“You’re not a Real Fan!” ~ Part of the Leftist Playbook

You’re not a real fan. You were never a fan! Good, don’t watch the games! Like you’re really going to boycott, you Trump-loving freak. Bye Felicia! Good! More tickets for the real fans!



While perusing the Facebook pages of The NFL and The Pittsburgh Steelers today I saw comments similar to the above paraphrased statements.”You’re not a real fan”. Leftists say this and similar things each time one of their stunts backfires and normal people reach their tipping point. You’re Not  A Real Fan™ has become part of the Leftist playbook.

The comments were in response to Football fans who drew the line when they saw team members kneeling on the field with their heads down while the National Anthem was sung on Sunday, September 24. Fans posted comments on the above linked pages and were backlashed by Leftists with Real Fan™ or one of its variations every single time.

But Leftists just don’t get the following:



Americans are angry at the NFL and the team members who took a knee.

And I mean really angry. Lifelong fans are burning their football jerseys on camera and posting on You Tube, Facebook and other social media outlets.




The man above explains the reason why Americans are divorcing themselves from the NFL more eloquently than anything I might write, so please watch the 3 minute video.


Newsflash to the NFL and their pampered players: You can be replaced. Our anthem and our flag, which American heroes fighting for your freedom died carrying, cannot be replaced.

That’s right. You are not necessary for our survival. Our military is. That’s why a large segment of America is disgusted with the current BS you’re shoveling and has drawn a final line. When they say they are finished with football, they mean it. Please don’t be surprised when your ratings drop and your stadiums are half empty.

(People who voted for Trump watch sports, too. MLB, NBA and NHL, take note. Not that I believe the NHL would ever pull a stunt like yesterday’s, but still…).



Now, back to those Real Fans™.

While scrolling through the comments I had a sense of déjà vu, but it took me only a moment to remember the circumstances. I myself had been there before, when I reached my tipping point as a fan of Bruce Springsteen.  I’m not going to revisit the reason for my loss of respect for Springsteen and the E Streeters. I’m pretty much healed from the terrible hurt I felt when I found out he’s not who i thought he was. I’ve moved on, and his music is no longer a part of my life.


Still, this passage from the above linked blog post is relevant:


Folks who disparage whole sections of America, all the while demonstrating their ignorance on the matter in question, and referring to concerned Americans as “idiots”, are not what I believed Bruce and the E Street Band to be.

But I received a rude awakening over the past few days.

I was aware of the fact that many of Springsteen’s hard core fans were nasty, ignorant and brutal people, because I made the mistake of giving my opinion re Benghazi on his Facebook page in 2012. What followed was an exercise in cruelty, ignorance and stupidity that left me feeling as if I needed a shower.

After the comments I hurried to unfollow all the Facebook Springsteen Fan pages I frequented. It had become apparent to me that “my kind” (not a Liberal Democrat SJW) weren’t welcome on these forums, so, I left.

I found Instagram, where nobody knew what pages I followed. I did not comment on photos, and most of the time I didn’t click the “like” button. Every once in awhile, I would “like” one of Patti Scialfa’s (Springsteen’s wife) photos, but my social media interaction with the Tramps was curtailed by me as a preemptive measure.

You see, I had felt their disdain, arrogance and cruelty when I ventured that comment. No one really likes being called a liar, or told to get the hell out; you don’t belong here if you don’t support Bruce’s political views. And those were the kindest comments thrown my way.

All that aside… I never knew until a few days ago that the band members also held “my kind” in disdain. But unfortunately, they themselves demonstrated this truth. The don’t want me, or my husband, or any other non Democrat/Progressive SJW to be their fans. That’s the bottom line. They hold themselves above us. They may tolerate us as long as we continue to fork over our hard earned dough for shows, merchandise and music, but that tolerance comes to a quick and complete end at the first sign of dissent from the religion of progressivism.



So, you see? I was not considered a Real Fan™ by the Lefties, and they made it abundantly clear that I didn’t belong to their clique. The same phrases they used against me and others who commented re the bathroom boondoggle when we said we were finished and no longer fans were used on the football fans who stated that they are finished with football.

I truly feel so very sorry for football fans. I know how they feel, though I’m not a huge football fan. I like to watch football, but it wasn’t a major part of every week for months like it is for them. It must hurt so much to have to make a choice between your love of country and what might have been a family tradition of football.

But the situations are similar. In both cases the fans of either Springsteen or the NFL were mocked, called names, and told they weren’t wanted anyway by Leftist Real Fans™.

That tells me that this tactic is a real part of today’s Leftist playbook. And the next time there’s a similar outrage, Americans who reach their tipping point will be given the same. It’s a pattern. It’s a petty, foolish, nasty attitude, and it belongs to the Left.



There’s more. The icing on this rancid take a knee cake is that it took place on Gold Star Mother’s and Families Day. Gold Star Mothers (and fathers, sisters, brothers, etc.) are Americans whose family members were killed while fighting a war. These families endured having their beloved children come home in caskets draped in the very flag the NFL took pains to disrespect on Sunday.

How must these families feel right now? It breaks my heart to think of their distress. And I’m lucky. My child came home.


One more thing.

I keep seeing the words “free speech” being tossed about in reference to the “take a knee” craziness. “The players are using their platform to express themselves for their cause. They have the right to do what they do. It’s free speech! They were responding to Trump’s comments!” and on and on and on.

They only have the “right” to do this if the owners of their teams allow it. Players for the Dallas Cowboys wanted to wear a sticker on their helmets to support their police force after a targeted shooting which left officers dead. They were denied permission. There are other instances of players being fined for simple things that go against NFL rules.

So, if the owners want to make this behavior stop, they can. Nascar has stated that their organization will not allow any disrespect of the anthem.

Maybe the  players could find another way to get the word out about their cause. They have plenty of money. Why not spend some on an event to bring awareness to the injustice they are fighting against? They could take out a full page ad in the New York Times and write an essay about what they are protesting. There are other avenues that are less divisive and more respectful of the Americans who served under the American Flag, and who fought, bled and died over the past 240 plus years so that they can be free to toss a ball around a field and make millions doing it.



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4 thoughts on ““You’re not a Real Fan!” ~ Part of the Leftist Playbook

  1. Funny how the NFL is selective in its support of “free speech,” even though this really isn’t a free speech issue, which pertains to the freedom of individuals to criticize their government without fear of punishment. The NFL is a private organization (although why they have a nonprofit status is a mystery to me), and as such they have a right to enforce a code of behavior when their players are at work.

    Where was the NFL’s support for Tim Tebow, who was mocked relentlessly for kneeling in prayer? Why did the league forbid players to honor September 11’s victims on their cleats or allow the Dallas Cowboys to honor their slain police? Why was it okay for Colin Kaepernick to wear socks depicting cops as pigs?

    The NFL’s blather about not wanting to make a “political” statement is patently absurd when they’ve been doing exactly that all along by what they allow and disallow. I’m disgusted by the Pittsburgh Steelers for shaming a true America hero, Al Villanueva, for standing in pride for the anthem.

    As someone who was raised on football, whose family had season tickets to the Eagles before I was born, and whose fondest memories revolve around sports events and family parties, I am DONE with the NFL. I never thought I’d say that, but this country means more to me than a game.

    Let’s also remember that these overpaid millionaires and their overpaid commissioner voted not to assist the players who came before them, the ones who built the league and never made a fraction of what these men earn today. These guys are suffering from all kinds of bodily injuries, yet these selfish jerks refuse to help — even though they owe them everything.

    Just as with the election, the NFL has underestimated the passion and anger of everyday Americans, to their own detriment. Good riddance to them and God bless America.

    1. Oh, Daria, I was thinking of you and your family while writing this. I can’t imagine how hurt you are, and your entire family! What they are doing is just another communist long march through a beloved institution. This is happening in so much of the culture. But I think the NFL has passed the point of no return. The organization is going to die an ugly death, and they have no one to blame but themselves. Good riddance, and I agree with everything you said.

  2. Re: Free Speech
    I think I am going to get a job at McDonalds and use my Free Speech to tell customers to quit eating all the high-carb garbage McDonalds sells, go home, and cook real food. And when they fire me, I’ll get a job as a WalMart greeter and tell everyone what a lousy store WalMart is. Because, Free Speech. Only Free Speech has never been about the rights of employees to hurt the business of their employers.

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