#BookReview ~ Amy Lynn 3, The Lady of Castle Dunn by Jack July

Today I’m reviewing The Lady Of Castle Dunn, book 3 in Jack July‘s Amy Lynn Series.


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Today I’m posting reviews of the first two books in Jack July’s Amy Lynn series. The books are unique. Both revolve around  heroine Amy Lynn Braxton, however the stories are quite different. In book one, we meet the child Amy, and follow her through her coming of age. In Golden Angel, Amy has matured, and strikes out on adventures that don’t include her family back home in Black Oak, Alabama.


Before today’s review I’d like to share some reflections on the way Castle Dunn affected me.

As is the case with many books, this one brought on a deep sadness. This was because the story juxtaposed Amy’s close knit traditional Southern Baptist family–one that reminds me of my grandmother’s family in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina when I was a child–beside the terrible evil that seems to be overtaking the world at large, and in some instances, America itself.

When reading of Amy’s Alabama family I was wishing for the old days, those that will never return. I understand that the south during the 1960s when I was a child visiting “the Mountain” as we called it,was not idyllic.

Everyone knows that the South spawned horrible prejudice and discrimination against black people. For this there is no excuse.

But when I visited my family once a year or so, I saw none of the ugliness. It was just a loving family that did many of the same things Amy’s family does in July’s series.

Going to church, family dinners, playing with cousins on rope swings, going to Uncle John’s garage–where he lovingly maintained his 1960 Plymouth Galaxy for 40 years–to get a Mountain Dew are what I remember.

Not to say that it was the best of times for my mountain cousins. My great uncle, who fought in WWII and was a part of DDay, lived in a rather poor home. He had four children and no indoor toilet. They had an outhouse. Indoors they had running water, but no water heater. The family suffered from diabetes. My aunt had her leg amputated and passed a few years later, and two of her sons also died of diabetes.

Still, I remember those visits fondly. We children had no worries other than those of going home to Pennsylvania and starting another school year where we might not find friends or perhaps get bad grades.

The childhood innocence that I enjoyed is gone forever. That ship sailed over the past 8 years and it’s never coming back, at least in my lifetime, and possibly that of my grandchildren.

Nowadays children are exposed to adult subjects beginning in kindergarten, and continuing on through their childhood. It happens from all angles including their teachers, and is detrimental to them because they are too young for such complex subjects.

But, we can’t go back. Today’s children are growing up in a different era. Some of them, perhaps more than during the time of my childhood, are exploited in horrible unspeakable ways that it hurts to think about.

Jack July also touches upon this subject in Castle Dunn.

Following is my Review.

Sweet Southern girl turned CIA Superhero, Amy Lynn will keep you turning the pages.

I read the first two Amy Lynn books and both were excellent. Amy’s world ranges from her close-knit family in Black Oak, Alabama to the halls of the CIA.

Amy’s family is made up of finely crafted characters that can make readers feel the urge to sit on the front porch with them, relaxing with glasses of sweet tea in the heat of a summer afternoon. On the other hand, Amy’s life as an undercover agent who must confront the most horrid of evils is sad beyond belief. It would seem, perhaps, that two such interwoven tales might not mesh very well. But in Amy Lynn’s world, nothing could be more natural.

This book was is a treasure. Amy takes us from fun episodes of brawling men at a stock car race in Alabama to scenes of darkness that show the evil in certain segments of humanity that have lost their souls if they ever had any to begin with. And throughout the comforting home-life and the dangerous missions a love story unfolds, too.

Jack July has done it again. I am eagerly awaiting a fourth installment of Amy’s adventures. I hope the wait won’t be too long.

Above is my system for rating & reviewing books. Castle Dunn met all four of the above, so it earned an easy 5 stars.

Again, I hope the wait for book four isn’t overlong.




Jack July is a married father of two living in N/W South Carolina. To find out more about the author, please visit his Amazon author’s page.





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