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  • Happy Thanksgiving

    We have so much to be thankful for.
    I have been blessed with a loving family & good friends, many of whom I have never met personally; they are friends I met online.

    It’s is important to have the love of family and friends, and for this I am thankful.




    The past year has been a trial. The lead up to the general election was a time of great division and discord. But now it’s over, and I am thankful for our republic.

    We now have a new president elect who is filling cabinet positions with great Americans. I’m very thankful the election is over, and I hope our country can heal.

    A great many lives will be saved when Planned Parenthood is defunded. I have been fighting for the rights of the unborn for the past eight years. Each year we asked our representatives to help lessen the amount of innocent life taken in clinics across America.

    But nothing changed. Millions of unborn infants, some of them viable, had their tiny heartbeats stopped. And we were paying for this through our hard earned tax dollars.

    We asked and asked and asked the government to defund Planned Parenthood, but they refused to fight for the babies, even after evidence that baby body parts were being sold for profit was caught on video.

    But now things are different. I have prayed daily for those who have no voice. These children can’t speak for themselves. They have only us to help them.

    Hillary Clinton, in a statement, said that these unborn American babies have NO rights.

    Think about that. No rights. None.

    I’m thankful Mrs. Clinton didn’t win the election, if only for this reason. Under a Trump presidency, unborn babies have a better chance of making it into the world, where one of them may grow up to be president someday.


    Prayers for Children, Born and Unborn

    For orphaned children throughout the world,
    and especially those
    who are abused or neglected,
    that we might work to save them;
    We pray to the Lord

    For children who are unwanted by their parents,
    that God’s grace might send others to love
    and care for them;
    We pray to the Lord

    For the children of our country,
    especially those who are forgotten or neglected,
    that their presence might remind us
    of the infinite value of human life;
    We pray to the Lord

    For every little child:
    That we might accept and preserve each one
    as a sign of the infinite love of God for us;
    We pray to the Lord

    For all unborn children:
    that our love for them may keep them safe
    until the joyous day of their birth;
    We pray to the Lord

    That the Lord,
    who rescues the life of the poor
    from the power of the wicked,
    might send an angel to guard and protect
    all unborn children;
    We pray to the Lord

    For every little child
    and especially for those who
    live in their mother’s womb,
    that they might grow
    in the image and likeness of
    the God who made them;
    We pray to the Lord

    For the littlest child in her mother’s womb,
    that in her life we may see the infinite love of God;
    We pray to the Lord

    That through the intercession of Saint Vincent,
    who spilled his blood for the defense of the Gospel,
    the lives of unborn children may be spared;
    We pray to the Lord

    For all children who have died from abortion,
    that God might cradle them in his arms
    and grant them eternal peace with him;
    We pray to the Lord

    For every child who lives in the womb,
    that God might send an angel to guard and protect
    the innocent and defenseless;
    We pray to the Lord

    For all unborn children,
    and especially for the babies of unmarried mothers,
    that God might send an angel to protect them:
    We pray to the Lord

    For the children who have died from abortion in our nation,
    and for their mothers and fathers,
    for mercy, peace and the loving embrace of Christ:
    We pray to the Lord

    For little children,
    who await the birth of a brother or sister:
    that they may learn to cherish
    the child in her mother’s womb;
    We pray to the Lord





    Wishing everyone a Blessed and HappyThanksgiving. 


    God Bless America


  • #ImWithHer

    Tomorrow will decide whether America moves toward Liberty or into a hellish Tyranny.




    From “The Crisis“, by Thomas Paine:

    December 23, 1776

    THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated. Britain, with an army to enforce her tyranny, has declared that she has a right (not only to TAX) but “to BIND us in ALL CASES WHATSOEVER” and if being bound in that manner, is not slavery, then is there not such a thing as slavery upon earth. Even the expression is impious; for so unlimited a power can belong only to God.



    As the old saying goes: Pray and don’t worry. So, here are some powerful prayers.


    The Holy Rosary:


    I used to pray it daily, but have slacked off over the past year. Still, it’s my go to prayer in times of uncertainty.

    O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.


    The Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel:




    Saint Michael the Archangel, Pray for us.



    Saint Patrick’s Breastplate- (Lorica)




    This prayer is so lyrical and mysterious. I’ve been praying it almost daily for some time. It’s also beautiful in song.




    Saint Patrick, pray for us.





    Prayer for Religious Liberty:



    Mary Immaculate, Patroness of Our Country, Pray for Us.


    Divine Mercy:



    Jesus, I trust in you.




  • Happy Independence Day

    Just a short post to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July.


    God our Father,
    Giver of life,
    we entrust the United States of America to Your loving
    You are the rock on which this nation was founded.
    You alone are the true source of our cherished rights to
    life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.Reclaim this land for Your glory and dwell among Your
    Send Your Spirit to touch the hearts of our nation´s
    leaders.Open their minds to the great worth of human life
    and the responsibilities that accompany human freedom.
    Remind Your people that true happiness is rooted in
    seeking and doing Your will.
    Through the intercession of Mary Immaculate,
    Patroness of our land, grant us the courage to reject the “culture of death.”
    Lead us into a new millennium of life.
    We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.
    Please, if you are a praying person, pray for our country. We are approaching an historic election in November, and every prayer is heard.

    God Bless America


    I hope everyone enjoys this special day, the commemoration of the day that the founders of our country put their lives, fortunes and sacred honor on the line and broke all ties with Britain, and the Tyrant King George III.

    Please remember the blood that has been shed throughout our country’s history, all of it precious and deserving of respect. Please remember our Military, who sacrifice so much to protect our nation and our freedom, up to and including their own lives.

    We are a great nation. Always remember that fact. Click on the video below, for a beautiful rendition of The National Anthem, sung by Whitney Houston.


    Happy Independence Day, and God Bless America.


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  • Our Prayers are not useless ~ Our God is with Us

    In the wake of the San Bernardino shooting, several prominent publications, including the NY Daily News and Huffington Post, are targeting traditional Americans, Republicans and Christians with blame and hate.

    The Daily News’ cover today showed tweets of prayers from Republicans. See for yourself what the daily news says about prayer, and people who support the 2nd Amendment.


    A Daily News story first focuses on the fact that the shooters obtained the weapons legally in America. Other pertinent information is mentioned in an offhand way near the end of the story.

    The Huffington Post declares that prayer is useless.

    The only thing most media is concerned with at this time is gun control. From their obsession stems their hatred. Hatred which makes itself seen and heard each and every day with their demonization of  Republicans, Conservatives, traditional Americans and God. That’s it.

    My prayers are certainly with the victims, their families, first responders, the police, and anyone else hurt by this terrible tragedy. And, my prayers are not useless. Neither are yours.

    Bald Eagles

    Our God is with us. He hears our prayers. Never doubt that. Now, this hate from the media has been going on for 8 years. It’s grinding. It makes people feel hopeless. It never stops; they never run out of hate, and they always let you know it. So, we must understand that if we feel bad about what they say we should take our hurt and confusion TO God. Never stop praying to Him!

    Never, ever let anyone tell you your prayers are useless. To God, all of this has been around before. He’s seen this time and again. Evil men choose the evil instead of the good. They did it on the day Christ was crucified, they continued on until the present day, and they will not stop until Jesus returns.

    This “world” that we must live in is not our true home. We are only here until we can be reunited with our Creator.  That is why we don’t feel comfortable here, especially now, with the hate, rage and blame which is thrown at us day after day after day.

    Please understand that all of their accusations and blame are simply lies. Don’t let them deceive you. 

    Shelter under God's wings
    Have mercy on me, God, have mercy on me. In you I seek refuge. In the shadow of your wings I seek refuge till harm pass by. Psalm 57:2

    We should never stop praying, and we should, in fact, pray more. What I plan to do from now on is to ask God to take away my fear and give me trust in its place. I’m going to make an effort to look for God everywhere. In nature, in my friends and family, in church, in my everyday tasks. We mustn’t believe the lies. We must believe the Truth, and live in the Freedom of Christ.

    You will come to know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

    Look for God everywhere, and you will find the Truth. Never stop praying. You are a beloved child of God.


  • Remembering 9 11 2001

    I was an uninformed, complacent American housewife when I got up on the morning of 9 11. By the time I went to bed that evening and had spent a sleepless night, tossing and turning and trying to forget the scenes of explosions, firefighters going to their deaths and Americans jumping out of the twin towers, I was a different person. For a grim look at the events of this day see National Geographic’s article, Remembering 9/11 in pictures.

    The events of 9/11 changed me. On 9/12 I was the polar opposite of the person I had been just two days earlier, which, in turn,  led to the eventual publication of my books. I’ve written this part of my story on the “About” page of my website.

    For the next 3 months I was glued to the Cable news tickers, and in the subsequent lead up to the Iraq war I began to discern the media bias that I hadn’t been able to see on 9/10. It was the same with politicians, talking heads, and professors in academia. This lead to cynicism and lack of trust, which continues to this day.

    I’m pretty ashamed of my complacency, and my arrogance in thinking that America was safe, and that we would never be attacked. What a fool I was in those days. At least I admit it, though.

    If you’re reading this right now, don’t make the same mistakes I did. Get informed about current events. Don’t depend on only network news, or only one cable channel or a special news site that you love. Go outside the box. If you tend to the Left, try listening to Mark Levin or Rush Limbaugh for a week or two. If you tend to the right try Alan Colmes or NPR. Do the same in your viewing of news and your website choices. Try to spend one day a week looking at the opposite side. Swap The Drudge Report for The Huffington Post, and vice versa. Check out The Blaze or the UK Daily Mail.

    This serves several purposes:

    1. Everyone’s beliefs should be challenged at times, including mine and yours.
    2. You may change your views on some issues, if you were misinformed before.
    3. You can feel confident in your own convictions.
    4. You will be able to discern the lies or lack thereof.
    5. You will recognize truth.

    Please, don’t form an opinion on anything based on extreme positions on either side. Don’t dismiss stories out of hand, especially when videos exist to back up the claims, such as the Center For Medical Progress’ exposés of Planned Parenthood. Watch the videos before claiming they are lies. The same goes for claims made by far Right bloggers or others. Check for further sources to make sure you aren’t being played for a fool.

    The Truth is what’s important, not an ideology. The TRUTH. Things end badly for any society that ignores the truth. It’s been this way since time immemorial and things certainly aren’t any different today.

    Remember 9/11/2001. Don’t believe the truthers who say it was an inside job. They’re either lying for some reason or they are mentally confused. Don’t believe your professors when they tell you America deserved this attack. We didn’t. Don’t believe the people who hate America. They are free to leave if they so choose, yet they stay here, collect salaries and indoctrinate people in lies. Don’t believe them.

    Pay no attention to aging Rock & Roll stars who complain about their music being played by Republicans, and then insult the candidates. This happens every single election cycle. These artists march in lock-step with an ideology that teaches lies and wants to remove YOUR freedoms, all the while collecting your money for shows, music and merchandise. They are playing you for fools.

    Please click here to see my side of  a twitter exchange with Mike Mills of R.E.M. (Make sure you click on tweets & replies. And yes, I do think this band is whining). Then click on Mike Mills’ replies. I can’t read his replies anymore because I blocked him as soon as he played the race card, but others should be able to view them.

    Yes, he insinuated that I’m a racist. It’s patently ridiculous, but this is how elites treat the little people, even those who’ve just complimented them on their music.  Don’t pay them any mind whatsoever-they cannot be reasoned with.  Please understand that this is SOP for people who think the rules should only apply to you, not them. They believe they have more rights than you and I. Such people are not worth my time.

    Just understand that they include YOU in their statements on politics, no matter how much they dissemble & insist they hate only the candidates whose views you support. For these ideological people, living lives in a parallel universe that doesn’t include the struggles you and I face, any Republican candidate would receive the same treatment. Don’t believe everything these people say, and if you feel offended by them, do not support them monetarily. The same goes for Hollywood stars or other media figures. They aren’t living your life–You are living your life. Don’t let people who insult you behind your back influence you. You are an American citizen, and they are no better than you, no matter how much money or fame they may have.


    Don’t believe everything out of any given politicians mouth, either, whether they belong to your party or not. Life is much more than political parties. Check, check and re-check everything.


    Please remember 9 11 2001.



    Never Forget.



    God Bless America.


    Pray for America and the World.


  • Happy New Year

    I try not to make tons of New Year’s resolutions, since I inevitably let them go by the wayside. Instead I’d like to reflect on the year past. 2014 had its high points 🙂 Here’s a list:

    1. I remained in good physical health and so did my family.
    2. I’m at a healthy weight.
    3. I have a terrific family who love me despite my faults.
    4. I have a husband whom I adore, and who loves me even when I’m not at my best.
    5. I am blessed to still have my mother and mother-in-law.
    6. I have two cute, rambunctious, fun, happy, sweet, lovable grandchildren.
    7. Said grandchildren seem to want me around a lot.
    8. I have a part time job, despite the stagnant economy.
    9. My husband escaped the ax at work again, and remains employed.
    10. I published a book.
    11. People like my book. (A friend told me just today that she loves it and can’t put it down).
    12. I am ready to publish another book.
    13. I have made many new friends because of my writing endeavor.
    14. I still have many longtime friends.
    15. I ran a half marathon.
    16. I live in a cute, cozy house.
    17. I am blessed to have a husband who knows how to work on cars. That way we save money, which makes up for the embarrassment I feel when my brakes squeal.
    18. I have a flower garden and a vegetable garden.
    19. I have plenty of plans for the coming year.
    20. I have the love of Jesus Christ.

    If all of the above are sustained in 2015 I will have more than a great year 🙂 I wish each and every friend and reader a happy, healthy New Year.




  • Saving Nineteen Minutes (Part One)

    This series of posts will detail  various events which happened to my friends in their futile attempt to be involved in their children’s education. The events began approximately two years ago. The futility stems from the Kennett Consolidated  School District‘s strict rules and regulations concerning parental input and involvement. Please note that my friends are upstanding members of the community. They are also taxpayers. I’ll repeat  that. They are taxpayers. Taxpayers who pay property taxes, which, in turn, fund the school and enable the staff to collect their various salaries.

    But, for reasons that are unclear at this time, the people in charge of the KCSD seem unable to understand or process this reasonably easy concept. Even though the taxpayers and parents pay their salaries, they habitually treat parents who question them as if the parents are “subjects” who are out of line for daring to raise concerns. These concerns vary. From a request that first graders at Bancroft Elementary School be allowed a midmorning snack, (NO. We’re on a tight schedule. If you want your child to have a break you need to apply for permission and he must sit alone to eat), to questions about Common Core Curriculum, (It’s good. We say so. Deal with it), to the final nail in the parental input coffin, the novel Nineteen Minutes(It’s good, too. We say so. If you’re worried that kids without great home support structures might need help dealing with the content, too bad for you. We don’t care if you have a master’s degree in social work. You know nothing. This book is wonderful material, and teachers love to use it in classroom settings).

    Before I go on, you can read my review of the book in question here. Please note that this book contained many other disturbing scenarios and questionable ethical issues.

    My friend, (the woman with a master’s degree in social work from Temple University), was concerned about kids as young as thirteen reading this book. She represented a large contingent of other concerned parents when she asked for the book to be placed in the guidance counselor’s office so that younger kids could be cautioned about what they might read before going home and digging into this novel.

    I believe it’s customary for schools to restrict certain content. Computers, for example. I’m reasonably sure that some content on the internet can be blocked by schools if they deem it inappropriate for kids. Placing this book in a counselors office and perhaps allowing a student’s parents to be aware that their child is reading it doesn’t seem such a bad idea in my opinion. In fact it seems to be a reasonable compromise.

    However, certain teachers, students, parents and other community members felt differently. They didn’t seem to understand the concept of “age restriction.” For some strange reason only they understand, they decided that placing a book in a guidance counselor’s office was equivalent to “banning” the book. This ugly story ended with my dear friend being publicly humiliated at a school board meeting. One of the school board members even jumped on the “we read banned books” bandwagon, and insinuated that concerned parents are Nazis. The article itself makes no mention of the fact that a “ban” was not asked for. (More on this omission in upcoming posts).

    The “saving Nineteen Minutes” contingent of school employees, students and parents took pleasure in my friend’s distress. They clapped and cheered as she was deemed a Nazi. Some of these people are fellow parishioners at church.

    Please note this fact: The book Nineteen Minutes is supposed to make readers think about others. It’s marketed as an anti-bullying book. If this is the intent of the book, it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do. The advocates of Nineteen Minutes misrepresented a good person.  They humiliated her in public by insinuating she’s a Nazi, and wrote unkind comments on newspapers and Facebook posts. Let that sink in.

    Following is part of the KCSD Mission statement.


    The Mission of the Kennett Consolidated School District is to provide a quality education that increases the achievement of every student in order for all to become successful and thoughtful contributors to society.”
    – Mission Statement


    It’s ironic. I will go into more detail in further posts.

  • Thanksgiving

    images copy 21Happy Thanksgiving. I was thinking back over the previous year and counting my blessings, of which there are many. I thought I would take a few minutes to list them here, so I can look back on them whenever I’m down. 🙂

    To begin, I am very thankful to God for all He has given me. I know I’ve been blessed abundantly.

    images-2 copy 3I’m blessed to be part of a family who loves me. I’m thankful for my mother, my sister, my kids and their significant others, my nieces and nephews, and every other member of my family. My husband and I celebrated thirty-five years of marriage in October, and this is another reason to give thanks. We are also very thankful for our little grandchildren.

    I am blessed with many, many friends. I see people online everyday. I must say that I’m thankful for social media, because if not for twitter and Facebook, I would never have met my dear friends Michele and Sharon. I’m thankful for my part time job, too, since I met my friend Vicki there. I don’t know what I’d do without my friends!

    I’ve been blessed with good health most of the time, too. I’m very thankful that I’m able to stay physically fit, and that I’m able to run.


    I completed the Delaware Half Marathon back in May. This was my second race. I plan to train again this winter, in hopes that I can run another 13.1 miles on Mother’s Day.



    I’m very thankful for being part of the Roman Catholic Church. My faith is what keeps me going during the tough times. I’m also thankful for the friends I’ve made in my parish church.

    This year brought many changes in my life. Ever since I published my first book, Tears Of Paradox, back in May, things seem to have become more hectic than they had been.

    This is another blessing. Because I took the plunge into self-publishing, I met a group of people who’ve provided friendship, support, and more kindness than I ever expected. The members of the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance have helped me more than words can express. I must mention Mr. Jack July, who took an interest in my writing, introduced me to the group, and invited me to be a guest on internet radio. If not for Jack, I might never have found the CLFA.  Every member of the group has been kind, welcoming, and helpful with writing tips and promotion. Please visit their Facebook page for reading suggestions. All genres are represented, and the books are those you’ll want to read again and again.

    I especially want to thank two members of this group, Daria DiGiovanni, and Kia Heavey. Daria invited me to be on her internet radio show, Writestream Tuesday, to promote my book, We struck up a friendship after finding out how many things we have in common. Kia is a talented author and artist. She helped me tremendously by reading the manuscript of my second book, and has done a wonderful job designing new covers for both Paradox and book two, The Notice. I’m thrilled with the new cover designs.


    To date, Tears Of Paradox has received ten 5 Star reviews on Amazon. The latest was posted just today. I’m truly humbled at the reaction to my work, and I want to thank each and every reader for their time, and for giving me a chance. 🙂

    I love the world that God created, and I try to enjoy every day. I love music, and looking at the beauty of nature while I run in the park.


    I love walking on the beach, especially Lewes Beach, Delaware, on Delaware Bay, and I’m thankful my family has been able to hang onto our little beach place through these tough economic times. My father worked hard to give us that beach place. He wanted us to keep and enjoy what he worked for. Luckily we’ve been able to keep it, even though it’s sometimes a struggle, due to policies crushing the middle class these days.


    This brings me to the subject of America. If you read my books, (or even the reviews), you’ll know how I feel about America. I truly believe that America is a wonderful country, and I’m tired of listening to people run her down. I don’t like the fundamental transformation America is undergoing at this time. It’s causing way too much pain and suffering. People in my family are affected in negative ways. I want America to come back. People should not be shamed because of their beliefs in a traditional American way of life.


    I will continue to pray for our beloved country, and  give thanks to God for allowing me to be born in the greatest country on earth.

  • Where Were You When The World Changed Forever?

    I remember exactly where I was. I was in my sister’s family room, watching TV with my niece, who was sick with a sore throat. She stayed home from school that day. I heard about the first plane from my sister, who called from her office in Wilmington Delaware. She wanted to know if what she’d heard a brief mention of was true. I ran to the kitchen to turn on the news, just in time to see the second plane hit. The world skewed, then.


    I begged my sister to come home from work. Rumor had it that eight more planes were in the air, headed toward various targets. My sister worked downtown, in a city known best as a banking and credit card center. I was afraid a plane would strike Wilmington that day. We all know how that day ended.


    This photo of a heroic firefighter, climbing the stairs of one of the towers, is one I reflect on yearly. Imagine it…climbing upward, not knowing when–or if–you’ll come back. The following song, “Into The Fire”details just such a hero. This song, from Bruce Springsteen’s 9/11 tribute album “The Rising” , is only one of many on the album. I’m listening to it in it’s entirety as I write. The images are painted in music and lyrics. I listen every year. I’m sure each and every American who was old enough remembers exactly where they were that day. We all have different ways of commemorating this solemn day. Many of us pray for the victims, their families, police, firefighters, the injured, our beloved America, and the world at large, which seems to be heading toward a precipice.


    We are less safe today, 13 years later, than we were on 9/11/01. I don’t understand why; we should have learned from the horror. Sadly, many went back to sleep. I pray they aren’t in for a rude awakening, but only God can save us. Please pray for America and the world, for if America somehow falls, the world will fall with it. God Bless and Protect America.



    Never forget.