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  • Today’s Democrats: Intolerance, Hatred and Cruelty are the Order of the Day

    Many Democrats have no intention of mending fences with those of us who did not vote for Hillary Clinton.  It’s obvious when we see their intolerance for people who do not subscribe to Leftist ideology.

    It’s running rampant in America. Democrats are teaching their children to hate the President and to shun other children whose parents voted for Donald Trump. Hatred and cruelty are everyday occurrences.

    I’ll start with an example of intolerance and hatred being taught to children by Democrats. Please watch this short video from Facebook:



    I’m sure I’m not the only person who finds this video disturbing. These Democrat parents are teaching their children to hate President Trump. Note the way the parents scream at the kids to “tear him apart!”

    They smile and cheer as their children rip this effigy disguised as a piñata limb from limb. After the Trump figure is ripped apart, the children are rewarded with candy.

    So, hatred and acts of simulated violence on a figure representing President Trump are rewarded by these Democrat zealots.

    Their children are innocent and are being used as pawns in a dangerous game.

    Now I have no idea how many Liberal Democrat parents are teaching their children to hate the President, (and, by default, anyone who voted for him), but I doubt this kind of incident is rare.

    My opinion comes from seeing young children at the various pussy marches that were held around the nation. Some of these kids were under 5, holding signs with messages of intolerance.

    If anyone believes this irresponsible parenting will end up benefitting the children involved, there’s a big bridge in Brooklyn I could sell you.

    This brings me to this past Sunday, where I ran into my dear friend at Mass.

    The gospel reading was Matthew 5: 38-48.

    38* “You have heard that it was said,x ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’39y But I say to you, offer no resistance to one who is evil. When someone strikes you on [your] right cheek, turn the other one to him as well.40If anyone wants to go to law with you over your tunic, hand him your cloak as well.41Should anyone press you into service for one mile,* go with him for two miles.z42Give to the one who asks of you, and do not turn your back on one who wants to borrow.a

    Love of Enemies.

    43b “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’c44But I say to you, love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you,45that you may be children of your heavenly Father, for he makes his sun rise on the bad and the good, and causes rain to fall on the just and the unjust.46For if you love those who love you, what recompense will you have? Do not the tax collectors* do the same?47And if you greet your brothers only, what is unusual about that? Do not the pagans do the same?*48So be perfect,* just as your heavenly Father is perfect.d

    One of the most difficult of Christ’s teachings for most people. The priest’s homily suggested that we ask God to help us in forgiving others, to pray for those who have wronged us, and to ask God to rain His blessings down upon them.

    Not an easy thing to do these days. We all have enemies. This is not conjecture.

    After Mass I greeted my friend, whom I met at church 8 years ago. We quickly became close during our work in the parish Pro Life ministry, and also community activism in opposing the Common Core curriculum being implemented at local schools. We are buddies, and she is my greatest friend in our parish. I love her.

    My friend suffered greatly at the hands of Leftist Democrat community agitators in her children’s school system because she refused to sit down and shut up about faulty texts and crappy Leftist ideological novels being taught as literature.

    For more on what happened please click here.


    After the hearing which other concerned parents were not permitted to attend, rumors began circulating that “some woman” was trying to ban books. The rumor was heard at the Bayard Taylor Library in Kennett Square. The rumor was also being spread in one of the New Garden polling places on election day, November 4th. People coming into the polling place to vote were told that someone was trying to “ban” books at Kennett High School. All of this talk of “banning” did the trick.

    On the evening of November 10th, my friend Angie went to the school board meeting alone. She had asked me to go with her, and I said no. I had no idea what was going to happen and neither did she. I’m pretty sure Angie’s husband did end up joining her at the meeting before it ended, but I wish I had gone. She could have used a friend.

    The room where the school board met that night was filled with adults and students wearing “We Read Banned Books” buttons. There was quite a large group. Angie told me she was sitting quietly and wondering what the hell was going on, since the vote was to decide whether the book should be kept under age restrictions. A group of about 5-6 kids sat nearby, along with a few parents. Angie decided to ask them why they were at the meeting. Following is the paraphrased conversation:

    Angie: Why are you all here?

    Students: Our teachers asked us to come, because some lady is trying to ban books in our library.

    Angie: Oh no…that’s not what’s going on. I’m the person who’s concerned about the book, but I didn’t ask for it to be banned. I’m just concerned about kids. Some kids may be too young to read what’s in the book, so we should make sure they can be talked to by someone like the counselor.”

    Students: What? You’re the lady?

    Angie: Yes. It’s me, but I don’t want to ban books.

    Students: We didn’t know. We were told by our teachers to come tonight to support the school because someone wanted to ban books. We didn’t know.


    Here’s more:


    The board whipped things up a bit more before they went on to other business. Following is a quote from board member Rudy Alphonso:

    “I think about the principles that our Founding Fathers laid ground for us (and) all the battles and all the people that have died over our 200-plus years to keep these fundamental freedoms in place and to allow us to have the choice whether or not we want to read something or not read something,” he said in his statement. “Banning this book, to me, would almost be like turning my back on all those hundreds of thousands of American veterans, men and women, who have died to allow us to keep those freedoms and not to have censorship. I see this attempt to ban this book as if we live in Nazi Germany. This is the United States of America. The Statue of Liberty rings for everyone.”

    This man and the other board members must have known that the book wasn’t leaving the school, yet he mentioned Nazi Germany. How unbelievably pathetic.


    So you see, Angie is not popular with many Democrats in her community. And now, because she is a Republican committee person for her township, and her neighbors know she supported President Trump, one of her children is being shunned by an “adult” neighbor.



    Virgin and Child


    After Mass on Sunday we went inside the multi-purpose chapel that was recently built at our parish church. Above is a statue that graces the chapel. I don’t know the title of the statue, but as you can see, the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Son are surrounded by children of many races and ethnicities.

    As Angie was relating the incident, we gazed at the statue. Here’s what happened.

    The neighborhood itself shows signs of displeasure with Trump. A mailbox is tied with a black ribbon, and there are other signs of dislike.

    Anyway, Angie related that her son, age 8, was playing in her yard with a neighbor’s child, and the child’s mother called him to come home, and not to play with his friend because “they” are mean people.

    *Note* – I have met the woman in question three times, at various parties at Angie’s house.

    Anyway, Angie’s 8 year old was upset at what was said, as any child would be. Then the following occurred.

    I don’t know if it was directly after the neighbor boy was told to get out of that yard or if it maybe happened later, at the bus stop or some other time, but the little boy approached Angie and said (paraphrase): I want to play here. I don’t think you are mean. But my mom says you are mean people and I can’t play with ___. (Angie’s son).

    Again, she told me this directly after we had listened to a priest speak of forgiving and praying for those who hurt us, while looking at a statue of Christ surrounded by children of differing ethnicities.

    It really was a strange feeling.


    I would like to know how the Democrat mom in question is any different than a white woman before Civil Rights who taught her children never to speak or play with a black child.

    Or how she is different from a German mother in 1932 teaching her children not to ever associate or play with a Jewish child.

    If anyone can explain the difference, please do so in the comments.

    I myself see no difference.  I have known this little boy for many years. He is a wonderful child with a big heart, yet he is shunned by a woman who used to eat in his home.

    This woman is a Democrat, and seemingly sees no irony in what she did. Democrats pride themselves on being tolerant and loving, yet she was cruel, intolerant and hateful to an 8-year- old boy.

    Again, for any Democrat who might be reading, please help me to understand why this, or the hatred in the above video, is acceptable in America today. I’ll wait.

    My opinion is that these children will grow up to be sad, guilt-ridden individuals, or perhaps hateful bullying thugs like the ones we see beating people and pepper spraying them for wearing a Trump hat.

    And now for my own reflections on the unfortunate fact that the Democrats are practicing intolerance and hatred.

    White Clay Creek, Chester County, PA


    Above is a branch of White Clay Creek near my home in Chester County, Pennsylvania. I run here in White Clay Creek Preserve.

    On Sunday afternoon I went running and snapped the above photo. Though not visible in the picture, the park was full of people. It was a beautiful day, and I saw many families walking together with their dogs, and also other runners and some trail bikers.

    As I was running I smiled and said hello to everyone who made eye contact, all the while wondering if they would hate me if they knew I voted for Trump.

    I have had similar experiences over the years while running, but they usually occurred when the park was almost deserted.

    I once got a strange feeling about a man who was walking his dog in the dead of winter while I was running in the bitter cold. I don’t know why, but the man seemed off. I got the feeling he might be out looking to hurt someone.

    He was there on and off whenever I went to a certain trail. Sometimes I saw him in the parking lot and took off down the road so he wouldn’t know which path I planned to take. Other times he was on the road but very close to the trail. He was always wearing a parka with a hood, and walking a little dog.

    When I saw him I was put in mind of the movie The Silence of Lambs. I have no idea why, but I always ran away as fast as I could.

    And then one day I came around a bend in the trail far away from the road. I was all alone in the bitter cold, running in an isolated place. This was 8 years ago.

    As I ran I wondered what to do. I prayed. I didn’t stop or turn around, for whatever reason.  I kept running right toward him, praying.

    And then out of nowhere came a tall, fit man, running directly toward me. He passed me as I was passing the guy with the dog.

    He came along out of the blue. I had never seen him before, and I never saw him again. And that was the last time I ever saw the man with the dog.

    Now you may say I’m imagining things, or I was paranoid, or any number of 21st Century notions. But I believe an Angel passed by at the very moment I need God’s help.

    After that, I began to carry pepper spray while running.

    And on Sunday I ran with my paper spray, smiling at people, half of whom were probably Democrats that might hate me for my beliefs, remembering what the priest had said. Pray for those who hurt you.

    It was surreal. And then I heard the sound of gunfire. People were target shooting off in the distance. The sound carried, and everyone on the trail could hear the shots.

    It went on for the remainder of my run. It was like a balm. I was comforted. Because again, everyone in the park could hear it. If any far Leftists like the ones described above were walking along wondering who voted for who in that park, they were surely put on notice.

    We know many Democrats hate us.They tell us in many ways everyday, in social media comments, in acts of violence at riots, and in their obstruction and slander of Trump and every person he appoints to his cabinet.

    And they know we know. But they also know that as a group we possess the great equalizer.

    Again, it’s comforting to have the protection afforded by the 2nd Amendment.

    The Democrats who teach their children to hate us would do well to teach them about our right to bear arms while they instruct them on shunning, bullying and hating other children. It might be helpful to the children at some point down the road.


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  • March For Life 2017 ~ A Labor of Love

    Today I watched the March for Life in a livestream from EWTN

    The coverage, including the rally on the National Mall, with speakers Kellyanne Conway, VP Mike Pence, Eric Metaxas (author of Bonhoeffer), Mia Love and Cardinal Timothy Dolan can be accessed here.

    The rally was mind blowing. It was full of inspiration, love, respect, prayer and hope. If you want to be uplifted I would encourage you to watch, even if you are not prolife.

    This post will consist of screenshots from my computer and links to tweets from people who attended the march.

    Unlike the Pink Kitty Ladies protest against President Trump last weekend, which featured hateful screaming speeches, women who wore vaginas on their heads, and signs which desecrated the Catholic religion, today’s event was classy, kind, prayerful, inspiring and full of love and respect for all human beings around the world.

    But before I share the beauty I saw today, I must mention some ugliness. On both Facebook and Twitter, the ugliness of last weekend is intruding on today’s march. That is to be expected of course; the “tolerant” crowd are simply doing what they do.

    However, they are crafting a narrative about crowd size, saying that the Pink Kitty protest was much bigger than today’s March for Life.

    That may or may not be true; from what I saw today, there were probably 150,000 or more people marching for life, but time will tell.

    However, the Pink Kitties are not taking two important facts into account.

    1) The March for Life has taken place every January for the past 44 years, even if the news media refuses to report it. If the Pink Kitties were placed next to all the marchers from this year and years past, it would be like comparing the number of men that many pro lifers have slept with (probably between 10 and zero) to the amount Madonna has slept with (no one will ever know for sure but most likely below a thousand).

    Sorry for the picture I just painted, but I thought it was a good way to make my point. Last week’s March was a drop in the ocean.

    2) The March for Life is not funded by George Soros, and the Pink Kitty-Trump protest almost certainly was.

    Please read this Chicks on the Right article, Women’s March Organizers Funded By Notorious Leftist Billionaire George Soros.


    New York Times columnist Asra Q. Nomani explains how she followed the money trail and how it all came back to Soros –

    By my draft research, which I’m opening up for crowd-sourcing on GoogleDocs, Soros has funded, or has close relationships with, at least 56 of the march’s “partners,” including “key partners” Planned Parenthood, which opposes Trump’s anti-abortion policy, and the National Resource Defense Council, which opposes Trump’s environmental policies. The other Soros ties with “Women’s March” organizations include the partisan MoveOn.org (which was fiercely pro-Clinton), the National Action Network (which has a former executive director lauded by Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett as “a leader of tomorrow” as a march co-chair and another official as “the head of logistics”). Other Soros grantees who are “partners” in the march are the American Civil Liberties Union, Center for Constitutional Rights, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. March organizers and the organizations identified here haven’t yet returned queries for comment.

    DUDE. That’s not just one or two Soros-linked organizations that oddly showed up in the behind-the-scenes financials for these protests. That’s a TON of left-leaning organizations getting cash from the living, breathing example of a Bond villain.

    First terrorism, then Goldfinger. These progressive feminist marchers sure know how to pick their friends.


    So, the Women’s March was kind of easy for those who participated.

    It was held on a Saturday–March for Life is always held on a weekday when Congress is in session–and they didn’t have to raise a ton of money because George Soros funded them.

    Their job consisted of knitting pussy hats, passing them out, donning vagina costumes and making those nasty signs showcased in Megan Fox’s PJ Media article (linked above). Then they went out and had fun listening to a woman who needs a mental health intervention.

    Of course, they may have had to put out funds for transportation, but other than that, there was no grassroots activism. It was all planned by the Far Left.

    Now for the images of today 🙂


    Above is the March route. As you can see, the Mall, beginning at the Washington Monument (far left) stretches for blocks. When I attended the 2009 March for life, we were way back near the monument, not nearly close enough to hear the speeches or see the big screens (if they even had them back then).

    The route is highlighted in red. It’s a long march up Constitution Avenue past the Capitol building and around the corner to the Supreme Court, where the march ends.


    The above map was included in this article by International Business Times.


     Above: Marchers gathered in front of the Supreme Court ahead of the actual March.


    Below are more photos.


    I took screenshots with my timestamp in the upper right corner. As you’ll see, this march was HUGE.

     Above, the front of the March at 2:15 pm, on Constitution ave.

    The following photos are in order of timestamp.

    Above, the front of the March has reached the Supreme Court building at 2:38 pm. But there are still tens of thousands of marchers to come.

    You can see the Washington Monument in the distance. There are still thousands marching.

    In front of SCOTUS at 2:58 pm. President Trump’s tweet is featured.

    Following are screenshots without timestamps that show the huge crowds.

    Hooray! There’s Our Lady of Guadalupe as she really is, unlike the creepy and blasphemous effigies carried by Crazy Cat Ladies last week.

    Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

    Below are a few tweets from March attendees and others. 



    What a difference a week makes!


    On a personal note, I have been involved on & off with the respect life movement since 2008.

    Today’s March made history because, for the first time, the VP of the United States addressed the crowds.

    I truly believe that we are making great strides toward changing hearts and minds in America.

    And it is being done because of God, who is Love.



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  • The Bathroom Dilemma ~ Part 1

    Unless you’ve been without access to any media whatsoever you must be aware of the controversy surrounding the passage of HB2, sometimes referred to as the Bathroom Bill, by the state of North Carolina.

    Many people have written about the actual bill, the text of which can be found here.

    For starters, there’s disagreement about this bill’s effect on private businesses in North Carolina. Having read the bill myself, and also after speaking to an online acquaintance who practices law, my understanding is that the bill does not affect private businesses.

    It’s strictly limited to public agencies under the jurisdiction of the state of North Carolina. Below is the relevant part of HB2.



    Public agency. – Includes any of the following:
    a. Executive branch agencies.
    b. All agencies, boards, offices, and departments under the direction and

    control of a member of the Council of State.
    c. “Unit” as defined in G.S. 159-7(b)(15).
    d. “Public authority” as defined in G.S. 159-7(b)(10).
    e. A local board of education.
    f. The judicial branch.
    g. The legislative branch.
    h. Any other political subdivision of the State.


    And again:


    § 143-422.12. Places of public accommodation – defined.
    For purposes of this Article, places of public accommodation has the same meaning as defined 44 in G.S. 168A-3(8), but shall exclude any private club or other establishment not, in fact, open to the public.


    Further clarification on the HB2 bill regarding private businesses and other concerns can be found in the following Myths vs Facts article.


    4. Can private businesses, if they choose, continue to allow transgender individuals to use the bathroom, locker room or other facilities of the gender they identify with, or provide other accommodations? 

    • Answer: Yes. That is the prerogative of private businesses under this new law. For instance, if a privately-owned sporting facility wants allow attendees of sporting events to use the restroom of their choice, or install unisex bathrooms, they can. The law neither requires nor prohibits them from doing so.


    So, this settles the question for me. According to the above information, the bill makes no attempt to regulate individuals in their homes or private businesses. A privately owned sporting facility seems to be similar to a privately owned restaurant, nightclub, gym or other business that serves the public but is owned by a private individual or corporation.

    Now, I understand and sympathize with anyone who is going through a struggle such as that of folks who are transitioning. There is no doubt in my mind that they struggle and also, instances of abuse against transgendered people have been documented. You can find examples here and here.

    Such abuse and bullying is abhorrent, and should be soundly condemned by decent Americans. No one, regardless of race, creed, color, gender, or sexual preference should ever be abused or bullied in a free society.

    Now, lets look at the other side of this controversy. For starters, please, note this relevant fact, found here.



    • An estimated 3.5% of adults in the United States identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual and an estimated 0.3% of adults are transgender.
    Please form your own opinion on whether or not the number of transgendered Americans is relevant to this issue, but IMO, in a free society, your rights begin where my rights end.
    Now, having said all of the above, I would be remiss if I omitted the following: The idea of shared bathrooms is causing women (and, most likely men and boys as well) who suffered sexual abuse at some point in their lives mental anguish on par with what transgenders who are abused feel. I would encourage everyone to read this article. You will be saddened and shocked to see that women who were abused as children or teens, and who have expressed reservations on Washington State’s shared bathroom policy, were dismissed as “fear mongers.”

    For Flores, who said she was abused inside a locker room when her mom would drop her off for swimming classes, the policies are particularly traumatizing.

    “Ever since the Y did this, I’ve been waking up sometimes with cramps in my legs and that feeling of terror again,” she said. “If you were a woman assaulted by a man, it feels extremely unsafe.”

    Simon, who used to volunteer for the at Mel Korum YMCA in Puyallup to make sure all volunteers completed training—which included Child Abuse Prevention Training—said she recently experienced her first panic attack in the last decade.

    “I’ve had my first panic attack in 10 years now knowing in my state there are only certain bathrooms that I will be able to enter safely,” she said. “Places where children gather are the number one place where pedophiles try to get into.”


    Since deciding to speak out, Triller Haver, Simon, and Flores say they’ve been attacked and labeled as “fearmongers.”

    But Simon, who said her abuser went on to attack other girls after her, said she won’t let the insults stop her. “I know the full weight of not speaking out and people getting hurt,”Simon said, adding:

    Sex abuse is a silent epidemic and you’re silenced because of the shame, the guilt, there’s a lot of manipulation – that you want it, that it’s your fault. To finally get to the place where I can say I was a little girl that that happened to it there was no shame there was no guilt…That is why so many women stay silent. It’s such a twisting of the soul.

    Citing statistics that say less than one percent of the American population is transgender, Flores asked, “Why are the 99 percent having to change our whole way of doing things for less than one percent?”

    To quell anxieties that she might confront male genitalia in the women’s locker rooms, Triller Haver said she’s been instructed to use “private stalls.”

    “If we as survivors have issues, we’re invited to use single occupancy stalls,” she said, adding:

    It feels like you’re saying, ‘I have to do what you want with my body or I’m a horrible person,’ and that’s a manipulation. I can be a very loving person but I don’t have to shower with you.

    Since sharing her story on The Federalist, Triller Haver said she’s heard from “hundreds” of other sexual assault victims who share her concerns with the new policies.

    But beyond that, it’s been difficult finding people willing to listen, she said.


    Not only were their very real concerns dismissed, but one woman lost her job at a branch of the YMCA.



    Months before the rules were officially adopted as state policy, the YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties began allowing transgender members to use locker rooms on the basis of gender identity.

    “In April 2015, the YMCA created a policy to demonstrate our commitment to our transgender community,” the organization said in a statement. “As a community-based non-profit organization, we are committed to reflecting the diverse communities we serve. We also have a foundational commitment to child abuse prevention.”

    At the time, Triller Haver was working as the organization’s communications director. When she heard the plans to go this route, Triller Haver said she was asked to “draft some talking points.”

    “As a survivor of sexual assault,” Triller Haver said she told her bosses, “I can’t do this.”

    “They gave me two choices,” she said. “I could resign and receive severance for 10 weeks if I kept quiet or I could quit.”

    “Guess what I picked.”



    So here we are. How do we solve the problems our country is experiencing due to the above issue?

    Again, I can’t say this enough: I have sympathy for anyone struggling, no matter the reason for the struggle. I myself suffer from clinical depression/anxiety, and I am intimately familiar with mental anguish. Yesterday, at the height of my upset about the current culture clash, I had a panic attack of my own. The anxiety I felt at the mere thought that someday, my innocent grandchildren might enter a public restroom and be flashed, fondled, assaulted or traumatized by a child molester PRETENDING TO BE IN THE MIDDLE OF TRANSITIONING caused me to hyperventilate.

    The words above are in bold capitals, because no concerned parent or grandparent with any modicum of common sense believes transgendered Americans are child molesters as a group. Though, as with any and every group, there may in fact be such individuals, no one is concerned about the group as a whole.

    People have reservations because, as emphasized by the above article re sexually abused women, pedophiles will use any tool at their disposal to get close to children. And not only female children. Both boys and girls are targeted by pedophiles, and everyone knows this.

    That’s it. That’s the reason for our concern. To those who shout us down and term us ignorant bigots, let me say: Your name calling does not factor into the equation. We don’t care what you call us. We know what we know.

    With all we hear in the news about “safe spaces” why is it that children and also women, are not factored in? University students are provided “safe rooms” in which to find counseling and comfort at the mere thought of someone whose ideology differs from theirs speaking on their campus, yet innocent children do not deserve the protection a male only or female only bathroom can offer? What the hell does this even mean?

    According to far left SJWs, over 99% of Americans should have their right to a certain amount of safety ripped away to give less than 1% the privilege of going into a women’s bathroom when they still possess a penis.

    This is mind bending. And please. Don’t even bother with the argument: “If pedophiles want to molest kids in a bathroom, no sign on any bathroom door will stop them.”

    Wrong. If there are no rules, entering a space will be much easier. That is the absolute truth. Cameras may be positioned outside public bathrooms, but under no circumstances are they allowed inside a bathroom.

    If a pedophile who is gaming the system goes to a mall or store dressed in drag, and follows a child, tween or teen into a shared bathroom with stalls, molestation can occur within seconds. And unless there’s another occupant who witnesses the abuse, no one can prove it happened. The child can scream and shriek, but by the time security arrives on the scene, the pedophile may be long gone, and all that will be left is a broken child.

    Why does this possibility not compute for certain progressives???

    Not to mention this little tidbit, which was hidden from the national news by The Charlotte Observer: The HB2 legislation was written to OVERTURN a bathroom sharing ordinance put forth by a CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER who somehow got himself elected to the Charlotte, NC city council!


    Seaverence, Chad



    From the above linked article:



    Using the nonsense term “LGBT activist”, The Charlotte Observer said Chad Sevearance – president of the “LGBT-founded” Charlotte Business Guild – was a lead agitator behind the failed measure. A convicted child molester, Sevearance wants criminal penalties imposed on businesses that discriminate against homosexual or transgender persons for any reason.

    Claiming that the absence of laws prohibiting discrimination against homosexual and transgender persons would prevent Americans from “put[ting] roots down” in Charlotte, Sevearance framed his left-wing agitation as serving the city’s best interests of population growth.

    Calling for all bathrooms, both publicly and privately owned, to be made available to both genders, Sevearance and his “LGBT group” wanted showers for little girls to be open to grown men in the name of “nondiscrimination”.

    A local group pushing back against the proposed measure brought to public attention Sevearance’s conviction for child molestation and status as a registered sex offender. Deliberately omitting this detail of Sevearance’s past, The Charlotte Observer offered up its reporting to assist attempts to pass property-rights-violating measure.


    And though the first attempt to pass the above legislation failed, it was subsequently passed, and was scheduled to go into effect this month. Read more about it here.

    And for clarification on exactly what was in the bill put forth by Chad Severance, the sex offender, watch this short video by the Lt. Governor of North Carolina. Then draw your own conclusions and form your own opinion.


    To conclude part 1 of my bathroom post: In order to stop the above, HB2 was written and signed into law. North Carolina residents complained to their government, and their government heard their complaints and did what they were asked to do.

    This is how representative government works.

    Part 2 of this post will be dedicated to Bruce Springsteen, who was Born In The USA, the same as many North Carolinians.

  • April Musings

    This is a busy time of year. In addition to working on book three in my series, and promoting the first two books, there are many other things that must somehow be accomplished.

    First is getting back into a routine of running, since I slacked during the winter. I’m doing this slowly. I have run only twice since the weather began to warm up, but both times were enjoyable. I get most of my inspiration for writing while running, so this is actually part of my job. Following is a photo taken earlier this week:



    This is a road in my hometown. The stretch of road pictured has always been known as the flats. I’m not exactly sure when this name came into being, or why, but this stretch of road was the inspiration for an important scene in book two, The Notice.

    I have had feedback about this portion of the book, saying it was too long, and perhaps unnecessary, however, it seemed important to me to leave some scenes having to do with my hometown in the book, (though others were scrapped). I will not be here forever. I want my kids and grandkids to know about our lives and their ancestors. (Our family has lived in this area for over seventy years).

    Even though things I read and hear in the news are extremely depressing, I still have hope that America can somehow turn back into a free country. It will take many years, and I probably won’t be around to see it, but I believe it will happen, because people were born free. Americans are different. We will rebel at some point. We traditional Americans are patient, and we do follow the law and the rules, until the law turns on us. Then all bets are off. So, I’m leaving a record of sorts. My books are in print. My family can keep copies if they so choose, and if, for some reason America doesn’t turn around, perhaps my descendants will read the books, and know that at one time, people were free to speak without fear of being termed “racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, white, misogynist, etc.” just for having a different political opinion than the current crop of “leaders” and their media jammers.

    However, I still have hope. This world is dark, and my books reflect this, but it doesn’t have to remain dark. Good people just need to face the fear of what I described above. It need not be public, but it can be done. Do it by turning off the mainstream news, and reading or listening to some other viewpoints. Do it by actually listening to individual candidates. Not just soundbites, but the actual message. Not the spin and derogatory snark filtered through the likes of Chris Matthews or others who seem to feel we are inferior beings, good for nothing but the taxes we pay to keep their gods on top, but actual messages, taken IN CONTEXT.

    Do it by reading history. Do it by checking your children’s homework, not only to make sure they have done their homework, but to see that what they’re being taught is true. If you see a questionable lesson in your children’s backpack, take the time to deprogram your child. Tell them the truth. Such children will be the leaders of the future. I am not advocating that anyone actually take on a school which has made the decision to indoctrinate a child. I’ve seen the results of such a thing firsthand, and they are not pretty. If you do not have the stomach for what my friends endured at the hands of their neighbors and their children’s teachers and administrators, no one can blame you. Dealing with lying, slandering bullies in positions of power is not for the faint of heart. However, people who know in their hearts that what’s happening will hurt their children can take the time to explain the real story to their kids.

    Do it in the secrecy the voting booth. Don’t listen to the hype, and the lies, and the nasty derogatory slanderous BS that is spouted every day about “Flyover Country.” We are not stupid. We are not backward. We are not bigots. We are the backbone of this country, and we have a voice. It may be muffled by fear at this time, but it’s there. Use it. Then wait for springtime to come back to America.



  • Almost There

    I’m can’t believe I’m almost ready to publish my second novel.

    What a roller coaster ride the past 5-6 years have been, since I really got to work on writing. I have always created and always wrote, but never thought I would write a book. I began creating around age ten, when I learned to sew on my mom’s Singer sewing machine. I learned to sew clothes and made a stuffed hippopotamus from a Simplicity pattern. The material had a pink background and was dotted with what looked like candy. I think the hippopotamus may be in my mother’s attic.

    I sewed by hand and machine for many years. When my five year old cousin’s stuffed Minnie Mouse frayed, I mended it for her. I don’t really remember learning to knit, I only know that I learned before age ten. I think my mother taught me. She was a great knitter in her younger years.

    When my daughter was born I sewed special clothes for her, cute little sunsuits, hats and dresses. This continued. I sewed a First Communion dress for my daughter, who was very particular. She did not want satin or frilly lace. The dress had to fit her specs: cotton cloth with a sailor collar, Irish lace and a few tucks, nothing fancy. She picked it. There was a bit of a ruckus about shoes. My daughter loved fancy black patent leather Mary Janes. She wore them from age two on; they were a mainstay. At First Communion time we decided to just let her wear the black shoes instead of buying new white shoes that we knew she would never wear again. I think she may have argued a bit, but we ignored her. That was a mistake. In the group photo of the First Communion class, my child was the only girl with black shoes. The sewing for my daughter went on through High School. I sewed all of her Homecoming and Prom gowns. I did not offer to make her wedding gown, and she did not ask me, thank God.

    The sewing continued for nieces. Here’s a picture of a baptismal gown I sewed. Both nieces wore it. I made a fancy satin appliqué Communion dress for my nieces.



    Over the years I’ve made many quilts. Here’s one of my favorites.


    I learned to hand spin wool on my spinning wheel and knit it into garments. I’ve created lovely embroidered linens and cross stitched pieces, and knitted scarves, sweaters and afghans without number.


    My home is filled with beautiful stitchery. I’ve also knitted baby items for donation to moms in need and created quilts for my children and other members of my family. I do it because I love them.


    The cross stitched bear above hangs in my sewing room. He’s one of my favorites.

    I don’t know why I waited until I was in my forties to begin writing seriously. I wrote on and off throughout my life, in diaries and journals, but even though I had a secret dream of writing a book, I never took myself seriously until the idea for what ultimately would become the Storms Of Transformation series practically hit me over the head. It was a turning point in my life, one of those occasions that you remember in detail. I remember exactly where I was when the idea slammed me. The idea of NOT following through and at least trying to write was out of the question. I had to do it. I think my ideas have merit. I hope others like my work, but even if that isn’t the case, I won’t stop. My grandchildren may read my work someday. If America continues  on its current path, at least they’ll know I tried.

  • No One Can Drive You Crazy, Unless You Give Them The Keys

    I read a quote this evening: “No one can drive you crazy, unless you give them the keys.” Okay. Fair enough. We can’t change the behavior of others, we can only change the way we react to it. This is the way I’m choosing to live my life from now on.

    That’s why I didn’t mention Trig Palin and his dog to my mother. As many people are aware, Sarah Palin’s son Trig was photographed while standing on his dog.


    Because of media programming, many Americans hate Palin and her family. Some of the people who hate this family probably have no idea why they hate her. They’re simply following the herd. What began seven years ago has become a hard habit to break. Since Americans have been conditioned to believe Palin and other Conservatives do not merit the same respect or compassion as those of other ideologies, the hate is permitted to flourish. I’ve come to the conclusion that it will probably stick around for awhile, so with the exception of retweeting the most insane hatred in order to expose it, I give up. Palin has become the punching bag for any Democrat with a cell phone who happens to be having a bad day. Since the rules of “leave children out of it” do not apply to traditional Americans, Christians, and Conservatives, Palin’s children are also targeted on a regular basis. Since the hate began seven years ago and hasn’t lessened in intensity, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s okay in the eyes of many Americans. Here is an example of the latest in Palin hate.


    IMG_6776 IMG_2466


    You may be wondering what this has to do with my mother. My mother and father lost a little girl in 1970. The little girl was my sister, Lori Ann. She was three years old when she died. She had Down Syndrome, like Trig Palin. When Sarah Palin came onto the political scene in 2008, our family was thrilled. My parents admired Sarah for obvious reasons. Then the hate began, including hate for Trig. Of course it hurt our family; I’d be lying if I said it didn’t, but everyone has their crosses. Maybe this is ours. I’m not writing this post to garner sympathy. I’ve already come to terms with this unfortunate situation.

    Still, I didn’t mention the latest hate-fest to my mother. It’s January, a bad month for her. My father passed away in January of 2012, and the Holidays are hard for us. I was hoping mom missed the Trig comments. Unfortunately, she didn’t. She mentioned it on the phone this morning. That’s why I’m blogging about it. It bothered me all day, and this is what I chose to write about. I included the screenshots of hate-tweets on the off chance that some random person reading this might find empathy for Trig and his family. They are human beings, the same as the rest of us, even though the media dehumanizes them.

    It’s a shame, but many Americans have bought into this premise, the same way they’ve bought into the premise that a human child in a womb is only a clump of cells. Despite advances in science and technology, such as ultrasounds which plainly show the children, some Americans insist they are not children, and have no right to their own lives. This is an unfortunate fact.

    I’ve been part of the respect life group in my parish church for five years. In those five years, we have made little to no headway in bringing awareness to the plight of the unborn. In fact, certain parishioners seem to be clutching pro-abortion ideology in a death grip, up to and including promoting it in schools.

    Perhaps we made mistakes in our approach. The four of us organized trips to the annual March for Life, tried a pro life movie night, handed out pro life prayer cards, and sat at a table at the church bazaar and tried to interest parishioners in learning about unborn children. We raffled off handmade baby quilts, blankets and sweaters, and held a “baby shower” every spring. The baby items were then donated to a crisis pregnancy center. Somehow, though, we find that we have the support of less than half the parish. Maybe even less than a quarter. Again, perhaps it was our approach. Maybe we tried too hard. Maybe we didn’t understand that people didn’t want prayer cards containing prayers for the unborn. Perhaps we came across as being pushy. Our reasoning was that we were doing our work in a Catholic Church, the rules of which are that abortion is not allowed, so we figured most people would be on board. Why go to a Church when you disagree with a non-negotiable in the Catechism? It was sort of common sense for us to believe that Catholics would see the truth with all the technological advances of the past ten years, but science and technology seem to have overtaken our church and left it in the dust of 1973. Our group seems to have made enemies, not friends, and we’ve even been actively shunned and snubbed at times. So be it. Again, I’m not asking for sympathy. I’m certainly not a victim here.

    However, after five years, I admit I’ve burned out. Since I’ve decided to live my life differently, I’m cutting my losses. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity, so as of this week, I’m quitting the respect life ministry. I know we have done some good for actual babies and expectant moms, but I cannot bang my head against a brick wall in my own parish any longer. Perhaps the group will keep going in some capacity, but I won’t be participating in anything but prayer.

    The same people who trashed Trig Palin this week over a dog are probably the ones who wanted his mom to abort him. Many people said such things before Trig was born. Seven years hasn’t made much difference. There’s no reasoning with such people. Pro abortion ideology brings out the ugly in people. Perhaps they themselves are suffering and don’t know what they’re doing when they treat a child such as Trig the way they do. I can’t wonder why anymore. I’m making a decision to just pray.

    My mother feels some pain inside, every time Trig or his mom are disparaged. I do, too. So do numerous other families with special needs children. But whatever–we’re strong. We’ll handle it. We really have no other choice, do we?



  • Thanksgiving

    images copy 21Happy Thanksgiving. I was thinking back over the previous year and counting my blessings, of which there are many. I thought I would take a few minutes to list them here, so I can look back on them whenever I’m down. 🙂

    To begin, I am very thankful to God for all He has given me. I know I’ve been blessed abundantly.

    images-2 copy 3I’m blessed to be part of a family who loves me. I’m thankful for my mother, my sister, my kids and their significant others, my nieces and nephews, and every other member of my family. My husband and I celebrated thirty-five years of marriage in October, and this is another reason to give thanks. We are also very thankful for our little grandchildren.

    I am blessed with many, many friends. I see people online everyday. I must say that I’m thankful for social media, because if not for twitter and Facebook, I would never have met my dear friends Michele and Sharon. I’m thankful for my part time job, too, since I met my friend Vicki there. I don’t know what I’d do without my friends!

    I’ve been blessed with good health most of the time, too. I’m very thankful that I’m able to stay physically fit, and that I’m able to run.


    I completed the Delaware Half Marathon back in May. This was my second race. I plan to train again this winter, in hopes that I can run another 13.1 miles on Mother’s Day.



    I’m very thankful for being part of the Roman Catholic Church. My faith is what keeps me going during the tough times. I’m also thankful for the friends I’ve made in my parish church.

    This year brought many changes in my life. Ever since I published my first book, Tears Of Paradox, back in May, things seem to have become more hectic than they had been.

    This is another blessing. Because I took the plunge into self-publishing, I met a group of people who’ve provided friendship, support, and more kindness than I ever expected. The members of the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance have helped me more than words can express. I must mention Mr. Jack July, who took an interest in my writing, introduced me to the group, and invited me to be a guest on internet radio. If not for Jack, I might never have found the CLFA.  Every member of the group has been kind, welcoming, and helpful with writing tips and promotion. Please visit their Facebook page for reading suggestions. All genres are represented, and the books are those you’ll want to read again and again.

    I especially want to thank two members of this group, Daria DiGiovanni, and Kia Heavey. Daria invited me to be on her internet radio show, Writestream Tuesday, to promote my book, We struck up a friendship after finding out how many things we have in common. Kia is a talented author and artist. She helped me tremendously by reading the manuscript of my second book, and has done a wonderful job designing new covers for both Paradox and book two, The Notice. I’m thrilled with the new cover designs.


    To date, Tears Of Paradox has received ten 5 Star reviews on Amazon. The latest was posted just today. I’m truly humbled at the reaction to my work, and I want to thank each and every reader for their time, and for giving me a chance. 🙂

    I love the world that God created, and I try to enjoy every day. I love music, and looking at the beauty of nature while I run in the park.


    I love walking on the beach, especially Lewes Beach, Delaware, on Delaware Bay, and I’m thankful my family has been able to hang onto our little beach place through these tough economic times. My father worked hard to give us that beach place. He wanted us to keep and enjoy what he worked for. Luckily we’ve been able to keep it, even though it’s sometimes a struggle, due to policies crushing the middle class these days.


    This brings me to the subject of America. If you read my books, (or even the reviews), you’ll know how I feel about America. I truly believe that America is a wonderful country, and I’m tired of listening to people run her down. I don’t like the fundamental transformation America is undergoing at this time. It’s causing way too much pain and suffering. People in my family are affected in negative ways. I want America to come back. People should not be shamed because of their beliefs in a traditional American way of life.


    I will continue to pray for our beloved country, and  give thanks to God for allowing me to be born in the greatest country on earth.

  • Happy Anniversary

    My husband and I are celebrating thirty-five years of marriage today. It doesn’t seem possible, but it’s true.

    We met in High School. Our first date was on May 12, 1978. Things progressed quickly, and we ended up walking down the aisle on October 27, 1979. At the time of our marriage we were seventeen and nineteen years old. Our child was born the following February. We consider ourselves very lucky that we weren’t given the advice that many young couples of today receive from certain “health care professionals.” We were young,  stupid kids. Who knows what would have happened if we’d been given the wrong advice, and perhaps taken it? We certainly wouldn’t be as happy as we are right now, and the world would be missing three other human beings.

    The following song, Bruce Springsteen’s The River, is a bit like what we lived. We did walk down the aisle, and my husband never had a union card, but most of the rest of it is spot on, including episodes of sorrow as we struggled during the early years. We, like the subjects of the song, dealt with a poor job market in a stagnant economy. We had one car, which broke down continually. Our life wasn’t exactly easy, but still, it was ours.


    The fact that we’re still together proves the exception to the rule that people who marry young are destined for divorce. There are always exceptions. Such things depend on the people involved in any given situation, not societal “rules.”  If something is worth having, it’s worth working for. This includes marriage and raising a family.

    We began our married life with help from our parents. We lived next door to my parents, in a small apartment, built by my father, who was also an exception. Though raised on a farm where he worked from boyhood, sometimes skipping school to stay at home and work, he graduated High School, served our country, and raised a family, all while building. No one taught him how to construct homes and other buildings, unless it was his own father.

    My PopPop hailed from the Abbruzzi region of Central Italy. He was a poor man who came through Ellis Island in 1907 to start a new life in America. As far as I know, nobody taught him how to build either. He simply did it. So did my father.

    The little one bedroom barn like structure that my father transformed into an apartment has grown over the years. It was transformed into the home where we still reside. My father and husband were the ones who did the work.


    This is the little girl who was born four months after our marriage. My husband adored her. He worked in a fiberglass factory.  His clothes were covered in fiberglass at the end of the day. Though the work was hard, he was never too tired to spend time with his little girl each evening. He played with her and read her stories every night. During the first year of our marriage, we couldn’t afford to have a phone installed, but our child had everything she needed.

    Eventually, my husband went back to school. He became an electrician, and things got better for us. We had another child, a boy, who grew up and joined the US Air Force. He’s a good man, who recently became engaged to a lovely young woman.

    As for the little girl pictured above, she’s a married mother of two. She’s also a registered nurse. We play with our grandchildren now.

    Who would have thought that two kids from an area of Southern Chester County Pennsylvania–known in those days as “the boonies”–could marry as teens and end up with such a life? I’m pretty sure I know who. It was God. Things happen for a reason.

    Never let anyone put you in a box. Ordinary people can do extraordinary things, with help from family, friends and God.