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  • New Dystopia, Cadáin’s Watch ~ Live on #Amazon for #Kindle

    After two years of work, Cadain’s Watch (Storms Of Transformation Series Book 3) has been published! This is the final installment of my dystopia.

    Cadain’s Watch is a near future dystopia. It is set in America, 10 years from now.  You can find the Kindle version on Amazon.


    For folks who would rather not read Ebooks, the paperback is coming soon, so stay tuned.


    Below is the Cadáin’s Watch Book Trailer.



    For reflections from an early reader, check out this post from Book Horde.


    I was sent a review copy which I just started reading and I am really impressed by how much the writer has grown since the first book, Tears of Paradox, which I reviewed last year. My main complaint about the first book was that we were too much in the characters’ heads and as a result the pacing was erratic and at times confusing.

    Cadain’s Watch does not have that problem – the characters are continually in action and the narrative flows briskly. This is great because it allows the writer’s talent for creating characters that feel intensely really come through.


    Thanks to all my friends and readers for your support! I hope you enjoy the book.


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  • Free Preview of Cadáin’s Watch ~ #Book Three in my #Dystopian Series

    Cadáin’s Watch, Kindle edition, is going live on Amazon next Tuesday, March 14. Want a sneak peak? Get one free!

    Read a free preview of the final book in my dystopian series by clicking this link, and the preview will be delivered to your inbox.

    And don’t forget to preorder the book! Available on Amazon for only $2.99.

    For folks who don’t have kindles, there will be a paperback edition. Coming soon, so stay tuned!


    Michelle and Jason escaped the wreckage of their beloved hometown and are determined to live free. Though they are hunted by the totalitarian bureaucracy, they vow to resist oppression no matter the cost.

    But insidious evil still threatens. Once proud Americans are hopeless and unwilling to fight, making it that much harder for the rebels in their quest for Liberty.

    And so, God intervenes, and the angel-warrior Cadáin is sent to watch over those whose spirits are unbroken.



    Heres a one minute promo for Tears of Paradox (Storms Of Transformation Series Book 1).



    You can find this book on your right, or just click here.

  • Nearing the Finish Line ~ Cadáin’s Watch!

    A quick update for readers.

    As you probably know, Cadáin’s Watch, Book 3 in The Storms Series, is going live on Amazon on March 14.

    And today, I made a few last revisions to the manuscript, did another spell check, and sent it to be formatted!

    Now, I can breathe.


    To preorder Cadáin’s Watch, click the photo above.


    And please check out Freedom’s Light: Short Stories at the link below.

    My short story, The Birthday Party, is included in this new anthology endorsed by the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance. The story is set in 1923. A lesser character from the Storms Series, Adela (whose daughter, Patty, hid pregnant Michelle in her Pennsylvania farmhouse), is the heroine.



    Happy reading everyone!


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  • Cadáin’s Watch is Available for Preorder!

    What a great bit of news to report! Cadáin’s Watch, the third and final book of the Storms Of Transformation Series is available on Amazon for kindle preorder!




    Above is the cover, designed by author and graphic artist Kia Heavey.  I am thrilled with the book cover. It really stands out, and allows readers to know what is contained between the pages.

    And, I designed the warrior-angel Cadáin myself. This was no small feat, as I was almost a beginner in photoshop. However, the angel finally turned out the way I envisioned him.

    On another note, according to feedback from an early reader, Cadáin’s Watch can be described as a “stand alone” book. Readers need not have read the first two books in the series to enjoy the third.

    And fans of Tears Of Paradox and The Notice will not be disappointed in Cadáin’s Watch, so please order your copy today!

    To preorder Cadain’s Watch (release date March 14), please click here.

    And to my friends and readers, thank you for your support of my work!


    Thank You


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  • Latest On Cadáins Watch

    A quick progress update on book 3 in my series, Cadáin’s Watch.

    I am still revising the first draft. I’m 2/3 of the way finished. That’s actually not bad for me, since I admit I am rather slow and methodical in my work.

    I wish I were a faster writer, but I’m not. I wish I were like the roadrunner.



    Instead, I’m more like a turtle, slow and steady.




    So here’s another update, just to let readers know that I am still working hard. Stay tuned.



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  • Update on Book Three, Cadáin’s Watch ~ First Draft is Finished!

    This was me on Saturday after I wrote the words: “The End.”


    Doing the Happy Dance !!!


    Finally, after almost 18 months of planning, research, outlining and writing, the first draft of Cadáin’s Watch is finished.



    Above is one of favorite quotes, from Audrey Hepburn, a terrific actress who was the epitome of class.

    Though it took many months, I’m finally finished, and have begun revisions!




    Above is a bible verse that has applied to me through this project.

    I am very grateful to God for getting me this far, and I trust that He will enable me to keep going until I can publish the book!

    Thanks so much to all of my supportive family, friends, and readers, and also to my writer buddies for your support. 🙂 It means more than you will ever know.

    I need to get back to work now, on editing and revisions… I will update readers periodically, and I look forward to revealing the book cover when the time is right.
    In closing, I’ll share the new book trailer for Tears Of Paradox, Book 1 in the Storms Of Transformation Series.



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    I Wish You Peace







  • Quick Update on Book Three, Cadáin’s Watch

    Here’s the latest.

    I am nearing the end of the first draft! Whoot!

    I have a few loose ends to tie up regarding characters, and then another big scene to write.

    And then I can write the words: The End.

    After the first draft is finished, I will revise it (I have already begun this process in my spare time) before sending it to my friend/feedback gal, Kia, who will tell me the truth about what is good, bad or indifferent, and suggest some changes.

    When Kia has finished reading I will consider carefully all the advice given, and make changes before sending copies to beta readers.

    All of this will take some time, but will result in a quality book to end the Storms of Transformation Series.

    In addition to the above, I am going to overhaul my website to make it stand out.

    Readers, I thank you all for your interest in my work, and your patience and support during the writing of book three. It has taken longer than I expected, but I promise it will be worth the wait.

  • Update on Cadáin’s Watch

    My last update on progress was published back in March. (Click here to read).



    I’m happy report that my tiny grandson thrived in the NICU, and went home with his parents two weeks ago. He now weighs 6 pounds. (He weighed 2 pounds, 13 oz at birth).

    Isn’t he darling? We are so happy and thankful to God for him. 🙂


    Baby Grandson


    During the past couple of months, work on my manuscript has been slow but steady. I have managed to average around 4,000 words per week, in addition to blogging and attempting to create my vision of Cadáin, the warrior angel, in photoshop.

    I had the image of the warrior in my mind and set about finding him somewhere on the internet. I looked all over Deviant Art to find artwork that I could lease or buy, but I had no luck to speak of, so I decided to make my own angel. He’s in progress and the going is slow. Still, I’m learning a new skill.

    If my artwork is acceptable to me when the book is ready to be published, it will be on the back cover of the paperback, and if I find that I’m not happy with my creation, it will never be seen by anyone but me. (And the few trusted family members and friends who gave me their honest opinion that it stunk.)

    Now, back to the manuscript. Today I outlined the last few chapters of the book, and after months of planning and outlining, and a year of writing during every spare minute, it’s getting close to being finished.

    As I said in the post linked above, I have learned not to set deadlines. They are counterproductive, and my use of them most likely made the writing of this book take longer than it it would have without them, because I get too stressed. At the thought of a deadline I freeze like a deer in the headlights, and sit with my fingers poised above my laptop, worrying about whether or not I will finish on time.

    Without a deadline, I sit down to enjoy writing and end up with finished chapters. So I can’t say when the first draft will be finished, but I will say it’s getting close.

    It will be a great day when I finally finish this book, but also a little sad. It’s the final book in the Storms Series, and I’ll miss writing about Michelle, Jason, Brad and all the other characters. Still, the time is fitting for this series to end.

    My characters have been through a lot over the past seven years since I began writing my vision of a fundamentally transformed America. I have also been through a lot, since some of the scenarios I have written seem to be on the verge of becoming reality, or close to it.

    Writing a near future dystopia during this particular period of time is not something I would recommend to everyone. You need to be calm when news stories appear that mimic what you wrote a few years earlier. Sometimes it’s not easy to remain calm, and I end up in a puddle, trying to drag myself back to my computer so I can finish this series before America becomes something it was never intended to be.

    But lately I have a little hope. Maybe things are getting a bit brighter. My characters have survived, and America, though demoralized, tired, battered and bruised, has also survived this transformation that some of us didn’t ask for. We can never go back, but perhaps we can learn from our experiences.

    Cadáin’s Watch will be finished and ready to be published sometime before the November elections, unless another family crisis occurs. The grace of God was responsible for the entire project, since I never set out with firm plans to write such a series. Though I did have dreams of writing as a child, I never pursued them until the idea for Michelle came to me in the summer of 2009.

    So, I think I’ll keep working as hard as I can, and readers will have the book when the time is right.

    I will write another update when the first draft is finished. And then… the revisions begin.

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    Rock & Roll Fantasy


  • Rock & Roll Excellence ~ Led Zeppelin

    Since I can’t mourn Springsteen forever, I have decided to be thankful for what I have, and also for up and coming stars and new music.

    I’m not saying I’m over my hurt and disillusion. Just last night, while looking for a Fleetwood Mac CD in my car, I had to flip through sleeves & sleeves of Bruce CDs. I began to cry, and then… I cussed Springsteen. And yes, I forgive him, and no, I cannot just get over it and listen to his music already.

    But that’s my problem and no one else’s, ( and yes, I know I sound bitter. Oh, well.) so I’m writing some short blogs featuring the greats of Classic Rock, and also featuring new music I have discovered.


    Here’s to Led Zeppelin.




    Crowd surfing aside, you will never be as cool as the above photo. Ever. You will never hold a dove in one hand and a beer and a smoke in the other, looking like a… I don’t know… um… a sexy S.O.B.? Maybe that covers it.

    Plant did this… nobody else. And though I will never see Zeppelin in concert, I did see Plant, and I hope to see Jimmy Page someday.



    And… no one will ever replicate the sound above. It is also unique, and excellent, and deserving of my respect.



    And, no one else will ever play a guitar solo like the above. Stairway to Heaven is the most played song on the radio of all time. That’s something quite unique.




    Again, I am eagerly waiting for news of Page, and a possible tour. If there is any chance whatsoever to see Page live, I will be there unless I am incapacitated or without funds.




    And… no one else’s music will be quite as right, IMO, that it can feature clips from Lord of the Rings, like Zeppelin’s Battle of Nevermore. (Cadáin’s  song, from my upcoming novel).


    So, I give you Led Zeppelin, a phenomenal force of Classic Rock.

    And we must not live solely in the past. Everyone knows how many musicians and actors we have lost in 2016. Each has been a blow… but we must understand that this is life. And there are other musicians and artists up and coming.

    My friend Marina told me about Thousand Foot Krutch. I am not much of a metalhead, but that may change. I am not unwilling to try new music, and I like the sound of this band. The following song, Incomplete, reminds me of my novels. The sharks are in this song, and this band seems to be on the same page I’m on, at least in this one song.



    So, we can remember and appreciate the artists of the past, while progressing and trying new music. Progress is not a word that we should cede to the Regressive Left.




    We are not the ones stuck in the 1960s. They are.



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  • Another Update On Book Three

    I recently blogged with an update on my progress regarding Cadáin’s Watch, the final installment of The Storms Of Transformation Series.

    As I said on March 6, life happens. And it continues to happen.

    Here’s an update on the update. I have a new grandson! My son and his wife are the proud parents of a new baby boy! Our little guy made an early appearance, but we’re thankful he’s doing well in the NICU.

    In addition to this blessing, I have many other things going on in my family life, and sometimes my writing time seems to shrink. So, I’m taking this opportunity to tell readers that I am working as hard as possible on book three, but I’m removing my self-imposed deadline.

    Deadlines are wonderful things, except for those times when they may be impossible to meet, because life happens.

    But please stay tuned. Cadian’s Watch is coming.

    The previous post is below, with an edit re the deadline.


    I want to give readers an update on my writing progress. Since December’s free promotion of book 2 in my series, The Notice, I have become aware of many new readers. I am so thankful for each and every person who invested time to read my work! You have no idea how encouraging it is when I see the “pages read” report on my Kindle account.

    Thank you, thank you, each and every one of you!

    As some of you know, book 3 in the Storms Of Transformation Series is entitled “Cadáin’s Watch. (Please click here to read some history, and how I came up with the title).

    Here’s an update on progress. I am 3/4 finished writing the first draft, and my plan, as of now, is to write the words “The End” as soon as is humanly possible. 🙂

    John Lennon, quote.

    You will note that I said “my plan.” But as John Lennon said, Life happens. And I must admit that Life threw me some curve balls in 2015.

    When I began work on Cadáin’s Watch one year ago, I expected to be finished and ready to publish by March of 2016. But again… Life.

    Most independent authors have day jobs. If you follow this blog, you may have read my reviews of books by other independent authors. And all of the authors have day jobs. Finding time to write, and then revise and revise again, while working or perhaps being a stay at home mom can be very challenging.

    In my case the circumstances are different. I don’t work outside the home, however, i still have a day job :) My job consists of being a good wife to my wonderful husband of 36 years, who is the breadwinner for our family, helping my daughter and son-in-law with child care for their two children while they work, and just generally being here for my family when I’m needed.

    So, I must work writing into my schedule. And I do. During the month of January, I was able to stick to a writing schedule, and made quite a lot of progress, but life always throws us curveballs.

    During 2015, I lost a whole month of writing time because my daughter had to have surgery. While she recovered, in addition to being ill and exhausted, she was unable to lift her toddlers. And so, I spent 3-5 days a week at her house. To read about my grandkids and their shenanigans, click here.

    I love my family more than anything in this world, and I was happy to help my daughter. My grandchildren are a constant source of joy and laughter. Speaking of grandkids, my son and his wife are expecting a child in the spring. My husband and I are delighted, and so looking forward to meeting our new grandson… who also threw us a curveball.

    My daughter-in-law recently spent a week in the hospital after her blood pressure spiked to dangerous levels. The tentative diagnosis was preeclampsia. Thanks to God, and also the prayers of so many family and friends, it turned out not to be preeclampsia, and my daughter-in-law and the baby are doing well. It was only high blood pressure, and still, we pray that it can be kept under control with medication until the little guy is ready to enter the world healthy.

    Last summer my poor husband, while trying to ease pain in his knee, purchased a knee brace in the drug store. (Do NOT do this!!! Go to your doctor! Never use anything that your doctor doesn’t ok). Anyhow, Tom, who suffers from arthritic pain in his legs caused by a previous injury, wore this brace in the evenings while working in the garden. After a week he noticed red marks and swelling above the brace, and decided to call the doctor.

    Turns out the over the counter knee brace was too tight. It cut off circulation, and caused blood clots. Most of the clots were easily treated, but one was deep inside, and was diagnosed as a deep vein thrombosis.

    Luckily, it was caught in time, and we learned a good lesson. But all of the above caused worry and stress which cut into my writing time. And then there’s the matter of my own health issues. My condition, though it doesn’t show if someone happens to just run into me, or see me out somewhere, is still a real condition. I’m not complaining one bit. I accept my life, and thank God for everything, even the cross of depression/anxiety.

    Still, it does prevent me from writing at times. And so, the plan flew by the wayside, because, Life. That’s why book 3 hasn’t been published.

    The good news is that it WILL be published, and my hope is that readers will have it in their hands by September. If all goes as planned, that will be the case.

    After the first draft is finished, I will put the book aside for two weeks. This is necessary, so that when I go back to it, I can see it with fresh eyes, thus enabling me to make the necessary revisions to the manuscript. After I tweak the manuscript, my dear friend and feedback reader Kia Heavey gets first dibs on it. She will read a printed copy and give me advice on plotting and other problems that may need additional revision.

    If you have read both Tears of Paradox and The Notice, you may have “noticed” that book 2 moves faster than book one. This is because Kia, a wonderful friend and very talented author, (her latest novel, Domino, was published by Kindle Press, Amazon’s new publishing venture) tells me the truth.

    If a scene was too long, or added nothing to the overall story, she advised cutting. And I took her advice. That’s why readers should, if they like Tears and the characters but find it slow going, persevere, or just move on to book two, though many, many readers, including Kia herself, loved book one just the way it is now.

    And please! Read Domino! You will not understand how great it is unless you give it a try. It’s good! Way good!

    After Kia is finished with the Cadáin’s Watch manuscript she will give additional feedback, and point out discrepancies I may have missed. (There’s nothing more annoying than reading that a character “put out his cigarette” and then three paragraphs later “took a drag on his cigarette.” Such things are jarring to readers and mortifying to me as an author. However, while writing a first draft they ALWAYS happen. That’s why all of these steps must be taken to ensure a quality book, even if it takes longer than planned.

    And sometime during this process, the cover must be designed. My covers are also the work of Kia. She’s a woman of many talents. I’m very excited about the cover itself, the main building blocks of which have already been planned and chosen. I will reveal the new cover a month or so before publication. It’s going to be stunning, as are all of Kia’s book covers. She designed her own covers for her first two novels, Night Machines and Underlake, and did the layout for the cover of Domino. More of Kia’s covers, as well as those of another talented friend, Matt Margolis of Logotecture, currently grace many books from Writestream Publishing. My dear friend Daria DiGiovanni and her friend Lisa Tarves created Writestream Publishing, a quality service for independent authors. If you have a book inside of you, do visit their website.

    I hope you enjoyed this update, and that if you were wondering why it’s taking so long for book three, you’ll understand. I also am mulling over a few other changes. I haven’t sent out an email newsletter since December… it has fallen by the wayside for many reasons. If readers miss the newsletter, or new readers would like to sign up, please comment below. If there’s enough interest, I will begin sending newsletters again.

    And… if there are scenes in Cadáin’s Watch that must be cut, perhaps because the book would be too long, I plan to work them into short stories, I already have one in mind. I will probably make at least one available for free on this blog after book 3 is published, so stay tuned!

    I would love to connect with readers, and this is the best place to connect with me! If you enjoy a blogpost, please leave a comment. I will answer you.

    Again, I am so very grateful to readers. Without you, I would be nowhere.

    Many blessings to you and yours during this solemn Lenten Season.