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  • Dear Leftists. Get. Over. It.

    It has been 3 weeks since America elected the next President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, and we are still in the throes of the biggest, loudest, hysterical temper tantrum in recent memory.

    Yes, Hillary voters, I’m talking about you.

    There has not been such a show of immaturity in at least 60 years, if not longer. I know this because my mother told me. She’s 81, and said flat out that she remembers nothing that compares to the Left’s rage at the fact that their candidate didn’t win in all the years she’s been voting.

    (Except, perhaps, when Al Gore decided he had won in 2000, and subjected the country to the spectacle of hanging chads, lawsuits, and a Supreme Court decision that ruled that he could not continue trying to find enough Florida votes to declare himself the winner.)

    *Disclaimer* – To those Hillary voters who have done what normal people do when their candidate loses, (having some time of anger, and speaking about your disappointment, and then watching the new PEOTUS and commenting on his performance): This post is not directed at you.

    This is directed at Far Left Democrats, Media, and their sycophants & twitter trolls who have decided to overthrow the fair election of Donald Trump, and/or, those who insist on nasty tactics of passive-aggressive “statements” that are really ploys to humiliate Trump & his VP in public.

    So, let’s begin.

    To the cast of Hamilton & the audience who booed Mike Pence & his family, and then called him out with a statement speaking of their “fear” that they won’t be protected, This is how you appear to the rest of us:


    via GIPHY


    Your behavior was low class, and lacked basic decency. Please buy a copy of Amy Vanderbilt’s Everyday Etiquette, read it, and act accordingly.


    To the “protesters” who have marched & chanted “Not My President” and sometimes blocked interstates, invaded malls, held innocent people captive in their cars, rioted, attacked private citizens, broke windows & looted private businesses, and otherwise acted like three-year-olds in adult bodies, this is what you look like to the rest of us:


    via GIPHY

    Your tantrums are boring at the least, and dangerous at their worst. Go home. Nobody cares. You’re not going to get your way this time, so please, just stop.

    Or, as this video explains, “Sore Losers – Shut the F**k Up.”



    To the many Far Leftists working behind the scenes to throw the election to Hillary Clinton by calling for the electoral college to be rescinded without trying to amend the U.S. Constitution, screaming about the “popular vote” in order to inflame the passions of the above “protesters”, spamming, intimidating and threatening electors to get them to break the law or go against the people by voting for Hillary Clinton rather than Donald Trump, this is what you look like to normal, everyday Americans:


    via GIPHY


    Yes. This is really how people see you. You are attempting to burn the system down because you didn’t get your way this time. You may think you look cool and hip and brave, but in fact, the opposite is true. When people act in such ways, the rest of us see only one thing: Crazy.

    So stop. Just stop. If you don’t like the election results, work within the system to get Americans to want to vote for your candidate.

    Do some self-searching. Look inwardly, and try to understand why people rejected your candidate, your ideology and your message.

    (Hint. It has something to do with your standard operating procedure of labeling anyone who disagrees with you on issues as a “racist” or “bigot” or “homophobe” or “redneck” or “toothless hillbilly who sleeps with their sister” among other ridiculous name and labels.)

    Look at yourselves. Then try to act like you weren’t raised by wolves, and think about people other than yourselves and your “wants.” Maybe then, you’ll get a clue.


    via GIPHY


    To all the Far Leftists who have broken off family relationships, and are refusing to allow grandparents to have any contact with their beloved grandchildren, this is how your actions appear to the rest of us:


    via GIPHY

    Yes. You really are the Grinch who stole Christmas. The idea of cutting off contact with parents and close relatives over an election is beyond petty. It’s downright cruel. It’s low class, hateful, and hurtful.

    Please read the above linked article and think about what you are doing, to your parents, your children and yourselves. Then mend fences. Life is too short for this!

    I’ve been in your position for years. Obama really did encroach on my rights re Freedom of Religion. He also went outside of the power of his office and signed numerous unconstitutional executive orders that will have to be undone by Trump. Yet I never stopped speaking to family.

    Some of my family voted for Obama 2X, and I was even told that they would go along and support any eventual policy on firearms that would allow the government to enter my home and remove my lawfully purchased and licensed firearm from my house.

    But I certainly never cut anyone off. I spoke back and then the conversation ended. We still have Thanksgiving dinner together, and none of the little children in our family are even aware that an election took place.

    Please, don’t cut your family from your lives because you don’t like the way they voted!


    To Jill Stein the Recount Queen: Give it up. You will not get your way, and neither will the Democrats. Trump won the election, fair and square.

    Do you and those who back you have any idea how ridiculous you look? The premise for this recount is that Russians hacked our elections, yet you were the ones who insisted the NO ONE, including the Russians could have hacked the emails on Hillary’s unsecured private server.

    This makes as much sense as saying foxes invaded a henhouse, but they could not possibly have invaded the henhouse next door.

    Please. Go home.

    via GIPHY


    And finally, to all the people on the Left who have been throwing the term “Civil War” out on the internet, in Facebook comments, tweets, and articles like this one from Gersh Kuntzman, the man who claimed to have gotten PTSD from shooting a rifle one time, and whose foolishness spawned an everlasting stream of memes:


    Winner take all

    What if Hillary Clinton voters took up arms against all of Trump’s voters? Sure, it’s civil war again, but this one we can win — after all, there are millions more of us than there are of them.



    You are full of crap.

    There are not millions more of you. If you are going with the “popular vote” talking point, please understand that the absentee Military ballots were not even counted. If they were tallied, they would, on the authority of someone who knows, count as roughly 60% Trump – 40% Clinton.




    Have you forgotten the absentee voters, Gersh? Stop with the veiled threats. And be very careful what you wish for.

    I’ll end with this message to the angry leftists from an american infantryman that has been making the rounds online. It speaks of all of the people I mentioned above.


    I also know you’re a coward.

    I know this because you keep screaming, and blogging, and protesting, and even rioting… but you won’t start this “uprising” you keep going on and on about. If you really believe that your cause is just, that the majority supports you, and that the United States needs to be overthrown to make way for your Progressive social utopia of sunshine and free shit… pick up a gun and start your revolution like every other communist group in history. See, I come from an organization that spent the better part of the last century training to fight a bunch of little commie heathens, and I have a pretty healthy respect for any Ivan who was willing to pick up an AK47 and parachute onto the continent ready to overthrow the USA. That takes some guts. You’re not like him though. You’re quite different actually. Ivan was in shape. You’re a bunch of ‘fat acceptance’ advocates who complain airline seats are too small for your 9,000 calories per day diet. Ivan was a proud masculine man. You have drag queens and fat feminist women with green hair. Ivan grew up mining coal and hunting wolves in the Urals. You want socialism because you’re upset that you can’t get a 6-figure job at age 24 with the bullshit arts degree you spent all that loan money on and haven’t done a day of physical labor in your life. Ivan was a veteran of Stalingrad, Afghanistan, and a dozen bush wars. You think “Call of Duty” is too violent and sexist. Ivan packed an AK47 and knew how to use it. Those among you leftists now who even have weapons ditch them after you rob the liquor store or 7/11 and go hide out at your aunt’s Section 8 housing. You don’t have the discipline Ivan did, at least he used the sights. Ivan killed jihadists by the thousands. You make excuses for them and want to invite them into our country.

    You all have your reasons for hating America and whether or not I agree isn’t even relevant. I took an oath as did all of my brothers and sisters in uniform to defend this country against all enemies foreign AND domestic. I will always protect your rights to free speech and expression through lawful and civil protest whether or not your cause is something I believe in. However, you seem to believe revolution and violence are the answer now, and that makes you a domestic enemy of the United States I protect and serve. Do it and I’ll teach you how we make the fuckin’ green grass grow. You keep saying you want a revolution, secession, a new Civil War and the election of “Racist/sexist/homophobic/Republican/Nazi/xenophobic/dictator/Islamophobic/rich guy asshole” Donald Trump is the catalyst for you to take action and destroy every evil you perceive this country to stand for…

    Well… We’re waiting. Shit or get off the pot.


    Again… be careful with your wishes. You really, really do NOT want them to come true.


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  • Trump Rocked the Christian Vote. Here’s Why.

    As has become apparent over the past week, Trump got more votes from Christians (Protestant & others), Evangelical Christians & Catholics than did Clinton.

    First, as proof, I will link to this Pew article: How the faithful voted: A preliminary 2016 analysis.

    Below is a chart from the article. As you can see, in the 2016 Presidential race, with the exception of Mormons, a greater number of Christians voted for Trump than voted for Romney in 2012.
    Presidential vote by religious affiliation and race

    Where to begin?

    I suppose we should begin with the obvious. Christians voted Trump as a referendum on Obama. This is because Hillary Clinton promised her supporters that she would continue Obama’s policies on steroids.

    Obama removed conscience protections from people of faith in the medical field by insisting, via Obamacare and the HHS mandate, that pharmacists dispense the morning after pill over the counter to minors.

    Obama took nuns to court, to force them to provide birth control to themselves and others who might work with them.

    Obama fostered the Leftist ideal of abortion in such an over-the-top manner that Planned Parenthood doctors and upper echelon admins got away with being caught on video discussing their house of horror style selling of aborted baby body parts, and the only person who faced an indictment was the whistleblower.


    I could go on. But instead, I will link to the following article by Jonathon Van Maren: The painfully obvious reason Christians voted for Trump (that liberals just don’t understand).


    Below is the article in its entirety, links included.


    Nov. 14, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Since the election of Donald Trump, the level of meltdown on the Left has now reached proportions rivalling Chernobyl. University students at Cornell hosted a cry-in, meeting together to weep at the fall of Hillary Clinton. As per usual, more hate crimes were faked, and every bit of potentially racist graffiti was pounced on as evidence that Trump’s election would result in vicious race wars. Actual violence and rioting done by angry progressives has been almost completely ignored. And then, the one theme that keeps recurring on talks shows across the nation: fear. As the result of Donald Trump’s election, many people, apparently, feel as if the leadership of the country is now fundamentally opposed to them in some way, and they are scared.

    Which is exactly how Christians have felt under Barack Obama for the past eight years.

    Many of my non-Christian and liberal friends find it bewildering that both evangelicals and Catholics voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump, a thrice-married casino operator infamous for his vulgar trash talk. I want to take a moment to explain to them directly why most Christians voted for him anyways. It’s simple, really: Christians voted for Donald Trump because they felt that the threat a de facto third Obama term posed to Christian communities was an existential one.

    The attacks on Christians from the highest levels of government have been relentless now for nearly a decade. Obama wants to force Christian churches and schools to accept the most radical and most recent version of gender ideology, and he is willing to issue executive decrees on the issue to force the less enlightened to get in line. Christian concerns are dismissed out of hand as “transphobia.”

    Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton informed one audience that Christians would have to change their beliefs on some issues. And now Christians are having conversations around the dinner table about what do if the government forces curricula on them that they cannot accept, because their own government is increasingly indicating that Christian parents are too homophobic and too hateful to teach their own children. Can you understand how terrified mothers and fathers are at the prospect that those in power want to actively prevent them from passing their beliefs on to their own children?

    I can understand why those from some immigrant communities might be worried about how a Trump presidency could affect them personally—but as for the largely white liberal university students throwing a temper tantrum—what do you have to freak out about? No one is saying that you can’t pass your values on to your children. No one is saying you’re a bigoted, fascistic hater of minorities simply because you happen to have a different belief system. But they are saying that about Christians—and you were, too. And they mean it. The students weeping in fear at a Trump administration have nothing to worry about. No one’s going to cancel their Women’s Studies program or shut down their LBGTQ2etc Collective. Get over it.

    And then there was the rapid rise of rainbow fascism. Christian bakers are under attack. Christian photographers. Christian pastors. Real people are losing real businesses that they had labored for years to build. Their way of life is being destroyed. In some cases, Christian business owners saw the wages they needed to feed their families dry up because they were targeted by gay activists and labeled hateful, homophobic bigots simply for declining to assist in celebrating a gay union. That’s all. They just wanted to live their lives in accordance with their own beliefs, and because of that, activists came gunning for them. It wasn’t good enough to go down the street to any number of photographers or bakers who would be more than happy to help celebrate a gay wedding. They needed to see those little family businesses destroyed, even if it meant that the baker and his family ended up on the street. Dissenters must be crushed.

    These things happened, and are happening, and many of you shrugged your shoulders and thought to yourselves that the homophobes got what they deserved. You didn’t care about these people, and you didn’t respect their right to live out their beliefs because you thought there was something fundamentally wrong with those beliefs.

    And then there was the fact that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton wanted to force Christians to fund the abortion industry, something many of you support because everyone babbles on about “reproductive rights” without ever talking about what abortion actually is. Abortion. Google it. I’m challenging you in all seriousness. That’s how I ended up involved in the pro-life movement: by Googling it and realizing what abortion was. Take a second, and actually look at pictures of the dead babies, and then remember that Barack Obama even voted against protecting those children who survived abortion, and that Hillary Clinton defended abortion even in the latest stages of pregnancy.

    Is it really so hard for you to understand that those who fight tirelessly to protect these babies might be willing to gamble on the support of a brash billionaire rather than cast their vote for someone who thinks the youngest members of the human family are nothing more than soulless trash? I’ve seen an aborted baby before. I’ve held a butchered little boy in my hands. Maybe if you did, too, you could understand why we don’t think Hillary Clinton is a good person. We think her political positions directly result in dead children, because that’s the truth.

    This is not even to get into the fact that the Democratic war on religious liberty was so malicious it had them going to court to force nuns—a group called “Little Sisters of the Poor”—to fund birth control. Dissenters must be crushed, after all.

    The simple fact is that Christians voted in self-defence. They voted to put the brakes on the relentless, eight-year-long assault not just on their values, but on their ability to live their lives unmolested without having radical progressives attempt to force some newly invented ideology down their throat or hang some new “phobia” label around their necks or garnish their wages to pay for medical exterminators to suction tiny human beings into bloody slurry. Most of these Christians are not activists. Most of them simply want to be left alone. But for eight long years, they weren’t left alone. And so this time around, they voted to give Obama and his progressive minions the hugest shove they could.

    Donald Trump may well prove to be destructive force. Time will tell. But for many people, he is currently destroying all the right things. Michael Moore wasn’t wrong to refer to Trump as a “legal Molotov cocktail” that the voters threw right through the front window of the elites. Secular progressives have been using political correctness to strangle the life out of Christians, calling them every name in the book and treating them like seething, hateful gay-bashers. Now, the media saddled a man with every label they could possibly come up with—and he won anyways. Progressives created a system that would convict Christians every single time, replete with ever-shifting speech codes that informed any number of bewildered men and women that the hate they didn’t feel towards anyone was obviously there, anyways. And then a sledgehammer named Donald Trump showed up, and the harried and henpecked voters decided to use it to smash a system created specifically to marginalize and label them.

    What you have to understand is that Christians hear the media much differently than the rest of you. They hear themselves being mocked and ridiculed by men like John Oliver, who believes that a man with a penis can simultaneously be a woman. They hear themselves being cursed as awful people by Samantha Bee, who thinks that it’s perfectly okay to stab a baby in the skull in the third trimester of pregnancy. They hear themselves being called hateful bigots by Bill Maher, who claims to value diversity. And they may chuckle painfully, but they also know that they are loathed by those who are now demanding to know how they could possibly have voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, a woman who would have taken her own sledgehammer to religious liberty at the very earliest opportunity.

    We’ll have to see how a Trump presidency progresses. With men like Mike Pence around him, he may prove to be an ally to the Christians who cast their ballots for him last Tuesday. But even if he isn’t, Christians are simply relieved that he isn’t Hillary Clinton. As I pointed out prior to Election Day, most of us are quite aware that Donald Trump doesn’t care about abortion or religious liberty. But on the other hand, Hillary Clinton is passionate about abortion, and she ispassionate about furthering her party’s radical social agenda. Even if Donald Trump does nothing for Christians, at least he’ll leave them alone. After eight years of Barack Obama, that would be a tremendous relief.

    That’s why so many Christians voted for Donald J. Trump.


    I certainly could not have said it better than Mr. Van Maren. The thought of being left alone by Left wing zealots is a heady one, filled with peace and thanksgiving to God.

    To drive home the point of the above article, please click this article from the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ): Christian College Students Denied Admission For Their Faith. There’s a petition attached to bring awareness to this abomination of Freedom, and to aid the students in their legal battles. I signed it.


    Universities are engaging in anti-Christian discrimination at an alarming rate.

    One state college rejected a Christian student, saying the medical “field is not the place for religion.”

    In another of our cases, a college student was denied admission because he “brought up religion.”

    This isn’t just outrageous; it’s blatantly unconstitutional.

    Right now we’re in federal court to address this issue. But disturbingly anti-Christian discrimination is growing nationwide.

    One university student was expelled for her faith, another was told to defile the name of Jesus, and another was failed for refusing to agree that Christianity is false.

    How in God’s name is the above even happening in America? We have a right, under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to practice our religion without interference, from government or anyone else, including Left Wing Colleges and Universities.

    Of course Christians voted against Hillary! We would have to be the equivalent of Harry and Marv from Home Alone not to!

    Sorry, but Leftists might believe we are dumb enough to vote directly against keeping our rights under the Constitution, but hello… we’re not the stupid ones here.

    Liberals, please. Look outside your bubble. Your ideology was completely refuted and kicked to the curb last Tuesday.

    Please, look inwardly, and ask yourselves why? It may take some time. You may feel uncomfortable. You may even feel ashamed. But for the love of this Country, stop repeating Liberal talking points and fake news stories from the mainstream media and look at the truth.

    In closing, please look at the video below. It contains footage of young Leftists/Liberals marching against the democratically elected president, Donald Trump. These kids shut down highways, burned flags, invaded a mall, and trashed private property, all in the name of their ideology.

    And Liberals say Conservatives are the haters?



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  • #ImWithHer

    Tomorrow will decide whether America moves toward Liberty or into a hellish Tyranny.




    From “The Crisis“, by Thomas Paine:

    December 23, 1776

    THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated. Britain, with an army to enforce her tyranny, has declared that she has a right (not only to TAX) but “to BIND us in ALL CASES WHATSOEVER” and if being bound in that manner, is not slavery, then is there not such a thing as slavery upon earth. Even the expression is impious; for so unlimited a power can belong only to God.



    As the old saying goes: Pray and don’t worry. So, here are some powerful prayers.


    The Holy Rosary:


    I used to pray it daily, but have slacked off over the past year. Still, it’s my go to prayer in times of uncertainty.

    O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.


    The Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel:




    Saint Michael the Archangel, Pray for us.



    Saint Patrick’s Breastplate- (Lorica)




    This prayer is so lyrical and mysterious. I’ve been praying it almost daily for some time. It’s also beautiful in song.




    Saint Patrick, pray for us.





    Prayer for Religious Liberty:



    Mary Immaculate, Patroness of Our Country, Pray for Us.


    Divine Mercy:



    Jesus, I trust in you.




  • Voting My Catholic Conscience

    Many freedom minded people have been arguing about the election for many months.

    So, I see no reason not to weigh in during the last stretch. A month from now we will know who will be the president, so why not?

    With the exception of once or twice in moments of despair, I have kept my mouth shut on my Facebook page. I believe every person has the right to vote the way they choose, and I would expect them to give me the same option.

    Nevertheless, I have made the decision, using my well formed Catholic conscience, to vote for Donald Trump in November, and against Hillary Clinton. Following is an article in the National Catholic Register that supports my position and that of many other pro life Catholics: Vote as a Catholic with a Catholic Moral Vision

    MSGR. Charles Pope says:

    On the eve of an election and as a priest I frequently am baited to comment more directly on politics by naming names, and parties. I will not do so. The temporal order belongs to the laity, not the clergy. But as a priest I must convey the moral teachings and insist that Catholics connect the dots when it comes to voting. And my advice is simple: Vote as a Catholic, not as a Republican, Democrat, conservative, or liberal. Vote as a Catholic with a Catholic moral vision.

    It is a simple fact, beyond the control of the Church, or of any individual and faithful Catholic, that most politicians of a certain party support the right of others to kill pre-born children. (Emphasis mine).

    This is a heinous crime and cannot be papered over by jargonistic terminology or overlooked by moral equivocations such as “Well, he is right on the other issues.”  Would the excuse that “he is right on the other issues” hold if the word abortion were replaced by genocide or slavery? Abortion is not an abstraction. It is a horrifying reality whose death toll has reached over 50 million in this country alone.

    Proverbs 24 says,Rescue those who are being led off to death; hold back those who are being carried to slaughter. And if you say, “Behold, we did not know this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive you? Does not he who keeps watch over your soul know it, and will he not repay man according to his work? (Prov 24:11-14) If we do not oppose this moral evil, we are part of the problem and God will judge us.

    The same holds for euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, and same-sex “marriage.” We cannot remain silent, let alone honor and promote those who hold these views. Do not neglect the other moral issues — but these non-negotiables, for the reasons stated and due to their deadly quality and/or the severe moral harm they cause, must be our first concern.


    So, here we all are. The above are non negotiable in the Catholic Church. I have loved my faith and the truths taught by the Church for so many years…I have to vote my conscience.

    Most of my concern is for Life. All human life. That of unborn children, the elderly, the mentally and physically disabled, and others who are under attack by the Democrats.

    I myself have given up worrying about same sex marriage. It’s the law of the land, and I couldn’t care less what people do in their private lives.

    However, I do have many concerns about the militant LGBT activists and their Liberal fellow travelers’ push to force churches to kowtow to THEIR moral vision.

    I’m not going to bother posting any links re the Gay lobby. The information is available online by typing in a few keywords. The same goes for the abortion push by Hilary Clinton, Planned Parenthood and others.

    So, my decision is made. Trump, even though he was not my first choice, is the only candidate that might beat Clinton. And Trump has surrounded himself with people who believe what I believe re the above moral issues and others. Therefore, I will vote for Trump, and pray that he wins. Despite his problems, he is the better candidate in my opinion.

    I’ve always believed that if our country continues toward MORE abortion, ill treatment of the elderly, and other death cult practices, that we will fade away.

    There is no way we will remain free if we allow the party who fosters a death cult to remain in power, when we can at least throw a wrench in their operation for a few years, if not longer.


    So again… I have to vote against the Democrats. But, if the Democrats and Hillary win in November, I personally believe that America will never recover. It will be impossible for this country to ever regain any semblance of freedom in my lifetime.

    Clinton has vowed to continue and expand on the policies already in place, those that take away the rights of people like me. She will not fix economy, since she vows to keep high taxes.

    She will not increase jobs, since she plans to continue Obama’s policies without change, and has threatened to put coal miners out of business, among other energy/environmental policies.

    She has vowed to see that the Hyde Amendment is overturned, which in reality would make me a slave, because it will remove any protection whatsoever to keep my hard earned money from paying for abortions. I do not want to pay for this barbaric practice. To force me to do so via taxes is a violation of my rights as a free American.

    She is pushing for more gun control, and will appoint Supreme Court justices to see that Americans lose their 2nd amendment rights, and she has promised to allow open borders and import un-vetted refugees to America.

    There is no way to vet the refugees. They are from war torn Syria and other Muslim controlled countries, and it would take too much time to vet each one. Also, many of these people do not wish to assimilate and become Americans. They want Americans to become like them instead.

    I could go on, but the gist of it is that in four years, anyone who runs against her has no chance of winning. Democrats have recently been caught registering dead people to vote in Virginia. There are numerous other examples of voter fraud, yet they insist there is none, and will not allow voter ID laws in many states.

    So, with the above in mind, I do not believe anyone can beat Hillary in 2020. She is a criminal, and she is not above stealing votes. By the time 2020 comes around, there will be way too many immigrants who’ve come over the open Southern border on the voting rolls. They will be registered Democrats, and even if they don’t actually go into a voting booth, they WILL “vote.” And they’ll vote for Hillary.

    It will not matter who runs against her in 2020. She will win again, and by 2024, 16 years of far Left policy will have completely transformed America. We will not recognize our country, all of our traditions will have gone the way of the dinosaur, and we will be, in truth, dhimmis.

    I know some folks believe Congress will hold Hillary in check, and not approve her SCOTUS picks, but I don’t believe it. They haven’t held Obama back, and they won’t mess with Hillary either, so IMO, America will be over if she’s elected.


    Take a look at this video of Hillary Clinton standing for the right to dissent:



    Now please understand the truth. The above may have been true when the Democrats were protesting GWB’s presidency, but no such allowances will be made for anyone who speaks out against Hillary Clinton if she wins.

    Political Correctness has eroded the country. Federal bureaucracies have already been used against conservatives under Obama.

    If Hillary is elected, she will double down on us–those she deems irredeemable deplorables. Also, please note this fact: Just because someone does not vote for Trump doesn’t mean they won’t be counted among the deplorables.

    The Democrat flunkies who will be carrying out the Clinton agenda will not care if any given American was against Trump. If a far Leftist sees an American’s name on some list, they will not be given a free pass just because they voted Libertarian, or wrote in someone else.

    Anyone who does not vote for Hillary will also be considered a deplorable, irredeemable, un-American peon who can be targeted for anything these government workers dream up.

    Take a look at the following. I know it’s ten minutes long, and you don’t have to watch the whole thing, but it illustrates exactly the type of person who will be lording it over all of us if Hillary wins:



    The above is not an isolated incident. It is a common practice now. If Hillary wins, people like the woman above will grow braver and stronger, and will make the lives of more and more Americans a living hell.

    I can’t help but wish that such a person could be put on notice. Such behavior is abusive and bigoted, yet she’s proud of herself. But if Hillary wins, more of this type of behavior will become the norm.

    There will be more violence, more division, more denigration, and more abuse. There will be less inclusiveness, and more distrust. The country will divide yet further, and Conservatives and Libertarians will be considered non-persons, to the press, the government, and Leftists like the woman above.

    So, here’s my dilemma. I am rather ill with depression/anxiety, as diagnosed by a physician. I consider myself blessed that I found a great doctor who listens to me, and who will work tirelessly to help me manage my condition.

    Still, I must admit that battling the Leftists for the past 8 years has left me exhausted. And the constant worry about what has happened and will happen if Clinton is elected has exacerbated my condition to the point of physical illness at times.

    Sometimes I lose hours or even days when I’m overcome with depression. I’m not ashamed of my illness. It’s real, it’s chronic, it’s debilitating and it’s hellacious.

    But as I’ve said before, it’s what I was given, and it’s my responsibility to manage it, and to keep myself in the best health I can.

    So I have to plan what I will do if Clinton wins the election. And unfortunately, I’ve decided that I will not engage in politics in the future if she wins.

    I can’t deal with another election, knowing it’s Kabuki Theater. If we can’t win now, we certainly won’t win in 4 or 8 years, no matter who the Republicans run, for the reasons I listed above.

    So, I’ve already decided that I will stay off of social media in the days after the election, no matter who wins. I’m sure it will be a contentious place, and I can’t allow myself to lose a week of my life over something beyond my control.

    And if Clinton wins, I will not be involved in any way, shape or form in protesting or trying to change things. This includes voting.

    I am simply going to drop out and live my life as best I can. It hurts way too much to see news stories about Planned Parenthood clinics and the amount of death, destruction and waste of women and children’s lives as it is. I cannot bear to see these things anymore, knowing they are here to stay.

    The same goes for all the other issues.

    So… if Hillary wins, this November will be the last time I ever vote.

    I don’t say this lightly. I’ve voted in every election except one since I was 18 years old. Not to vote is a foreign idea to me.

    But at this point, it won’t do any good, and my health has suffered way too much already.

    I hope people won’t hold it against me in 2020, but I absolutely will not get involved in any attempt to “beat” Hillary. I refuse to go through this again, and I will not bother to drive to the polling place. I am staying home.

    In closing, I’m going to embed a tweet with a video re Donald Trump. I have watched it quite a few times, because it made me happy to see the little girl’s face when she realized someone cared enough to help her.

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  • Les Deplorables

    Sigh. As most Americans have probably heard, Hillary Clinton, who’s running for president, deemed approximately one quarter of Americans a basket of deplorable, irredeemable racists, bigots, homophobes, Islamophobes & haters of all sorts.


    See video:


    This is because the country is divided deeply along ideological lines, and many of us cannot bear the thought of a Hillary presidency, and have made the decision to vote for her opponent, Donald Trump.

    She deemed half of Trump’s supporters okay people, who just want change. Change from what? Oh… change from 8 years of life under Barack Obama? (Funny… she plans to continue his policies on steroids.)

    Well, it’s over now. She said this in public, at a fundraiser. So we know what she really thinks of us.

    This entire election cycle has been hellacious from beginning until now. I’m not at all surprised that she said what she said; only that she let it slip at a fundraiser. Most Democrats think what Hilary thinks…they just say it to each other behind closed doors, like Obama did, when he stated that Republicans were bitter clingers, holding on to guns and religion.

    He had no idea that his statement would get out to the media. But things have changed a bit. Hillary doesn’t need to worry about what she says… the MSM will cover for her no matter what she does, and she probably thought that saying what she did would be glossed over.

    But, Hillary forgot that we really have nothing to lose. So, we are at least having a little fun with her comments.


    Here’s a really funny take on the Basket of Deplorables, by The People’s Cube.

    Les Deplorables: new show with Hillary and Trump supporters

    User avatar

    A new reality show is sweeping the nation, starring Hillary as Mme. Thénardier and the American people as a basket of deplorables. (The author of the image is unknown, h/t to Banafsheh for sharing it).

    The theatrical trailer below comes from our friend and former Cubist Mr. Pinko, now of PolitOpinion.com.



    The coughing at the end of the above clip…. well, I myself am quite disturbed by Mrs. Clinton’s obvious illness, and have been praying for her and her family.

    I don’t wish anyone ill. I just don’t want her to be president.

    But as to her comments…. I’m trying to figure out which people in my family (almost all of us are voting Trump. We do not agree with Hillary’s policies, and we are hanging on for dear life through a terrible economy that truly has hit our family hard).

    So… who are #LesDeplorables among my family members?

    Me or my husband? One of us must be irredeemable, and a horrible person, right? So, which one? I don’t really know… that’s the strange part. Most people find us to be rather…dare I say it? Nice? I mean, we aren’t in jail. He works full time. Our children and grandchildren seem to think we are both okay people, so… who decides which of us is irredeemable?

    Um– I thought that was reserved for God, but Hillary seems to have taken it upon herself to pass the ultimate judgement.

    Since my husband is a great person, and I have a temper that I struggle to control, perhaps I should be Le Deplorable in the case of our marriage.



    My nieces. Which sister is the Deplorable… the 25 year old third grade teacher, or the 21 year old College Senior who has a 4.5 GPA?

    My sis & her husband. Both have worked since they were 18 years old, and are making it through layoffs and hardships under Obama, though putting 2 kids through college when your income has been halved can be quite the challenge.

    Which one is irredeemable? Sis, who lost her job in the corporate world, and now drives a school bus, or her husband who drives two hours round trip to work each day? Again…none of us have been in jail, or anything that used to be considered deplorable.

    My cousins? The husband, who runs his own business and works 12 hrs/day and weekends, or his wife, who works in his business and does all kinds of volunteer work with our church?

    Or, and this is the big one… my parents. (Dad passed 4 years ago, but a can assure people he would not be voting Hillary, and since the Dems usually raise the cemeteries every other November, I feel it’s fair to mention Dad.)

    Okay. Mom is a widow on a fixed income with some health problems, yet she still manages to live a good life, loves her family, attends church and is a generally good person who also has never been in jail.

    Dad was, and I’m not kidding, almost a saint while he lived. That man did so much for his children, grandchildren, extended family, neighbors and the Church, that he most likely is with God in Paradise as I write this. I know I will be spending time in purgatory, but he probably went right to Heaven.

    So…which of my parents could be termed deplorable? It’s quite difficult to try to decide such a thing, isn’t it?

    Again, many people, including me, are trying to laugh a bit about these slurs and slights to our character, knowing that this is the way it is every four years.

    So, rather than be angry or hurt about Clinton’s remarks, we try to laugh at what Trump and his supporters have done with the “Basket of Deplorable” comments.

    There are too many hysterical memes to count now. So… laugh it off. More is headed our way, and even if Trump wins, we will still be called these names, so…

    Hop in the basket. It’s fun in here.

    Vive La Bourriches!!!




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    I Wish You Peace


  • I Wish You Peace

    During this time of terrible stress and division leading up to the most important election of our lives, many Americans are struggling to find peace.

    Especially people like me, who suffer from clinical depression and anxiety. Some days are so ridden with anxiety that I have great difficulty keeping myself calm. Today seems to be one of those days.

    This morning I got up early to go running and pray the Rosary, two things that usually set a positive foundation for the day. But now, at 7 pm, I find that I’m stressed out again.

    However, there are certain things that I have found to keep the anxiety at bay, even if they don’t always work, and so, I decided to write a list here in this post.

    To keep my anxiety levels as low as possible, here’s what I do.

    1) Reading Scripture and Prayer. This is a practice that helps immensely. I have quite a few apps installed on my phone, including Laudate, a Catholic resource with daily Mass readings, reflections and prayers. I also have the Bible app. This is of great help, because you can search for verses by typing in words, like peace, fear, love, trust, etc. There is always a verse at my fingertips to comfort me.




    2) Turn off the TV. Yes, I mean really. This includes cable news. No TV, unless it’s for a quality program, movie or other entertainment.

    3) Silence. Most of the time my house is quiet, and when I’m working I sit next to the window, where all can hear are the sounds of birds, cicadas, the wind, and other peaceful country sounds.

    4) Limit news intake. I do not watch any mainstream news, and only listen to one program on talk radio. That’s it. Too much news/talk and debate is stressful. There are ways to keep informed without listening or watching news all day long.

    5) Be careful of social media. This is difficult for me, since I love being online, but too much of it hurts my health, since the trends are managed by leftists who try to demoralize people like me — we who do not want Hillary Clinton elected president.

    *note* When on Facebook, if the constant doom and gloom are too much for you, or you are a reluctant Trump supporter, and are voting AGAINST Hillary, please, do yourself a favor, and unfollow your Never Trump contacts.

    It is much too stressful to see the constant threads of name calling, scorn and derision. It’s very unfortunate that we are where we are, but it can’t be helped. It seems the differences are irreconcilable.

    If your friends constantly share nasty memes that deride the person running against Hillary (and/or the people who have chosen to vote for him, either as their first choice or as a last resort, like I am) please don’t feel that you must see it.

    If you see articles that cast aspersions on you or your family, perhaps suggesting that your conscience is in need of an overhaul, or that you are dumber than a box of hammers, you are not obligated to keep it coming through your newsfeed.

    The unfollow button is there for a reason. Use it, and don’t look back until after the election, when it may be safe to see what your friends are saying.

    6) Unfollow all clickbait sites, or other sites that cause stress. Yes. Just unfollow. Find some quality news that is as unbiased as possible, and weed out the crap.

    7) Stay off twitter trends. Do not look at trends. Twitter is in the tank for Hillary. They manage trends to make her look good, hiding her many crimes, her health problems, and other important news, while at the same time pushing the Republican candidate to the top of trends if he happens to say one wrong word.

    So, if you like twitter, just visit the accounts of friends, and of people who you trust to share the truth. Then leave.

    8) Exercise, fresh air and sunlight. Find some sort of activity, whether it be walking, running, a workout, the gym, or even sitting and lifting your arms up and down. Anything at all to get the stress off.

    Getting outside each day is very important too, even for just fifteen or twenty minutes.


    IMG_2400 2


    9). Hug your family and spend time with them.

    10). Hug your pet.

    11) Try to find at least one thing to laugh about every day.




    12) Read a good book. This is a must. Reading is an escape. Use it.

    13) Music. This one is one of my mainstays. Listen to the music you love every day, and get lost in it for awhile.

    14) Get plenty of sleep. This can mean the difference between a good day and a bad day, so hit the hay early every night.

    I have been using the disciplines above for some time, though I do at times backslide in some of them. These tricks do work to limit stress, and God knows everyone is suffering at least a little right now.

    Following is a song that is one of my favorites. It happened to come up on my playlist this morning, and has been in my head all day.




    I wish you peace, when times are hard
    The light to guide you through the dark
    And when storms are high and your dreams are low

    I wish you the strength to let love grow on,
    I wish you the strength to let love flow…


    So, in closing… I wish you peace.



  • Never Hillary, Pre-Convention Musings & a Reluctant Fisk

    Meh. I am coming out of the Closet. I am #NeverHillary.

    Yes. Unless something downright crazy occurs to make me not vote at all, I am voting for Donald Trump. He was not my 1st choice, but he did get to the magic number of 1237 votes, and has some good ideas. Yes, I know people think that his ideas are not his own, and were written others, so no need to tell me. Still, his stated policies are much better for America than Hillary’s stated policies.

    Yes, I have read the comments and worries from other Christians and Catholics, saying that I will be voting for evil, yet I have found the opposite to be true in this article from EWTN, entitled Moral Duties Concerning Voting.


    Our Duty to Vote

    With the development of popular government comes the duty of citizens to participate in their own government for the sake of the common good. Notto do so is to abandon the political process to those who do not have the common good in mind. Given the nature of democracies this inevitably leads to unjust laws and an unjust society. These may come about anyway, but they should not come about through the negligence of Christians, who would then share in the guilt.

    This duty is chiefly exercised by voting, through which citizens elect their representatives and even determine by referendum the laws which will govern them. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states:

    2239 It is the duty of citizens to contribute along with the civil authorities to the good of society in a spirit of truth, justice, solidarity, and freedom. The love and service of one’s country follow from the duty of gratitude and belong to the order of charity. Submission to legitimate authorities and service of the common good require citizens to fulfill their roles in the life of the political community.

    2240 Submission to authority and co-responsibility for the common good make it morally obligatory to pay taxes, to exercise the right to vote, and to defend one’s country [Rom 13:7]:

    Pay to all of them their dues, taxes to whom taxes are due, revenue to whom revenue is due, respect to whom respect is due, honor to whom honor is due. [Christians] reside in their own nations, but as resident aliens. They participate in all things as citizens and endure all things as foreigners…. They obey the established laws and their way of life surpasses the laws…. So noble is the position to which God has assigned them that they are not allowed to desert it. [Ad Diognetum 5: 5, 10]


    So, according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, of which I am a member, I have a duty to vote. You may not be a Catholic, and/or your conscience may say something different, but I have been very torn for months about voting, and I found the answers in this post.


    Who We May Not Vote For

    The question arises naturally, therefore, if among a slate of candidates there are those for whom we may not vote, without sinning gravely. Catholic moral theology recognizes, in the writings of approved authors who faithfully represent the theological tradition of the Church, sound guides for forming a Catholic conscience. Two such authors are Fathers Heribert Jone, OFM Cap. and Henry Davis, SJ. Speaking of the duty to vote and when it could be sinful not to, Fr. Jone writes:

    205. Voting is a civic duty which would seem to bind at least under venial sin whenever a good candidate has an unworthy opponent. It might even be a mortal sin if one’s refusal to vote would result in the election of an unworthy candidate. [Moral Theology (Dublin: Mercier Press, 1929, 1955)]

    Similarly, Fr. Davis writes,

    It is the duty of all citizens who have the right to vote, to exercise that right when the common good of the State or the good of religion and morals require their votes, and when their voting is useful. It is sinful to vote for the enemies of religion or liberty… [Moral and Pastoral Theology, vol. 2, Chapter V, 4thCommandment, p. 90 (New York: Sheed and Ward, 1935, 1959)]

    Who, then, are the enemies of religion or liberty for whom it would be sinful to vote? Reasonably, it would be those who attack the most basic rights in a society, since all rights depend on those which are logically or actually prior. Among the enumerated inalienable rights recognized by the Declaration of Independence is the right to life. The right to life is both logically and actually prior to all other rights since liberty is meaningless to those who have been unjustly killed. The protection of innocent human life is thus the first obligation of society. This is why protection against foreign enemies is the first duty of the federal government and protection against domestic enemies (criminals) is the first obligation of local government.


    And again, there is one candidate that I may NOT vote for: Hillary Clinton. (See above).

    So, having the duty to vote, and knowing for whom I must NOT vote, the choice is pretty clear to me, now that Ted Cruz, the candidate I voted for in the PA primary, is no longer in the race.

    And please, for folks who may have seen comments on Facebook posts regarding Trump which say: “No good Christian can vote for that evil man…” Please, don’t buy that BS.

    That is an opinion, not a fact, and you know what they say about opinions: They are like a$$holes–everyone has one, and they usually stink. If you are confused, pray. Pray about the decision. Get close to God, tell Him your cares, and then you will find the answers.

    I am voting AGAINST the person who will unleash the most evil. If we are not Liberal Democrats, we already know that Hillary will unleash more evil upon this world than there already is at this time. She has made numerous statements, saying she wants more abortions, not less, and at any time during gestation. She has stated that “we” must change our traditions, religion, etc. in order to advance her Leftist Progressive vision. And in her book, It Takes a Village, she put forth an argument that children should be raised by the State and its institutions, and that parents are secondary. Also, expect many more foreign policy debacles and negative consequences from open borders and importation of unvetted refugees.

    I am not going to post any links to the above info on Hillary. If you are a Conservative/Republican, you most likely already know these things, and if you haven’t yet come across them, google is your friend.

    And now, for the sticky part: Most of us, if we have been paying attention, know that Donald Trump is no Conservative. He simply is not a Conservative. He’s…independent. (Yes, I know others say he’s a Democrat.)

    The man has taken Liberal positions in the past on different issues. He has been photographed with Hillary & Bill. He said good things about them in the past. Though I understand that Trump has voted Republican more than Democrat, still, his past proclamations have shown that he holds some Liberal positions.

    Still… the evil Trump is likely to unleash is less than that of Hillary. If he does even a few things that he has promised, the country will be better off than we are now. So, I’m going with the lesser of the evils.

    Now, quickly a few points.

    People say: “Trump is a RACIST.” Never mind that every Republican candidate is a racist, and that this is the boy Democrat Slimeball Hillary-Loving Media crying wolf again like  he they always does do. No matter who the Republican candidate is, they will be called a racist. That is just business as usual for the MSM. They’ve been doing it for at least 15 years. Even if the Republican candidate happened to be African American, the MSM would find a way to term them a racist. Also, if Trump picks a minority as his running mate, the person will be called a racist, so get ready to listen to more wolf-crying.

    But…I have recently come upon the following article, When Trump Fought the Racists, which makes the case that Trump is the total opposite of a racist, and, in fact, was a champion for minorities 20 years ago, when nobody was paying attention.


    The WSJ story that is linked focuses on the battles Trump faced as a new arrival to Palm Beach, including his new competition with the social clubs of the old order. The story, which quotes Abe Foxman, the longtime head of the Anti-Defamation League, says, in part, the following:

    Mr. Trump also has resorted to the courts to secure his foothold here, and many residents wince at the attention his legal battles with the town have drawn — to the town in general, and to the admission practices at some of Palm Beach’s older clubs in particular.

    …The culture clash began to approach a climax last fall, when Mr. Trump’s lawyer sent members of the town council a copy of the film “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” a film that deals with upper-class racism. Mr. Trump then approached the town council about lifting the restrictions that had been placed on the club. He also asked some council members not to vote on the request because their membership in other clubs created a conflict of interest.

    Last December, after the council refused to lift the restrictions, Mr. Trump filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Palm Beach, alleging that the town was discriminating against Mar-a-Lago, in part because it is open to Jews and African-Americans. The suit seeks $100 million in damages.

    … Mr. Foxman seems pleased that Mr. Trump has elevated the issue of discriminatory policies at social clubs. “He put the light on Palm Beach,” Mr. Foxman says. “Not on the beauty and the glitter, but on its seamier side of discrimination. It has an impact.”

    In recent weeks, Mr. Foxman says, the league has received calls from Jewish residents telling of how Palm Beach clubs are changing. Locals concur that in the past year, organizations such as the Bath and Tennis Club have begun to admit Jewish patrons. The Palm Beach Civic Association, which for many years was believed to engage in discriminatory behavior, this month named a Jewish resident as its chief officer.

    In other words? In other words, long before he was running for president, there was Donald Trump battling racism and anti-Semitism in Palm Beach society. Using every tool at his disposal.


    Some racist. Some anti-semite.


    Now that some factual stuff of importance is out of the way, I will revert to my own musings.

    Over the past few months, I have watched the increased tension between Republicans/Conservatives who most likely agree with each other on 80% of important issues, as it escalated into something quite ugly. I used to think Conservatives were better than we really are, but now my bubble has been busted. It seems we are no better than they are.

    I knew the Democrats were going to have terrible strife within their own party when the Sanders supporters figured out they were being played like the world’s ugliest out of tune violin, as puppet Bernie led them along like a pied piper.

    Everyone but the Bernie folks knew the fix was in. Hillary had no intention of allowing “her” crown to be taken from her again, having had it snatched off her head by Obama in 2008. Bernie himself probably knew it. Everyone knew it but his supporters.

    (And the crown is even more firmly planted on Hillary’s head as I write this, since today the FBI announced that she won’t be prosecuted for her email/server crimes. But we all knew she would never be brought to justice. We, after all, are not fools).

    But back to Republican strife. It’s sort of unhinged at times. So, we are no better than the Democrats in this instance.

    Aside: I do not speak of Libertarians here. I have had occasion to talk to several Libertarians at different times about issues that are important to me, a Conservative Catholic, and I have found that we do not have much in common except for gun rights. Each time the right of freedom of religion (a right covered in Amendment I of the U.S. Constitution) is infringed upon by rogue court decisions, the Libertarians either argue in favor of the infringers or remain silent. Ditto with other important issues, such as the attempt to remove separate bathroom/locker room facilities in public and in schools.

    And having read the platform of the Libertarian Party, I have no reason to believe they would represent my interests any time soon, so, excuse me if I’m not feeling the Johnson. I have my principles.

    And now we come to the elephant in the room: The #NeverTrump movement. Sigh.

    I understand completely that people have their own opinions, thoughts, reasoning etc., and I would no more tell someone else who to vote for than I would open another person’s mail. People should vote their own conscience. Your vote is your vote and my vote is my vote. That’s the way it works. That’s why voting is done in private; so coercion cannot occur.

    And, I have seen Trump people say that folks need to jump on the Trump Train, NOW. Well… that’s not how it works. Some people have made up their minds, and they are not going to be swayed. That is their business, and I respect them, because they do not dwell on the feuding or inflame it. They allow people like me to do what we feel is best according to our conscience.

    The part of Never Trump that bothers me are the elites, be they in media, or friends of friends on social media. The vitriol, disrespect and slurs are disheartening, to say the least. (And yes, I know about the Alt Right Trump Trolls. They are horrid, and I wish they would disappear under a rock).

    But Never Trump media figures with huge followings are now acting toward Republicans the way Liberals act toward Republicans, with name calling, insults and slurs. The word “hillbilly” is fashionable for Trump supporters, as are the words “redneck”, “stupid” “uneducated” “trailer park”… blah, blah, blah. Also “cult members”. These sentiments are tweeted by high profile Never Trumpers and then expounded upon by their devoted followers in comments threads… ugh.

    (One of the things the Never Trump moment prides itself upon is being principled. Something doesn’t compute here.)

    I have also seen people who have done more than many folks to advance freedom termed “immoral” by Never Trumpers. This includes Milo Yiannopoulis, the Conservative Gay British citizen and editor at Breitbart, among others.

    Um… hello??? Christians??? Remember that time Christ told those upstanding citizens that they should condemn that prostitute only if they themselves had never committed a sin? And then they all went away and left the prostitute to hear the mercy from Jesus, who said: I don’t condemn you–go your way and sin no more?

    What happened to humility?

    How many people who lived in the time of Christ or the Bible would make it past the Militant Never Trumpers today? Who made them the arbiter of morality? (And I speak not of all NT folks–only the strident and militant variety who insinuate others are evil, stupid, trashy, and deserve to be attacked at Trump rallies.)

    The truth is hard, but it’s still the truth: none of us are without sin. No one on this earth is perfect. Not one of us.

    Remember St. Peter? That crude dude? The fisherman who left his nets and followed Jesus for three years, and swore he would die with him if need be? And then what happened… he denied knowing Christ three times, ran away crying, and left Jesus to die on the cross with only his beloved Mother, the prostitute Mary Magdalene, and a teenaged boy, St. John, to stay with him as He suffered.

    Did Peter make mistakes? How about St. Paul? That dude was out for everyone. He was responsible for killing Christians. How would he fare today, in the time of social media, 24 hour cable news cycles and sweeping condemnations of folks with whom we disagree politically?

    How about St. Augustine, who loved the Lord, but loved his partying lifestyle more, and waited a few years before getting down the business of being a disciple?

    Who was perfect? Nobody.

    This is why watching this movement is sort of upsetting. What is the projected outcome of the movement? What are its goals, and how will it benefit us? What does success look like?

    How can a “Never” (negative) movement produce something positive? The negative stuff is already showing, as described above. But what are the positives?

    Again, these are my musings, and yours may be different, but today’s Mass readings really spoke to me, particularly the following verse from the prophetic book of Hosea.


    When they sow the wind,
    they shall reap the whirlwind;
    The stalk of grain that forms no ear
    can yield no flour;
    Even if it could,
    strangers would swallow it.

    Hosea 8:7


    When reading the above, I did not think of the Democrats, who sow their lies in windy proclamations each and every day. I am used to hearing Democrat windbags, and have gotten used to the fact that they are a part of life for the foreseeable future, especially if the criminal they are running wins the presidency.

    No…today the above verse put me in mind of the Militant and strident Never Trumpers. I understand that some of them are even going as far as to vote for Hillary. Though I can’t imagine anyone who understands the ramifications voting for someone who would subvert and demoralize our Great Nation ever further, I must believe that this is true, since I’ve seen multiple trustworthy sources write about it.

    So, again… what is the outcome of this movement? I think it is stated above. And I am entitled to my own muse and thoughts.

    As to the popular opinion that Trump voters are ignorant hillbillies who don’t know what the hell they are doing, I will link to an article that directly refutes this claim. It was written by someone of high moral fibre, and who certainly cannot be called stupid or out of his damned mind, as someone in this movement recently proclaimed of people who are voting against Hillary.

    Please click here.

    In addition to other points of note, striking differences between Mr.Trump and Hillary are included.

    So, telling me Trump is Hitler, telling me Bush is Hitler, telling me Reagan is Hitler, and telling me the Tea Party is Hitler had etiolated that word of its shock value, to the point where, that I would not believe a Leftist if he told me Hitler was Hitler.

    If you think Mr. Trump will be worse than Mrs. Clinton, I ask you to compare: Mrs. Clinton made sure Mark Basseley Youssef was blamed for her failures at Ben Ghazi. He was then and is now in jail, a political prisoner of convenience for the administration. Tell me who Mr. Trump has falsely jailed, and keeps in jail, to serve as his scapegoat?

    Tell me the name of anyone Mr. Trump has had shot and the body dumped in Fort Marcy Park?

    Tell me the name of even one child rapist Mr. Trump aided to escape the law, or rape victim he intimidated into silence?

    Tell me whether Mr. Trump ever violated dozens of national security principles and laws by maintaining top secret and eyes only materials on a private server?

    Tell me how much money Mr. Trump has made from private speaking fees and donations to his charitable foundation, money coming from special interests, global corporations, and the House of Saud?

    I could go on in like manner for years, but I will spare my patient reader.

    Mr. Trump is now the presumptive nominee. Like it or not, the choice is between him, and someone more corrupt and venal than Obama, with a greater need to destroy this country and a deeper desire.


    I need to get all of this out in writing, as this is my therapy, and keeping all of this inside is encroaching on my mind to the extent that I cannot concentrate on writing my novel, which I need to finish asap.

    But I find that this post has become too long, so I will leave the fisk of this unbelievably arrogant article by Steve Deace for the next post.

    I had to read it a few times to be able to believe the prideful arrogance contained in it. Seems the Militant Never Trumpers are planning to overthrow the Republican Convention and stage a coup. They are calling on delegates to revolt, citing conscience. They have not told anyone who they plan to install as the Republican nominee, so I suppose that will be announced at the convention if they manage to get enough votes.

    (I’m thinking they will most likely install John Kasich, a man of zero integrity who the Republicans employed to knock Ted Cruz out of the presidential race. Yes…yes, I know… the Never Trump movement is made up primarily of former Cruz supporters. That doesn’t mean they will get Cruz as a nominee though. Kasich is more like it, or possibly Jeb! who insisted he could win the nomination without the party base. The people who are involved in taking Trump out are not going to allow Cruz to be the nominee, and anyone who is thinking clearly must know it).

    All of the above is not what makes this article different from scores of others about the conscience of the delegates. (I’m thinking they don’t know that Trump delegates might stick by their own principles, and vote for Trump, as they pledged to do, but that’s neither here nor there.) What makes the above article stand out as a spectacle of arrogance not seen since Obama gently comforted the people who fainted at his many rallies in 2008, is the premise that the Delegate Revolt, and the Never Trump movement, are comparing themselves to the Founding Fathers.

    Yes, you read that right. These folks, who have been demoralizing other Republicans and referring to them as ignorant, hillbilly, trailer-trash hicks for weeks, are now touting themselves as the New Founders.

    Excuse me while I go throw up.


  • My Semi-Breakup with Classic Rock

    What a sad situation I find myself in as I write this. I’m listening to Bachman Turner Overdrive’s Greatest hits, many of which remind me of the days when my husband and I first met.

    As far as I know, no one from BTO has weighed in on American bathrooms or the Republican Party, of which I am a member. And this is not necessarily because I agree with the party on many things. It’s strictly a matter of necessity, since I cannot vote in primaries in my home state of Pennsylvania if I’m registered as an Independent, the way my husband used to be.

    This post will consist of many photos. Here are a few.

    Part of our music room. As you can see, we are Classic Rock addicts.
    1970s stereo system. Springsteen and Clarence Clemons hang in the background. On right, Frank Zappa.
    A few of my husband’s guitars. Led Zeppelin poster in background.
    Pierre Robert, beloved Philadelphia Icon DJ at WMMR, poses with my husband at The Eagles concert at Wells Fargo Center in 2013
    Pierre Robert, beloved Philadelphia Icon & DJ at WMMR, poses with my husband at The Eagles concert at Wells Fargo Center in 2013


    So, you see, we are immersed in Classic Rock. This is not strictly for weekends, but a way of life. For my husband, the music begins at 6 am, continues through the workday while listening to WMGK, Philadelphia’s other Classic Rock station, and ends at bedtime, unless we are with our family, working outside, or watching TV or a movie.

    My husband’s interest in Rock began in his teen years.

    He was born in 1959, and always said that if he were born three years earlier, he would have found a way to get to Woodstock. And I have no doubt in my mind that he would have. He was 10 during the summer of ’69 (Thank you, Brian Adams, for ruining that song for me), but if he had been 13 or 14, he would have been in New York state, wandering around with the hippies who are running our government today.

    My love affair with the genre began at approximately age 13. (I would never have dreamed of going to Woodstock. My father would never have allowed it, and I was too afraid of defying him to even begin to think of such a thing). Before that, I liked pop hits and top 40. I believe the first vinyl I ever owned was Aerosmith’s Rocks. My sister and cousins and I liked their sound.

    This continued. We liked the artists of the 1970s, many songs of which play in my mind when remembering fun times at the beach with my family. This includes the band Boston, who just disrespected their fans in the state of North Carolina by canceling a show without sufficient notice for ideological reasons regarding bathrooms.


    Our history with the Classic Rock band, Boston. Extensive vinyl collection, including Springsteen's Born In The USA, bottom left.
    Our history with the Classic Rock band, Boston. Extensive vinyl collection, including Springsteen’s Born In The USA, bottom left.


    They also dissed every citizen in America who dissents from their pronouncement that men should be able to walk into a ladies room for whatever reason, thereby turning convention, tradition and reasonable safety applications for women and girls upside down, without regard for the feelings of older ladies or anyone else not ready for such a change.

    My mother, an 80 year old widow, does not want to see a man in a ladies room when she has gone inside for the usual reasons. Neither do I, or my sister, cousins or nieces. We don’t have to give any explanation as to why.

    We just don’t want it. And we do not want our grandkids to have to deal with such a thing, either. That’s for safety reasons.


    FLY 4


    The above, IMO, is true. Others may be of a different opinion, but this is my blog, and I have a voice. And, BTW, having spoken to many people who differ politically and ideologically on many different issues, more people agree with me than not.

    Since there is no way, at this point in time, to measure the number of Americans who want men to pee next to their daughters, wives, sisters and mothers, I’m just going to throw out a number which seems, to me, to err on the side of the proponents for shared bathrooms.

    I think their number is probably less than 17% of Americans in total. I came to my conclusion based on a few facts.

    1) Transgendered Americans make up less than 1% of America as a whole.

    2) Homosexual Americans make up roughly 3% of America as a whole. (Yes, I know this is hard to believe, given the fact that almost every television program or movie contains a gay character, but rest assured my info is correct. I’m not going to bother to look up stats to link to here. Google is available to everyone, and Gallop or Pew has done the counting for us.

    3) I know for a fact that some in the LGBT community do not agree with shared bathrooms, and resent being used as pawns by American Progressives.

    4) The very, very far Left in America is a minority. We only have to hear about them every day because they have all of entertainment and mainstream news bleating their talking points for them. And also one filthy rich rockstar, Bruce Springsteen, who began this entire cluster of unbelievable overreach and bullshit when he started this misguided crusade to fiddle with the lives of those whom he believes are inferior to him.

    In case you aren’t aware, Springsteen’s name is now mud in America to all but his hard core fans, progressive activist Leftists, and himself. His little stunt backfired on him, but good. He has lost fans without number, including me. I saw comment threads all over Facebook where former fans voiced their disgust and vowed to never support him again.

    I cannot list or picture the extent of my Springsteen collection here. There is too much stuff to photograph or list. Suffice to say that including shows, my husband has probably forked out at least 4 thousand bucks over the years, simply on Springsteen. That’s a lot of money. And for what? To be insulted by him, his band, his Tramp fans and anyone else who disagrees on bathrooms?

    Even his guitarist, Stevie Van Zandt, seems to have caught on that this latest stunt might not be working out the way the E Streeters theorized, since one of his latest tweets asked people to “forget about politics (the fun’s over anyway)” (paraphrase). The fun is over. Stirring up a crazy hornets nest with regard to the lives of the little people is, to Miami Steve, “fun”. For the rest of us, not so much.

    So, though I can’t be positive, my estimated number of less than 17% of Americans wanting shared bathrooms is probably reasonably accurate.

    Now, back to Rock & Roll.

    I now find myself in the unfortunate position of having to research every artist whom I might like to see play a show live, just to make sure they won’t insult me from the stage after I have forked over hard earned money to buy a ticket to hear them play music.

    I must do this because we, my husband and I, are fighting back now. We are boycotting all proponents of shared bathrooms, and all who slander us unfairly, for the foreseeable future. This includes the retail chain, Target. And we are not the only Americans boycotting. Many people are doing what we’re doing.

    As for the Rockers, what the hell happened here? How in God’s name did musicians who were supposed to be all about free expression get such big heads? How can they not know (or care) that at least half — if not more — of their audience does not agree with them, and have actually swallowed more insults over the years than anyone would if we were dealing with any other business?

    I’ve heard people say that these musicians are simply too stupid to know what they are doing, but that, I’m afraid, is not true. People who can play music naturally the way these bands and their members do are far from stupid. In fact, they most likely are highly intelligent. Their IQs are probably higher than average.

    This is because it is a gift to be able to play guitar the way they do, or piano, or to vocalize while doing both. Most people can’t do such things. You cannot be stupid and still have the ability to play music by ear, without reading it, the way I suspect Springsteen may. As far as I know, Springsteen was not trained classically, though his wife, Patti Scialfa was.

    My son has the gift of playing guitar without reading music. He doesn’t know how to read music–he plays by ear. This is not the mark of a stupid human being.

    So upon reflection, I suspect that in the case of Springsteen and others, the issue is not stupidity, but arrogance.

    For more in this vein, please read the article, The smug style in American Liberalism, by  Emmett Rensin  of Vox.com, a Liberal website. The article is a rare moment of self awareness by a Liberal, regarding Liberals as a group, by one of their own. It is also a stinging indictment of American Liberals, their arrogance, their refusal to tolerate any dissent from their ideology, their hateful name calling tactics, and other unpleasant facts.


    There is a smug style in American liberalism. It has been growing these past decades. It is a way of conducting politics, predicated on the belief that American life is not divided by moral difference or policy divergence — not really — but by the failure of half the country to know what’s good for them.

    In 2016, the smug style has found expression in media and in policy, in the attitudes of liberals both visible and private, providing a foundational set of assumptions above which a great number of liberals comport their understanding of the world.

    It has led an American ideology hitherto responsible for a great share of the good accomplished over the past century of our political life to a posture of reaction and disrespect: a condescending, defensive sneer toward any person or movement outside of its consensus, dressed up as a monopoly on reason.


    The above speaks volumes to me, as does much of the rest of this article. Below is another example from the above article of the smug style of the American Liberal:


    In November of last year, during the week when it became temporarily fashionable for American governors to declare that Syrian refugees would not be welcome in their state, Hamilton Nolan wrote an essay for Gawker called “Dumb Hicks Are America’s Greatest Threat.

    If there has ever been a tirade so dedicated to the smug style, to the proposition that it is neither malice, nor capital, nor ideological difference, but rather the backward stupidity of poor people that has ruined the state of American policy, then it is hidden beyond our view, in some uncool place, far from the front page of Gawker.

    “Many of America’s political leaders are warning of the dangers posed by Syrian refugees. They are underestimating, though, the much greater danger: dumbass hicks, in charge of things,” Nolan wrote. “…You, our elected officials, are embarrassing us. All of us, except your fellow dumb hicks, who voted for you in large numbers. You — our racist, xenophobic, knuckle-dragging ignorant leaders — are making us look bad in front of the guests (the whole world). You are the bad cousin in the family who always ruins Thanksgiving. Go in the back room and drink a can of beer alone please.”


    Dumbass hicks. Stupid fools, clinging to God & guns. Ignorant. Stupid Republicans. All the same shit I’ve been reading and hearing and listening to for 15 years.

    The latest outrage, that of insisting that my daughter or granddaughter should welcome strange men into the bathroom just backfired, though.

    The talking points aren’t working anymore. I’ve seen them over the past week. In this particular instance there approximately 12 variations on the 3 main Leftist talking points which must have been issued from the top echelons of this bathroom scheme, which I keep seeing over and over and over on different forums: If you feel that a person who still possesses a penis should not be permitted to enter a bathroom where your wife, mother, sister or child has retreated to pee in relative privacy, you are:

    1. a bigot
    2. a stupid bigot
    3. a right wing Republican bigot
    4. A hick who has sex with your daughter
    5. a KKK member
    6. You are worried about the wrong people; you should worry about men in your own family, since Republican men are much more likely to abuse women or molest children than any other group.
    7. you are discriminating
    8. you are against human rights
    9. you are backward
    10. you are a knuckle dragger
    11. you are dumb
    12. you are stupid.

    Though there may be others, those were the ones that were repeated, over and over and over again, on twitter and Facebook. So, I assume that is the argument and basis for the case for shared bathrooms.

    Compare the above talking points to the quote from the Vox article above. Does anything stand out? Do you see any similarities? Any differences?

    Think about it.

    The same scenario plays out each time there is any incident which might help Leftists advance their various causes, like gun control, or abortion on demand, or whatever.

    Let’s say there is a shooting somewhere in America. The talking points begin before the bodies are cold, before anyone knows who the perpetrators were, or any other information on the case. The Leftist talking points re a shooting are usually a bit different, yet still the same. They usually begin by throwing out a point that “It was probably a tea bagger” or some such insult. And then it goes on from there, with the addition of the words “stupid” “hick” “uncaring”, etc.  I’ve seen it all, over and over again.

    What terrible times we find ourselves living through. But we must struggle on, and continue to fight for our way of life. And we will.




    As the quote above illustrates, we have no choice. And whether we prevail depends solely on God, in whom I trust. I pray daily for a resolution, and I refuse to despair, but I can’t un-see what I have already seen.

    Knowing we are in an ideological war with smug Liberals doesn’t mitigate the hurt. I have come to a  very sad and hurtful conclusion. Though I have known this for awhile, I was hoping we could heal in some way, and perhaps coexist, as those Liberal bumper stickers are always saying we should.

    But, I no longer believe we will be able to come together, unless, by a miracle of God, Liberals become self aware, and decide to respect the views and beliefs of other Americans.

    I hope it happens, and pray that it will.  But at this point, the ball is in their court. Only they can change things. And as long as Liberals believe themselves to know what is best for everyone, I’m not sure things will get better.

    Liberals do not believe that my Republican husband knows what is best for himself and his family. They believe my husband is more dangerous than a terrorist. A decent, hardworking family man, who has never done anything wrong except to believe that he, himself, has the right to his own views and opinions.

    But to the smug Liberal, he has no value, unless as that of a conscript who works to pay taxes for the smug Liberals to spend on social programs, like shared bathrooms in public schools.  Outside of his contribution as a “worker”, he has no value, and must be silenced, marginalized and driven out of any and all public discourse.

    After all… he’s a Republican. And so was my father.

    Leftists, as a group, consider any American who disagrees with them on any issue whatsoever  a second class citizen, one who may and should be used as punching bag via cell phone and chased off of all public forums, shut down and shoved into a closet.

    This has come home to me over the past two weeks as it never has in the past.

    We don’t have rights. We are not permitted to run our own lives anymore, all because a very small segment of Americans, including beloved Rock icons, believe they know best.

    So, here we are.

    Back to my dilemma. WMGK is sponsoring a summer concert in July, featuring Bad Company and Joe Walsh. My husband wanted to attend the show, but now that we know for sure that a Rock star’s politics and ideology come before playing music and entertaining the people who pay to see them, we needed to check out the latest news on these bands.


    Portable Network Graphics image-D8692484A455-1
    The Eagles. Glenn Frey, whose death was a blow, is center. Joe Walsh is on the far left.


    This task falls to me, since my husband is a very busy working man, and has no time to do the research. And it didn’t take long for me to have the answer to the question.

    No, we can’t go. We cannot pay hard earned money to see Joe Walsh, one of our favorites over the years, because he has stated that the Republican candidates, and, by default, their supporters, are spiteful, vitriolic, fear mongering bullies. Which, as I can attest, is simply projection, pure and simple.

    Please click here.



    “I am very concerned about the rampant vitriol, fear-mongering and bullying coming from the current Republican campaigns,” the 68-year-old rocker said. “It is both isolationist and spiteful. I cannot in good conscience endorse the Republican party in any way.”

    Walsh is also co-headlining the One Hell of a Night Tour with Bad Company, beginning May 12. There’s currently a tour date on June 30 in Charlotte, North Carolina, a state that has seen several entertainers cancel concerts and other performances in protest of the state’s newly passed Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act. It’s unclear, at least for now, if Walsh will also nix his upcoming performance in North Carolina.


    So you see, we cannot go to this summer show, which we would have loved.

    It doesn’t bother me that Walsh pulled out of the concert. He did it with plenty of notice, and if he didn’t know it was related to the Republicans, he has every right to decline to play.


    My issue is with the following statements:

    “I am very concerned about the rampant vitriol, fear-mongering and bullying coming from the current Republican campaigns.”

    “It is both isolationist and spiteful.”


    The above are the reason we are boycotting Joe Walsh. My husband and I are Republicans. We support Senator Ted Cruz, whose campaign is in no way hateful, or fear mongering, or bullying, or in any way whatsoever vitriolic.

    The idea of Joe Walsh passing judgment on Ted Cruz, a man of integrity, whose record is stellar and in no way hateful, is completely unacceptable to me, as a fellow Conservative and supporter. It is also unacceptable to my husband.

    In fact, I have already tweeted Senator Cruz himself, and also his campaign, asking respectfully that they please refrain from playing any music from any Leftist Rocker or other Leftist musician if Cruz is the nominee.

    These bands love it when Republican politicians play their music. They enjoy asking the Republican second class citizens to cease and desist. They like the publicity, and as an added bonus, they get to watch the feeding frenzy on social media, as these candidates and their supporters are trashed, slapped down and degraded by their smug liberal minions and foot soldiers.

    But… if I were Joe Walsh and Bad Company, I’d think long and hard about the upcoming scheduled show in North Carolina.

    Joe, if you happen to see this post (which I know is impossible) you may want to be sort of careful.

    Look at what happened to Springsteen. If you’re gonna cancel, do it soon. Don’t wait until 2 days prior, as others in this movement seem to be doing, in order to hurt more fans by hitting them with travel and lodging costs that can’t be recouped. And maybe you should give another reason for the cancellation. Just say you overbooked or something.

    I’m sure that as smart and savvy as you are, you’ll think of some reason that will allow you to cancel without shitting on your fans. If you want to keep what fans you have that aren’t to the left of Mao, you better not pull a stunt like those of Springsteen, Boston or Pearl Jam.

    Just a word of advice from a second class citizen and lover of your music.




    As of now, I cannot bear to listen to Bruce. And up until two weeks ago, I listened almost daily. When I begin to miss listening to my favorite album, and perhaps reach to play it, my hand won’t move. I can’t listen.

    I’m looking forward to time when I can listen again, and not be hurt. I hope it happens, and I’m sure it will at some point. I’m just not sure when.

    And again, I must understand that Bruce does not want me to listen. I am not worthy, in his narrow mind, of the slightest bit of consideration. Knowing this for sure is rather difficult, but I will get used to it.

    No Republican is worthy. The honest Liberal at Vox.com admitted this himself.

    And if you are a Liberal who is reading this and snickering, and saying, “Oh, such drama. She’s overreacting. She was never a real fan. No real fan of Bruce disagrees with his politics. The very idea is idiotic,” listen up.

    You, yourself, are a smug Liberal. The description of you is contained in the linked article by Vox. You may not believe it, but it describes you to a T. If you don’t like it, I can’t help you. If you are saying the above about me, all I have to say to you is this:

    The Eagles. Glen Frey, center, Joe Walsh, far left.

    And around midnight on November 8th, when you are sitting on your sofa in shock, wondering what the hell just happened, and how in the hell those stupid hicks won in a landslide, I hope you will remember every cheap shot, nasty remark, eye-roll, and insult you hurled at us.

    As for me, I will go on as I have been. I’ll listen to the music of the artists who haven’t slapped me yet, and turn off the radio when those who have slapped me are played, as a protest of my own. So will my Republican husband.

    And I will look for new music as well. There are plenty of bands out there who appreciate their fans.

    Maybe someday, we can get back together, but as I already stated, the ball is the court of the Liberals. It’s up to them, now. They can choose to bring about healing, or they can choose to keep the hate going.

    We other Americans are just trying to get by.

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