The White House Easter Egg Roll, 2017 ~ A Study of Hatred from Democrats.

This year’s White House Easter Egg Roll was, perhaps, different than that of any other year since its inception.


The difference between this year’s Easter egg roll and those of other years is that many Americans and almost all mainstream press outlets hate the entire Trump family.

It can’t be denied. A good number of Americans, including many journalists, suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. And even after emerging from the darkness of winter into the Easter season, a time normally dedicated to celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, new beginnings, new life, spring, and other positives, Leftists cannot let go of their hate. Not even for one day.

Last week the news was full of stories stating that the Trumps had officially ruined this year’s egg roll, even though it hadn’t yet taken place. And once it was over, more negative stories were jammed out at us and shared by Democrats on Facebook and Twitter. Check out this April 11 article from Esquire, entitled: Honestly, How Do You F*ck Up an Easter Egg Roll?


Last year, Broadway star Idina Menzel performed at the White House Easter Egg Roll. Two years earlier, it was Ariana Grande. In 2010, a younger, cuter Justin Bieber took the stage. And this year, The New York Times speculates, the White House Easter Egg Roll will be headlined by none other than…military bands. It’s like the Inauguration (starring 3 Doors Down and Toby Keith!) all over again.


The Times reported today that the White House’s preparations for the annual Easter Egg Roll are behind schedule, despite the event drawing 35,000 guests in past years and generally being a huge damn deal. During the ’90s, special Easter eggs bore the paw print of Socks, the Clintons’ pet cat. In 2003, a month after the Iraq War started, the Bush White House honored military personnel and families; in 2008, W. lovingly hugged the giant bunny, which was first introduced during the Nixon years. In 2009, the Obamas allocated tickets specifically for LGBT families; the year after, President Obama shot hoops with some of the kids. In 2012, FDOTUS Bo wore bunny ears for a promotional video. (Trump doesn’t even have a pet dog.) Talk about tradition.


Yes, the Leftists at Esquire praised GWB. Go figure. They also disparaged the military while lamenting the absence of “celebrities” like Justin Bieber. Also, Trump has no dog. What a crime. Can I please throw up?

Before I continue with this week’s two minutes hate, starring Melania and Donald Trump as Emmanuel Goldstein and Mrs. G., I will link to some news stories on the Easter Egg rolls of the Obama years.


The years of Camelot II: White House Easter Egg Rolls of the Past.

Here’s a CNN article from 2009, the first year of the Obama presidency: Obamas host 2009 White House Easter egg roll.


8 years ago

The president shares a moment with the Easter Bunny at today’s White House Egg Roll.

The president shares a moment with the Easter Bunny at today’s White House Egg Roll.

WASHINGTON (CNN) – The Obamas celebrated their first spring at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on Monday by hosting one of the oldest presidential traditions – the annual White House Easter egg roll.

More than 4,000 area schoolchildren were estimated to take part in the festivities on the White House South Lawn, which kicked off with a joint appearance by the first family and the Easter bunny on the residence’s famous Truman Balcony.

“This is one of our greatest White House traditions, because it reminds us that this is the people’s house,” President Barack Obama told the crowd.

And here’s a story on 2014 event: White House hosts annual Easter egg roll, in which Michelle Obama is praised as the “person who makes this all possible.”

The egg roll, now in its 136th year, featured such celebrities as Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, actor Jim Carrey, singer Ariana Grande, 2014 Miss America Nina Davuluri and Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster.
There also were live performances from pop stars and the Marine Corps Band.
Cam Anthony, the 12-year-old singer who has become a hit on YouTube, started the festivities with a soaring rendition of the national anthem from the Truman Balcony of the White House.
President Obama stepped onto the balcony to welcome the crowd of more than 30,000 people and introduce first lady Michelle Obama.
“Happy Easter! This is the biggest event we have at the White House all year long,” the president told the crowd. He hailed his wife as “the person who makes this all possible.”

The Obamas’ daughters, Sasha and Malia, were not in attendance because they were in school, the first lady’s press secretary, Joanna Rosholm, said.


So, the egg rolls of the past were glorious affairs, where everyone had fun. But according to the Left, this year’s event was almost like walking through hell.

Look at this article from Elle: Everything Was Great at the White House Easter Egg Roll and Nothing Was Weird at All.


“Welcome to the first test run of the Annual Hunger Games!” the president bellowed into the microphone. “Each egg contains health insurance for your family as well as a job. One lucky egg also includes a year-long membership for the Mar-a-Lago bomb shelter. May the odds be whatever who cares.”
Speaking of health insurance, the Easter Bunny appeared sporting a brand new pair of spectacles, courtesy of his continued coverage under Medicaid. As a seasonal worker, his income is low enough for him to qualify for the plan which the president has made no secret of wanting to drastically cut.
While in past years, the Easter Bunny appeared spry and youthful, with a light behind its eyes, this year’s bunny sported glasses and gray hair as a subtle reminder that the end is coming for us all.

Oh, the absolute horror of an Easter Bunny with glasses. I suppose the Trumps had an unattractive bunny with gray hair and spectacles commissioned as “their” bunny. What a disgusting thing to do. How could they?
But… but… something’s fishy about this. I just glanced above at the 2009 photo of Obama with “his” Easter Bunny. And for heaven’s sake! It looks like the Trump bunny!

Some ignorant  hillbilly Trumpkin must have hacked into that 2009 article and photoshopped the bunny to make Obama look like he was stupid enough to hug a bespectacled hell-bunny. That’s the only answer. How rude!


And here’s another news story on this year’s disaster: The Top 5 Moments From the White House Easter Egg Roll Dumpster Fire .


With a face as bright as the orange sky of an Easter sunrise service, Donald Trump and the rest of the new-millennium Munsters currently occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue hosted their first White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday on the South Lawn of what they now refer to as “Mar-a-Lago North.”
The 139-year-old celebration of Easter and spring soon devolved into a dumpster fire that serves as an analogy for what has happened to America under the presidency of Sir Golfs-a-Lot.
Here’s more:
2. No one came: According to Vanity Fair, about 35,000 people showed up for the Obamas’ last Easter Egg Roll, but only 21,000 showed up today. Trump seems to have a crowd-size problem, but I’m sure that, as with the inauguration, Trump will call it “fake news” or say it was because so many children rolled their Easter eggs online. Press secretary Sean Spicer claims it was intentional because Melania Trump wanted to focus on the traditional aspects. I think the White House staff failed to explain to Melania that no one ordered Chinese food. She probably thought she was having a bunch of people over for egg rolls.

My personal theory is that people knew the potato salad wouldn’t be any good.

1. Trump forgot what to do during the national anthem:Melania had to nudge the bronzed bomber to remind him to put his hand over his heart during “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Or maybe he was channeling his inner Colin Kaepernick.
While the day was mostly a travesty, there were some good moments. Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, Melania Trump and others read children’s books to the kids. Spicer was applauded for pronouncing almost all of the words correctly, Melania just stared blankly at the pages, while Conway just made up her own fairy tale and called it an “alternative story.”

Yes, all of a sudden the Leftists are worried about putting your hand on your heart. This is a new phenomenon, as they had nothing to say when Obama did the same thing Trump did by mistake, except Obama did it on purpose. And no, I’m not going to look up Obama’s failure to put his hand on his heart. If you don’t believe me, google it and you’ll find pictures.


Dressing the Part: Melania Trump at the White House Easter Egg Roll.

Last but not least is the Democrats’ continued bullying and hatred of Trump’s family. This time Melania Trump received the brunt of it. The header above is the title of this New York Times article.


The nudge the first lady gave President Trump, apparently to remind him to put his hand over his heart for the national anthem at the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday, may have become the tell that went round the world (and then there was that giant bunny on the president’s other side). But her choice of dress was, in many ways, just as revealing.
A spun-sugar pink midcalf sleeveless layered organza confection byHervé Pierre, the designer who created Mrs. Trump’s inaugural ball gown, it was made according to her instructions, Mr. Pierre said. And though it looked as classic as an Easter dress could be, it was actually something of a break with tradition, at least from recent administrations.
In what way? You might ask. It looked like a throwback to the days of “Easter Parade.” Well, yes. In exactly that way.
Here, the NYT subtly disses Mrs. Trump’s clothing and her unique individuality:
…the pink dress called to mind another, more rarefied time. It was for neither work nor play, but rather a Great Gatsby garden party.
Indeed, in its unique, made-to-order-ness, it was itself a rarefied garment — Mr. Pierre does not have his own commercial collection, so he will not be reproducing the dress, as he acknowledged — and thus in line with Mr. Trump’s image-making. This is not about outreach or accessibility. It’s about aspirational role-play of a highly telegenic kind.
(Some online commentary suggested that the color was “millennial pink,” and hence a kind of generational nod, but given that Mr. Pierre identified it as “peony” and said Mrs. Trump had chosen it herself, that seems unlikely.)
That’s why in so many ways Mrs. Trump’s clothes increasingly seem like costumes for a series titled “In The White House”: a perfect camera-ready version of what one imagines a first lady might wear, from the almost military-inspired suits and coats she has been choosing for various official appearances — the belted white trench coat from The Row she wore at the International Women of Courage Awards; the Dolce & Gabbana jacket she wore for her official portrait; the belted green dress she wore to accompany Queen Raina of Jordan to a Washington charter school — to the more romantic, but minimal, organzas of Mr. Pierre.
They are defining a certain approach to her position that leaves the woman inside a mystery, but makes sense for this particular TV-schooled administration. And it is, nevertheless, absorbing to — well — watch.

So for an entire week people who support Trump and like his wife have had nasty stories, Facebook posts and hateful comments shoved in our faces.

I read posts from grandmothers who underhandedly mocked Melania Trump’s accent, saying that their grandkids would say: “You read better. I would rather hear you read, grandma”  or some such bullshit. (One can only hope and pray that the children in question will grow up to be kinder than their parents/grandparents).

There were too many nasty and hateful public posts and comments to count, many of them about Melania’s clothes and her reading skills. It sort of makes you wonder why this bunch continue to insist that they are the kindest people in America. But they say they are, so we must agree. Not to agree might cause violence. (See Berkeley riots).

Why all the personal attacks on the First Lady?

And before anyone begins with: They did it to Michelle Obama, too!

No, “they” did not. The NYT, CNN and their ilk never made fun of Michelle Obama’s clothes or the way she spoke. Certain people on the right did, but not mainstream news outlets.

And why all the interest in this egg roll? I don’t remember an egg roll ever being front page news for an entire week, do you? In the past, I barely knew a White House Easter Egg Roll took place. It only came to my attention this year because of the Left and their hate.

Seriously, this is just sad. I no longer concern myself with the usual lies and hate coming from Leftists and their pet news orgs, but for some reason this Easter Egg roll kind of made me feel a sadness, and also made me realize yet again that the America I knew and loved is gone forever. Easter is a time of joy. But not for the Liberals.

I was just speaking to friends about those signs Liberals place in their yards to show that they did not vote for Trump: “Hate Has No Home Here”. But… it does. If the residents do what these Leftists have done, hate does have a home, even if they don’t know it.

Up until now, good people did not take every single opportunity to practice their own hatred. The Democrats are nurturing the hatred in their own hearts. They are feeding and watering it on a daily basis. They are growing it in a garden that they have allowed to be planted in their stony hearts.

The harvest is cruel, ugly and hurtful. But their hearts are their own. And only they can try to change them.


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