Free Preview of Cadáin’s Watch ~ #Book Three in my #Dystopian Series

Cadáin’s Watch, Kindle edition, is going live on Amazon next Tuesday, March 14. Want a sneak peak? Get one free!

Read a free preview of the final book in my dystopian series by clicking this link, and the preview will be delivered to your inbox.

And don’t forget to preorder the book! Available on Amazon for only $2.99.

For folks who don’t have kindles, there will be a paperback edition. Coming soon, so stay tuned!


Michelle and Jason escaped the wreckage of their beloved hometown and are determined to live free. Though they are hunted by the totalitarian bureaucracy, they vow to resist oppression no matter the cost.

But insidious evil still threatens. Once proud Americans are hopeless and unwilling to fight, making it that much harder for the rebels in their quest for Liberty.

And so, God intervenes, and the angel-warrior Cadáin is sent to watch over those whose spirits are unbroken.



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You can find this book on your right, or just click here.

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