Back to the Real World ~ Home from Vacation

I was away on vacation last week with no internet, and that’s why I haven’t blogged.


The boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach, DE


My husband and I usually spend two weeks at the beach each summer, one in June and the other in September. Last week we had a great time at the Delaware Beaches.

We visited relatives who live in the area–my mother’s brother and sister and their spouses. It’s always great to see family, and they seemed to be happy to see us.

It rained most of Tuesday, the first full day we were there. Still, it was a refreshing change.

We spent a good amount of time riding my husband’s Harley-Davidson to various beaches and the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk, which was still relatively crowded, even out of season.

The most fun we had was at an old time photo studio. We got dressed up as robbers during prohibition and are pictured in front of the Genco Olive Oil Company, from The Godfather.


Sunset at Rehoboth Beach


It was a terrific week away. Here are more pictures:


View of Atlantic from Boardwalk, Rehoboth Beach.


Dunes at Roosevelt Inlet, Delaware Bay, Lewes, DE.


Roosevelt Inlet.


Sunset at Lewes Beach.

We arrived back in Pennsylvania on Saturday afternoon, so my husband could get ready to go back to work on Sunday.

He works in a mall. Our vacation was perfectly timed, since there have been a string of terrorist attacks/violence at American malls recently. Hearing of these attacks, and knowing he has no weapon, nor any way other than perhaps a tool of some sort with which to defend himself at work, caused me mental anguish.

Combined with knowing summer is over, and with it much of the sunshine and daylight, hearing of people being attacked and killed in malls brought on a terrible attack of anxiety/depression. It knocked to my knees for a few days, and prevented me from doing much of anything.

But depression is my illness. It’s horrible and chronic and I wish I didn’t have it, but everyone has something, and this is what I was given. So I don’t complain too much.

I wrote a post about my affliction last year.


Though my depression/anxiety is under control for the most part, due to a doctor who listens and works with me, I still have periodic episodes, one of which is happening now, as I write this.

Too many things have happened this past week. Some are small things that should upset no one, such as a darling and perfectly adorable grandson going through the terrible twos, who snaps and shrieks when looked at. Such a thing is funny, and I laugh accordingly, but my senses weren’t made for such overload. After two days, the shrieks seemed as loud as a fire siren to me.

Another was watching my beloved granddaughter be shunned at a playground. Such a thing happens to every child, and she forgot about it within a few minutes. Why then, does it stay with me? Why do I look at the future and see other such scenarios in store for this child, whom I love with all my heart? Why must I borrow trouble?

Still other contributors were news stories. These I have no control over, and I sometimes pay zero attention because the news is terribly depressing in and of itself, on many fronts and for many reasons. However, it’s not in my nature to be an ostrich. I have to keep up with current events.


Some people can’t understand what depression is, and nobody can blame them; it’s hard to describe it to people who haven’t suffered it. And I’m happy for people who don’t understand it. I wouldn’t wish depression/anxiety on my worst enemy.

But enough of this. I spent a week away, and returned home rested in body and mind.

This week I am working on revisions to the Cadáin’s Watch manuscript, and It’s great to be back home, doing what I love.


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