• Today’s Democrats: Intolerance, Hatred and Cruelty are the Order of the Day

    Many Democrats have no intention of mending fences with those of us who did not vote for Hillary Clinton.  It’s obvious when we see their intolerance for people who do not subscribe to Leftist ideology. It’s running rampant in America. Democrats are teaching their children to hate the President and to shun other children whose parents voted for Donald Trump. Hatred and cruelty are everyday occurrences. I’ll start with an example of intolerance and hatred being taught to children by Democrats. Please watch this short video from Facebook:     I’m sure I’m not the only person who finds this video disturbing. These Democrat parents are teaching their children to hate President Trump. Note the way the parents scream at the kids to “tear him apart!” They smile and cheer as their children rip this effigy disguised as a piñata limb from limb. After the Trump figure is ripped apart, the children are rewarded with candy. So, hatred and acts of simulated violence on a figure representing President Trump are rewarded by these Democrat zealots. Their children are innocent and are being used as pawns in a dangerous game. Now I have no idea how many Liberal Democrat parents are teaching their children […]

  • Tears of Paradox #FreeKindle Giveaway ~ A Success!

    My free book promotion for Tears Of Paradox got over 1700 downloads.     This was the best promotion I have ever run, and to everyone who decided to take a chance and download Tears, I’d like to say Thank You! For those who open the book on their Kindle someday and decide to give it a try, Thank you, too! For all of my friends who tweeted, shared Facebook & Gab posts and helped spread the word, Thank you! To vm, blogger at Bookhorde who placed my book in a Valentines Day post, Thank you! And finally, to the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance, Thank you! The placement of Paradox in the CLFA February Booknado helped more people find my book. I hope readers like the book and the entire series. 🙂   A note for new readers. My books are near future dystopias told from the POVs of Catholic/Christian characters. On Amazon they are categorized as Christian Fantasy and Futuristic Christian Fiction in addition to other categories. But my books are not what many Christian Fiction readers might be used to. I made it a point to model my characters on what I see and hear every day from my own […]

  • #BookReview ~ Amy Lynn 3, The Lady of Castle Dunn by Jack July

    Today I’m reviewing The Lady Of Castle Dunn, book 3 in Jack July‘s Amy Lynn Series.   Read my reviews of books one and two here. Today I’m posting reviews of the first two books in Jack July’s Amy Lynn series. The books are unique. Both revolve around  heroine Amy Lynn Braxton, however the stories are quite different. In book one, we meet the child Amy, and follow her through her coming of age. In Golden Angel, Amy has matured, and strikes out on adventures that don’t include her family back home in Black Oak, Alabama.   Before today’s review I’d like to share some reflections on the way Castle Dunn affected me. As is the case with many books, this one brought on a deep sadness. This was because the story juxtaposed Amy’s close knit traditional Southern Baptist family–one that reminds me of my grandmother’s family in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina when I was a child–beside the terrible evil that seems to be overtaking the world at large, and in some instances, America itself. When reading of Amy’s Alabama family I was wishing for the old days, those that will never return. I understand that the south during the 1960s […]

  • #FreeKindle Promotion ~ Tears Of Paradox & The #CLFA Booknado

    Tears Of Paradox (Storms of Transformation Series Book 1) is free on Kindle through Wednesday February 15. Here’s what readers think about Tears Of Paradox.     And, it’s time for the CLFA February Booknado! The monthly Booknado showcases books written by members of the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance, a counter-cultural group of talented authors, artists, columnists, publishers and other creative people who are working to bring quality books and other media to the underserved Conservative and Libertarian public.   From the Booknado: New Releases: Live and Let Bite (Love at First Bite Book 3) by Declan Finn The third book in the Dragon Award nominated “Love at First Bite” series. The Undercover Captain (Captain Nancy Martin Book 2) by Henry Vogel It will take every bit of skill Nancy and Erica have to track down the evil genius behind the disappearances. Defeating them will be a different matter entirely. Letters from Aztlan by John L. Wolf In a dystopian, post-meltdown United States, a cynical, aging gunfighter receives a letter from an old friend in desperate need of help. He must fight his way across cartel occupied territory to find her. $1.99 OR LESS For the dates February 12 and 13, 2017, as reported by book […]

  • One Man’s Dystopia is Another’s Idea of Fun Times

    March 14 is fast approaching and I’m getting ready for the release of Cadáin’s Watch, book three in my dystopian series. My latest effort is a new book trailer.     I’m very excited about my latest book. Part of the reason is that I no longer believe that it will all come true, now that Hillary Clinton was not elected president. As long as the GOP stands up to the Left and the courts don’t all go rogue, we have a chance to remain a free country. Of course it’s not certain. The courts are iffy. They’re packed with Leftists who do not glance at the law while deciding cases that may mean life or death for the Americans they were appointed to serve. We’ve seen evidence of it recently with an activist judge’s ruling (which is completely devoid of any reason and has nothing to with the constitution or the law) against President Trump’s EO for a 90 day travel ban from countries that are failed states and that may harbor people who want Americans to die. The 9th Circuit Court of appeals ruled against Trump, and now the case will go to the Supreme Court. My hope is that SCOTUS […]

  • The Unhinged Left: Immigration Riots

    *This post has been updated due to the removal of the original video from youtube. Below is another video of the same incident. Though not as long, you can still see the unhinged violence.* I don’t plan to spend too much time on the unhinged Left and their attempts to subvert the Democratic process in America because they lost an election, so any and all posts on this subject will be short and to the point.   This post concerns the recent protests/riots at airports. Traffic was blocked and average Americans missed their flights because of protests like the one in the video below, which turned violent. It’s 15 minutes long, but in its entirety provides context.     So, if you watched, you saw thugs who claimed to be peaceful protesters screaming at Americans who disagreed with them. The protesters screamed the word “Nazi” over and over before attacking the dissenters and injuring one man. The rioters, who themselves exhibited behavior reminiscent of brownshirts, were then dealt with by riot police. 1) These protests, along with the Women’s March last week, and most likely others that will crop up in the future were financed by George Soros. 2) George Soros is […]

  • March For Life 2017 ~ A Labor of Love

    Today I watched the March for Life in a livestream from EWTN The coverage, including the rally on the National Mall, with speakers Kellyanne Conway, VP Mike Pence, Eric Metaxas (author of Bonhoeffer), Mia Love and Cardinal Timothy Dolan can be accessed here. The rally was mind blowing. It was full of inspiration, love, respect, prayer and hope. If you want to be uplifted I would encourage you to watch, even if you are not prolife. This post will consist of screenshots from my computer and links to tweets from people who attended the march. Unlike the Pink Kitty Ladies protest against President Trump last weekend, which featured hateful screaming speeches, women who wore vaginas on their heads, and signs which desecrated the Catholic religion, today’s event was classy, kind, prayerful, inspiring and full of love and respect for all human beings around the world. But before I share the beauty I saw today, I must mention some ugliness. On both Facebook and Twitter, the ugliness of last weekend is intruding on today’s march. That is to be expected of course; the “tolerant” crowd are simply doing what they do. However, they are crafting a narrative about crowd size, saying that […]

  • Nearing the Finish Line ~ Cadáin’s Watch!

    A quick update for readers. As you probably know, Cadáin’s Watch, Book 3 in The Storms Series, is going live on Amazon on March 14. And today, I made a few last revisions to the manuscript, did another spell check, and sent it to be formatted! Now, I can breathe.   To preorder Cadáin’s Watch, click the photo above.   And please check out Freedom’s Light: Short Stories at the link below. My short story, The Birthday Party, is included in this new anthology endorsed by the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance. The story is set in 1923. A lesser character from the Storms Series, Adela (whose daughter, Patty, hid pregnant Michelle in her Pennsylvania farmhouse), is the heroine.     Happy reading everyone!   Related Post: Book Reviews for the Rest of Us ~ A Step by Step Guide.  

  • Guest Post: Author Amie Gibbons ~ Beating Writer’s Depression

    This is a topic dear to my heart. Amie Gibbons, author of the new book Psychic Undercover (with the Undead), gives us tips and strategies on dealing with what every writer faces at some point. _____________________________________________________________ When I’m depressed, my writing is usually the first thing to get hit. I read my stuff and my mind starts churning out insults like I’m a late night talk show host bashing Bush.   It sucks, I don’t have a clear enough theme, it’s been done, I’ll never be good enough, I made a typo and now must sacrifice one of my fingers to the gods of grammar… It goes on and on and basically adds up to one thought. I’ll never make it as an author. Yep. I go straight from ‘this story sucks,’ (for whatever reason) to ‘everything I’ve every written sucks and I’ll never make it; why even try?’ And then it starts to spiral and you go over everything bad about whatever piece you’re reading and the spiral gets bigger and bigger as it feeds on itself. I call it the Fibonacci Shame Spiral because in my head it looks like the golden spiral that follows the Fibonacci Sequence. […]

  • Dear Hollywood: Please, For The Love Of God, Go On Strike.

    As many people know, the election of Donald Trump has caused Leftists in general, and Hollywood in particular, to become unhinged. I’ll begin with Leftists in general. Their latest tantrums concern the inauguration. They have mounted a campaign to shame performers who were asked to perform into dropping out, and are currently twitter and Facebook mobbing any individual or group that chooses to perform on January 20. Here’s just one example. Below is a Facebook post by the band Three Doors Down, who will be performing next Friday.     Note the vitriol:   Old fans of this band commented with their support, of course, but that doesn’t negate the hate from the Left. What business is it of theirs who performs at the inauguration? And if I read that Leftist talking point about Trump “mocking a handicapped person” one more time, I may just scream into a pillow. It was debunked. It did not happen. Trump did not mock that reporter’s disability. Trump was acting boorish on the campaign trail, but he did not go after a reporter’s disability. The true story can be found in the article below, by Mollie Hemingway. Unlike another president, who really did make […]