Our Prayers are not useless ~ Our God is with Us

In the wake of the San Bernardino shooting, several prominent publications, including the NY Daily News and Huffington Post, are targeting traditional Americans, Republicans and Christians with blame and hate.

The Daily News’ cover today showed tweets of prayers from Republicans. See for yourself what the daily news says about prayer, and people who support the 2nd Amendment.


A Daily News story first focuses on the fact that the shooters obtained the weapons legally in America. Other pertinent information is mentioned in an offhand way near the end of the story.

The Huffington Post declares that prayer is useless.

The only thing most media is concerned with at this time is gun control. From their obsession stems their hatred. Hatred which makes itself seen and heard each and every day with their demonization of  Republicans, Conservatives, traditional Americans and God. That’s it.

My prayers are certainly with the victims, their families, first responders, the police, and anyone else hurt by this terrible tragedy. And, my prayers are not useless. Neither are yours.

Bald Eagles

Our God is with us. He hears our prayers. Never doubt that. Now, this hate from the media has been going on for 8 years. It’s grinding. It makes people feel hopeless. It never stops; they never run out of hate, and they always let you know it. So, we must understand that if we feel bad about what they say we should take our hurt and confusion TO God. Never stop praying to Him!

Never, ever let anyone tell you your prayers are useless. To God, all of this has been around before. He’s seen this time and again. Evil men choose the evil instead of the good. They did it on the day Christ was crucified, they continued on until the present day, and they will not stop until Jesus returns.

This “world” that we must live in is not our true home. We are only here until we can be reunited with our Creator.  That is why we don’t feel comfortable here, especially now, with the hate, rage and blame which is thrown at us day after day after day.

Please understand that all of their accusations and blame are simply lies. Don’t let them deceive you. 

Shelter under God's wings
Have mercy on me, God, have mercy on me. In you I seek refuge. In the shadow of your wings I seek refuge till harm pass by. Psalm 57:2

We should never stop praying, and we should, in fact, pray more. What I plan to do from now on is to ask God to take away my fear and give me trust in its place. I’m going to make an effort to look for God everywhere. In nature, in my friends and family, in church, in my everyday tasks. We mustn’t believe the lies. We must believe the Truth, and live in the Freedom of Christ.

You will come to know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

Look for God everywhere, and you will find the Truth. Never stop praying. You are a beloved child of God.


2 thoughts on “Our Prayers are not useless ~ Our God is with Us

  1. God has completely and barbarically despised me. For decades I’ve been asking him to deliver on his promise to provide ‘all your needs’ My issue is insomnia. Right now it is almost 1am on the eve of me commencing a very important and new job. Just as he has done countless times before, God refuses to answer my prayer for sleep. I’ve spent thousands of dollars seeking medical help. I’ve prayed thousands and thousands of prayers – silence. He, once again will force me to fight through another day with extreme fatigue, a mouth full of ulcers and a foggy brain. He obviously doesn’t care for me at all.

    1. I’m so sorry for your suffering. I’m sure you have looked into many different reasons for your symptoms. But I would encourage you to keep trying. There is a doctor out there somewhere who can help you. Perhaps the insomnia is a symptom of another medical issue. I am somewhat familiar with how you feel. My husband suffers migraines. Sometimes they are so bad he has to go to the ER. I will pray for you.

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