Cadáin’s Watch ~ The First Reviews are Encouraging!

Cadáin’s Watch has received four book reviews since March 14.


My relief cannot be described. Like most authors I’ve spoken to, I was holding my breath during the wait for the first couple of reviews, and now I can catch my breath.




According to several people, my book is enjoyable, well written, and plausible in a horrible sort of way.


Vi M at Book Horde describes Cadáin’s Watch as “The Christian Rebuttal to The Handmaid’s Tale, and likens protagonist Jason to Marcus Aurelius.


The trilogy has many viewpoint characters, but mainly focuses on Jason and Michelle. This final book also shows an angelic viewpoint, which I thought was nicely handled. The angel Cadain has a perspective and tone that seemed plausible. Jason’s character throughout the series is the most interesting with his internal struggles and sometimes wrong but very human decisions. The way he would reflect and pray at night while fighting to save his family by day made me think, actually, of Marcus Aurelius writing his Meditations in his tent while at the frontlines of war.

I’ve been trying to figure out why I like Cadain’s Watch so much. Normally I don’t like literary style at all, because of what I think of as “navel-gazing about 1st world problems.” Bova is the first writer I’ve encountered who combines literary style with gripping, huge stakes and I think it makes her work feel realistic in a way a lot of dystopic fiction does not. Most dystopic fiction is essentially cerebral – what if this goes on and this happens what can we do? Bova’s fiction is spiritual and emotional – if this happens, how would you and I deal with it and what would the impact be on our souls?


I never expected a reader to say that my work rebuts Margaret Atwood, though I certainly agree with the reviewer that The Handmaid’s Tale is not a dystopia for the times we are living in today. (Look around  a little, and see if there might not be a group that is far from Christian supressing women today.)


Three additional reviews.


Here’s one from  author Tamara Wilhite.


The Strengths of Cadáin’s Watch

I received the third book in the “Storms of Transformation” series without having read the prior two, and the first pages give you a good introduction to the characters and their relationships so that you can read this book without having read the others. And while this is the third book in a series, there are so many flashbacks to the characters’ backstories you get to know them.

This book is Christian fiction without being excessively preaching. Too much fiction – whether far left SJW or Christian – focuses on the message instead of the story. This book has an intriguing story to tell. And it isn’t bogged down with military and survival information as Jim Rawles’ work is, more a manual wrapped up in fiction.

The book is a quick read and readily accessible, a good piece of escapist fiction if you like this genre.


As you can see, Tamara enjoyed book 3 of my series without having read the first two. So if there are new readers visiting this site, don’t feel that you have to read all three books, though of course I hope you do!.

Tamara wrote a good critical review which listed the weaknesses of Cadáin’s Watch as well as the strengths.


The following review was posted on Amazon and is entitled “Catholic Dystopia.”




By NewJerseyThomas
This review is from: Cadáin’s Watch (Storms Of Transformation Book 3) (Kindle Edition)

I re-discovered my catholic faith in the aftermath of 9-11. I live close enough to NYC to have stood on my stoop and seen and smelled the smoke from ground zero. Living through those times had an Old Testament feel, and it affected my taste in fiction. In the little nitch genre of catholic dystopias I found stories that seemed relevant to where I was in life. I consumed everything written by Bud Mcfarlan, and Michael O’Brien. But after finishing what those two authors had produced at the time, my new favorite genre seemed to dry up. There were evangelical distopias by the truck load, sure. But, Left Behind and it’s ilk just didn’t speak to me the same way.

It’s now many years later, and I’ve discovered the novels of Daniella Bova. They almost seem to be witten to be exactally what I was looking for back then. I wish these had been around 15 years ago, but I’m thrilled to have found them now.

Thank you, Thomas, for letting me know that you felt the same way I did after 9-11. It was in the aftermath of that attack that I began to understand the following quote attributed to Pericles.  And it’s true that my books are told from the POV of devout Roman Catholics.

Book Review

Finally, the first of the four reviews.


5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars, March 14, 2017
By Kindle Customer
Verified Purchase
This review is from: Cadáin’s Watch (Storms Of Transformation Book 3) (Kindle Edition)
A+++ This book is a work of art! A definite read!


The above review was from my BFF Angie. Angie loves my work, and insists that the books will be made into movies someday. I always tell her there is no chance of such a thing happening, but she sticks to it.

So, four reviews later, and my nervousness has been put to rest. 🙂



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