Coping with the Orwellian Left

The Left in America has become increasingly more Orwellian since the election of Donald Trump as President.

If you want proof that the American Left, including the Mainstream Media, has become Orwellian, just look at Twitter and Facebook trends, or watch CNN for an hour. (Unless you are a Leftist, that is.)




George Orwell warned us in his book, 1984. And here we are. We who do not subscribe to Leftist thought are swimming in a sea of Media lies. The reason for the lies is plain to us: The Left wants to take out President Trump, who we the people elected democratically and fairly.

Each day there are new “news” stories (I will call them lies from here on out, because I no longer believe a single word spoken or written by any MSM figure or any Democrat politician) jammed at Americans, in hopes that if the lies are repeated enough they will become “truth.”

Here’s the Orwellian example I have chosen to highlight this post:


Twitter Suspends WND for Seth Rich Report.


Twitter, whose founder has expressed regret that his organization’s advocacy for free speech may have contributed to Donald Trump’s election as president, on Wednesday suspended for 12 hours’s account for a headline tweet on Donna Brazile’s involvement in the scandal developing over the death of DNC staffer Seth Rich.

Rich died in a gun attack in Washington, D.C., last July, and several individuals believe he was the source of DNC internal emails that were turned over to WikiLeaks and published on the Internet on the eve of the Democratic National Convention.

The tweet was: “Bombshell: Donna Brazile warned off private eye on Seth Rich murder…”


On Wednesday, Twitter sent a message instructing WND to delete the tweet. “If you feel that your account has been locked in error, you can appeal by contacting our support team here,” Twitter said.

Another message stated: “We’ve temporarily limited some of your account features.”

“What happened? We have determined that you have violated the Twitter Rules, so we’ve temporarily limited some of your account features. While in this state, you can still browse Twitter, but you’re limited to only sending Direct Messages to your followers – no tweets, retweets, or likes. Your account will be restored to full functionality in: 11 hours and 10 minutes.”

Twitter declined to comment when asked by a WND reporter, except to ask which account was being referenced.


Now on a side note, almost everyone has heard about the Seth Rich story. I don’t want to go into it here, except to say that the Leftists are pushing a narrative: “Seth Rich’s Parents Say To Stop Talking About His Murder.”

Don’t get me wrong. I feel horrible for Rich’s family, and I wish their son had not been murdered. But this is a matter for all Americans at this point. We are all involved, and we need and deserve for the truth to come out. So we should not and will not stop talking about Seth Rich, just because Orwellian Leftists say we should stop.

When we on the right begged the media to talk about the incident in Benghazi, where four Americans were killed due to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s crappy foreign policy decisions and downright dereliction of duty, we were laughed at and mocked for months and years. So please, Leftists. Put away your sob story and deal with this head on. We will not shut up. To demand that Americans stop talking about anything is against our founding principals, and more like a Socialist/Communist/Totalitarian vision.

We don’t want to live in the Left’s Orwellian universe.

Read reasons why we should not allow the Left to sweep Rich’s murder under the rug here.

Now back to the Orwellian Left.

The above World Net Daily Article is pretty chilling for those of us who believe in the First Amendment. The tweet referenced did NOT violate the Twitter Rules in any way whatsoever.


  • Graphic content: You may not use pornographic or excessively violent media in your profile image or header image. Twitter may allow some forms of graphic content in Tweets marked as sensitive media. When content crosses the line into gratuitous images of death, Twitter may ask that you remove the content out of respect for the deceased.
  • Unlawful use: You may not use our service for any unlawful purposes or in furtherance of illegal activities. International users agree to comply with all local laws regarding online conduct and acceptable content.
  • Violent threats (direct or indirect): You may not make threats of violence or promote violence, including threatening or promoting terrorism.
  • Harassment: You may not incite or engage in the targeted abuse or harassment of others. Some of the factors that we may consider when evaluating abusive behavior include:
    • if a primary purpose of the reported account is to harass or send abusive messages to others;
    • if the reported behavior is one-sided or includes threats;
    • if the reported account is inciting others to harass another account; and
    • if the reported account is sending harassing messages to an account from multiple accounts.
  • Hateful conduct: You may not promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease. We also do not allow accounts whose primary purpose is inciting harm towards others on the basis of these categories.

Above are the Twitter Rules relevant to this post. As you can see, the WND tweet did not break any rules, yet twitter suspended their account. Why? Because Twitter is of the Orwellian Left, and no one in this group understands truth, nor do they care about freedom. They wish to silence those of us who differ from them in ideology, and they abuse their platform to that end. Orwellian, don’t you think?


Take a look at some of the Twitter accounts and/or tweets that are up and running right now.

Warning: Do NOT click on this link to the twitter account Daily Sex Video unless you want to see unfiltered porn immediately upon the opening of the screen. There is NO filter, and NO warning that says “sensitive media.” There is a generic “warning” on the bio of this account saying 18+ only (haha, like that is really enough to satisfy the rule above that says: Twitter may allow some forms of graphic content in Tweets marked as sensitive media.).

There are other similar accounts running right now on twitter, and no, I did not report them. It would be a waste of my time, since I would get back one of those “we looked into it, and this account does not violate the rules” messages.

How about this account: Antifa Philadelphia. If you scroll down there plenty of tweets that break one or more of the rules. Here’s an example.



Unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere without a means of communication, you know about Antifa and what they do to “Shut ’em down.” Might this tweet be a violation of the rule that states no twitter user may make violent threats (direct or indirect)?

I suppose it depends on what your particular definition of “violent”and “threats” is. Isn’t this rather Orwellian?

There are other examples on Twitter that I could use, but I think I’ve done enough to prove that Twitter does not follow their own rules, and that they arbitrarily shut down accounts for political or ideological reasons. Facebook is the same way, and they have been for quite some time.

This is because the Left has NO idea what truth is. They don’t understand the concept, and if they do, they don’t think they should have to tell the truth or follow the rules. Rules and truth are for suckers in their narrow and degenerate minds. They have become “The Party” in Orwell’s novel. And we can’t change them.


So, how do we cope with this mind bending Orwellian world we must live in?

Well, there are many ways. Last year in the run-up to the election I wrote a post about how to cope with the stress of media lies and gas lighting.

I was very naive after the election; I assumed the Democrats and the Left would do what Americans usually do when their candidate loses: Get angry, bitch for a couple of weeks online, share memes that degrade the winners and go on with their lives, doing their best to change what they did not like at the ballot box, the way we did.

Alas, I was foolish. The Leftists did not do what I described above. They mounted a campaign to take Trump out, and they don’t seem to care that they have basically declared war on the rest of us.

So, I will link to this post again.


I Wish You Peace.


1) Reading Scripture and Prayer. This is a practice that helps immensely. I have quite a few apps installed on my phone, including Laudate, a Catholic resource with daily Mass readings, reflections and prayers. I also have the Bible app. This is of great help, because you can search for verses by typing in words, like peace, fear, love, trust, etc. There is always a verse at my fingertips to comfort me.

2) Turn off the TV. Yes, I mean really. This includes cable news. No TV, unless it’s for a quality program, movie or other entertainment.

3) Silence. Most of the time my house is quiet, and when I’m working I sit next to the window, where all can hear are the sounds of birds, cicadas, the wind, and other peaceful country sounds.

4) Limit news intake. I do not watch any mainstream news, and only listen to one program on talk radio. That’s it. Too much news/talk and debate is stressful. There are ways to keep informed without listening or watching news all day long.

5) Be careful of social media. This is difficult for me, since I love being online, but too much of it hurts my health, since the trends are managed by leftists who try to demoralize people like me — we who do not want Hillary Clinton elected president.

*note* When on Facebook, if the constant doom and gloom are too much for you, or you are a reluctant Trump supporter, and are voting AGAINST Hillary, please, do yourself a favor, and unfollow your Never Trump contacts.

It is much too stressful to see the constant threads of name calling, scorn and derision. It’s very unfortunate that we are where we are, but it can’t be helped. It seems the differences are irreconcilable.

If your friends constantly share nasty memes that deride the person running against Hillary (and/or the people who have chosen to vote for him, either as their first choice or as a last resort, like I am) please don’t feel that you must see it.

If you see articles that cast aspersions on you or your family, perhaps suggesting that your conscience is in need of an overhaul, or that you are dumber than a box of hammers, you are not obligated to keep it coming through your newsfeed.

The unfollow button is there for a reason. Use it, and don’t look back until after the election, when it may be safe to see what your friends are saying.

6) Unfollow all clickbait sites, or other sites that cause stress. Yes. Just unfollow. Find some quality news that is as unbiased as possible, and weed out the crap.

7) Stay off twitter trends. Do not look at trends. Twitter is in the tank for Hillary. They manage trends to make her look good, hiding her many crimes, her health problems, and other important news, while at the same time pushing the Republican candidate to the top of trends if he happens to say one wrong word.

So, if you like twitter, just visit the accounts of friends, and of people who you trust to share the truth. Then leave.

8) Exercise, fresh air and sunlight. Find some sort of activity, whether it be walking, running, a workout, the gym, or even sitting and lifting your arms up and down. Anything at all to get the stress off.

Getting outside each day is very important too, even for just fifteen or twenty minutes.

9). Hug your family and spend time with them.

10). Hug your pet.

11) Try to find at least one thing to laugh about every day.




12) Read a good book. This is a must. Reading is an escape. Use it.

13) Music. This one is one of my mainstays. Listen to the music you love every day, and get lost in it for awhile.

14) Get plenty of sleep. This can mean the difference between a good day and a bad day, so hit the hay early every night.


I still practice the above tactics with one exception: Instead of merely not reading twitter trends, I have pretty much left the site altogether. I have one Twitter friend (my first real friend on twitter) that I want to keep in contact with, so I go on once a week to see her. Then I retweet a couple of tweets by James Woods and get the heck out of that swamp.Being there is too stressful.

My professional account is used to share blogposts (automatically) and Instagram photos, but I don’t go on very often, unless it is to promote my books or the books of friends.

So, these are some mechanisms that help me cope with the Orwellian Left. Maybe they will help you if you get stressed and anxious like I do.


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Cadain’s Watch by Daniella Bova-  I have not read the previous books, nor do I think it necessary. This is a solid near-future tale, with skillful writing. SJW’s have taken over the USA, and this is a tale of resistance.  I am not, however the target audience: I found there to be way too many conversations, and too many scenes. This may be in part due to my hanging out with the Appendix N crowd, but I felt the book was about a third too long. Major crime: Opposing the narrative, of course. 6 of 10 fell deeds.

To get such a review on this blog was more than I ever expected, since Mr. Genesson is more a reader of Science Fiction than of near future family saga dystopias. But he seemed to like it except for my penchant of writing long books. (Which I intend to change up a bit with future work).

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