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  • Tears of Paradox #FreeKindle Giveaway ~ A Success!

    My free book promotion for Tears Of Paradox got over 1700 downloads.


    Thank You


    This was the best promotion I have ever run, and to everyone who decided to take a chance and download Tears, I’d like to say Thank You!

    For those who open the book on their Kindle someday and decide to give it a try, Thank you, too!

    For all of my friends who tweeted, shared Facebook & Gab posts and helped spread the word, Thank you!

    To vm, blogger at Bookhorde who placed my book in a Valentines Day post, Thank you!

    And finally, to the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance, Thank you! The placement of Paradox in the CLFA February Booknado helped more people find my book.

    I hope readers like the book and the entire series. 🙂


    A note for new readers.

    My books are near future dystopias told from the POVs of Catholic/Christian characters. On Amazon they are categorized as Christian Fantasy and Futuristic Christian Fiction in addition to other categories.

    But my books are not what many Christian Fiction readers might be used to. I made it a point to model my characters on what I see and hear every day from my own husband, family, and other working class people. We are devout Catholics, yet my husband is not a saint.

    I have read that much of Christian fiction forbids any use of swear words (even mild ones) and sometimes the characters are not portrayed as gritty sinner types.

    If you downloaded my book and find that it’s not what you thought it would be, I hope you will give it a try anyway. I explain my thought process and the time I spent agonizing over the way I portrayed my male characters in a blogpost I wrote. Click here.

    But back to the question at hand. Should we or shouldn’t we write characters who actually do and say the things we ourselves do and say? My answer is: How could we not? After all, we are following Christ for a reason. We are all sinners. If we weren’t we wouldn’t need Christ. What good would it be to write characters who don’t sin and struggle? After all, if they were perfect they would have much less need of Christ’s light. I’m sure some folks would disagree with me, and of course that is their prerogative, but I must admit that I like a certain amount of true to life grittiness in the fictional books I read. This includes books with Catholic or Christian themes, precisely because such works show the world realistically.

    IMO writing realistic characters can actually be a boon. If Jason had been a choirboy while getting ready to begin serving overseas during the Global War On Terror, it would have seemed fake, fake, fake. He had just left the girl he loved behind and his future was uncertain. Such a man, though a believer and even a sporadic churchgoer, simply wouldn’t have not gotten drunk at least once, and probably many more times. The same goes for Brad, a student of pharmacy in Memphis TN. A product of the times, living in an old dump of a house with a bunch of roommates. Of course Brad sowed wild oats.

    However, during the course of the book, times begin to change. It is made clear in early chapters of Tears Of Paradox that both Brad and Jason were given a moral upbringing in the Catholic Church. Though they did drift away for a time, they found the “world” to be not of their liking. This makes their ultimate return to the Faith and Jason’s treatment of Michelle all the more satisfying. When Brad finally marries he too becomes a changed man, in part because of his faith, even though he doesn’t see it at the time.


    monstrance and Blessed Sacrament

    By the middle of the book both men are married to women they love and treasure, and Jason, due to his struggle to cope with circumstances beyond his control, is spending time in Adoration of The Blessed Sacrament.

    Such a transformation — from lady killer to a man relying solely on Christ — would have meant much less if Jason hadn’t been portrayed as a sinner. And in fact, he continues to fall and fail and ask for forgiveness throughout the series. I use the word transformation deliberately. Tears of Paradox and The Notice are part of The Storms of Transformation Series. As usual there is irony, or perhaps paradox, because not only is America being transformed, but the characters are as well.


    Above is my outlook on things.

    Again, thank you to all! I’m feeling pretty good today, knowing that 1700 potential readers have a copy of my book on their devices.

    For a sneak peek into book 3, Cadáin’s Watch, check out the book trailer below. 


    Now, back to work.


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    Check out the free preview of The Notice, above. 🙂

  • #FreeKindle Promotion ~ Tears Of Paradox & The #CLFA Booknado

    Tears Of Paradox (Storms of Transformation Series Book 1) is free on Kindle through Wednesday February 15.

    Here’s what readers think about Tears Of Paradox.



    And, it’s time for the CLFA February Booknado!

    The monthly Booknado showcases books written by members of the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance, a counter-cultural group of talented authors, artists, columnists, publishers and other creative people who are working to bring quality books and other media to the underserved Conservative and Libertarian public.


    From the Booknado:

    New Releases:

    Live and Let Bite (Love at First Bite Book 3) by Declan Finn
    The third book in the Dragon Award nominated “Love at First Bite” series.

    The Undercover Captain (Captain Nancy Martin Book 2) by Henry Vogel
    It will take every bit of skill Nancy and Erica have to track down the evil genius behind the disappearances. Defeating them will be a different matter entirely.

    Letters from Aztlan by John L. Wolf
    In a dystopian, post-meltdown United States, a cynical, aging gunfighter receives a letter from an old friend in desperate need of help. He must fight his way across cartel occupied territory to find her.

    $1.99 OR LESS

    For the dates February 12 and 13, 2017, as reported by book author.

    The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin by L. Jagi Lamplighter
    Fringe meets Narnia at Hogwarts

    The Raven, the Elf, and Rachel (A Book of Unexpected Enlightenment 2) by L. Jagi Lamplighter
    Rachel Griffin returns for more rousing adventure and humor!

    Tears of Paradox (Storms of Transformation Book 1) by Daniella Bova
    America has fallen to a Marxist bureaucracy, and the parents of an unborn child go underground to keep their baby’s existence a secret.

    A Place Outside the Wild (Z-Day Book 1) by Daniel Humphreys
    Eight years after Z-Day, the surviving remnants of mankind face the unknown. The scars of the long war run deep. And hope is a dangerous thing when the real enemy might just be the survivors themselves.

    Bulletproof Vestments (Father Jay Book 1) by Jane Lebak
    A former gang member has tracked down the man who ratted out his brother 10 years ago. It’s time for some good old-fashioned revenge, except the man in question is disabled. And he’s a priest. And no one’s going to let him go down without a fight.


    As you can see, there are Vampires, Harry Potter style Fantasies, YA and Dystopian titles, including my own book.

    Since July of 2014 I’ve been a proud member of CLFA. I have found new friends, writing advice and critiques, and professionals who offer their services as cover artists, editors and beta readers. Members include specialists in areas unfamiliar to me (like guns) who will happily answer questions.

    Other members have online radio shows that will book authors as guests.

    If you are a creative Conservative or Libertarian, please consider joining CLFA. You won’t regret it.

    Happy reading!

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    Freedom’s Light Anthology is a collection of short stories by members of CLFA. All proceeds from this book benefit FIRE, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to defending liberty, freedom of speech, due process, academic freedom, legal equality, and freedom of conscience on America’s college campuses.

    Please check out the stories and purchase a copy. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Nearing the Finish Line ~ Cadáin’s Watch!

    A quick update for readers.

    As you probably know, Cadáin’s Watch, Book 3 in The Storms Series, is going live on Amazon on March 14.

    And today, I made a few last revisions to the manuscript, did another spell check, and sent it to be formatted!

    Now, I can breathe.


    To preorder Cadáin’s Watch, click the photo above.


    And please check out Freedom’s Light: Short Stories at the link below.

    My short story, The Birthday Party, is included in this new anthology endorsed by the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance. The story is set in 1923. A lesser character from the Storms Series, Adela (whose daughter, Patty, hid pregnant Michelle in her Pennsylvania farmhouse), is the heroine.



    Happy reading everyone!


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  • Dear Hollywood: Please, For The Love Of God, Go On Strike.

    As many people know, the election of Donald Trump has caused Leftists in general, and Hollywood in particular, to become unhinged.

    I’ll begin with Leftists in general. Their latest tantrums concern the inauguration. They have mounted a campaign to shame performers who were asked to perform into dropping out, and are currently twitter and Facebook mobbing any individual or group that chooses to perform on January 20.

    Here’s just one example. Below is a Facebook post by the band Three Doors Down, who will be performing next Friday.



    Note the vitriol:


    Old fans of this band commented with their support, of course, but that doesn’t negate the hate from the Left. What business is it of theirs who performs at the inauguration?

    And if I read that Leftist talking point about Trump “mocking a handicapped person” one more time, I may just scream into a pillow.

    It was debunked. It did not happen. Trump did not mock that reporter’s disability. Trump was acting boorish on the campaign trail, but he did not go after a reporter’s disability. The true story can be found in the article below, by Mollie Hemingway.

    Unlike another president, who really did make fun of mentally handicapped people:


    Of course, Leftists reserved comment on the Special Olympics insult, because, Obama.

    Now on to Hollywood Leftists, who have become as crazy as sh*thouse rats.


    I’ll start with the big enchilada, Meryl Streep. And,except for some sh*thouse rats on steroids who will appear at the end of this post, I will also finish with Meryl, who believes she is brave.


    (Leftists in general also believe Streep is brave for standing in front of a large group of people who agree with her every word and making a nasty speech about half of America, but they are also crazy, as shown above, so we can concentrate on Meryl.)

    There is plenty to say about Meryl here in this post by Mollie Hemingway.

    There was one performance this year that stunned me. It sank its hooks in my heart. Not because it was good. There was nothing good about it. But it was effective and it did its job. It made its intended audience laugh and show their teeth. It was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter. Someone he outranked in privilege, power, and the capacity to fight back. It kind of broke my heart when I saw it. I still can’t get it out of my head because it wasn’t in a movie. It was real life.

    Um, okay. Here again we have a Hollyweirdo who thinks people give a damn what she thinks, insinuating that more than half of Americans are now “showing their teeth.” Like we’re dogs, or some other rabid animal.

    Hello? Meryl? Please take your narrative and choke on it. We don’t care what you think. (In fact, we believe you are deranged.)

    For anyone who’s interested, here’s the video:


    And here’s the big enchilada speaking of her love for child rapist Roman Polanski and giving him a standing ovation. (Leftists have no comment on this, either.)

    Okay, that’s about it. Except for this:

    The above Hollyweirdos have jumped the shark.

    I’ll be glad when Trump takes office. The derangement of the Left will most likely remain, but once Trump begins to fix the mess Obama made, I’ll be less annoyed by their antics, and more entertained. 🙂


    And now for a bit of shameless self-promotion.

    The new anthology Freedom’s Light: Short Stories goes on sale Monday, January 16. It is now available for preorder.

    My short story, The Birthday Party is included. I am still over the moon with happiness at being chosen.

    And… my new book, Cadáin’s Watch , the final book of the Storms of Transformation Series, is available for preorder on Amazon.

    Please give these books a try.

    I say this not to nag readers, but for an entirely different reason, one that some folks may not have thought about.

    If you are a Conservative or Libertarian, have you ever wondered why all the arts have been taken over by Leftists like the ones above?

    Books, movies, TV, art and music, with few exceptions, are the property of the Left. This was not an accident. It happened gradually, but knowing that politics is downstream from culture, the Left worked behind the scenes for many years.

    They inserted themselves into all the arts, and now we are faced with craziness from all sides. Anyone who does not subscribe to the Left’s worldview is mocked, derided and ridiculed.

    We have a chance to gain back some ground, but we need readers to buy and read books by authors that don’t tow the Liberal line. It’s the same with movies, TV shows, music and games.

    We have a reprieve, now that Hillary will not be troubling us for at least 4 years. To give independent authors or those with your values a chance will help us change the culture, one story at a time. (And please don’t forget to leave a one or two sentence review on Amazon. The more reviews for each book, the better the chances of it being seen by other people who are tired of Leftist ideology being at the top.

    For information on books that won’t insult your sensibilities, please visit Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance.


  • Book Review ~ The Product, by Marina Fontaine

    I recently finished “The Product” a novella by Marina Fontaine.

    This story would be an excellent choice for High School English classes throughout the country, as a counterpoint to the almost universal pushing of “progressive” ideals through what some might term “literature.”

    This is real literature, in the mold of George Orwell. One can only hope a majority of parents have become exasperated enough with the public schools to search out books like this on their own, and then make their kids aware of them.

    Below is my review.




    The Product is a grim look at human beings living in a totalitarian wasteland. Though the setting is urban, the images and ideas this novella evoked put me in mind of a sunless, dark and oppressive desert, where most people have become cruel and inhuman robots, like Stepford Wives with an added dash of indoctrination-fueled mob-like mentality.

    But humans weren’t created to be oppressed, and that’s where the product comes in. The dealers of the product are the subjects of this novella. It begins with the main character, Kevin, running to escape his oppressors. Without giving spoilers its difficult to explain in a review what exactly “The Product” is. Suffice to say that in this gray and dark environment, beams of light, color, action and sound find their way to those whose hearts tell them that things aren’t meant to be the way they are.

    These young humans, whose only notion of the way we live today comes from illegal stories handed down through untold generations, either stay in the gray, or fight their way to something better, through great danger & loyalty to their friends and trusted mentors.

    Though darker than Fontaine’s debut novel, Chasing Freedom, The Product is similar. It is the same tale in a vastly different time and setting–the story of humanity’s yearning and fight to be free.


    BOOK 3

    Above is my system for rating books. The Product rated 5 stars.


    The Product did not make me laugh even once, but it did make me cry.

    It also was well written, and while the plot and story seemed mysterious at times, it all came together in this fine book. I got lost in the world of The Product…but I was glad I could find my way out.

    The questions it raised lingered, making me wonder how and why some people seem hell-bent on subjugating others, up to and including brainwashing and even, in some cases, death.

    Such people are on the rise. If we are honest with ourselves, we can see it. Whether America can break free of the movement that would ultimately lead to scenarios similar to that of Fontaine’s novella remains to be seen.







    Marina Fontaine is an author, blogger, book reviewer, and co-creator of the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance, a counter-cultural group for writers, artists and others of a creative bent.

    Find Marina at her Amazon Author’s Page, Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance, and her blog, Marina’s Musings.


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  • The Notice is Free on Kindle!

    As some of my readers know, The Notice — book 2 in my series, and free through Sunday — was nominated by the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance for 2016 Book Of The Year.

    From the CLFA official press release:

    (April 5, 2016) – The Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance (CLFA), a network of authors, readers, editors, publishers, reviewers, artists, and cultural leaders who read, write, and promote pro-liberty fiction, has released the list of the ten Finalists for the 2015 CLFA Book of the Year award. They are (in alphabetical order by author’s last name):

    The Notice by Daniella Bova

    The Cinder Spires: The Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher

    Son of the Black Sword by Larry Correia

    Honor at Stake by Declan Finn

    By the Hands of Men Book Two: Into the Flames by Roy M. Griffis

    The Devil’s Dictum by Frederick Heimbach

    Amy Lynn, Golden Angel by Jack July

    Amy Lynn, The Lady Of Castle Dunn by Jack July

    Her Brother’s Keeper by Mike Kupari

    The Violet Crow by Michael Sheldon

    (All titles are available in the Amazon Kindle store.)

    To qualify, books had to be novel length (minimum 50k words) fiction first published in the calendar year 2015. Self-published, small press and traditionally published works are all eligible, including e-book and audio formats. Authors need not be members of the CLFA or even consider themselves to be politically aligned with the CLFA in order to be nominated and win. Books were nominated by members of the CLFA closed Facebook group. The top ten nominees are the finalists.


    Voting has begun, and is open to the public through June 30, 2016. Please check the CLFA website for more information, links to all the nominated works, and a link to the ballot if you wish to vote for your favorite book.

    And here’s more good news: The Notice, kindle edition, is free on Amazon through Sunday, June 19th. Click here to download your copy.

    There’s still time to read it and vote if you like it. 🙂


  • Book Review ~ The Wrath Of A Righteous Man by Roy M. Griffis

    The Amazon headline for my review of the third installment of the By The Hands Of Men Series reads: Some of the finest historical fiction I’ve ever read. 

    I’m not kidding. Roy M. Griffis’ writing skills are some of the best. I got lost in this book for hours, and at one point could almost feel the passengers of a train teetering on the edge of a cliff.

    The train scenes put me in mind of the film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I have no idea why, since the movie is set in India, not Africa, where BTHOM 3 takes place. Still, it reminded me of that movie.

    What a great book. Go get it and lose yourself in Africa. My review is below.


    51wmrqVzo8L._SX319_BO1,204,203,200_ I couldn’t wait to get my hands on book three in this series. I honestly don’t know if there’s a better historical fiction author alive today. Roy M. Griffis’ prose is something undeniably beautiful in itself, and in addition to his sophisticated writing style, which made me feel as if I were there in the African Jungles or the streets of London and Paris, he has created two deeply complex characters, the star crossed lovers Robert Fitzgerald and Charlotte Branninov.

    The Wrath of a Righteous Man opens as Nurse Charlotte Branninov and her friends escape the Red Army after having endured the horrors of the Russian Revolution. Charlotte is a malnourished shadow of her former self, quiet, not trusting her fellow man, and determined to protect “her” family, fellow refugees Zlata, Nikolai, Indrina, and their animal companion Liberté. These refugees have adventures in London and the streets of Paris, where Charlotte realizes all their troubles are not behind them.

    At the same time, Robert Fitzgerald continues his service to the Crown. He is sent to Africa, where he encounters fierce lions and other wild animals, unfriendly natives, and other dangerous situations.

    Though separated by oceans, Robert and Charlotte can’t forget the love they shared in France during the First World War. I’m looking forward to book four in this series, since I’m hoping they will finally reunite.

    BOOK 3

    Wrath Of A Righteous Man earned an easy 5 stars from me. All of the above happened while I was reading it.

    Find out more about Roy M. Griffis at his Amazon Author’s Page.

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  • The Notice ~ A CLFA 2015 Book Of The Year Nominee!

    A proud moment for me. The Notice, Storms Of Transformation Series, Book 2, has been nominated for Book of the Year by members of the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance.


    From the official press release:


    (April 5, 2016) – The Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance (CLFA), a network of authors, readers, editors, publishers, reviewers, artists, and cultural leaders who read, write, and promote pro-liberty fiction, has released the list of the ten Finalists for the 2015 CLFA Book of the Year award. They are (in alphabetical order by author’s last name):

    The Notice by Daniella Bova

    The Cinder Spires: The Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher

    Son of the Black Sword by Larry Correia

    Honor at Stake by Declan Finn

    By the Hands of Men Book Two: Into the Flames by Roy M. Griffis

    The Devil’s Dictum by Frederick Heimbach

    Amy Lynn, Golden Angel by Jack July

    Amy Lynn, The Lady Of Castle Dunn by Jack July

    Her Brother’s Keeper by Mike Kupari

    The Violet Crow by Michael Sheldon

    (All titles are available in the Amazon Kindle store.)

    To qualify, books had to be novel length (minimum 50k words) fiction first published in the calendar year 2015. Self-published, small press and traditionally published works are all eligible, including e-book and audio formats. Authors need not be members of the CLFA or even consider themselves to be politically aligned with the CLFA in order to be nominated and win. Books were nominated by members of the CLFA closed Facebook group. The top ten nominees are the finalists.


    As you can probably tell, I am beyond excited. I am also humbled and thankful to God to be nominated along with the above authors. And I’m eternally grateful to all of my friends in CLFA, who have provided more love and support than I ever thought possible.

    May the best book win!

  • Author Spotlight: Amie Gibbons (Part 1)

    Today’s spotlight features Amie Gibbons, author of a newly released novel, The Gods Defense, and numerous novellas and short stories.

    Amie has written the perfect post for all of us writers who are unfamiliar with the practice of law. Next week’s post will cover the topic of search and seizure.



    Amie GibbonsHave you ever watched a show or read a book where the characters are in your profession and the writers just get so many things wrong?  I don’t mean tiny details, I mean the big things that everybody in the profession knows because they are so basic.  Almost like people who make the most obvious of grammar mistakes.  It just makes you twitch to read it. (No, ending a sentence with a preposition does not count as grammatically incorrect anymore, so don’t nail me on that one!)  I read a post recently from a doctor criticizing doctor shows for what they get wrong and just went, “Yes, exactly!”

    I watched the beginning of How To Get Away With Murder and only made it through about 10 minutes before I turned it off, it was so bad.  I spent the entire 10 minutes arguing with the TV.  So I thought I’d jot down a few things writers (from movies and TV to books) get wrong about the law so you guys won’t drive lawyers crazy… I mean, so you can improve your writing

    1. You are not licensed to practice law in America, you are licensed to practice law in a specific state, more than one if you take that bar or are able to waive into that bar, but it’s still done state by state.  This is different from the rest of the sane world that I know of, they license you for the entire country (so you can say someone is licensed in Germany).
    2. To be allowed to take the bar, most states require you to take at least a one year program of law school in America called an LLM.  (There’s a few states that will let you take the bar if you have legal experience, like you have apprenticed, but even then, as far as I know and could quickly Google, you still have to apprentice in the US.)  So foreign attorneys who come here don’t just get to be licensed in a state, they don’t even get to just study and take the bar, they have to study law here.
    3. Most cases (I don’t know the precise stat but it’s at least 95%) don’t go to trial.  The criminal ones get pled out and the civil ones settle.  Criminal ones can go quickly if the person just wants to plead and get it over with, but it takes years to get to trial. (Misdemeanors could take only months, but think more like 8 as opposed to just 2.  The time is usually shorter in small towns though.)  Civil cases take longer.  Even just the process of discovery and negotiation takes years.  If it does go to trial, there’s still appeals the loser can do, which takes even longer.
    4. To get into what was sooooo stupid about HTGAWM, the big thing was no 1L class would be about practical application of the law.  It just wouldn’t.  Because you can’t apply the law until you know it, duh.  And what the hell was she going to test them on?  Their ability to come up with stories when they don’t even know what criminal law is?

    Even if the set up was a 3L class, they don’t teach you in law school how to make up stories to explain away criminal charges.  That’s not law, it’s story hour!  Of course Defense Attorney’s do that, and you might have classes or extracurriculars that touch on that or have you do a practice trial where you whip up a good story, but other than that, you learn it on the job after law school.

    1. And the next big stupid plot mistake.  There’s this thing called confidentiality, attorneys take it very seriously.  No attorney would just tell her whole class details about a case if any of it could fall under confidentiality.  Students don’t work on cases as a class.  They do intern, however, and then they get to be in on confidential stuff because at that point they’re practicing under the lawyer.

    That’s not to say a professor won’t have you do work based on a real case, that’s half of what my Trial Advocacy class was, but the professor has to be very careful to not breach confidentiality and they won’t use your ideas unless you’re absolutely brilliant and came up with something they didn’t (Not likely).  Now, I don’t know if the professor in HTGAWM actually gave away anything confidential, I didn’t watch it that long, but it was certainly an unnecessary risk.

    1. There are depositions (where you sit down to answer questions and it’s recorded by an authorized officer of the court, like a court reporter) to discover information in civil cases.  There are not depositions in criminal cases for this.  The court will allow a deposition for a criminal case under special circumstances but they are not a usual practice and they aren’t used for discovery, they’re used to preserve a witness’s testimony (like if the witness is sick and probably won’t make it until the trial).
    2. If you’re a witness being deposed, you don’t need your own attorney (unless you’re part of the case).  You certainly don’t have to PAY for the attorney to question you!  The person who hired the attorney pays them.  The parties pay their attorneys to prep you, question you, whatever else they do.
    3. You don’t sue a private party for a breach of your Constitutional rights.  I can not say this enough times, the Constitution protects you from the government infringing on your rights, not from private citizens!  The government then protects you from private citizens infringing on your rights.  If you’re suing for employment discrimination for example, you aren’t suing under the Constitution; you are suing under laws passed by the government saying employers can’t discriminate.
    4. You can’t sue somebody for breaking your heart (metaphorically speaking, if they damage your heart physically, you can totally sue for that).  Yes, marriage is a contract in its own way, but you can’t sue for breach of contract when you get left at the alter (but maybe for the costs you incurred in paying for the wedding).  If you bring a frivolous lawsuit you know has no basis like this, they can sue you and report the lawyer who brings the frivolous lawsuit to the Board.
    5. And that goes to another big one I see over and over again.  Each state has a Board of Professional Responsibility, that’s where you make bar complaints, as in, you report a lawyer for ethical breaches.  The Bar Associations are merely professional organizations, basically social clubs, they have no power over ethics (except the ones that have the Board within the state bar association).  So you only would report to the state board or bar if the board is within it.  This means, you do not report someone to the ABA!!!
    6. You get a lawyer appointed to you for criminal charges if you can’t afford one.  This doesn’t mean you get a lawyer for every little thing.  You don’t get a lawyer to fight a fine for a traffic ticket.  Yes, it’s sad that I have to say that.  You’d be amazed at some of the stupid things people believe they have a right to.
    7. In criminal trials, you do not plead and you are not found Innocent.  You plead or are found Not Guilty.
    8. You do not have to admit guilt to something you didn’t do to get a favorable plea deal.  It is not just Guilty or Not Guilty.  There is also what we call an Alford Plea.  That’s where you are saying you are taking the plea bargain the Prosecution is offering because you fear a trial could turn out badly for you and you’d rather have the good deal than risk it, but you maintain that you’re not guilty.
    9. Every crime is defined by elements.  Like Burglary is usually (remember, it varies by state so this is just an example) something like 1. entered or stayed in dwelling without permission. 2. with intent to commit a crime therein. 3. within the boundaries of this jurisdiction.  And the Prosecution has to prove each element beyond a reasonable doubt.  So if you break into a place to get out of the rain and that’s it, it’s criminal trespass, not burglary.  They can still charge you for burglary obviously and then you argue the elements to a jury if it gets that far.
    10. Every crime has to have an act element and a mental element.  You can’t be charged with attempted anything if you haven’t at least taken a step towards it.  You can’t be charged with doing something if you didn’t have the required mental element. That doesn’t mean “I didn’t mean to” is a defense, just that if you can convince the jury it was possible that you didn’t mean to, they would give you a lesser charge that requires a reckless or negligent mind rather than an intent one.
    11. Federal and State are different jurisdictions.  Each one can only charge you if you broke one of their laws.  Most of the time, criminal laws are taken care of by the state.  For something to be a crime on the federal level, the federal government had to have a justification for making it a federal crime when they made the law, like the crime crossed state borders, otherwise it’s seen as infringing on states’ rights.
    12. After criminals are convicted, pretty much every one of them does what we call a collateral attack.  They usually argue they had ineffective assistance of counsel.  If they succeed, they get the conviction overturned.  These mostly are rejected and that’s that, but they always try it, because why not?  It does not reflect badly on the attorney, the Board could care less, because every defendant does this as a Hail Mary.  So the stories about attorneys freaking out because of one of these claims, are bunk.  (This is different from being sued for malpractice, losing those ones looks bad.)
    13. Patent Attorneys aren’t just lawyers that practice patent law.  They have to have a science background that is either a Bachelors in a hard science or the equivalent.  They have to prove this science background to the PTO to be allowed to even take the Patent Bar, and then they have to pass the Patent Bar (first time passage rate is approximately 50%).  But you do not have to be an attorney to take the Patent Bar.  If you pass it without being an attorney, you’re a Patent Agent.
    14. First time passage rates for state bars vary between states, but they are not as low as 50%!  (Sorry HIMYM, but that episode was so wrong.) Usually, they’re not lower than 60% and in some states they’re as high as 95%.  Now, people who are repeaters in that state (meaning they have failed that state’s at least once and are trying again, not that they took another state’s and are now taking this state’s) have a much lower passage rate than the first time takers, they drag down the average passage rate.  (Hey, there’s a reason they failed the first time.)  Many states post the results online for the public to look at (which is just fantastic when you’re a wreak and terrified all your friends will see right away if you failed) and they email the results to you.  And while some do have a password protected private look-up on top of one of these, you would never have to wait for them to come in the normal mail.
    15. The bar is only given at the end of July and the end of February.  It’s not like tests you can schedule at a testing place to take whenever you damn well please. (The Patent Bar, for example, is one you can schedule at a testing place.)

    So, there’s the basics.  As always, nothing here is meant to be taken as legal advice, just writing advice.  There are a lot of nuances to the law and If you have a specific legal question, hire an attorney.  Whatever you do, don’t get your legal advice from fiction.  Nope, not even Law and Order, and they even had an attorney as one of the actors.
    And don’t forget to check out my new book The Gods Defense. 




  • Internet Debate ~ A Spectator Sport

    This post is my response to the friends whom I know do believe what I wrote in a previous post regarding the ascent of Donald Trump.

    It’s also a rebuttal to those who tossed around different words and phrases which all meant the same thing to me.

    My friend, Linda, liked the post, and asked if she could share it on her Facebook page.  However, my post was the subject of a terrible comments thread. For my part, I regret losing my temper, and using foul language, however, I must chalk it up to my temper. I do work on controlling my temper, but it escapes me at times, especially when people accuse me without cause.

    I would like to apologize to my friends, and forgive those who hurt me. I pray sincerely for each person who commented, and wish the best for all, even those whom I felt best to block from seeing me on Facebook. This was a decision I made long ago; I cannot have the worry of folks who for all intents and purposes say I’m a liar having access to my family photos or other information. It makes me nervous to contemplate that people who believe I engage in fabricating tales might possibly be looking at my family.

    I feel like I need to write all of this. I was unfairly attacked, to the point of being told I hate Catholics. (I’m a cradle Catholic, and very devoted to Jesus and His Mother). But as another friend once said: Jesus never told us to be doormats. Sigh.

    I only recently decided to place a small biography on my own page, consisting of my website and blog information. This was because I never really felt comfortable with announcing the fact that I have written two novels. Other writers say the same; it may be that we are introverts, or nervous about our work being rejected, or any number of other reasons.

    However, after almost two years, I decided to be proud of my accomplishments, and to put the information on my page. Friends knew I was a writer, of course; such things cannot be a secret, but I kept my writing life separate from my personal Facebook page for whatever reason.

    As I said to the commenters at large, I am respected in my field. I have many friends, some of whom commented at the end of the post that upset some of the people I went to school with.  One of my dearest friends, Daria DiGiovanni, is an author, ghostwriter, blogger, internet radio host and co-owner of a new publishing venture. Daria in particular, has been my mainstay. I could not ask for a better friend. Another friend, Kia Heavey, has recently been awarded a contract for her third novel, Domino. Domino was published by Kindle Press, Amazon’s new publishing venture.

    I remember how proud I was when I was asked to appear on Daria’s radio show, Writestream Tuesday, Shatter the Narrative, with other members of the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance. All are well respected authors.

    These people are my acquaintances, and, in some cases, dear, dear friends. Marina, an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, recently published her debut novel, Chasing Freedom.

    So, I decided that I wouldn’t hide from my community anymore.

    Even though I have been termed worse than a liar many times on comments threads in the past, I didn’t expect to be maligned on Linda’s page. I don’t know why I thought I would be respected by folks who, for whatever reason, do not understand the concept of such a thing, but for some reason I still didn’t expect it. Perhaps because with all that has happened in America, I believed more people would see the truth.  Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. It happened, and it can’t be undone.

    Within ten minutes of the initial post, the first comments came in. The word used by the nastiest commenter was “liar.” Other  terms thrown around are paraphrased here.

    My post was: “All over the place” — “Started off interesting, but she quickly lost credibility” — the stories do not seem as if they could really have happened”… and on and on.

    Again, the above are paraphrases. I couldn’t screenshot them, since Linda deleted the post from her page the next day. I certainly don’t blame her, and I’m happy she did delete it. It had descended into something that did not in any way resemble a debate.

    In addition the phrases above, the following words, or in some cases memes containing them, were used while describing Linda and me:  Racist, Hater, Angry, and even Hitler. Hitler was being compared to Donald Trump, who, as I said in my post, I do not support.

    However, Donald Trump is the Republican frontrunner, and most likely to be our next President. Part of this is due to riots over the weekend by people who hate Trump. Again… when people, (especially people who claim to be kind and tolerant) disrupt a rally and cause violence, it drives Americans who are watching the proceedings directly toward the person or people against whom the violence was perpetrated. It’s what I said in the post which caused all of this upset, and it’s the truth.

    Just for the record: I’m a registered Republican, but I have, in the past, split my ticket or voted for candidates not of the party. The party is part of the problem. Same with the other party.

    Following is an excerpt from page 255 of my first novel, a dystopia. I began writing Tears Of Paradox in 2009, and published it in May, 2014. Protagonist Jason is remembering his youth, from the vantage point of having survived the beginning of America’s descent into totalitarianism. The “drones” are the media. The “sharks” are members of a government bureaucracy that has assumed control  of each American’s life.

    Some seemed not to care what their choices did to others, though. The politicians and the media are the hardest to forgive, even though they were deceived and betrayed themselves. It’s not easy to forgive the drones, but I take no comfort in the fact that most of them have received their comeuppance. I’m not talking about those who did report the truth; they were shut down long ago. It was probably a blessing, since it enabled some of them to get out; to begin spreading truth from far-away places. The ones I refer to as drones are those who wouldn’t recognize Truth if it touched them on the shoulder, (which I have no doubt in my mind He did). Or the ones who knew what the facts were, but spun them or hid them or scrubbed them outright, just to further their own ends. After all, they had all resources available to them, all of history to learn from, and back then they also had the protection of the First Amendment.

    They should have known better. They shouldn’t have let themselves be blinded by false party allegiance. They should have realized that donkeys and elephants didn’t matter; that what mattered was truth and humanity, and that Washington was disintegrating into two stinking, rotting rat carcasses. They were only half-alive, but they still had snapping mouths full of sharks teeth, which did a great deal of damage as they slowly mutated into one.

    The drones should have stuck to reporting facts. That’s what they were supposed to do. If they had they might have realized that even though most of them favored one party, neither party favored them—and that behind closed doors they were referred to with mirth as perfect examples of the term “useful idiots”. Most of them had no idea though. They didn’t understand what they’d been given, and they didn’t see the sharks circling until it was way too late. They held a sacred trust, protected by the First Amendment, and they should have followed the truth instead of spinning a huge ugly web of poisonous lies.

    They were too busy for facts, though. If they’d studied history they might have been able to read the writing on the wall. The blinders might have come off, and they would have seen what had happened over and over throughout the ages—the fact that after people such as the sharks finally chewed their way into complete control, the journalists were always the first to go. It’s a shame they were blind. Now it’s too late for them.


    If you read the above with an open mind, you cannot help but come to the conclusion that I don’t favor either party at this point. I just want my children and grandchildren to be free. I choose to focus on my writing, since politics is downstream from culture.

    Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.



    The above, I have come to understand, is the truth. That is why I do what I do, even though it can be difficult at times.

    And now we come to the point: Internet debate is  a spectator sport.

    In the comments thread on Linda’s post, I did defend myself against some of the claims. One commenter insinuated that if such a thing had happened, perhaps it was in some way merited. After I spoke back, the commenter backpedaled. And then again, it was communicated to me that people like me ought to know their place. “A place for everything.”  To me those are fighting words.

    I’m an American. We do not have “places.” We are not required to sit down and be quiet and keep to our place. As long as we are not breaking the law, we are free to say what we please. We cannot yell fire in a crowded theater, but we can stand up for ourselves and our beliefs. It doesn’t matter how unpopular our positions are; we have the right to think and believe what we want, as long as we do not break the law or cause harm to our neighbors. (Unlike the protesters at the Chicago Trump rally).

    So… here goes. Please click this link if you would like some backstory, but the headline should be enough to scare any thinking person: SJWs are purging politically incorrect Sci-Fi Authors from Bookstores. Linked within is the following post: The Hugo Wars: How Sci-fi’s Most Prestigious Awards Became a Political Battleground.

    As you can see, what happened with regard to my puny post is nothing compared to what others are enduring at the hands of Leftists and Social Justice Warriors like the worst guy on Linda’s comment thread.

    Again: We are Americans. We do not suppress the speech of another, or attempt to threaten their livelihoods. That is what they do in Communist countries, or Socialist countries, or countries run by fascists. This is not what Americans do.

    But, unfortunately, it seems to be becoming the norm. Again, this is what is driving people to Trump. They can’t fight the whole media, all of the PC politicians and the spineless GOP who have promised to help them for the past six years because they are continually maligned and shouted down with terms such as racist, sexist, homophobe, liar, stupid, redneck, tea bagger, and others. They have become the punching bag for any Liberal with a cell phone who happens to be having a bad day, and so, they are flocking to Trump, who stands up to the media and the haters.

    Anyway… The comments thread was for the spectators. If I had known for a fact that no one was watching, I would not have spoken back, or bothered, because for people like the man who called me an angry racist hater, no words, however reasoned, will suffice. It would have been pointless.

    But… I know for a fact that other people were watching that thread, and I know some of them sympathize with me. Others may have been indifferent, and may have been swayed by watching the venom of the nasty guy. Perhaps they do not wish to be like him, and so, they may give me the benefit of the doubt, or begin to believe that his way is not the way of Free Americans.

    I’m going to link here to a “fisk” by Larry Correia, founder of the Sad Puppies, who was featured in the previous link.  The applicable quote follows:


    Arguing is a spectator sport. You don’t waste your time on the already decided, you convince the undecided, and give ammo to your side. If there isn’t an audience, don’t waste your time.

    And again:

    This is the reason Linda and  I continued to speak. It was for our friends who may have been watching, and for any others who might have been convinced that the abuser was wrong.

    Though going through such an ordeal was difficult, I still feel it was worth it. I even have a new Facebook contact. Someone was watching, and the person sent me friend request. This alone made the whole ordeal worthwhile. It let me know that I’m not alone, and that I am worthy of someone’s respect. (Even though I know I am only living for God, and He knows my heart).

    Also, in my attempt to find the above quote/story for use in this post, I posed a question in my writer’s group, asking who it was that said internet debating is for the spectators.



    I was answered by other members in the comments thread right away. Mr. Correia is a famous author, well respected and someone to emulate. Imagine my surprise when he took time away from his busy schedule to answer my question personally.

    This is what it’s like to be part of something real. We do not attempt to tear each other down. We only fight back when we are attacked, and we will never stop.

    *This post has been updated.*


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