes a hero, larger than life. His ordinary days on the Brown family farm, keeping vermin away from the chickens and garden, show him to be a cat who desires to pull his own weight. His courtship of a female who lives in the woods, combined with nights on the prowl with friends, show him to be a real tomcat. And his sorrow when friends are harmed because they fall under the spell of a haughty new cat lets readers know Domino has a heart.

    This isn’t a children’s fairytale, but a story that might well become a classic. High schools in need of new and innovative literature would do well to assign this book for summer reading, or in the classroom.

    I know that I will never forget Domino the barn cat, and once you read the book, neither will you.


    BOOK 3

    Above is my criteria for rating books. However, I must say that Domino met all four on the list. It truly is a wonderful book.


    Author Kia Heavey


    Kia Heavey was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City. She graduated from Barnard College with a degree in German Literature and went to work as a creative professional in advertising. Her hobbies include fishing, music, reading, hiking, and most of all, being with her family. Her husband is Chief of Police in their hometown. They have two children and a cat.


  • Gratitude

    My free book promotion for The Notice is running through Sunday.

    My first free promotion, last year for Tears Of Paradox had a total of 300 downloads. I expected about the same for this promotion. Imagine my surprise yesterday when I saw that the Notice had been downloaded over 400 times on only the first day of the promotion.

    Now this may be a drop in the bucket to what a well known and traditionally published author would get in free downloads, but to me, a struggling unknown independent, it means a lot.


    I decided to check my Amazon ranking last night, just for fun. I was met with the above sight. The Notice is #2 in Christian Fantasy free books in Amazon’s Best Sellers.  It’s also #2 in Religious Science Fiction, and #568 in free overall. Again, this may seem small when compared to traditionally published authors with houses that help with marketing, but for lil ole me it’s a big deal.

    So, I feel the need to say thank you. Thank you to God for his grace in allowing me to pursue this dream. Such a thing seemed out of the realm of possibility a year ago. It’s reality today. I couldn’t have done this without Divine inspiration and help. I admit that.

    Matthew 19:26New International Version (NIV)

    26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

    Speaking of inspiration, I must mention someone else. Tears Of Paradox and The Notice were written during a period of darkness in my life. I found comfort, understanding and inspiration in the music of Bruce Springsteen, particularly my favorite album, Darkness On The Edge Of Town.

    My genre is Classic Rock, and while I listen to many artists, some of whom also inspired characters and scenes in my work, DOTEOT (and Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ) spoke to me in a way I can’t really describe with words.

    I’m working on finding a “song” for each character in this series. Following is Something In The Night from DOTEOT, which, to me, is protagonist Jason’s “song.”


    I’m riding down Kingsley, figuring I’ll get a drink

    Turn the radio up loud, so I don’t have to think,

    I take her to the floor, looking for a moment when the world seems right,

    And I tear into the guts, of something in the night.

    You’re born with nothing, and better off that way,

    Soon as you’ve got something they send someone to try and take it away,

    You can ride this road ’till dawn, without another human being in sight,

    Just kids wasted on something in the night.

    Nothing is forgotten or forgiven, when it’s your last time around,

    I got stuff running ’round my head That I just can’t live down.

    When we found the things we loved, They were crushed and dying in the dirt.

    We tried to pick up the pieces, And get away without getting hurt,

    But they caught us at the state line, And burned our cars in one last fight,

    And left us running burned and blind, Chasing something in the night.

    I had the extreme good luck to be in the audience at Citizen’s Bank Park on September 3, 2012, (Labor Day) when Springsteen performed a 5 song set from DOTEOT. H/T SomewhereInJersey75 for the following video. (I was in the nosebleeds).


    I’ve seen numerous rock concerts since my first trip to the Spectrum in 1978, but this was my all time favorite. It was also my last Springsteen concert. My husband admires Springsteen’s music, but has become less than a fan over the past few years, for which I do not blame him.

    Still, I’m very grateful to Springsteen. His music helped me through an extremely difficult period of my life.

    Finally, to whoever reads this blog, and whoever reads my books, my online writing buddies who help me everyday, or anyone who encourages me in  any way… I am grateful to you, too.

  • Fun At The Nutcracker

    Today my daughter took my three year old granddaughter to see The Nutcracker, and invited me along. It was a very nice outing. The Brandywine Ballet Company’s performance was excellent. Before leaving the house, my granddaughter put on her Christmas dress and these pretty shoes.


    Then we said goodbye to my son-in-law and baby grandson, got in the car and drove. Traffic was heavy. We had detours in downtown West Chester on our way to West Chester University where the performance was held.

    IMG_2058 2

    Even though my daughter attended WCU, we still got lost trying to find the building where the ballet was being performed, and we were thirty minutes late for the show.

    IMG_2059 2

    Once inside, my granddaughter listened and watched intently. She was very well behaved. She liked the dancers, costumes and characters. We told her the rat was a mouse, and that he “went to sleep” while Clara was dreaming. She told us she wants to take ballet lessons.

    IMG_2719 copy


    It was a very beautiful performance. I hope we can go again next year.



    On the walk back to the car, my daughter showed her little girl the dorm where she used to live, Goshen Hall. My memories of Goshen are few, but vivid. When my husband and I left our child there in August of 1998, the elevators were slow and creaky. Inside the elevators were plastic covered lights next to the doors. They had burn holes in them. Apparently students liked to melt the plastic with their lighters. My daughter wasn’t exactly happy with us at the time, because we insisted that she live on an all girls floor, rather than a coed floor. (It didn’t matter anyway. The separate floors were a joke). The building looks the same today.

    IMG_2060 2

    On the way home, I asked my daughter to drive past the old house where she lived during her last year of school, because even though the university in my series of books is not based on WCU, this house did inspire part of the story.


    In my upcoming book, “The Notice”, protagonist Jason remembers his flaming youth, and a mysterious college girl whom he remembers only as “the sophomore.” The sophomore lived in a house like this, “a creepy old house with bad plumbing.” My friend and feedback reader, Kia, enjoyed the tale of the sophomore. I hope other readers will too. Stay tuned for a sneak peek of the cover of book two, coming in 2015.

  • With Heartfelt Thanks

    My Free Kindle promotion for Tears Of Paradox will be ending at midnight. I am in shock at its success. As of this writing, 292 copies of my novel have been downloaded. The promotion runs through midnight, so I expect to get a few more downloads, and I’m reasonably sure that at least 300 people will have my book on their devices.


    This is a truly momentous occasion for me. Numerous people supported my campaign by sharing Facebook posts and tweets, or just giving me a kind word of encouragement. Special thanks to my wonderful family and friends, both at home and online.

    Thanks also to Daria DiGiovanni, Kia Heavey, Marina Fontaine and everyone at CLFA. Your friendship and support help me more than you’ll ever know.

    To new readers, I’m honored that you downloaded Tears. I hope you enjoy the read, and please follow me on Facebook and Twitter.


  • Thanksgiving

    images copy 21Happy Thanksgiving. I was thinking back over the previous year and counting my blessings, of which there are many. I thought I would take a few minutes to list them here, so I can look back on them whenever I’m down. 🙂

    To begin, I am very thankful to God for all He has given me. I know I’ve been blessed abundantly.

    images-2 copy 3I’m blessed to be part of a family who loves me. I’m thankful for my mother, my sister, my kids and their significant others, my nieces and nephews, and every other member of my family. My husband and I celebrated thirty-five years of marriage in October, and this is another reason to give thanks. We are also very thankful for our little grandchildren.

    I am blessed with many, many friends. I see people online everyday. I must say that I’m thankful for social media, because if not for twitter and Facebook, I would never have met my dear friends Michele and Sharon. I’m thankful for my part time job, too, since I met my friend Vicki there. I don’t know what I’d do without my friends!

    I’ve been blessed with good health most of the time, too. I’m very thankful that I’m able to stay physically fit, and that I’m able to run.


    I completed the Delaware Half Marathon back in May. This was my second race. I plan to train again this winter, in hopes that I can run another 13.1 miles on Mother’s Day.



    I’m very thankful for being part of the Roman Catholic Church. My faith is what keeps me going during the tough times. I’m also thankful for the friends I’ve made in my parish church.

    This year brought many changes in my life. Ever since I published my first book, Tears Of Paradox, back in May, things seem to have become more hectic than they had been.

    This is another blessing. Because I took the plunge into self-publishing, I met a group of people who’ve provided friendship, support, and more kindness than I ever expected. The members of the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance have helped me more than words can express. I must mention Mr. Jack July, who took an interest in my writing, introduced me to the group, and invited me to be a guest on internet radio. If not for Jack, I might never have found the CLFA.  Every member of the group has been kind, welcoming, and helpful with writing tips and promotion. Please visit their Facebook page for reading suggestions. All genres are represented, and the books are those you’ll want to read again and again.

    I especially want to thank two members of this group, Daria DiGiovanni, and Kia Heavey. Daria invited me to be on her internet radio show, Writestream Tuesday, to promote my book, We struck up a friendship after finding out how many things we have in common. Kia is a talented author and artist. She helped me tremendously by reading the manuscript of my second book, and has done a wonderful job designing new covers for both Paradox and book two, The Notice. I’m thrilled with the new cover designs.


    To date, Tears Of Paradox has received ten 5 Star reviews on Amazon. The latest was posted just today. I’m truly humbled at the reaction to my work, and I want to thank each and every reader for their time, and for giving me a chance. 🙂

    I love the world that God created, and I try to enjoy every day. I love music, and looking at the beauty of nature while I run in the park.


    I love walking on the beach, especially Lewes Beach, Delaware, on Delaware Bay, and I’m thankful my family has been able to hang onto our little beach place through these tough economic times. My father worked hard to give us that beach place. He wanted us to keep and enjoy what he worked for. Luckily we’ve been able to keep it, even though it’s sometimes a struggle, due to policies crushing the middle class these days.


    This brings me to the subject of America. If you read my books, (or even the reviews), you’ll know how I feel about America. I truly believe that America is a wonderful country, and I’m tired of listening to people run her down. I don’t like the fundamental transformation America is undergoing at this time. It’s causing way too much pain and suffering. People in my family are affected in negative ways. I want America to come back. People should not be shamed because of their beliefs in a traditional American way of life.


    I will continue to pray for our beloved country, and  give thanks to God for allowing me to be born in the greatest country on earth.

  • Self-Set Deadlines vs The Realities of Life

    Deadlines are good, right? Of course they are. I’ve been setting deadlines for years, way before I began my new endeavor of writing fiction. The deadlines usually had something to do with Christmas, and the fact that I had to be finished handmade gifts for my family by December 24th of each year. Maybe that’s the reason I gave myself the deadline of publishing “The Notice” — Book Two in The Storms Of Transformation Series — in time for Christmas, 2014.

    Well, life sometimes throws us curve balls, and I must admit…I’m a few weeks behind schedule. I’m still working furiously on the editing process of book two, along with the help of a new friend, Kia Heavey, author of Night Machines and UnderlakeI met Kia, along with many other new and talented friends, when I joined the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance, on Facebook.

    Conservative Fiction

    Please visit their page, and “like” it. Reading is a very personal experience. The mainstream publishing industry brings us many fine books every year, but so do independent authors/publishers. Things have changed in the world of words. Good stories are available without a middle man. If you’re looking for something new, please give independent authors a try.

    That brings me back to my reason for this post–I’m a few weeks behind schedule, so I’ve set a new deadline: “The Notice” will be published in January, 2015, instead of Christmastime, 2014. I truly want to bring readers a quality book. I want to make sure everything is as perfect as humanly possible, so please forgive me for releasing book two a few week later than previously announced. It will be worth the wait.

    This morning I went for a run. I decided to snap a few pictures along the way–of the road which inspired a good part of Tears Of Paradoxand “The Notice”.



    This bridge doesn’t look spooky, right? Of course not…not in the morning sunlight. But personally, I wouldn’t run–or walk–in this area after dark, unless I had a lot of company. Following is a short excerpt from “The Notice”, detailing protagonist Jason’s experience at age nineteen, while driving along this road with “the sophomore”– a mysterious part of his past.


    “The area surrounding us seemed surreal. I was reminded of that painter Brad’s mom liked–the one who painted farms, a lot of barns, all in muted tones. The image of a huge pig flashed through my mind, and was gone as fast as it came, as we crawled down a different winding road along the creek. We stopped at a crossroad, deserted, next to an old stone church and a graveyard. The place was enclosed by a fieldstone wall, half falling down. The gravestones slanted this way and that.  Next to the road stood a tall stone, with a plaque mounted on it. I pulled over hastily to read it, thinking it might tell me where I was, but the words that jumped out of the dimness were “Indiantown”, and “William Penn”, along with the date…1683. Then the sophomore began talking about the graveyard. Apparently, one of the graves was haunted. She called it Ticking Tomb, whatever the hell that meant.


    Ticking Tomb


    The words Mason-Dixon jumped out of her chatter…(She was a history major). But all I noticed were the lightning bugs, flickering and flashing among the gravestones. I let out the clutch and we squealed away; the whole thing was giving me the creeps.  As I sped on, she warned me not to turn off toward what looked like a place I could pull over. I need to take a leak…this place is creepy.

    The sophomore told me to keep straight on the road, or else we’d come to a dead end, where stood the ruins of another covered bridge. It was burned down by arsonists fifty years earlier, and never rebuilt. She remarked that it would have taken us to the next state again, if we could have driven that way another quarter mile. I went on straight, still needing to take a whiz. Then we came to yet another little one lane bridge, looming in the dim light of dusk. It humped in the middle, and I was almost afraid to go up it, not knowing what might be lurking on the opposite side. Billy Penn’s ghost…or some pissed off Lenape, holding a hatchet.

    My hair seemed to stand on end. I shivered, even though it was eighty-five degrees. After the bridge, the road narrowed even more. It became mostly gravel, and I hoped Brad’s car didn’t get hit by tar chips. I can’t afford a new paint job. I navigated potholes and stepped on the clutch, shifted into low gear to get the Trans Am up a steep hill, bordered on either side by high banks and more trees. They arched gloomily over the road in the twilight, before it widened a little again, and we went down the other side. Where the hell are we? This place is creepy as shit.

    I asked her if she knew where we were. She laughed again as we continued on up another hill; more cornfields on the left, dark woods on the right. She told me to take the next right. Go out the back way; we’d be back on the highway in ten minutes. It was getting dark as I turned at the stop sign, and headed down another stretch of road. It was perfectly flat, bordered on either side by nothing but meadows and cornfields and one old farmhouse, way back at the edge of the woods. Damn…what a place for a race. Wish I knew about this a few years ago when Ceej and that little punk bastard were racing. This place would have been perfect. That little stuck up punk…wonder whatever happened to him…

    Her next words—something to the effect that the place had been known as the Flats for as long as anyone could remember, and that her uncle used to race his ‘68 GTO there before he went on to be killed in Vietnam—made my hair stand on end again. Then I saw the sign. Some state park buried out there in the boonies. Gravel spun out as I turned in on two wheels, hoping to find a place to take a whiz. I parked the car and got out, quickly.”

    I hope readers are enjoying my work. I’m learning more and more each day about writing fiction, and I hope the above excerpt conveys the creepy atmosphere intended.

    I’ve lived in this area all my life. I sometimes forget its history. I’ve been running past Ticking Tomb Church for many years, but only in daylight. You couldn’t pay me to go into that park alone after dark.