Dear McDonald’s: Goodbye and Good Riddance

Unless you’ve been without any source of news today, you probably know that McDonald’s Corporation sent out a hate tweet about President Trump this morning.


Above is the tweet sent from McDonald’s account. It was deleted in short order, as soon as it had done the work it was intended to do. (Set off a gaggle of Leftwing media hacks who would pen gleeful stories, slam them onto Facebook like chum, and wait for Leftist American sharks to go in for the kill.)

All went as planned. The stories cheering McDonald’s for their show of Trump Derangement Syndrome were eaten up by Leftist Americans who used twitter and Facebook to verbally abuse Trump and those who voted for him. Here’s one such story that praises McDonald’s.

Here is a link to the Facebook posts. If you want to see the happiness of the Media and the hatred of Leftists for the rest of us, have a look. If you’re a Leftist hater who delights in seeing other Americans called names, etc., you’ll get a good fix. Maybe enough to last until Saturday.

If you’re someone who wants all the division and hatred to stop, you shouldn’t look. It’s ugly, as Leftist chum usually is.


McDonald’s insists their corporate twitter account was hacked by an outsider. OK. Whatever. I don’t buy it, because Robert Gibbs, the Whitehouse press secretary during Obama’s first term, is now the executive vice president and global chief communications officer of McDonald’s.




After eight hours of watching the media feeding frenzy, McDonald’s put out an “apology.”

The word apology is in quotes, because it’s not an apology. A real apology would say something like this:

This morning our corporate twitter account was hacked by an outsider who tweeted a disparaging tweet about President Donald Trump. We in no way agree with the sentiment that was sent from our account. The words were derogatory, crude, and hateful.

We apologize for the tweet, and we are doing everything in our power to find the hacker. We at McDonald’s do not engage in politics. Our business is to serve all of America, including the First Family and President Trump. We regret this unfortunate incident. Thank you.

There. See how easy that was? Even a deplorable like me could write a proper apology. So, why couldn’t McDonald’s?


McDonald's Fries


We all know why such a statement was made. So, let the boycott begin. It doesn’t bother me if McDonald’s stock goes into the sh*tter. I never eat their food. (I would like my heart to remain healthy).

But I do lament the memories that were crapped on today. When I was a little girl, my father took my mother, sisters and me to McDonald’s about once a month. I will never forget sitting in the backseat of an old Ford Dad drove in the mid 1960s with Amy.

Little Lori Ann, our Down Syndrome sister, must have been sitting in the front seat, because I don’t recall her being there.

My father went to a window to order cheeseburgers and fries, and Amy and I ate in the backseat in the wintertime.

My parents continued to patronize McDonald’s for the rest of their marriage. They liked McDonald’s coffee. If I happened to be with them as an adult, driving to the beach, Dad always stopped at the Smyrna Delaware McDonald’s for breakfast.

More broken memories. There are plenty of others that have been ripped open by the Leftists.


On McDonald’s Facebook page, American Trump supporters are vowing to stop patronizing them. 

McDonald's Clown


And, they will. Leftists are taunting and degrading Trump supporters as usual, saying they won’t boycott, they are fools to get upset about a tweet, and all of the rest of the talking points they suck up from whatever slimy websites they frequent.

No matter. We will stop eating there. The only thing I liked was their coffee, but I can go anywhere for coffee. (Except for Starbuck’s).

So unless they provide a real apology, McDonald’s should be ready for their stock to take a nosedive. C’est la vie.

Wall Street Smart-Ass McDonald's

McDonald’s has done what good Leftists always do: follow their women. The snarky little twit above doesn’t like Bull markets either. So why shouldn’t Gibbs or whoever sent that damn tweet get behind her and dare that Bull to rip into McDonald’s? It makes as much sense as anything else Liberals do.

But the Bull doesn’t give a damn about Obama, or McDonald’s, or the above “little girl.”

That Bull is a fan of Donald Trump. 




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