The Left’s Disconnect from Reality ~ A Snowball to Hell.

Over the past week or so we’ve been inundated with stories indicating that American Liberals/Democrats and the far Left are drifting further and further from reality.


Reality check 1:

The Handmaid’s Tale, a book by feminist Margaret Atwood that has been made into a TV show depicting an America that’s been taken over by militant Christians. This scenario is as far from reality as anyone can get in 2017.

According to a rash of earnest think pieces from dozens of news outlets, The Handmaid’s Tale is “timely” (the Washington Post), feels “chillingly real” (the San Francisco Chronicle), and has “an unexpected relevance in Trump’s America” (the New York Times). Atwood’s dystopia, writes Rebecca Nicholson in the Guardian, “has reignited the interest of readers, who have been drawing fresh parallels between Gilead and Trump’s America, and the novel topped the Amazon bestsellers list around the same time that signs at the global Women’s Marches asked to ‘Make Margaret Atwood fiction again.’”

Never one to miss a good marketing opportunity, Atwood affirmed our apparent unfolding national horror show on April 19, speaking to the Los Angeles Times about the Hulu series: “The election happened, and the cast woke up in the morning and thought, we’re no longer making fiction — we’re making a documentary.” According to a recent article in The New Republic, lo, have mercy, for great woes have apparently befallen me, a wide-eyed, unsuspecting resident of the Lone Star State: “Texas is Gilead and Indiana is Gilead and now that Mike Pence is our vice president, the entire country will look more like Gilead, too.”

I read the book 20 years ago. It is a nihilistic and dreadful dystopia, which cannot under any circumstances be likened to what Christians would do. In The Handmaid’s Tale, women are no longer allowed to work, read or raise their own children. They are also forced to be breeders for elite men, and to wear sack-like gowns and nun’s wimples. Please read it yourself or get the Cliff’s notes for more of a description if you need one.

What I’d like to know from the Liberals is: What policies of Republicans have taken away your right to vote, read, or work? Has anyone taken away your right to have a relationship with whomever you want? Has your money been taken from your bank account? Are you forced to wear sacks and cover your heads? Has anyone taken away your right to birth control? Is birth control still available in stores? Can you still get an abortion if you want one?   (Many times is it paid for in part by taxpayers who want nothing to do with abortion?, but I digress.) Do you believe your Christian/Republican friends and relatives would go along with the above? If so, why?

Do you really, truly believe that any of the above would come from Christians?




Why Christians? Is there no other religion or ideology that is much closer to the world in the Handmaid’s Tale? Can you see reality? If not, why not? Most of us on the right understand that it is fashionable for Liberals  to bash Christians. After all, they’ve  been doing it for at least 20 years. Piss Christ and a “painting” of the Virgin Mary surrounded by pornographic magazine clippings and globs of elephant sh*t were soo 1990s.

We get it. Nevertheless, people who believe that Republicans would allow the Handmaid’s Tale to become reality are not playing with a full deck. Why do Democrats believe Republican women would allow themselves to be treated in such a way?

Just because a feminist wrote a dystopia 30 years ago does not mean it is “timely” today. You need a reality check.


Now for the flip side of the Liberals and their disconnect.


Reality check 2:

Antifa and their Black Bloc tactics.

If you haven’t been following the Berkeley riots, you really ought to investigate. The students who use violence to keep Conservatives/Republicans/Trump supporters from speaking or peacefully assembling are believers in Leftist/Democrat ideology.

Here’s the Latest: Portland Rose Parade Canceled After ‘Antifa’ Anarchists Threaten Violence.


The 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade has marched down Portland streets for the past 11 years to launch the city’s annual Rose Festival (which takes place on Saturday). The parade, which features floats and presenters from all over the culturally diverse city, has been canceled this year following threats of violence by leftist radicals from the surging “Antifa” movement.

The so-called anti-fascists threatened to wreak havoc on the parade unless the event’s organizers disinvited the Multnomah County Republican Party, who were set to march in the parade’s 67th spot this year.

Photo via OregonLive

Speaking to The Oregonian, parade organizers say they received an ominous email instructing them to cancel the Republican group’s attendance or face the consequences.

“You have seen how much power we have downtown and that the police cannot stop us from shutting down roads so please consider your decision wisely,” read the anonymous email. “This is non-negotiable.”

“We will not give one inch to groups who espouse hatred toward LGBT, immigrants, people of color or others,” it continued.

The email explicitly mentioned that at least 200 protesters were ready to “rush into the parade into the middle and drag and push [the Republican marchers] out.”




Portland “antifascist” groups have called for bringing back Saturday’s rose parade, even though fears of violence from left-wing protesters are what prompted organizers to nix the popular event in the first place.

The Direct Action Alliance and Oregon Students Empowered, which had planned to protest the parade in order to counter “Nazis” and “fascists,” urged supporters on Thursday to sign a petition to bring back the 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade, held in East Portland.

“This community has already been threatened and affected by these radical Christian extremists enough,” said the Direct Action Alliancepost on Facebook.

Both groups insisted they had nothing to do with an anonymous email threatening to shut down the event unless the Multnomah County Republican Party was excluded, but those commenting online were stunned by the protesters’ chutzpah.

“Seriously guys? You [expletives] are the reason it got canceled to begin with,” John DeGroff said on Facebook. “Victimizers playing the victim.”

Parade organizers cancelled the 11th annual event Tuesday after receiving an email that offered a choice: Bar the local GOP, or “we will have two hundred or more people rush into the parade into the middle and drag and push those people out.”

“You have seen how much power we have downtown and that the police cannot stop us from shutting down roads so please consider your decision wisely,” said the email from



Seriously? Antifa terrorizes parade organizers until they shut down a yearly event because they don’t want Republicans to participate, and then they have the nerve to suggest bringing it back as long as those “Christian extremists” are forbidden to march? Do Democrats and Liberals understand how they come across to other people? How intolerant and bigoted they appear?

And the fact that this ideology is being fed to college kids and sometimes high school kids by their Liberal teachers makes it that much harder  to take. Republicans need not apply. How’s that for the party of tolerance?

For video on antifa, click here.



Reality of subjugated women


And finally, we have the mother of all disconnect:


Study: Describing Breastfeeding as ‘Natural’ Is Unethical Because It Reinforces Gender Roles.



It’s “ethically inappropriate” for government and medical organizations to describe breastfeeding as “natural” because the term enforces rigid notions about gender roles, claims a new study in Pediatrics.

“Coupling nature with motherhood… can inadvertently support biologically deterministic arguments about the roles of men and women in the family (for example, that women should be the primary caretaker,” the study says.

The study notes that in recent years, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the World Health Organization, and several state departments of health have all promoted breastfeeding over bottle-feeding, using the term “natural.”

“Referencing the ‘natural’ in breastfeeding promotion… may inadvertently endorse a set of values about family life and gender roles, which would be ethically inappropriate,” the study says.

Unless such public-service announcements “make transparent the ‘values and beliefs that underlie them,’” they should quit describing breastfeeding as “natural.”


Excuse me? Breastfeeding is no longer natural? I can’t even deal with this one. I refuse to live in a Leftist dystopia. I wrote a series of books based on facts that point to the opposite. If anyone is living in a dystopia, it is Republicans, Libertarians, Conservatives, Independents, and anyone at all who dares to stand against Liberal Fascism.

Please Liberals… take a good look at what you are doing. You are not oppressed, and your “resistance” is not against fascism. You are resisting the law and half of your countrymen. That’s all this is. You are resisting the American way because you lost an election. Stop, please, before something horrible happens.

You can’t put Pandora back in her box, but you can open your eyes and stop stirring the sh*tpot. So… stop.


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