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  • Today’s Democrats: Intolerance, Hatred and Cruelty are the Order of the Day

    Many Democrats have no intention of mending fences with those of us who did not vote for Hillary Clinton.  It’s obvious when we see their intolerance for people who do not subscribe to Leftist ideology.

    It’s running rampant in America. Democrats are teaching their children to hate the President and to shun other children whose parents voted for Donald Trump. Hatred and cruelty are everyday occurrences.

    I’ll start with an example of intolerance and hatred being taught to children by Democrats. Please watch this short video from Facebook:



    I’m sure I’m not the only person who finds this video disturbing. These Democrat parents are teaching their children to hate President Trump. Note the way the parents scream at the kids to “tear him apart!”

    They smile and cheer as their children rip this effigy disguised as a piñata limb from limb. After the Trump figure is ripped apart, the children are rewarded with candy.

    So, hatred and acts of simulated violence on a figure representing President Trump are rewarded by these Democrat zealots.

    Their children are innocent and are being used as pawns in a dangerous game.

    Now I have no idea how many Liberal Democrat parents are teaching their children to hate the President, (and, by default, anyone who voted for him), but I doubt this kind of incident is rare.

    My opinion comes from seeing young children at the various pussy marches that were held around the nation. Some of these kids were under 5, holding signs with messages of intolerance.

    If anyone believes this irresponsible parenting will end up benefitting the children involved, there’s a big bridge in Brooklyn I could sell you.

    This brings me to this past Sunday, where I ran into my dear friend at Mass.

    The gospel reading was Matthew 5: 38-48.

    38* “You have heard that it was said,x ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’39y But I say to you, offer no resistance to one who is evil. When someone strikes you on [your] right cheek, turn the other one to him as well.40If anyone wants to go to law with you over your tunic, hand him your cloak as well.41Should anyone press you into service for one mile,* go with him for two miles.z42Give to the one who asks of you, and do not turn your back on one who wants to borrow.a

    Love of Enemies.

    43b “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’c44But I say to you, love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you,45that you may be children of your heavenly Father, for he makes his sun rise on the bad and the good, and causes rain to fall on the just and the unjust.46For if you love those who love you, what recompense will you have? Do not the tax collectors* do the same?47And if you greet your brothers only, what is unusual about that? Do not the pagans do the same?*48So be perfect,* just as your heavenly Father is perfect.d

    One of the most difficult of Christ’s teachings for most people. The priest’s homily suggested that we ask God to help us in forgiving others, to pray for those who have wronged us, and to ask God to rain His blessings down upon them.

    Not an easy thing to do these days. We all have enemies. This is not conjecture.

    After Mass I greeted my friend, whom I met at church 8 years ago. We quickly became close during our work in the parish Pro Life ministry, and also community activism in opposing the Common Core curriculum being implemented at local schools. We are buddies, and she is my greatest friend in our parish. I love her.

    My friend suffered greatly at the hands of Leftist Democrat community agitators in her children’s school system because she refused to sit down and shut up about faulty texts and crappy Leftist ideological novels being taught as literature.

    For more on what happened please click here.


    After the hearing which other concerned parents were not permitted to attend, rumors began circulating that “some woman” was trying to ban books. The rumor was heard at the Bayard Taylor Library in Kennett Square. The rumor was also being spread in one of the New Garden polling places on election day, November 4th. People coming into the polling place to vote were told that someone was trying to “ban” books at Kennett High School. All of this talk of “banning” did the trick.

    On the evening of November 10th, my friend Angie went to the school board meeting alone. She had asked me to go with her, and I said no. I had no idea what was going to happen and neither did she. I’m pretty sure Angie’s husband did end up joining her at the meeting before it ended, but I wish I had gone. She could have used a friend.

    The room where the school board met that night was filled with adults and students wearing “We Read Banned Books” buttons. There was quite a large group. Angie told me she was sitting quietly and wondering what the hell was going on, since the vote was to decide whether the book should be kept under age restrictions. A group of about 5-6 kids sat nearby, along with a few parents. Angie decided to ask them why they were at the meeting. Following is the paraphrased conversation:

    Angie: Why are you all here?

    Students: Our teachers asked us to come, because some lady is trying to ban books in our library.

    Angie: Oh no…that’s not what’s going on. I’m the person who’s concerned about the book, but I didn’t ask for it to be banned. I’m just concerned about kids. Some kids may be too young to read what’s in the book, so we should make sure they can be talked to by someone like the counselor.”

    Students: What? You’re the lady?

    Angie: Yes. It’s me, but I don’t want to ban books.

    Students: We didn’t know. We were told by our teachers to come tonight to support the school because someone wanted to ban books. We didn’t know.


    Here’s more:


    The board whipped things up a bit more before they went on to other business. Following is a quote from board member Rudy Alphonso:

    “I think about the principles that our Founding Fathers laid ground for us (and) all the battles and all the people that have died over our 200-plus years to keep these fundamental freedoms in place and to allow us to have the choice whether or not we want to read something or not read something,” he said in his statement. “Banning this book, to me, would almost be like turning my back on all those hundreds of thousands of American veterans, men and women, who have died to allow us to keep those freedoms and not to have censorship. I see this attempt to ban this book as if we live in Nazi Germany. This is the United States of America. The Statue of Liberty rings for everyone.”

    This man and the other board members must have known that the book wasn’t leaving the school, yet he mentioned Nazi Germany. How unbelievably pathetic.


    So you see, Angie is not popular with many Democrats in her community. And now, because she is a Republican committee person for her township, and her neighbors know she supported President Trump, one of her children is being shunned by an “adult” neighbor.



    Virgin and Child


    After Mass on Sunday we went inside the multi-purpose chapel that was recently built at our parish church. Above is a statue that graces the chapel. I don’t know the title of the statue, but as you can see, the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Son are surrounded by children of many races and ethnicities.

    As Angie was relating the incident, we gazed at the statue. Here’s what happened.

    The neighborhood itself shows signs of displeasure with Trump. A mailbox is tied with a black ribbon, and there are other signs of dislike.

    Anyway, Angie related that her son, age 8, was playing in her yard with a neighbor’s child, and the child’s mother called him to come home, and not to play with his friend because “they” are mean people.

    *Note* – I have met the woman in question three times, at various parties at Angie’s house.

    Anyway, Angie’s 8 year old was upset at what was said, as any child would be. Then the following occurred.

    I don’t know if it was directly after the neighbor boy was told to get out of that yard or if it maybe happened later, at the bus stop or some other time, but the little boy approached Angie and said (paraphrase): I want to play here. I don’t think you are mean. But my mom says you are mean people and I can’t play with ___. (Angie’s son).

    Again, she told me this directly after we had listened to a priest speak of forgiving and praying for those who hurt us, while looking at a statue of Christ surrounded by children of differing ethnicities.

    It really was a strange feeling.


    I would like to know how the Democrat mom in question is any different than a white woman before Civil Rights who taught her children never to speak or play with a black child.

    Or how she is different from a German mother in 1932 teaching her children not to ever associate or play with a Jewish child.

    If anyone can explain the difference, please do so in the comments.

    I myself see no difference.  I have known this little boy for many years. He is a wonderful child with a big heart, yet he is shunned by a woman who used to eat in his home.

    This woman is a Democrat, and seemingly sees no irony in what she did. Democrats pride themselves on being tolerant and loving, yet she was cruel, intolerant and hateful to an 8-year- old boy.

    Again, for any Democrat who might be reading, please help me to understand why this, or the hatred in the above video, is acceptable in America today. I’ll wait.

    My opinion is that these children will grow up to be sad, guilt-ridden individuals, or perhaps hateful bullying thugs like the ones we see beating people and pepper spraying them for wearing a Trump hat.

    And now for my own reflections on the unfortunate fact that the Democrats are practicing intolerance and hatred.

    White Clay Creek, Chester County, PA


    Above is a branch of White Clay Creek near my home in Chester County, Pennsylvania. I run here in White Clay Creek Preserve.

    On Sunday afternoon I went running and snapped the above photo. Though not visible in the picture, the park was full of people. It was a beautiful day, and I saw many families walking together with their dogs, and also other runners and some trail bikers.

    As I was running I smiled and said hello to everyone who made eye contact, all the while wondering if they would hate me if they knew I voted for Trump.

    I have had similar experiences over the years while running, but they usually occurred when the park was almost deserted.

    I once got a strange feeling about a man who was walking his dog in the dead of winter while I was running in the bitter cold. I don’t know why, but the man seemed off. I got the feeling he might be out looking to hurt someone.

    He was there on and off whenever I went to a certain trail. Sometimes I saw him in the parking lot and took off down the road so he wouldn’t know which path I planned to take. Other times he was on the road but very close to the trail. He was always wearing a parka with a hood, and walking a little dog.

    When I saw him I was put in mind of the movie The Silence of Lambs. I have no idea why, but I always ran away as fast as I could.

    And then one day I came around a bend in the trail far away from the road. I was all alone in the bitter cold, running in an isolated place. This was 8 years ago.

    As I ran I wondered what to do. I prayed. I didn’t stop or turn around, for whatever reason.  I kept running right toward him, praying.

    And then out of nowhere came a tall, fit man, running directly toward me. He passed me as I was passing the guy with the dog.

    He came along out of the blue. I had never seen him before, and I never saw him again. And that was the last time I ever saw the man with the dog.

    Now you may say I’m imagining things, or I was paranoid, or any number of 21st Century notions. But I believe an Angel passed by at the very moment I need God’s help.

    After that, I began to carry pepper spray while running.

    And on Sunday I ran with my paper spray, smiling at people, half of whom were probably Democrats that might hate me for my beliefs, remembering what the priest had said. Pray for those who hurt you.

    It was surreal. And then I heard the sound of gunfire. People were target shooting off in the distance. The sound carried, and everyone on the trail could hear the shots.

    It went on for the remainder of my run. It was like a balm. I was comforted. Because again, everyone in the park could hear it. If any far Leftists like the ones described above were walking along wondering who voted for who in that park, they were surely put on notice.

    We know many Democrats hate us.They tell us in many ways everyday, in social media comments, in acts of violence at riots, and in their obstruction and slander of Trump and every person he appoints to his cabinet.

    And they know we know. But they also know that as a group we possess the great equalizer.

    Again, it’s comforting to have the protection afforded by the 2nd Amendment.

    The Democrats who teach their children to hate us would do well to teach them about our right to bear arms while they instruct them on shunning, bullying and hating other children. It might be helpful to the children at some point down the road.


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  • My Semi-Breakup with Classic Rock

    What a sad situation I find myself in as I write this. I’m listening to Bachman Turner Overdrive’s Greatest hits, many of which remind me of the days when my husband and I first met.

    As far as I know, no one from BTO has weighed in on American bathrooms or the Republican Party, of which I am a member. And this is not necessarily because I agree with the party on many things. It’s strictly a matter of necessity, since I cannot vote in primaries in my home state of Pennsylvania if I’m registered as an Independent, the way my husband used to be.

    This post will consist of many photos. Here are a few.

    Part of our music room. As you can see, we are Classic Rock addicts.
    1970s stereo system. Springsteen and Clarence Clemons hang in the background. On right, Frank Zappa.
    A few of my husband’s guitars. Led Zeppelin poster in background.
    Pierre Robert, beloved Philadelphia Icon DJ at WMMR, poses with my husband at The Eagles concert at Wells Fargo Center in 2013
    Pierre Robert, beloved Philadelphia Icon & DJ at WMMR, poses with my husband at The Eagles concert at Wells Fargo Center in 2013


    So, you see, we are immersed in Classic Rock. This is not strictly for weekends, but a way of life. For my husband, the music begins at 6 am, continues through the workday while listening to WMGK, Philadelphia’s other Classic Rock station, and ends at bedtime, unless we are with our family, working outside, or watching TV or a movie.

    My husband’s interest in Rock began in his teen years.

    He was born in 1959, and always said that if he were born three years earlier, he would have found a way to get to Woodstock. And I have no doubt in my mind that he would have. He was 10 during the summer of ’69 (Thank you, Brian Adams, for ruining that song for me), but if he had been 13 or 14, he would have been in New York state, wandering around with the hippies who are running our government today.

    My love affair with the genre began at approximately age 13. (I would never have dreamed of going to Woodstock. My father would never have allowed it, and I was too afraid of defying him to even begin to think of such a thing). Before that, I liked pop hits and top 40. I believe the first vinyl I ever owned was Aerosmith’s Rocks. My sister and cousins and I liked their sound.

    This continued. We liked the artists of the 1970s, many songs of which play in my mind when remembering fun times at the beach with my family. This includes the band Boston, who just disrespected their fans in the state of North Carolina by canceling a show without sufficient notice for ideological reasons regarding bathrooms.


    Our history with the Classic Rock band, Boston. Extensive vinyl collection, including Springsteen's Born In The USA, bottom left.
    Our history with the Classic Rock band, Boston. Extensive vinyl collection, including Springsteen’s Born In The USA, bottom left.


    They also dissed every citizen in America who dissents from their pronouncement that men should be able to walk into a ladies room for whatever reason, thereby turning convention, tradition and reasonable safety applications for women and girls upside down, without regard for the feelings of older ladies or anyone else not ready for such a change.

    My mother, an 80 year old widow, does not want to see a man in a ladies room when she has gone inside for the usual reasons. Neither do I, or my sister, cousins or nieces. We don’t have to give any explanation as to why.

    We just don’t want it. And we do not want our grandkids to have to deal with such a thing, either. That’s for safety reasons.


    FLY 4


    The above, IMO, is true. Others may be of a different opinion, but this is my blog, and I have a voice. And, BTW, having spoken to many people who differ politically and ideologically on many different issues, more people agree with me than not.

    Since there is no way, at this point in time, to measure the number of Americans who want men to pee next to their daughters, wives, sisters and mothers, I’m just going to throw out a number which seems, to me, to err on the side of the proponents for shared bathrooms.

    I think their number is probably less than 17% of Americans in total. I came to my conclusion based on a few facts.

    1) Transgendered Americans make up less than 1% of America as a whole.

    2) Homosexual Americans make up roughly 3% of America as a whole. (Yes, I know this is hard to believe, given the fact that almost every television program or movie contains a gay character, but rest assured my info is correct. I’m not going to bother to look up stats to link to here. Google is available to everyone, and Gallop or Pew has done the counting for us.

    3) I know for a fact that some in the LGBT community do not agree with shared bathrooms, and resent being used as pawns by American Progressives.

    4) The very, very far Left in America is a minority. We only have to hear about them every day because they have all of entertainment and mainstream news bleating their talking points for them. And also one filthy rich rockstar, Bruce Springsteen, who began this entire cluster of unbelievable overreach and bullshit when he started this misguided crusade to fiddle with the lives of those whom he believes are inferior to him.

    In case you aren’t aware, Springsteen’s name is now mud in America to all but his hard core fans, progressive activist Leftists, and himself. His little stunt backfired on him, but good. He has lost fans without number, including me. I saw comment threads all over Facebook where former fans voiced their disgust and vowed to never support him again.

    I cannot list or picture the extent of my Springsteen collection here. There is too much stuff to photograph or list. Suffice to say that including shows, my husband has probably forked out at least 4 thousand bucks over the years, simply on Springsteen. That’s a lot of money. And for what? To be insulted by him, his band, his Tramp fans and anyone else who disagrees on bathrooms?

    Even his guitarist, Stevie Van Zandt, seems to have caught on that this latest stunt might not be working out the way the E Streeters theorized, since one of his latest tweets asked people to “forget about politics (the fun’s over anyway)” (paraphrase). The fun is over. Stirring up a crazy hornets nest with regard to the lives of the little people is, to Miami Steve, “fun”. For the rest of us, not so much.

    So, though I can’t be positive, my estimated number of less than 17% of Americans wanting shared bathrooms is probably reasonably accurate.

    Now, back to Rock & Roll.

    I now find myself in the unfortunate position of having to research every artist whom I might like to see play a show live, just to make sure they won’t insult me from the stage after I have forked over hard earned money to buy a ticket to hear them play music.

    I must do this because we, my husband and I, are fighting back now. We are boycotting all proponents of shared bathrooms, and all who slander us unfairly, for the foreseeable future. This includes the retail chain, Target. And we are not the only Americans boycotting. Many people are doing what we’re doing.

    As for the Rockers, what the hell happened here? How in God’s name did musicians who were supposed to be all about free expression get such big heads? How can they not know (or care) that at least half — if not more — of their audience does not agree with them, and have actually swallowed more insults over the years than anyone would if we were dealing with any other business?

    I’ve heard people say that these musicians are simply too stupid to know what they are doing, but that, I’m afraid, is not true. People who can play music naturally the way these bands and their members do are far from stupid. In fact, they most likely are highly intelligent. Their IQs are probably higher than average.

    This is because it is a gift to be able to play guitar the way they do, or piano, or to vocalize while doing both. Most people can’t do such things. You cannot be stupid and still have the ability to play music by ear, without reading it, the way I suspect Springsteen may. As far as I know, Springsteen was not trained classically, though his wife, Patti Scialfa was.

    My son has the gift of playing guitar without reading music. He doesn’t know how to read music–he plays by ear. This is not the mark of a stupid human being.

    So upon reflection, I suspect that in the case of Springsteen and others, the issue is not stupidity, but arrogance.

    For more in this vein, please read the article, The smug style in American Liberalism, by  Emmett Rensin  of Vox.com, a Liberal website. The article is a rare moment of self awareness by a Liberal, regarding Liberals as a group, by one of their own. It is also a stinging indictment of American Liberals, their arrogance, their refusal to tolerate any dissent from their ideology, their hateful name calling tactics, and other unpleasant facts.


    There is a smug style in American liberalism. It has been growing these past decades. It is a way of conducting politics, predicated on the belief that American life is not divided by moral difference or policy divergence — not really — but by the failure of half the country to know what’s good for them.

    In 2016, the smug style has found expression in media and in policy, in the attitudes of liberals both visible and private, providing a foundational set of assumptions above which a great number of liberals comport their understanding of the world.

    It has led an American ideology hitherto responsible for a great share of the good accomplished over the past century of our political life to a posture of reaction and disrespect: a condescending, defensive sneer toward any person or movement outside of its consensus, dressed up as a monopoly on reason.


    The above speaks volumes to me, as does much of the rest of this article. Below is another example from the above article of the smug style of the American Liberal:


    In November of last year, during the week when it became temporarily fashionable for American governors to declare that Syrian refugees would not be welcome in their state, Hamilton Nolan wrote an essay for Gawker called “Dumb Hicks Are America’s Greatest Threat.

    If there has ever been a tirade so dedicated to the smug style, to the proposition that it is neither malice, nor capital, nor ideological difference, but rather the backward stupidity of poor people that has ruined the state of American policy, then it is hidden beyond our view, in some uncool place, far from the front page of Gawker.

    “Many of America’s political leaders are warning of the dangers posed by Syrian refugees. They are underestimating, though, the much greater danger: dumbass hicks, in charge of things,” Nolan wrote. “…You, our elected officials, are embarrassing us. All of us, except your fellow dumb hicks, who voted for you in large numbers. You — our racist, xenophobic, knuckle-dragging ignorant leaders — are making us look bad in front of the guests (the whole world). You are the bad cousin in the family who always ruins Thanksgiving. Go in the back room and drink a can of beer alone please.”


    Dumbass hicks. Stupid fools, clinging to God & guns. Ignorant. Stupid Republicans. All the same shit I’ve been reading and hearing and listening to for 15 years.

    The latest outrage, that of insisting that my daughter or granddaughter should welcome strange men into the bathroom just backfired, though.

    The talking points aren’t working anymore. I’ve seen them over the past week. In this particular instance there approximately 12 variations on the 3 main Leftist talking points which must have been issued from the top echelons of this bathroom scheme, which I keep seeing over and over and over on different forums: If you feel that a person who still possesses a penis should not be permitted to enter a bathroom where your wife, mother, sister or child has retreated to pee in relative privacy, you are:

    1. a bigot
    2. a stupid bigot
    3. a right wing Republican bigot
    4. A hick who has sex with your daughter
    5. a KKK member
    6. You are worried about the wrong people; you should worry about men in your own family, since Republican men are much more likely to abuse women or molest children than any other group.
    7. you are discriminating
    8. you are against human rights
    9. you are backward
    10. you are a knuckle dragger
    11. you are dumb
    12. you are stupid.

    Though there may be others, those were the ones that were repeated, over and over and over again, on twitter and Facebook. So, I assume that is the argument and basis for the case for shared bathrooms.

    Compare the above talking points to the quote from the Vox article above. Does anything stand out? Do you see any similarities? Any differences?

    Think about it.

    The same scenario plays out each time there is any incident which might help Leftists advance their various causes, like gun control, or abortion on demand, or whatever.

    Let’s say there is a shooting somewhere in America. The talking points begin before the bodies are cold, before anyone knows who the perpetrators were, or any other information on the case. The Leftist talking points re a shooting are usually a bit different, yet still the same. They usually begin by throwing out a point that “It was probably a tea bagger” or some such insult. And then it goes on from there, with the addition of the words “stupid” “hick” “uncaring”, etc.  I’ve seen it all, over and over again.

    What terrible times we find ourselves living through. But we must struggle on, and continue to fight for our way of life. And we will.




    As the quote above illustrates, we have no choice. And whether we prevail depends solely on God, in whom I trust. I pray daily for a resolution, and I refuse to despair, but I can’t un-see what I have already seen.

    Knowing we are in an ideological war with smug Liberals doesn’t mitigate the hurt. I have come to a  very sad and hurtful conclusion. Though I have known this for awhile, I was hoping we could heal in some way, and perhaps coexist, as those Liberal bumper stickers are always saying we should.

    But, I no longer believe we will be able to come together, unless, by a miracle of God, Liberals become self aware, and decide to respect the views and beliefs of other Americans.

    I hope it happens, and pray that it will.  But at this point, the ball is in their court. Only they can change things. And as long as Liberals believe themselves to know what is best for everyone, I’m not sure things will get better.

    Liberals do not believe that my Republican husband knows what is best for himself and his family. They believe my husband is more dangerous than a terrorist. A decent, hardworking family man, who has never done anything wrong except to believe that he, himself, has the right to his own views and opinions.

    But to the smug Liberal, he has no value, unless as that of a conscript who works to pay taxes for the smug Liberals to spend on social programs, like shared bathrooms in public schools.  Outside of his contribution as a “worker”, he has no value, and must be silenced, marginalized and driven out of any and all public discourse.

    After all… he’s a Republican. And so was my father.

    Leftists, as a group, consider any American who disagrees with them on any issue whatsoever  a second class citizen, one who may and should be used as punching bag via cell phone and chased off of all public forums, shut down and shoved into a closet.

    This has come home to me over the past two weeks as it never has in the past.

    We don’t have rights. We are not permitted to run our own lives anymore, all because a very small segment of Americans, including beloved Rock icons, believe they know best.

    So, here we are.

    Back to my dilemma. WMGK is sponsoring a summer concert in July, featuring Bad Company and Joe Walsh. My husband wanted to attend the show, but now that we know for sure that a Rock star’s politics and ideology come before playing music and entertaining the people who pay to see them, we needed to check out the latest news on these bands.


    Portable Network Graphics image-D8692484A455-1
    The Eagles. Glenn Frey, whose death was a blow, is center. Joe Walsh is on the far left.


    This task falls to me, since my husband is a very busy working man, and has no time to do the research. And it didn’t take long for me to have the answer to the question.

    No, we can’t go. We cannot pay hard earned money to see Joe Walsh, one of our favorites over the years, because he has stated that the Republican candidates, and, by default, their supporters, are spiteful, vitriolic, fear mongering bullies. Which, as I can attest, is simply projection, pure and simple.

    Please click here.



    “I am very concerned about the rampant vitriol, fear-mongering and bullying coming from the current Republican campaigns,” the 68-year-old rocker said. “It is both isolationist and spiteful. I cannot in good conscience endorse the Republican party in any way.”

    Walsh is also co-headlining the One Hell of a Night Tour with Bad Company, beginning May 12. There’s currently a tour date on June 30 in Charlotte, North Carolina, a state that has seen several entertainers cancel concerts and other performances in protest of the state’s newly passed Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act. It’s unclear, at least for now, if Walsh will also nix his upcoming performance in North Carolina.


    So you see, we cannot go to this summer show, which we would have loved.

    It doesn’t bother me that Walsh pulled out of the concert. He did it with plenty of notice, and if he didn’t know it was related to the Republicans, he has every right to decline to play.


    My issue is with the following statements:

    “I am very concerned about the rampant vitriol, fear-mongering and bullying coming from the current Republican campaigns.”

    “It is both isolationist and spiteful.”


    The above are the reason we are boycotting Joe Walsh. My husband and I are Republicans. We support Senator Ted Cruz, whose campaign is in no way hateful, or fear mongering, or bullying, or in any way whatsoever vitriolic.

    The idea of Joe Walsh passing judgment on Ted Cruz, a man of integrity, whose record is stellar and in no way hateful, is completely unacceptable to me, as a fellow Conservative and supporter. It is also unacceptable to my husband.

    In fact, I have already tweeted Senator Cruz himself, and also his campaign, asking respectfully that they please refrain from playing any music from any Leftist Rocker or other Leftist musician if Cruz is the nominee.

    These bands love it when Republican politicians play their music. They enjoy asking the Republican second class citizens to cease and desist. They like the publicity, and as an added bonus, they get to watch the feeding frenzy on social media, as these candidates and their supporters are trashed, slapped down and degraded by their smug liberal minions and foot soldiers.

    But… if I were Joe Walsh and Bad Company, I’d think long and hard about the upcoming scheduled show in North Carolina.

    Joe, if you happen to see this post (which I know is impossible) you may want to be sort of careful.

    Look at what happened to Springsteen. If you’re gonna cancel, do it soon. Don’t wait until 2 days prior, as others in this movement seem to be doing, in order to hurt more fans by hitting them with travel and lodging costs that can’t be recouped. And maybe you should give another reason for the cancellation. Just say you overbooked or something.

    I’m sure that as smart and savvy as you are, you’ll think of some reason that will allow you to cancel without shitting on your fans. If you want to keep what fans you have that aren’t to the left of Mao, you better not pull a stunt like those of Springsteen, Boston or Pearl Jam.

    Just a word of advice from a second class citizen and lover of your music.




    As of now, I cannot bear to listen to Bruce. And up until two weeks ago, I listened almost daily. When I begin to miss listening to my favorite album, and perhaps reach to play it, my hand won’t move. I can’t listen.

    I’m looking forward to time when I can listen again, and not be hurt. I hope it happens, and I’m sure it will at some point. I’m just not sure when.

    And again, I must understand that Bruce does not want me to listen. I am not worthy, in his narrow mind, of the slightest bit of consideration. Knowing this for sure is rather difficult, but I will get used to it.

    No Republican is worthy. The honest Liberal at Vox.com admitted this himself.

    And if you are a Liberal who is reading this and snickering, and saying, “Oh, such drama. She’s overreacting. She was never a real fan. No real fan of Bruce disagrees with his politics. The very idea is idiotic,” listen up.

    You, yourself, are a smug Liberal. The description of you is contained in the linked article by Vox. You may not believe it, but it describes you to a T. If you don’t like it, I can’t help you. If you are saying the above about me, all I have to say to you is this:

    The Eagles. Glen Frey, center, Joe Walsh, far left.

    And around midnight on November 8th, when you are sitting on your sofa in shock, wondering what the hell just happened, and how in the hell those stupid hicks won in a landslide, I hope you will remember every cheap shot, nasty remark, eye-roll, and insult you hurled at us.

    As for me, I will go on as I have been. I’ll listen to the music of the artists who haven’t slapped me yet, and turn off the radio when those who have slapped me are played, as a protest of my own. So will my Republican husband.

    And I will look for new music as well. There are plenty of bands out there who appreciate their fans.

    Maybe someday, we can get back together, but as I already stated, the ball is the court of the Liberals. It’s up to them, now. They can choose to bring about healing, or they can choose to keep the hate going.

    We other Americans are just trying to get by.

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