April Musings

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This is a busy time of year. In addition to working on book three in my series, and promoting the first two books, there are many other things that must somehow be accomplished. First is getting back ... Read More

Almost There

I’m can’t believe I’m almost ready to publish my second novel. What a roller coaster ride the past 5-6 years have been, since I really got to work on writing. I have always created a... Read More


Happy Thanksgiving. I was thinking back over the previous year and counting my blessings, of which there are many. I thought I would take a few minutes to list them here, so I can look back on them wh... Read More

Happy Anniversary

My husband and I are celebrating thirty-five years of marriage today. It doesn’t seem possible, but it’s true. We met in High School. Our first date was on May 12, 1978. Things progressed ... Read More