I Wish You Sanity

Over the weekend I realized I have two options: Stay away from the news, social media, TV, radio, people, and places, which would turn me into a hermit, or find a way to keep myself from losing my sanity. 


Though I may remove myself from watching the train wreck of crazy being imposed on our country from time to time, it is not in my nature to just “unplug.” So, keeping my sanity is the only option left.

A year ago, when I was under terrible stress in the lead up to election 2016–which, thank God, was won by the candidate I voted for–I wrote a post with tips on keeping stress levels low– I Wish You Peace.


During this time of terrible stress and division leading up to the most important election of our lives, many Americans are struggling to find peace.

Especially people like me, who suffer from clinical depression and anxiety. Some days are so ridden with anxiety that I have great difficulty keeping myself calm. Today seems to be one of those days.


After Trump won the election, I, in my civics-minded American naiveté, assumed that after a normal amount of complaining, the losers would decide to make the best of their situation and begin to plan for the next election.

That was what Republicans did. That’s what I did. Twice. I got mad and  made some crabby posts on Facebook. I joined twitter and shared news with like-minded people. I worked even harder at the pro-life ministry at my parish.

Then, when circumstances warranted ( “What difference does it make?” “Planned Parenthood is selling baby body parts”, etc.) I shared some stories on my FB feed. But mostly my husband and I grouched in private and dreamed of the day we could elect a president who might represent us.

But again, I was naive. What I described above did not happen with regards to President Trump, and anyone who’s been paying attention knows what’s been going on for the past seven months. The losers are not playing by the rules, so stress is still a factor. And not only stress. Sanity.

There’s this:”Reeeeeeee!”


This sound, similar to fingernails on a blackboard, is what people, unless they have gone Galt, are subjected to  every day. It is the sound of the Liberal in his/her/xe’s natural state. Sounds like Eugene, from Pink Floyd.



This weekend it reached a crescendo. The sights and sounds and words have become something worse than before. It’s crazy out there.


So, since I already have the tips I wrote last year, I decided to share them again, with a few changes, to help myself and others keep our sanity.

Here goes.

To keep my anxiety sanity level as low high as possible, here’s what I do.

1) Reading Scripture and Prayer. This is a practice that helps immensely. I have quite a few apps installed on my phone, including Laudate, a Catholic resource with daily Mass readings, reflections and prayers. I also have the Bible app. This is of great help, because you can search for verses by typing in words, like peace, fear, love, trust, etc. There is always a verse at my fingertips to comfort me.




2) Turn off the TV. Yes, I mean really. This includes cable news. No TV, unless it’s for a quality program, movie or other entertainment.

3) Silence. Most of the time my house is quiet, and when I’m working I sit next to the window, where all can hear are the sounds of birds, cicadas, the wind, and other peaceful country sounds.

4) Limit news intake. I do not watch any mainstream news, and only listen to one program on talk radio. That’s it. Too much news/talk and debate is stressful  sanity depleting. There are ways to keep informed without listening or watching news all day long.

5) Be careful of social media. This is difficult for me, since I love being online, but too much of it hurts my health, since the trends are managed by leftists who try to demoralize people like me — we who do not want Hillary Clinton elected president   thank God that Hillary Clinton was not elected president.

*note* When on Facebook, if the constant doom and gloom are too much for you, or you are a reluctant Trump supporter, and are voting AGAINST Hillary, please, do yourself a favor, and unfollow your Never Trump contacts. And your Liberal “friends.”

It is much too stressful  scary to see the constant threads full of name calling, scorn and derision screeching, incoherent, hysterical harpies who are the product of Liberal colleges. It’s very unfortunate that we are where we are, but it can’t be helped. It seems the differences are irreconcilable.

If your friends constantly share nasty memes that deride the person running against Hillary President Trump, please don’t feel that you must see it.

If you see articles that cast aspersions on you or your family, perhaps suggesting that your conscience is in need of an overhaul, or that you are dumber than a box of hammers, you are not obligated to keep it coming through your newsfeed.

The unfollow button is there for a reason. Use it, and don’t look back until after the election after Trump wins in 2020, when it may be safe to see what your friends are saying.

6) Unfollow all clickbait sites. Yes. Just unfollow. Find some quality news that is as unbiased as possible, and weed out the crap.

*Note for now in 2017*There are no unbiased news sources. So you have to piece the truth together on your own, by watching videos on You Tube made by people at the scene, (unless You Tube has censored the truth, like they have been doing lately.)

7) Stay off twitter trends. Do not look at trends. Twitter is in the tank for Hillary.  Twitter has become the fascist free speech denying brownshirt brigade of the Democrat party. They manage trends to make the president look bad no matter what he does, good or bad. To them it’s all bad and so are we.

So, if you like twitter, just visit the accounts of friends, and of people who you trust to share the truth. Then leave.

8) Exercise, fresh air and sunlight. Find some sort of activity, whether it be walking, running, a workout, the gym, or even sitting and lifting your arms up and down. Anything at all to keep your mind from worry.

Getting outside each day is very important too, even for just fifteen or twenty minutes.


IMG_2400 2


9). Hug your family and spend time with them.

10). Hug your pet.

11) Try to find at least one thing to laugh about every day.




12) Read a good book. This is a must. Reading is an escape. Use it.

13) Music. This one is one of my mainstays. Listen to the music you love every day, and get lost in it for awhile.

14) Get plenty of sleep. This can mean the difference between a good day and a bad day, so hit the hay early every night.

I have been using the disciplines above for some time, though I do at times backslide in some of them. These tricks do work to limit stress (and allow me to watch the insanity of the Left without going insane myself)

God knows everyone is suffering at least a little right now.



So, be the Ramones. Don’t be the crazies. Keep your sanity. Just don’t sedate yourself.

(Disclaimer: Neither I nor anyone I know seems to really be in danger of going insane, despite the best efforts of Leftists to drive us there. This post is tongue in cheek. 😉 )


Shameless self-promotion

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The stories are all different, and the book is a great read that benefits a good cause. Check it out below.

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