Happy 4th of July ~ God Bless America

This is just a short post of thanksgiving to God for preserving freedom in America.


How much has changed in America since last year on Independence Day?

So much. Last year we were gearing up for the most important election in my lifetime, and perhaps the most important in the history of America, that of Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump. We all know how it turned out.

And I, for one, am eternally grateful to God for sparing us a Hillary presidency. As we have seen since election day, the Left, who wanted Hillary, have shown their true colors for all to see. Their behavior–attempts to subvert the electoral college, attacks of Trump supporters by masked anarchists and communists, their freakish and sick pastimes of creating severed heads and engaging in assassination fantasies while pretending they are at plays, and their media lies that are proven to be false day after day–makes it clear that our freedom would have been over had Clinton won the election.

America would have gone communist within ten years, and she would have been president for life.



Thank God Hillary lost. America now has a chance to remain free.


Stained Glass, Christ The King


The prayers that ascended for 8 years were answered last November. Again, Thanks be to God. Jesus, I trust in you.




As for the losing side, who continue to demonstrate their absolute denial of reality with constant schemes to unseat President Trump, let me say something.

Remember this?


Leftist America



Please, do what we did. It will be easier on everyone. 



A Prayer for America

God our Father, Giver of life,
we entrust the United States of America to Your loving

You are the rock on which this nation was founded.
You alone are the true source of our cherished rights to
liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Reclaim this land for Your glory and dwell among Your

Send Your Spirit to touch the hearts of our nation´s
Open their minds to the great worth of human life
and the responsibilities that accompany human freedom.
Remind Your people that true happiness is rooted in
and doing Your will.

Through the intercession of Mary Immaculate,
Patroness of our land,
grant us the courage to reject the “culture of death.”
Lead us into a new millennium of life.
We ask this through Christ Our Lord.



Wishing everyone a safe, happy and glorious Independence Day! God Bless America!



God Bless America



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