2017: Out with the Old, In with the New ~ Better Days are Ahead in 2018!

I’m of two minds about 2017: It was both joyous and horrible.

First let me write about the good stuff. In 2017 I published my third novel, Cadáin’s Watch, the final book in my near-future dystopian trilogy. Completing the series was a tremendous milestone in my life.

Being creative from a young age I have dabbled in many forms of art, but the craft of writing is by far the most challenging. Yet I actually did it. I have 3 published works to my credit, each one better than the last.

Cadáin’s Watch has been critically reviewed and I am still amazed when I see  tag lines on Amazon like Impressive Christian Rebuttal to The Handmaids Tale, or A Fitting Finale to a Suspenseful, Nerve-Wracking Series, or Well worth your time.

In addition to the above links are others just as wonderful. What a great way to remember 2017.




Above is a one minute video that describes the spirit of the book. Another great thing about 2017 was learning photoshop skills and how to create videos.  I have practiced as much as time permitted, and am now planning to make my own book covers in the future.


More 2017 greatness.

If you are not familiar with my work, you may not know that Cadáin’s Watch and the two previous books in the Storms of Transformation Series detail the slow fall of America to a socialist totalitarian ideology and the subsequent rebellion by freedom fighters.

As I was writing the series I was almost resigned to the thought that my vision would someday be reality. After all, I would write about what I saw headed our way during the Obama presidency, and then find that certain fictional scenarios were indeed happening in real life. Many of these concern the complete disregard for human life in the womb, and also the lives of the disabled, those with Down syndrome, and the elderly.

2016 was bleak. My family suffered the dreadful loss of a loved one in October. It rocked our world and left us almost broken. We still have not gotten over the loss of our beautiful cousin Wendy, one year my junior and one of my best friends.

But then something good happened. Against all odds, Donald Trump was elected President. Hillary Clinton, someone who vowed to continue the destructive policies America was subject to under Obama, lost the election, allowing me to believe that what I wrote of in my dystopia would not all play out.

Despite the screeching of Democrats and Never Trumpers that the opposite is true, President Trump accomplished a great deal in 2017.



The takedown of ISIS, a bloodthirsty political cult that pretends to worship God, is one of the greatest of Trump’s achievements. There are plenty of others, too. This leads me to believe that 2018 will be even better than 2017.

In addition to everything above, I am in excellent physical health, and I am managing my clinical anxiety/depression so that it does not affect me overmuch while I live my life. I am very thankful to God for a wonderful family and dear friends.

Now for the bad stuff.

2017 was a year that tested my family. In addition to the loss of Wendy, her sister and our dearest cousin–also like a sister to me–was diagnosed with a rare and hard to treat cancer. The whole family felt numb and helpless and like we were treading water during her illness, yet God is good. Our prayers were answered, and she is cancer free! In addition to the cancer scare we had several deaths in the family. Sadness was a part of every day in 2017, but we are looking for a happier New Year.

Yet I’m not really positive that 2018 will be happy for everyone, because many people who wanted Hillary to win have doubled down on their hate for conservatives. After an entire year of recounts, rage, protests, and attempts to thwart the Democratic process of a peaceful transmission of power, ideologues still haven’t come to terms with Clinton’s loss of the election.

The irony of Hollywood celebrities, who in the video in the linked NY Post article in the above paragraph urged Republican electors to vote for a candidate other than Trump–which would have caused a Constitutional crisis and quite possibly a civil war–cannot be denied. How ironic is it that a year later many tinseltown hypocrites have been exposed as sexual predators and their enablers?

Also, despite the narrative being pushed in the media that Trump supporters are brutal rednecks and uneducated losers with no manners, it is still not safe to go out in public wearing a Trump hat.


We were on the way back to the hotel when we stopped at a gas station to pick up snacks. The girls and I separated and planned to meet back at the car. As I stood in line a man walked up behind me aggressively and entered my body buffer zone, elbowing me. I shifted and looked at him and he was glaring at me with hostility radiating off of him, way too close. I had forgotten I was wearing the hat at this point so I just thought he was impatient and rude. Before I could work out why he was acting strange, it was my turn at the register. I made my purchases and walked out the door.

Olive came hurtling toward me, “What did he do?” she blurted. I had no idea what she was talking about. Natasha was chuckling and standing by the car. Gianna quickly filled me in on the guy with the sharp elbows. They were exiting the store when he started toward them from a gas pump screaming obscenities at Natasha. “YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF FOR WEARING THAT!” he screamed, flailing his arms like an escaped mental patient. Instead of the okay sign, she gave him two thumbs up and said nothing while grinning. He wasn’t happy with that and continued to yell in a full parking lot, “F*CK TRUMP!” Then he stormed into the gas station where he encountered me wearing yet another hat, triggering him further. I wondered why he didn’t say anything to me in the store but figured it was the number of people (there were many) and perhaps he had spent most of his bile on Natasha.

Olive looked like she was going to throw up. “Take off the hats!” she said. “You’re ruining people’s vacations.” We took them off, not because we were afraid to wear them, but because we decided to be nice and not trigger any more weirdos. But how sad and stupid is it that in America you can’t wear a hat for a political candidate, who is now president, for fear of ruining someone’s day?

Newsflash to the half of America who didn’t vote for Trump: The other half of us did.

Full disclosure: The author of the above article is a dear friend, and I am “Gianna” , who brought my husbands MAGA hat on the vacation but was too afraid to wear it.

In addition to being cussed at for wearing the wrong hat there are other outrages, like this. For people who are affected by the crazy, click here for some tips on keeping your sanity if the Democrats don’t settle down.

The above are outrageous examples of hypocrisy, rage and hate, but worse things happened in 2017.

Unfortunately the lack of respect by Democrats has filtered down into family relationships, friendships, and workplaces. I have heard from friends that certain family members will not speak to them anymore because of the way they voted. How sad.

As for me personally I have not really been affected much. I lost a few Facebook acquaintances, true, but that is to be expected. When one woman who never said a word during Obama’s reign of terror began posting memes that dissed people who voted Trump and the Catholic Church, and other things that I found to be low class, I simply clicked the unfollow button. Problem solved.

Another acquaintance, who also ignored Obama’s policies and the effect they had on average people, uses her FB page to trash the lawful owners of firearms each time a crazed Democrat goes on a shooting spree. So again, the unfollow button was employed by me.

One person unfriended me, and I must admit that I don’t really blame her. This person, a family member and also an indie author, is an atheist and also leans far left politically. Last year at Christmas our family received a Christmas card from her with a photo of a tall tower being struck by lighting in the midst of a terrible storm.

The graphics read (paraphrase) Doom & Gloom, 2016, and inside was a yearly update on the family. It included many remembrances of doom from 2016. Each thing listed was followed by an underhanded reference to Trump’s campaign.

Sigh. This “Christmas” card upset my mother. And my sister. And me. And other people in our family. We had just buried our beloved cousin, a vibrant, beautiful woman who became ill and took her own life. To be regaled with tales of “Doom” at Christmas was not exactly what we expected.

So I decided to mail the card back without a return address, and with a MAGA sticker on the envelope. I admit this was not really in the spirit of Christmas, but its over and done with now. We will never see each other again unless at a funeral, and I am always respectful at funerals.

BTW, I recently discovered that a drive-by 1 star review of my first book–posted 3 months after I published it in 2014, when nobody knew I existed–is connected to this same family member. Someone who reviewed one of her books made a derogatory comment on the 1 star review that castigated me as a right wing Christian and then trashed what took me 4 years to write and publish. So I assume the “reviewer” knows both of us. Kinda fishy, isn’t  it?

But that’s how it is now. The division between Americans is unfortunate, but I pray that someday the rift will heal. After all, we did nothing wrong. We only voted for our chosen candidate. If they cannot accept that it is their problem, not ours.

On to 2018!

I have high hopes for 2018. I think it will be a great year. I am working on a new series of books, The Daughter Diaries. With luck book one, The Welshwoman’s Legacy, will be published before year’s end.

My wish for each and every person reading this is that your 2018 will be full of happiness, blessings, good health, peace and prosperity.

Happy New Year!




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