Progressive Celebrity Outrage Scream of the Week: Gun-Control Now!

Progressive liberal Americans want  gun-control now! Liberal celebrity-types have decreed that additional gun-control laws must be passed immediately. Now is the time!




The gun-control drum began beating hours after Devin Patrick Kelley opened fire outside a church in Sutherland Springs Texas.  However there is one thing Liberals are ignoring; There are already multiple regulations and laws on the books pertaining to gun ownership and usage, and the shooter was in violation of at least one of them if not more.


*Note*- The linked article above is from the Chicago Tribune, and was chosen because it gave a great amount of information in a single article.  It is also most likely on a list of news sources that Progressives themselves may trust, and is the first one I came across from a mainstream news org. not using the term “assault rifle” — something that does not exist. The term assault rifle is a progressive construct used for propaganda purposes.

The rifle used by the shooter was a Ruger AR-556. This rifle is a rifle. It does the same thing as the one my husband used when he hunted deer in the window of time allowed in Pennsylvania in certain counties for hunters using rifles. It just looks scarier than the one my husband owns. It is not an automatic weapon. It is an AR-style rifle and millions of law abiding Americans own similar guns.



From the Chicago Tribune article linked above: Texas church shooter once escaped from mental health center.



The gunman who killed 26 people at a small-town Texas church was treated at a mental health center in New Mexico and briefly escaped in 2012, a Houston TV station reported Tuesday.

Devin Patrick Kelley was also caught trying to bring guns onto Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico when he was stationed there, according to an El Paso police report obtained by KPRC.

Kelley, who was 21 at the time, had made death threats against superior officers, the report said.

He was committed to a mental health facility in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, but at some point escaped and was later found by police at a bus station in downtown El Paso in June 2012.


Now, before anyone screams “Background checks were just rolled back by TRUMP!!!” please read this commentary, also from the Chicago Tribune, entitled Why Obama’s gun policy for mentally ill is flawed.



Republicans are moving to eliminate a rule instituted by the Obama administration that prevented certain people with mental illnesses from buying guns. As a researcher on firearms policy and mental health, I opposed the rule when it was first established. It wasn’t supported by evidence, and it was far too broad. Now, Republicans are unlikely to revisit evidence-based gun control policy any time soon.

Under the rule, Social Security beneficiaries with psychiatric disabilities who are assigned a money manager for their disability benefits would be reported to the FBI’s background check database as people ineligible to purchase firearms. House Republicans voted recently to eliminate the rule, and their counterparts in the Senate are expected to follow suit.

The gun restriction rule is a well-meaning policy that gets some things right, notably its support of federal efforts to improve detection of risky people who should not have legal access to guns. But despite its good intentions, what the policy actually does is take away the gun rights of a large category of individuals without any evidence that they pose a risk of harm to self or others, and without legal due process protections commensurate with abridging a constitutional right.

All we really know about many people in the affected category is that they have been found unable to work full time due to a mental health problem and an examiner for Social Security has decided, with some input from a licensed medical or psychological consultant, that they need help managing money. The mental health conditions in question might range from moderate intellectual disabilities to depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Based on one person’s judgment call, arrangements are made to have the government’s check sent to a representative payee. But this isn’t an index for whether or not someone should be allowed to own a gun.

So, the Obama mental health rule took away the rights of elderly senior citizens, or others on social security, without regard to their actual mental health issues.

Last year, when the Social Security rule change was proposed, the Consortium for Risk-Based Firearm Policy, of which I am a member, studied the issue and prepared a comment. The Consortium includes some of the nation’s leading researchers, practitioners and advocates in gun violence prevention, public health and mental health. Our stated purpose is to advance evidence-based policy for reducing access to firearms by individuals who are at elevated risk of committing violence to themselves or others. We argued that the rule, in the form it was written, amounted to a substantially and overly broad categorical prohibition, and we recommended an improved process that would incorporate additional findings specifically related to violence risk. But the Obama administration finalized the rule as it stood, against our recommendation.

When the government takes away people’s rights, usually they have a hearing, a chance to contest the proceedings and legal representation. None of those is provided when a person is assigned a money manager by the Social Security Administration, nor would it be feasible to so routinely. But when such a determination is later leveraged for a totally different purpose — suspension of a person’s Second Amendment rights — the lack of process becomes a legitimate civil rights concern.



Now, back to the shooter.

Kelley had a history of domestic violence that spanned years before the attack and was able buy weapons because the Air Force did not submit his criminal history from his time in the military to the FBI, as required by military rules.

If Kelley’s past offenses had been properly shared, they would have prevented him from buying a gun, the Air Force acknowledged Monday.

Investigators also revealed that Kelley had sent threatening text messages to his mother-in-law, a member of the church, before the attack, and that sheriff’s deputies had responded to a domestic violence call in 2014 at his home involving a girlfriend who became his second wife.

Later that year, he was formally ousted from the Air Force for a 2012 assault on his ex-wife in which he choked her and struck her son hard enough to fracture his skull.


Kelley’s domestic violence conviction prohibited him from owning a firearm.





Please, Stephen, go back to the sewers and hang out with Pennywise. To say that you are misguided is an understatement, and does not due justice to the stupidity you exhibited when you tweeted the above. Lucky for you, a large portion of Americans do not frequent Twitter. I myself am only there so I can keep up with the insanity coming from you and the rest the adherents of progressivism.

Note to Democrat politicians & Lefty celebrities: There was already a law prohibiting Kelley from possessing a firearm.



Note to Senator Warren: We’re already awake. We awoke to the facts long ago. When you admit that Chicago, a gun free city that should be every Liberal’s gun-control dream city has the highest murder rate of any city in America we might take you seriously.

Also, lose your affiliation with Planned Parenthood. I don’t intend to google the stats, but I am positive many more “kids” die in Planned Parenthood facilities every day than on on playgrounds. And Planned Parenthood supported you with beaucoup bucks in campaign donations. So until you are ready to own the blood on your own hands, quit blaming the NRA, whose members are made up of plain old Americans like myself, none of whom were ever responsible for a mass shooting.

More Leftist gun-control screaming, none of which makes any sense:




No, Joy. Americans are living their lives, and you are the one who is insane. If you feel you are in danger of “packs” of Americans, get the hell out of the country. No one will stop you and you won’t be missed.


Dear Boots: Leave my gun alone, and keep your slimy, money-grubbing, Democrat Leftist hands off my wallet. Fund your own vagina.

Note to readers: Sorry if that invoked images which you cannot unsee.






Dear Chelsea: Like you give a damn about Americans in churches. And, BTW, recent mass shooters have come from the ranks of your party, the Democrats.




To Ted “I don’t take orders from Vladimir Putin” Lieu: I shudder to think of what your prior tweet said. And God cannot “screw” any human being. To Him, all of us have worth. Even you.


Dear verified twitter nobody: They were in church. With their God, who loves and adores them. Maybe show some compassion for their memory. But that’s right– Leftists don’t know what compassion is. All they care about is the outrage of the day, which on this day happens to be gun-control.




Outraged progressives all look alike.




I must admit that finding and reading the tweets above, and others by different Leftists, put me in a dark mood. Their hatred of people like me jumps right out of the computer. It’s disheartening. I hate reading about it, but what else can I do? I can’t ignore these crazies. They vote.

WhenLeftists begin screaming in outrage, I always remember the following excerpt from The Notice, book two in my dystopian trilogy detailing the fall of America to Progressivism and the subsequent battle for freedom.

Protagonist Jason is in a state of despair after receiving the government notice that removes yet another God given right from him. The freedom to own a firearm has already been removed by a corrupted Supreme Court in book one.


The old man had known something like this was coming. He’d been warning for years before he died. Not about the exact situation, but about the ideology itself, which he knew would lead to something like it.

The ideology that led to our situation had been preached in certain universities for years, before manifesting throughout the rest of the colleges in the country, and then on down the chain through high schools and middle schools. The old man had talked about it, the sick crazy things some professors were preaching, and how it might possibly get out of control someday. And it finally had.


Sound familiar? Its the ideology that matters here, not the outrage of the day. Yesterday it was the removal of historical monuments, today its gun-control, tomorrow it might be freedom of speech for college kids or anyone else who disagrees with these Leftists.

Progressivism is an ideology whose followers may include RINOs, Democrats, Bernie Sanders supporters, members of the Mainstream Media, Never Trump media elites, members of the Communist Party USA, leftwing feminists, and proponents of Socialism.

Progressive ideology encompasses a set of beliefs that conflict with those of the majority in America. One of these beliefs is what they deem gun-control.

Progressive celebrities  use their social media platforms, TV shows, films, books and concert events to preach to their followers, who, in turn, demand what is in many cases impossible.

Many Hollywood celebrities have recently been caught up in a sex/child abuse scandal that rocked the entire industry. Among their ranks are child-molesters, rapists and the people who covered up for them for years. Yet they still feel like they have the moral fibre to lecture us on gun-control.

Newsflash: To Stephen King, Hollywood, and the rest of the lefties: You don’t have the moral high ground. You are scum. You are hypocrites. Most likely you possess firearms yourselves, or are protected by security details. You don’t get to preach to us anymore. We have rejected you.

Everyone with a brain knows what these Leftists really want. They want innocent Americans to be disarmed. They want people like me to have their firearms taken away.

If you are reading this and don’t believe me, you may want to think things through. Either you have not come to terms with this truth, or you are lying to yourself.

We normals have read the writing on the wall. We know what the progressives want. Some of them have even said it in comments threads on Facebook and Twitter. Amend the Constitution! Repeal the Second Amendment! You don’t need a gun! Gun-control now!


Actually Liberals, we do need our guns.


We need them specifically to protect us from YOU.

Democrats and their fellow travelers among those listed above blamed traditional Americans for every bad thing that happened during Obama’s reign of terror. With the election of President Trump they only continue to blame us. It is evidenced in some of the above tweets.

They consider us unpersons. We are irredeemable deplorables. They think it is “OK” to punch us because they have been programmed to believe we are Nazis.

So why in the name of all that is good and holy do they also believe we would give up our right to defend ourselves and our families from them?

We won’t.


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