Book Review ~ Shut Up! by Megan Fox and Kevin DuJan


Today I’m reviewing a book written by someone dear to my heart–my friend Megan Fox..

Following is the review of her new book, Shut Up! The War that One Public Library Waged Against the First Amendment, co-written with Kevin DuJan..




Having been through a similar experience with a hostile and corrupt public body, I was interested in reading this book, and the authors very kindly provided me with a free copy of the paperback.

Where to begin? First, I must tell prospective readers to ignore the one star reviews on this book. They were obviously posted by people who were angered at Fox and DuJan for bringing to light the crime and waste that were concealed by the Orland Park Public Library, located in a suburb of Chicago.

The book is well edited, with beautiful interior formatting. It is also well written from the alternating viewpoints of Fox and DuJan, who each have their own distinct voices. Plenty of humorous anecdotes were included, which made the book a fast read, and also made the subject matter seem less disturbing. In addition to funny tales of talking trashcans and a crazed Librarian who shrieked like a banshee at this mother of two in front of her own children, there are numerous references to American pop culture, like Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Howard Stern and others.


Now for the sad part. Shut Up! is the story of a mom who discovered that porn was being accessed by men in a section of the Orland Park Public Library, directly in view of the reference section where teens did research for school projects and papers. The men who hung out in the library all day were exposing themselves right out in the open, and doing things that are against the law. There was even a case of child pornography being accessed at the library, and nobody who worked there cared.


Though Fox and DuJan obtained evidence through the Freedom of Information Act, they were stymied at every turn by the Library Board of Directors. Newspapers printed false stories about them. For two long years, the library employees and board did everything they could to discredit Megan Fox, in hopes that she would just go away, because she was uncovering fraud, waste of taxpayer money and crimes in the library.


What a stinging indictment this is of the library and those who aided them. Rather than admit that what was happening was wrong and could endanger children, they did everything in their power to cover up their crimes, up to and including slandering Fox and DuJan.


They cared more about keeping the library open to viewers of porn than they did about possible harm that might befall children who came to the library. This case is sad reflection of our culture.

Shut Up! contains photocopies of all pertinent documents, so rest assured that what you read is the truth. It is well worth the price, and can be used as a reference for others who are fighting similar battles with their local governments.

Shut Up! is a sobering look at government overreach, and a local public body’s attempt to silence the free speech of taxpayers.




Above is my criteria for book reviews. Shut Up! easily earned 5 stars, having pulled me into the corrupt world of politics stretching from top to bottom of the Chicago Democrat machine.

I laughed plenty of times and unfortunately shed many tears, when reading of Megan’s treatment by the usual suspects: Nasty Leftists with their own agendas, including the sexualization of children, biased local media and newspapers who have not a care in the world about ruining the good names and reputations of taxpayers who speak out against abuse, and all the other ugly aspects of the Left as we know them today.

One of the saddest parts of the book was reading of online trolling of Megan and her family, up to and including threats to have her children removed from her custody, doxxing, and even death threats.

Following is a photo of page 404 of Shut Up!




As you can see, Megan and her family were terrorized by out of control Leftists, some of them provably connected to the library where child porn was accessed and not reported to the police.

Imagine going through such an ordeal while pregnant. I am extremely grateful to Megan and Kevin for sticking through this horrendous experience for two years, until the library finally admitted that porn was accessed regularly, and made settlement on a lawsuit brought by Megan and Kevin.

This gives other parents who may be struggling with similar situations hope and encouragement.

This book hit very close to home, since many of the tactics used on Megan were also used on my friend, Angie, when she went against her children’s school board on Common Core, and tried unsuccessfully to have a trashy and low class book put under age restrictions.

The school board, teachers, superintendent and local media pulled the same nasty tricks on Angie as Megan described. Seems this is the Leftist playbook used to silence parents who object to a far Left agenda, whether in a school or library.

Angie was not able to prevail, and to this day that school uses the book in question as literature in the classroom. Earlier this year, a teacher even told her class that a parent had tried to have the book (Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Piccoult) banned.

That was a flat out lie. We only found out that a teacher had lied to her class because another friend’s son happened to be sitting in the classroom. He stood up and told the entire class that a very good friend of his family had been the one who challenged the book, and that a ban was not what was asked for.

The teacher shut her mouth after that…but the book was still what was taught in class.

Click here if you’d like to read about Angie’s ordeal.

I know how grateful I am to Megan and Kevin for their hard work and perseverance. Everyone should thank them for being champions for children and free speech.

4 thoughts on “Book Review ~ Shut Up! by Megan Fox and Kevin DuJan

  1. It’s just crazy what is happening. And I wish I knew why there are so many ‘trolls’ out there who don’t think it’s wrong to publish people’s home addresses and ask for bad things to be done to them. I had a stalker a few years back who went to some white supremacist web sites and told them that someone needed to come to my house with their Second Amendment tools. (I stopped the stalker by offering to build a web site for him. Because I was being nice, he lost interest in me.)

    Thanks for sharing the book review.

  2. Excellent review of the book, and I concur.

    Also, the story on the school book sounds exactly like what many other parents go through as kids are forced to endure Common Core. By the way, ALA is all in on Common Core.

    1. Thank you. The book is excellent, and shows that there is a playbook. My friend’s takedown was systematic and followed the same playbook. The school in question is now a bastion of Leftism, with traditional/Conservative kids feeling like they don’t belong. It’s quite awful to watch.

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