Book Review: Amy Lynn 4, Into the Fire by Jack July

It’s #BookReview day here on D Street. Today’s book is Amy Lynn Into the Fire by Jack July.

I really like the Amy Lynn Series because each book is different yet all share the same heroine, Amy Lynn Braxton, and also her family, who live in the fictional town of Black Oak, Alabama. Jack July is a terrific author who can take readers away from their own lives and troubles for an entertaining and deeply moving story every time. Into the Fire did not disappoint.

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My Review ~ Another Page turner from Jack July

Amy Lynn book by authorJack July
Into the Fire, the fourth installment of the Amy Lynn Series, was again different than all of the others yet still kept me up at night turning pages. I hated to lay the book aside and if I didn’t have other important duties I wouldn’t have stopped reading until I was finished.

Into the Fire opens with our girl Amy injured and in a state of amnesia. As we follow Amy through her attempts to remember how she was hurt we are taken through a roller coaster of emotions because of the subject matter. July is no shrinking violet. He writes of the absolute evil in the world without holding back.

But Amy’s response, though peppered with her own demons, turns out to be one of honor.

In addition to the main plot we have several subplots that describe past events in the Braxton family, unscrupulous union thugs, corrupt politicians, and a deeper look into the workings of Amy’s uncle, who was known as “Hatchet Jack” during the Vietnam War.

This book was packed with action, yet also touched on deep, dark matters in the souls of the characters. I understand July is working on the fifth installment of this series. I’m hoping Uncle Jack will be featured prominently because I was intrigued by July’s treatment of the character, and I want to know more about him.



My system for rating books.


Into the Fire met all 4 on the above list and earned an easy 5 stars from me. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I highly recommend Into the Fire, and all the books in the Amy Lynn Series. Good job, Jack July.

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