Book One ~ Tears Of Paradox ~ Available At Amazon

The Storms of Transformationare here, bringing upheaval, division and isolation. As the nation fundamentally transforms, small-town America is caught in the whirlwind.

 Jason married the girl next door. He and Michelle dreamed of raising their children among family and friends in their idyllic, peaceful hometown. But then the Storms begin. Friendships disintegrate, fathers and sons become enemies, and trust is a thing of the past. The old ways have become what those in power term evil. What used to be evil is now the law. The evil brings with it a creeping darkness, gradually overshadowing the town’s inhabitants and turning their lives upside-down.

The Storms force pregnant Michelle to hide alone in a basement, far from home. Jason remains in town, living a lie as he tries to conceal the truth from the authorities. But will their own flesh-and-blood betray them? The town keeps many secrets. How did such a thing ever come to pass?



Book Two ~ The Notice ~ Available At Amazon

The Storms Of Transformation sweep through small town America, leaving broken dreams, shattered lives and death in their wake.

Michelle and Jason were devastated by the loss of their son. They want to begin again, but their dreams disintegrate with the arrival of the Notice. The Notice turns ordinary citizens into wanted criminals, and transforms a once peaceful town into a hostile, dangerous place. The Notice sends Michelle into despair and drives Jason to the brink of murder.

With oppression comes resistance. A rebellious priest and his mysterious brother hide Michelle and her unborn child. Jason and Brad, brothers in all but blood, turn to vigilante justice. The fundamental transformation of America accelerates, and soon no place is safe. But even in their darkest hour, Jason and Michelle are never truly alone.

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