New Dystopia, Cadáin’s Watch ~ Live on #Amazon for #Kindle

After two years of work, Cadain’s Watch (Storms Of Transformation Series Book 3) has been published! This is the final installment of my dystopia.

Cadain’s Watch is a near future dystopia. It is set in America, 10 years from now.  You can find the Kindle version on Amazon.


For folks who would rather not read Ebooks, the paperback is coming soon, so stay tuned.


Below is the Cadáin’s Watch Book Trailer.



For reflections from an early reader, check out this post from Book Horde.


I was sent a review copy which I just started reading and I am really impressed by how much the writer has grown since the first book, Tears of Paradox, which I reviewed last year. My main complaint about the first book was that we were too much in the characters’ heads and as a result the pacing was erratic and at times confusing.

Cadain’s Watch does not have that problem – the characters are continually in action and the narrative flows briskly. This is great because it allows the writer’s talent for creating characters that feel intensely really come through.


Thanks to all my friends and readers for your support! I hope you enjoy the book.


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