My Obsession with Flowers, or “Why Have Posts been so Scarce Lately?”

I’m not sure how many people follow this blog regularly, but if you do you may have noticed that posts are less frequent these days. This is because of my obsession with flowers.


Above are some photos I took last night at sunset. My spring flowers are beautiful, including these rhododendrons. We have already passed the blooming of lilacs, cherry blossoms and dogwoods, all of which were lovely this year.


Now is the time to get the flower beds ready.

Unfortunately, mine need a lot of work this year, especially my front flower garden. I put in a walkway and small raised bed five years ago. It is surrounded by a white picket fence, and it is one of the most peaceful and colorful places in my entire yard.









The above photos are just a small sampling of my front flower garden, taken over the past 5 years. The picture directly above was taken last June. As you can see, the evening primrose, though lovely, had attempted to take over the entire garden. So I removed most of them in the fall, leaving just enough to have a few blooms this coming June.

Also above is a bright yellow columbine that I started from seed 3 years ago. Last year it finally bloomed, and I was thrilled. However, the columbine is gone now, the victim of a member of our family. The culprit is pictured below.







Isn’t Savannah adorable as she looks out the window at the green yard? She must have wanted to dig up something a few weeks ago, after spending most of the winter inside keeping warm, though, and she chose my yellow columbine.

My husband is, at this moment, installing a post and rail fence in our backyard so Savannah can run unencumbered and not be tempted to invade my lovely front garden again. Thank God Tom is not afraid of work. He does almost everything around the house, including working on our cars, in addition to his full time job.



Other flowers and flower beds.











Above are some additional photos taken over the past few years. The spider flower, or cleome, is a favorite of mine. I had quite a few two years ago. They came up as volunteers, most likely blown on the wind from my mother’s back yard.

But they don’t seem to thrive in my yard. The one above was growing alongside our vegetable garden. I hope more sprout this year, so I can attempt to transplant them to a sunny spot in my backyard.

They attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

The other photos are: A lone dahlia against a September sunrise, a garden Gnome surrounded by lily of the valley under a red maple tree, a weeping cherry tree that will be cut down soon because it is half dead, and my backyard rock garden.

A statue of the Virgin Mary has graced the rock garden for over ten years.




The work ahead.



Above is part of the garden as seen today. The pansies I planted a month ago are still nice because the weather has been cool. But they will soon be overly straggly and need to be replaced with summery flowers.

The angel my husband gave me as a gift (to replace the ancient St. Francis statue which had been knocked over too many times and had holes in it) is dirty from the winter, as is the fence itself. These must be washed, along with the porch and the vinyl siding. Ugh.

I am also removing old mulch and worn out soil before planting new flowers. All of this is therapy for me, and helps with my writing as well.

So, my time for this blog will be limited for the next few weeks. I will probably do one short post each week. But that’s cool, since I am batting an idea for a new novel around in my head. Working outside will enable me to give it more thought. Then I can start writing again, on a new book, and this blog.


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Shameless Self Promotion

I received a really cool review on Book One in my Series, Tears Of Paradox, entitled: Almost as scary as if Hillary had won!

Yikes. This book is eerie, but then again, it is certainly meant to be.
As the characters are introduced and the scene is beginning to be set, there is a palpable feeling of foreboding that is being carefully crafted, all of which made for a pit in my stomach as I read. Think The Shining but with… Democrats instead of Jack Nicholson. (They aren’t literally Democrats. They are the state).
The character development is very deep, and fairly excruciating – again, as intended. As things unfold, their exacerbated existence revolves around a creeping threat, centered mostly on the ultimate plight of the child of the protagonists, Jason and Michelle.
The book is part of a series which you probably know if you’ve come this far. Well worth jumping into!!
I would put this book in the category of Conservative fiction, and drill a little deeper to say women would be likely to enjoy it the most. If you are in that niche, you need to get into this series!


I love this review. It is the perfect description of the book. A free preview of Tears of Paradox can be found on your right. Now that Hillary has been thwarted, the book may be even more to your liking since much of it won’t come true. 🙂

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