Happy Thanksgiving

Just a few lines to wish all my friends and readers a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving holiday. 

Thanksgiving is a lovely holiday. Its a time for families to gather together and share a delicious meal and good company, and to remember how blessed we are no matter our troubles.

This past year was filled with many sad losses in my family. Still, there is so much to be thankful for. Hard times in life are inevitable, yet there are blessings without number all around, if only we will look for them.

A Thanksgiving Prayer

Father in Heaven, Creator of all and source of all goodness and love, please look kindly upon us and receive our heartfelt gratitude in this time of giving thanks.

Thank you for all the graces and blessings. You have betowed upon us, spiritual and temporal: our faith and religious heritage. Our food and shelter, our health, the loves we have for one another, our family and friends.

Dear Father, in Your infinite generosity, please grant us continued graces and blessing throughout the coming year.

This we ask in the Name of Jesus, Your Son and our Brother. Amen.

I hope each person reading this has a peaceful, healthy, Happy Thanksgiving. Wishing everyone the very best, and praying that all will be blessed in the coming new year. 


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